How Do You Get To The Snapchat Maps?

How Do You Get To The Snapchat Maps? Thinking of setting a location on Snapchat? Or, searching for someone’s location? Wondering to get Snapchat maps? Didn’t get to solve your queries through other articles? Relax, I make sure when you get back from this article you will be able to find a way to use Snapchat maps. Please do not skip any of the topics mentioned in this article.

Getting to the Snapchat maps or Snap maps is quite easy. Go to your main Snapchat screen, tap on the location icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and zoom in on your Snap map. Or, you can also access the snapmap from your profile settings page with the ‘Explore Snapmap’ option. 

Snapchat Map is available on Snapchat with the main purpose of finding your friends’ locations. Not the location icon but the Bitmoji avatar of your friend is shown at the exact location where your friend is when they were last active on the app. One can easily get through it and know the location just by zooming on the map. It easily gives you access to find the person from your friend list.

How Does Snap Map Location Work?

Snapchat location works based on a GPS location tracking system. Snap map allows its users to view where their friends are, share their location, and many more. Snapchat uses this technology to detect the location of its users and display them on the map with exact time, city name, and weather conditions.

The Snapchat map works the same as how other maps work. This map just shows the Bitmoji avatar at the location of its users which the other map doesn’t. You can just scroll up and down or left to right to view where your friends are along with the map.

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The map of the whole earth is shown. So in case, your friends are out of their native country you can even view their location and city name.

What Is The Bitmoji Appearing On The Snap Map?

After you get into the snap map you are getting to see many Bitmoji avatars of your friends right? Relax, the Bitmoji avatar is the symbol that indicates your friend’s location.

Straight-standing Bitmoji avatars with your friend’s name displayed below the Bitmoji will appear in the snap map. This shows that your respective friend is at that location right now. You have to check the time location if it is correct to present to e or not. If not then the location displayed may not be the correct one.

Just know that Bitmoji appearing on the snap map means your friend has turned on their location and they are at that place.

How To Know If A Snap Map Is On?

Snapchat displays the location of our friends who have turned on the location on their mobile phones. Snapchat uses a GPS tracking system to track the location of people.

The Snapchat map even shows the place where you have clicked the snap. It simply displays your photo on the exact location wherever you have clicked the certain snap. It is only displayed to you, not your whole friend list. You have to go click on certain icons to get it on your screen.

Through this technology snap, chat detects where its users are with the correct time and place location when you tap on the avatar shown on the screen.

Steps To Get Into The Snap Map And Use It

You can find Snap Map within a second. Here are the guide steps mentioned serially to get you toward the snap map. Follow the mentioned instructions carefully.

Step 1: Click On The Snapchat And Get Into It

Step 1 Click On The Snapchat And Get Into It

You will get to see the camera on your screen. You will see varieties of icons. Among them, one of the icons will lead toward Snap Map.

Step 2: Look At Your Left-Hand Side

Step 2 Look At Your Left Hand Side

You will see the location icon at the bottom corner of your mobile phone on your left-hand side. This icon will lead you to get what you are searching for.

Step 3: Tap Into The Location Icon

Step 3 Tap Into The Location Icon

Just after tapping it, you will get to see a snap map that you were searching for.

To zoom in and out on the snap map use your thumb and index finger. It will help you get the exact location closely as well as the way to get to that location.

You will see the location of your respective friend in that location.

If you are unable to find your friend’s location just go to the search bar which is at the top of your device. Search with your friend’s name and you will get the location.

Is Snapchat Map Live?

Snapchat has updated a new feature to make the app more interesting and entertaining. Snapchat has updated the live location feature for its users with the viewpoint of keeping Snapchat users safe from risks and danger.

The live location feature enables users to share their location live wherever they are going to the friends they choose to share. The map will show wherever you are joining even from one corner to another corner of your house to your friends with whom you have shared the live location.

You can choose how long your specific friend or even whole friend list friend can see your live location. You get to control this activity so the risks and dangers over the users may decrease gradually.

Does Snapchat Map Turn On Automatically?

Yes, the Snapchat map becomes automatic in certain specific matters. When you choose the Ghost mode or privacy mode on Snapchat then the snap map tends to be automatic relating to maps.

But when you choose other modes on the Snapchat privacy setting then the Snapchat map doesn’t become automatic at that time you will have to turn it on and off then only it works automatically.

You should not turn on Ghost Mode on Snapchat if you want to update your location every time you go on Snapchat. You must know this point which you may not do if you want the automatic function of the Snapchat map.

Snap Maps Privacy Setting

Snapmap consists of modes that you can easily choose and set on your own. Ghost mode or privacy mode is a private mode that enables you to view the locations and other many more set by you only within your eyes, not even your friends.

How To Turn On The Ghost Mode Available On Snapchat?

You can simply follow this guide if you are unknown about this ghost mode feature in Snapchat.

Step 1: Click On The Snapchat

Step 1 Click On The Snapchat

Open your Snapchat app. You may see many more options and icons on either side. You have to click on the profile icon available on your left-hand side.

Step 2:Tap Into The Cog Icon

Step 2 Tap Into The Cog Icon

Look at the top right of the screen, you can see the cog icon. Click on the icon and you will enter into the settings.

Step 3:Turn On The Ghost Mode

Step 3 Turn On The Ghost Mode

You have to click on the ghost mode. It appears on the screen of your mobile phone. You can easily turn on and off the mode depending on your choice.

Shortcut Way To Get Ghost Mode On SnapMap On Snapchat

It is possible to apply this method and get into ghost mode. It is one of the easiest methods to find the ghost mode in Snapchat. Follow the guide carefully and serially step by step.

Step 1: Go On The Snapchat

Step 1 Go On The Snapchat

You will get a camera on your device screen. You can see different buttons and icons available. Then click on your Snapchat profile.

Step 2: Click On The Bitmoji Avatar

Step 2 Click On The Bitmoji Avatar

When you enter your profile you can see your Bitmoji avatar. Look at your right-hand side. You can see a settings icon at the top.

Step 3: Tap On See The Location.

Step 3 Tap On See The Location

Ghost mode will display on your mobile screen. You may choose your privacy and set this mode. It is possible to turn it on and off as per your choice.

It is possible to use the shortcut method to get into ghost mode. This is one of the easiest methods which you can apply on Snapchat.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Here are the collections of a few questions asked by Snapchat users with the exact answers. Read it once and you may get to know other information about Snapchat and snap maps.

Can I Post Snaps On Snap Maps?

Yes, you can easily post-snap on the snap chat map. At first click a snap. Then at the top, you will see send to on your screen. Click On send to snap map. Then conform to send on the Snap Map by clicking on the send button marked as an arrow.

How Long Can My Snap Stay In The Snap Map?

Your snap or your location is displayed on the snap map maximum of up to 8 hours. If you didn’t use the app till 8 hours after going offline then there won’t show your snap on the Snap Map anymore until you are back online on Snapchat with an internet connection.

Has Snapchat Allowed To View The Viewers Of Snap Map?

No, Snapchat has lots of privacy. It does not let you display the person who has viewed your Snap Map location. It shows the location of every person on your friend list who has enabled their location. Snapchat doesn’t show or notify you of this.

Does Ghost Mode Take You Off The Snapchat Map?

The Ghost mode available on the Snapchat Map is a privacy mode. It will take your location off from the Snap Map. Only you will be able to see it, no others, not even your friends. This mode will hide your location from others and they won’t know where you are at.

How Can I Report On The Snap Map?

If you detect any inappropriate thing on the map you should report it immediately to Snapchat. You have to click on the snap you want to report. Long-press or hold on the snap and then you will get a report option on the top left side of your hand. Just click on it and then your report will go to Snapchat.


Snap Maps are easy to use once you know how to use them. You will find snap maps as an interesting source available on Snapchat. Snapchat has updated many features to provide its users with everything they wish to get as an app. Snap map is something great you should know about on Snapchat.

Use the above-mentioned steps to get through the map if you are unknown or if you have forgotten how to use it. Hope this single article has helped you with your queries. You can ask if you want any further information.

Hope you got to know the answers to the questions you have been wondering about.

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