How To Get Verified On TikTok? Get A Checkmark Today 2022

If you are on TikTok, you must have seen a blue tick mark along with some famous usernames. This indicated that the account is verified and officially belongs to the user.  Verification is an important procedure across all social media platforms and benefits the user in various ways. Today we will be looking at how you can get verified on TikTok and many more. Since there is no exact linear procedure for verification, I will be sharing some tips that actually work. These tips are provided by creators who got their TikTok accounts verified from scratch. Be sure to make it till the end of the article and I ensure you that everything I have shared will turn out to be helpful.

What Does It Mean To Get Verified On TikTok?

On Instagram, only celebrities and brand names are given these blue ticks which indicate that they are verified accounts and belongs officially to that user. But in TikTok, anyone with lots of followers might have a verified account or these blue ticks. Yet it is an elite status symbol on the platform.

Every TikTok creator strives for this blue tick on their account. This is sort of an ultimate goal for all those non-celebrity TikTok users. Getting your account verified doesn’t offer many benefits. But this can help your followers and fans to distinguish your account easily from all other duplicate accounts.

You must have seen multiple TikTok accounts of celebrities with almost the same posts and similar usernames too. This creates mass confusion among fans and followers. Hence the verification of an account becomes a necessity. When only one of all these accounts gets a distinct blue mark the things become a lot easier. This is probably the main purpose of verified accounts across all social media platforms including TikTok.

What Type Of Users Are Easily Verified?

For some users getting their account verified is too hard but for some, it just happens instantaneously. Some people simply get the blue tick after creating their account. Let’s see what type of TikTok users are easily verified.

Celebrities And Politicians

Athletes, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other famous personalities have their accounts verified quite instantly. Other famous people like politicians also don’t need to do much to have an official TikTok account. Sometimes TikTok might request these celebrities for their official government ids like driving licenses to carry on with the verification process.

Brands Or Companies

Famous brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, RedBull have used verified TikTok accounts to marketize their products. They have used popular hashtags and collaborated with famous celebs on TikTok to publicize their products. The verification status for these brands is also quite easily attainable.

Users Verified On Other Social Media Platforms Like Facebook and Instagram.

It is fair to say that you get easily verified on TikTok as compared to Instagram and Facebook. For Instagram verification, you have to quite a famous public figure. If you have connected your TikTok account to your verified Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account, then things become quite easier.

Users Who Are Highly Copied

As I already mentioned, the main purpose of the verified mark is for identification purposes. For example, if you search for a famous celebrity, you will get a bunch of results. People copy famous celebrities and personalities to gain more followers in their random accounts. Sometimes this can also have a negative impact on the social media life of the celebrity. People can use fake celebrity accounts to promote their products and maybe even spread hate. To prevent this, TikTok verifies a highly copied account and puts a blue tick beside it.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Verified?

Tiktok doesn’t have specific followers or likes requirements for account verification. However, if you have at least 1 million likes and 500,00 followers then TikTok might consider giving you a blue tick. This data might not be 100% true and I have seen people with lesser likes and followers with verified accounts.  TikTok also considers other things before verifying your account. If you are being copied all over TikTok and there are multiple accounts that copy your post then TikTok might verify your main account. So try to be regular and yourself in TikTok otherwise, you will never get verified.

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Verified

There are several illegal ways and third-party platforms that ensure to get your account verified. You can even buy a verified account from the black market. But all these ways are illegal and might get you into trouble. There is no straightforward way of getting a blue tick. But I have come up with some tips to help you with account verification.

Followers Growth Rate

A constant or increasing followers growth rate can have a high impact on account verification. This indicates that you are active in the platform and people love your content. If your followers are growing at 500-2000 per week then it is just enough. Tiktok considers this to be a good growth rate and will definitely consider your account.

Growing Watch time

In most of the video-related platforms like youtube and Tiktok, watch time matters the most. Even if you have fewer followers but people watch you through FYP then your watch time increases. After establishing a huge community, you can upload longer videos to get more watch time. This is in fact a great way to get verified quickly. First, gain fans and get popular through short videos and then try to engage them for longer.

Try To Create Viral Content

Be a trendsetter in TikTok rather than just lipsyncing and copying other’s stuff. I know this might be hard for some people because all they do is use other music. But being creative once in a while won’t harm you. Spend some time thinking about your new content, write scripts, show your skills, and be more creative. All these things can make you a new TikTok sensation with a blue tick. So try to focus on creating at least 2 viral videos per month. This will set the impression that your value from the platform and among people has not depreciated.

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Try To Be Influential

Even outside TikTok, you must try to be influential. You must establish public relations, attend seminars, and be able to speak to a huge audience. If people were to search for you in major publications then they should be able to find you. So, next time if the local news channel or publication invites you for an interview then just go. This is going to show them that you are not just another person trying to make it but someone who is trying to establish a reputation and you are going to be around for a while.

You can also perform live sessions on TikTok to connect with your followers and spread social awareness among them. Live sessions are great platforms for earning money too.

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So, avoid being just another introvert who does nothing but making videos.

Make Original Contents

I have seen people with no original content have the verification badge. So, this step might be a little debatable. But imagine if you create something original and it just shakes the whole platform. Imagine if all users start using your content and even other popular creators use it. Don’t you think TikTok will notice it? So in my view, creating original content once in a while is almost mandatory if you want the verification badge quickly.

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Upload High-quality Videos

The quality of the video also plays a huge role in account verification. The video quality indicated how much effort you are putting into making the video. High-quality videos indicate your level of determination in getting verified. Always post vertical video and video with good lights and sound. Usually, the microphone on a mobile phone is good for audio but if you are shooting outdoors, try using external microphones. You can also invest in tripods to prevent your videos from getting shaky.

Participate In Trends and Challenges

If you cannot come up with ideas for original content then there are always other popular videos. Challenges in TikTok come up like a storm and disappear quickly. So immediately after a new challenge hits the trend, use it. When the popularity of the challenges is at the spike, you have the maximum chance of getting more views.

How Do Verified TikTok Users Make Money?

Having a verified TikTok account is a huge deal for creators that come from a non-celebrity background. Having the badge indicates that they are popular, admired, and, loved by people. But TikTok doesn’t pay its users directly for posts of followers or likes. So these artists now have to find other ways to make a living through TikTok.

Virtual Items

After just getting to the 1000 followers mark, users will be able to receive gifts from fans during live sessions. Creators with a verified account and more followers get more gifts. These gifts can be converted later to diamonds and actual money can be withdrawn. A diamond is worth 5 cents. The withdrawal limit is $1000 a day. A PayPal account is a must to withdraw the amount.

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Marketing And Merchandising

Brands and companies use active verified users with lots of followers to marketize their products. For this, the users are paid a ton of money. Once you are established and verified in TikTok you don’t have to worry about finding these brands. Most of them will approach you themselves and either request you to promote their products directly or use them as a reference in your videos.

Creators can also promote their own brands on the platform, encouraging people to buy more of their stuff. Marketing or promoting is easier on such a social media platform nowadays.  For example, you just have to wear a fashion label’s clothes in your video.


I think I have provided you with a lot of helpful tips on getting your account verified. I guarantee that if you follow all my instructions clearly then in no time you will have that blue badge. But to be honest, getting a verified TikTok is not everything and I believe people have exaggerated its importance. If you have a decent number of followers with a good income from TikTok the don’t even worry about the verification badge. But if people start impersonating you heavily, then you should rush for that badge.

I hope the verification process becomes easier for you after reading this article. Any feedback or recommendation are welcomed in the comment sections below. For more articles on TikTok, visit our official website Online Help Guide.

Thank You.