How To Set Up Digital Wellbeing On TikTok?

You must have seen youngsters and some adults get addicted to TikTok. They spend hours surfing TikTok videos and never get bored of it. If you are here reading this then I guess you are looking for a solution to this addiction. Today we will look at one of the most underrated features of TikTok, Digital Wellbeing. We will learn how to set up digital wellbeing on TikTok and see how you can use it to cope with your addiction. I have put some research and after trying out this feature for myself, I can say that every user must know about this feature and its importance.

You can set up Digital Wellbeing by accessing the general settings. Under Digital Wellbeing, you will get two main features, Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode. You will need to set a 4-digit passcode to use these features. The Restricted mode filters out inappropriate content for under-aged users and the Screen Time Management feature blocks you from using the app after a certain allocated time. 

Let’s have a look at these features in detail and also know about different ways of coping with TikTok addiction.

What Is Digital Well-Being?

Digital Wellbeing is a feature in many apps and digital platforms that allows us to have control over our use-time. By gaining this control or reminding themselves of certain use-time, people can prevent themselves from spending too much time or develop an addiction to these platforms.

In TikTok, digital wellbeing is a remarkable feature for all users (especially for young ones). Users can use the digital wellbeing feature to block potentially inappropriate content too.

Since TikTok can get highly addictive and reduce our attention span, the correct use of digital wellbeing can totally change the way we view content on TikTok. If you have spent your whole day scrolling the “For You” page of TikTok without any realization of time then the correct use of this feature can save you from similar things in the future.

How To Set Up Digital Wellbeing On TikTok?

Because of the easy interface in TikTok, you should be able to set up the Digital wellbeing feature. But if you are having a little trouble then follow these steps:

  • Tap at the lower right corner of your home screen which reads “Me”. This will redirect you to your profile.
  • At the upper right corner, you will see 3 vertical dots. Tap here and you will then be redirected to “settings and privacy”.
  • Under “General” settings, click on “Digital Wellbeing”.

You will notice that digital wellbeing provides you with two different options. Let’s have a look at both options in detail.

Screen Time Management

This feature allows you to manage your screen time on TikTok. It allows you to set a limit for the day on the particular account. And when the limit is reached, you should enter a passcode to keep using TikTok. This feature can come in handy for parents who don’t want their child to devote most of his/her’s time to TikTok.

After selecting a time limit from options 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, you can set up a passcode. The passcode is a 4 digit number that you can set to keep using TikTok or turn Screen Management off in the future.

The screen time passcode is the same as the restricted mode passcode.

Restricted Mode

Turning on “Restricted Mode” can help limit the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for some users. This mode primarily focuses on minors who are older than 13, but not yet adults. Although TikTok shouldn’t allow any inappropriate videos to be uploaded in the first place, this feature can be of great use too.

The restricted mode collapses the “Following” and “For You” pages into a single feed page. So a user under Restricted mode won’t have the privilege to choose between the “Following” and “For You” pages. This “Restricted Mode” feed contains videos that are appropriate for people of all age groups. This mode will even filter out the posts from the people that you are following if they are inappropriate.

TikTok claims that this feature is powered by AI. So if any inappropriate content slips through, don’t get too surprised and just report it.

The passcode to activate this feature is the same as for “Screen Time Management”. The passcode expires in 30 days. You can use this passcode to turn off the restricted mode in the future.

Why Can TikTok Get Highly Addictive?

You must have heard people getting addicted to video games and other social media platforms too. But this TikTok addiction is a whole new thing and it takes digital addiction to an extreme level. Despite the popularity of other media sharing platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, TikTok’s addiction is a big concern and a rising topic. The main reasons behind this are:

  • TikTok has a wide variety of content. You cannot predict what you will encounter after the next scroll. This keeps people engaged.
  • The brevity or shortness of the videos is another reason. A 15-sec long video is enough to make you cry, laugh, or even offend you. You can watch hundreds of videos in a quick session and get fully entertained at the same time.
  • The effortless and easy access to videos is another thing to consider. For example, on Youtube when you want to know about something, you hit the search bar. Then you find the most genuine video based on the thumbnail preview and view-count. Also, to view something on your home page, you should first tap on it and then adjust the display mode. But in TikTok, an easy flick of your thumb can bring up a video to make your day.

Moreover, this addiction reduces the attention span of users. This is the biggest impact that TikTok has on our brains.

How Not To Get Addicted To TikTok?

For most users, set up digital wellbeing and you can prevent yourselves from TikTok addiction. If TikTok is currently your main source of entertainment then allow it a screen time of 2 hours a day. You can allow someone else to set up the passcode for you. This way you will only use TikTok for a limited time in a day.

Follow the steps that I have mentioned above to set a time limit.

What Can You Do If You Are Already Addicted?

Like any other addiction, TikTok addiction can get as worse as a rehabilitation center. After a certain time, creating videos and scrolling feed might become more important than your real life. The best way to overcome any addiction is to consult a doctor or therapist. Some other ways to avoid TikTok addiction are:

  • Find out other things that interest you and you are passionate about. These things will help you distract from TikTok.
  • Start meditating for a few minutes every day. Meditation not only helps you cope with your addiction but also has several other health benefits.
  • Since nature is the best medicine, spend some time in nature (Trees/ Park/ Rivers).
  • Ask your family members or roommate to set up the passcode for digital wellbeing. Use this feature to allocate a limited time of your day to TikTok. Don’t allow them to share the passcode with you until you get over your addiction.

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All in all, the digital wellbeing feature in TikTok can turn out to be an important feature if you use it correctly. Since TikTok addiction can affect your studies, career, and social life, it is important for every user to know about this feature. I think I have included every bit of information regarding this topic. I hope the concept of TikTok’s digital wellbeing is more clear now.

Any feedback or recommendations will be heartily welcomed in the comment sections below.