What Are The Different Snap Map Bitmoji? [Snapchat Tips]

What are the Different Snap Map Bitmoji? Is the Bitmoji on Snap Map changing automatically? Bitmoji posing differently on Snap Map?

You can get all of these answers over here. We are here to clear your doubts regarding this topic. The thing you have to do is just read this article to the end. Clear all your doubts and questions right here.

Snapchat shows different actions of your Bitmoji on the Snap Map differing on your location. The standing position is the normal position of your Bitmoji.

But, when you are near the lake you may see your Bitmoji on a boat. Until you leave that location your Bitmoji on the Snap Map will be on a boat.

Your Bitmoji changes the actions and poses just for a certain period.

Snapchat provides different features to its users. It enables people to enjoy the app to the fullest. Bitmoji action emoji and poses, Snap Map locations, and other things are so unique to watch.

We can change the Bitmoji pose as per our choice. But Snapchat even has an automatic function on Bitmoji. Differing on the place we are at, the Bitmoji poses differ.

What Is Mean By Snapchat Bitmoji Actions?

Snapchat Bitmoji actions are the newly updated feature available in Snapchat.

It is also known as action emoji in a simple word. This feature is only available in Snapchat Maps. This is one of the ways to let your friends know you are active on Snapchat.

Action emojis available on Snap Map is automatic in function.


This means Snapchat manages those works itself. When you or your friends are at a certain location then, the action of Bitmoji changes depending on your place.

For example, when you and your friends are traveling then, Snap Map shows all of your Bitmoji at the same place. The Bitmoji of you and your friends seems to travel in the vehicle.

The same vehicle you and your friends are traveling in real life.

The updated feature of the action emoji is quite entertaining to watch. The Bitmoji is cute but these actions make us even more.

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What Are Different Snap Map Bitmoji?

Snapchat has made various updates and brought an action emoji.

This action emoji is such a unique thing on Snapchat. Bitmoji changes its action as per the location and place you are at. Snapchat itself changes the action and pose of Bitmoji. You need not work on it.

Here are some of the Snap Map Bitmoji actions.

Bitmoji action differs as per your location and time of the day. Different Bitmoji actions you can see on the map are listed below:

Sleeping At Home

According to the time and place of your location, the action of your Bitmoji changes. When the time of location you are at is around nighttime.

Your Bitmoji appears sleeping in a bed or wearing a nightdress.

Sleeping At Home | Different Snap Map Bitmoji

The action changes to a normal standing position as sudden as the time changes.

The change in action is just for a certain period. Snapchat does this and you aren’t able to change it.

Listening To Music

You are listening to the music along with Snapchat then, your Bitmoji adopts the same action. Your Bitmoji on the Snap Map will get a headphone.

The symbol representing music will appear on your Bitmoji.

Listening To Music

Your Bitmoji will appear as enjoying the music with a set of headphones on its ear.

This appears on the Snap Map only if you are listening to music as well as using the Snapchat app.

Hanging Out With Friends

When you and your friends are together at the same location then, the action of Bitmoji changes.

If the friends from your Snapchat are together with you, then Bitmoji comes close.

Hanging Out With Friends | Different Snap Map Bitmoji

Bitmoji of you and your friend’s Bitmoji appear gathering together in a Snap Map.

If you and your friends are using Snapchat at that place, then only Snap Map shows it.

Playing A Sport

If you are playing any kind of sport such as tennis, cricket, badminton, etc.

The Snapchat Map can reveal it to your Snapchat friends. But, you must open the Snapchat app while playing the sport.

Playing A Sport

Friends and family will know about it as quickly as you use the app.

Your Bitmoji will appear with the sports dress with a bat or a ball with it.

You need not set sport in the Snap Map. Snapchat does this work on its own.

Taking Off In A Plane

Getting to see your Bitmoji inside a plane means you are near the area of the airport.

If you open your Snapchat app near the airport area then your Bitmoji in the Snap Map appears the same. This action is even shown by your Bitmoji if you are on a plane.

Taking Off In A Plane

Snapchat has made everything so easy to detect.

You can easily know where the person is through this feature available on Snapchat. People may get shocked to see such a thing on Maps.

Riding On A Bike

The action emoji appears on Snapchat only at that time when you use the Snapchat app.

If you open the Snapchat app while riding a bike, then it is usual to get its action on your Snap Map.

Riding On A Bike | Different Snap Map Bitmoji

Friends and family will get to know you are on a bike looking at the action of your Bitmoji.

You can see your Bitmoji on a bike traveling from one location to another. You must keep the app open throughout the whole way.

Enjoying A Concert

You may attend different music concerts of your idols and others. Snap Map can even detect you attending a concert. It reveals your location and the action of your Bitmoji to your friends and family.

You Bitmoji appears in a dance position and is enjoying a concert.

Enjoying A Concert

Even for once, you must check out the Snapchat app.

Then your location updates along with Bitmoji action on the Snapchat Map. Your Bitmoji keeps on enjoying the concert until you move to the next location and open the Snap Map.

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Action Of Bitmoji On The Birth Days

Snapchat asks for your birth date at the very beginning. While you sign in to the app Snapchat asks you for the day you were born.

So, Snapchat shows the change in action in your Snap Map Bitmoji.

Snap Map shows your Bitmoji wearing a birthday hat and with balloons in its hand.

This action of Bitmoji is only on your very special day. Your friends and family can easily predict this by looking at the appearance of your Snap Map Bitmoji.

You need not open Snapchat and use the app to get this on your Bitmoji. Snap chat automatically does this work right on your special day.

Snapchat does birthday celebrations for its users to make them feel good.

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Blue Dot On Friends Bitmoji In Snap Map Location

The Blue dot isn’t any kind of action emoji on the Snapchat Map.

It simply indicates the messages that you receive. When you open Snapchat, you can even find this blue dot before entering the message box of Snapchat.

The blue dot on the message box signifies you have received a message from your Snapchat friends.

Sometimes you may even see the blue dot in your friend’s Bitmoji on Snapchat.

You must not get confused or worry about it. This shows you are having a conversation with that friend with a blue dot. It notifies you that you haven’t opened their messages.

Friends Bitmoji with a blue dot on its head disappears as suddenly as you open their message.

It is just like a notification to you. It is just a sign that you and your friends are using Snapchat and having a conversation.

Does Action On Bitmoji Works When Ghost Mode Is On?

If you are choosing ghost mode on the Snap Map settings, then it is usual to arise such doubts on you. In this condition, it is possible to see your Bitmoji in the Snap Map.

But, your Bitmoji will appear with a blue-colored Snapchat ghost icon on its head.

Yes, Bitmoji shows the different actions such as sleeping, playing, traveling, etc as usual. But, you are the only one who can see those actions.

You are in a private mode on Snapchat. Even your Bitmoji face gets blocked by the ghost icon in the Snapchat Map.

Snapchat shows the action emoji in any mode of Snapchat. But in this ghost mode, your friends and family won’t know your actions.

You are the only viewers of your action. You know where you are at and what you are doing. So, the action emoji isn’t that necessary.

How Does Snapchat Map Figure Out The Actions?

As we already know Snapchat uses a GPS location tracking system to track the location of the users. Using this technology, Snapchat Map identifies your place.

So, using Snapchat easily know what things are there near you.

When you open Snapchat at a certain location, Snapchat Map updates the location and shows your Bitmoji as per the place.

For example, if the airport is near you then Snap Map shows your Snap Map Bitmoji in an airplane.

Not only the location but, Snapchat Map figures out your action through the real-time location as well. Snapchat map easily detects your location and applies the action on your Bitmoji avatar.

Actions like Sleeping, eating, brushing, etc are detected by the time of your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

You can see some of the questions related to Snapchat below.

Consider every question and try to get something. Questions with their answers are listed below.

What Does The Bitmoji Pose Mean On The Snapchat Map?

At first, your location matters in the pose of Bitmoji on the Snap Map.

The action of your Bitmoji depends on the action you are doing while using the Snapchat app.

This feature is usually for letting your friends and family know about your present action.

What Does The Bitmoji With Sunglasses And Sparkles Mean?

You may get to see your Snapchat friends with sunglasses and sparkle on the Snapchat Map.

This action on someone’s Bitmoji means that person uses the Snapchat Map so often or very frequently.

You may see them even with sparkles and yellow stars on Snapchat Maps.

Why Is Bitmoji Fun And Scary At The Same Time?

Bitmojis are fun as they are cartoon forms of oneself.

Their actions and expressions entertain their users.

At the same time, all of your Snapchat friends can see your Bitmoji location. Not everyone you add to Snapchat is your friend. This is the scary point in Snapchat.

How Does Snapchat Know I Am Sleeping?

When you open your Snapchat app, your time and location get updated automatically.

So according to the time of your location Snapchat Map shows such actions.

Whether it’s PM or AM, Snapchat shows your situation accordingly. If your time location is nighttime then Snapchat shows Bitmoji sleeping on the Snap Map.

How Can I Know If Someone Has Turned Off Their Snap Map For Me?

If you have turned the ghost mode on for privacy nobody can view your location.

Snapchat does not allow its users to use such features.

Nobody can have a look at your location even if they use a controversial Snapchat Map feature. Just get that ghost mode is a high-priority privacy mode.


Action emoji available on Snapchat has enabled Bitmoji to pose on different actions. It is so interesting to watch such a cute action.

More the action of your Bitmoji changes the more you get sparkling stars on your Bitmoji. We are not able to control such actions. They are automatically updating different kinds of actions.

The more fun you act the more your Bitmoji seems funny in the Snap Map.

You can control the activities, with whom you want to share the action of your Bitmoji. The actions of your Bitmoji are temporary so they may disappear if you do not use the app for a long period.

As you can see the information regarding the different actions of Bitmoji is elaborated in simple words. I am sure that you have cleared out all of the doubts you have on your mind through this article.