TikTok Challenges | Various Trending Challenges on TikTok

TikTok: The Show-stealer

Let’s play a game. What comes to your mind when I say Renegade, Renegade, Renegade? Or Kiki! Do you love me? Or Yummy? I am 100% sure that after all the lyrics and dance steps swirl in your mind, only one name will come in your lips, TIKTOK. That’s right! TikTok is at the spotlight among all the social media right now why you may ask.

Flashback to 2014, a social media app named Musical.ly became popular among teenagers. This app had over 200 million users by mid-2017. In the year 2016, Chinese developer ByteDance created an app named Douyin, which was a competitor for Musical.ly. Douyin was launched only in China, but this app was later renamed and launched as TikTok worldwide. After gaining more than 100 million users from around the world in a short period of time, ByteDance gained access over Musical.ly for $800 million. ByteDance merged Musical.ly with TikTok in August 2019, and the rest is history.

From children to Generation Z to anyone over the age of 40, TikTok is capturing the attention of almost everyone. Even the famous brands and celebrities are interested in this app.

TikTok shows 15 seconds or one minute long videos of people lip-syncing to music or dialogues, sharing about their romantic life, hobbies, fitness, travel, photography, dance, school life, and all other categories that you can think. So, TikTok is an all in one package that can entertain and distract you for a while (with its short, appealing videos) from the real world. To be honest, you won’t be able to take your eyes off once you start watching the videos on TikTok.

TikTok: A Worldwide Trend

TikTok has been downloaded more than 1 billion times at the moment. Earlier, people used to lip-sync to the songs and dialogues that were popular. However, the tables have turned now. TikTok has become a medium to make music or anything popular nowadays. People extract a short clip from the music, choreography catchy dance steps, film the video, use cool hashtags, post it, and BOOM! The song becomes a hit overnight. Thank TikTok, the songs that I mentioned at the beginning of this article are trending worldwide.

Are you on TikTok yet? If not, then go ahead and sign up. When you open the app, you might get confused. After seeing a whirlwind of videos, you wouldn’t know where to start from. Don’t worry about it. In this article, I will be sharing all the trending challenges on TikTok that are dominating the world. Start from any one of them and be a part of the trending app.

Memes everywhere 

The meme is the king of entertainment. TikTok is the originator of memes, and memes are the backbone of TikTok that make the videos thriving. One relatable meme has the power of making a user go viral overnight. The meme culture includes people performing silly pranks and embarrassing themselves in public.

When you see people: dressing up their pet, recording themselves in shabby self and then pulling a blanket over themselves to become a better version, hear someone yell out ‘hit or miss’ in public or even say rich boyfriend check, famous relative check and karma is a bitch then it’s okay. Don’t call them a lunatic in your mind as they are doing for TikTok.

Memes that you create should be relatable, humorous, and easy to remake. People will be able to recreate your memes, and your videos might garner millions of views on TikTok the next fine morning you wake up. Who knows?

The Hashtag Challenge 

If memes are the backbone, then the Hashtag challenge is the base of TikTok. This is because the Hashtag challenge helps the users to gain exposure, likes, followers, and make their contents go viral. Hashtag challenges bring the users together. In other words, they connect the TikTok community. But how? Here’s how it works: a user attempts to complete a challenge and then requests his or her friends to perform the same challenge. Thus, it goes on and on.

Popular brands and celebrities are utilizing this platform to create branded challenges as a part of their marketing strategy.

These are some of the hashtag challenges that took the world by storm:

We have #2Spookydancechallenge in which the users dance to the song “Spooky, scary skeleton” by Andrew Gold while being dressed as a skeleton.

Then there is #faketravelchallenge in which the users create fake travel photos by using everyday objects.

We also have #raindropchallenge in which the user dramatically stops rain showers along with the music beats.

Another humorous challenge is #Theants challenge in which the users either imitate an ant or make parodies of other users imitating an ant.

Self-care and Mental Health Awareness

Being mentally healthy is important to everyone. However, this topic is not discussed openly in certain parts of the world. TikTok has become a haven for people to talk about Self-care and Mental Health. Even though TikTok is mainly for entertainment purposes, the users also share their opinions and open up on these issues. Not only the users, but even influencers are also sharing about their mental health and telling people that mental health matters equally.

As a consequence of this, people are becoming more active in these subjects, and #selfcare has become a popular trend on the platform.

Viral Comedy Challenges

TikTok has 100% relatable and authentic content. The funny videos that people are creating on this platform are of the next level. The variety of funny effects on TikTok has allowed the creators to combine those effects with a song or dialogue and create a simple yet hilarious masterpiece. With new creative ways, the users will continue this challenge on TikTok for a very long time.


This feature was introduced by TikTok in early 2018, which allows the users to make their own customized videos and play them beside another video of other users of their choice.

The users are able to duet with their friends, celebrities, famous TikTokers, or even themselves. This feature binds people together all around the world.

Influence Sponsorship 

Since TikTok has gained enormous popularity, huge brands are not hesitating to join hands with TikTok. The brands are trying every possible way to introduce influencer marketing to the audience. Over the last few months, more influencers are collaborating with popular brands, which have shown positive levels of engagement.


TikTok has one of the coolest effects that is the slow-motion effect. The users love this effect as it makes their videos look marvelous.

Whether it is a prank or a stunt or a dance move, this effect gives the vibe of a cinema. The video with this effect looks like a short clip taken out from a movie. Who wouldn’t love to have this kind of vibe?


Even the celebrities are in favor of TikTok and are creating videos just like the other users. Seeing your favorite stars doing something a little different makes you never want to sign off from TikTok again. Like I had mentioned earlier, celebrities are using this platform to spread awareness or just to create some fun-pact videos. This has led the people to become a step closer to their favorite celebrities.


TikTok users are recreating their favorite characters of movies, anime, and games on TikTok and the videos are striking. This theme has been popular since the beginning and is still on-trend. With a hint of personal touch, the users are thankful for being able to showcase Cosplay and also show off their beautiful costumes to the world.


If you have a twin, then BINGO! You might have a higher chance of getting viral on TikTok.

Twins dancing together or even creating any entertaining content together in perfect synchronization is quite a sight to see. This will forever remain a trend on TikTok.

Catchy Dance Steps

It was due to the dancing that made TikTok so iconic. Not only the teenagers, but grandparents are also grooving to the same captivating song. Comedy videos and memes are big parts of TikTok, but so is music. The users recreate catchy dance steps for a song and share it on TikTok. Hence, the most popular videos on the app are the trending TikTok dances. These videos are super fun to watch and easy to recreate. They will take away your boredom and keep you moving. Since this article is all about challenges, I challenge you to watch any dance video on TikTok right now. I promise the hook steps will keep lingering in your mind.

The “Kill This Love” dance, “The Git Up” challenge, the “Dip & Lean” challenge, “Say So” dance are some of the most popular TikTok dance challenges.

Life Hacks

The users are sharing random life hacks on TikTok, and they are worth trying. Whether it is a cooking hack or a holiday hack, TikTok has got you covered. People are sharing their tips and tricks to make your day easier. #LifeHack has got more than 4.7 billion views because they are pretty brilliant. The users are getting quite innovative in this field, and thanks to their hacks, TikTok has become a new informative social media platform.


The global success of TikTok has brought a whirlwind of hashtags and challenges. Once these challenges go viral, it encourages users to become more creative. This is how the TikTok users spend their time, and the audiences are enjoying every single bit of the challenges. In the upcoming years, the users will create more fun challenges and will help maintain the fame of TikTok.

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