How To Stop TikTok Addiction? [Leave TikTok Today]

How to stop tiktok addiction

Addiction engineers. This is a real term given to engineers in social media companies who are tasked to increase engagement on the platform. These engineers do this by exploiting human behavior and the dopamine reward system. If you are reading this article, you must be addicted to TikTok and want to know how to stop TikTok addiction.

Answer: Many people use the TikTok app too much, resulting in addiction. When people get addicted to apps like TikTok, they have to face the consequences like mental health issues, and TikTok addiction is not easy to get rid of. However, one can stop TikTok addiction in many ways like; distracting attention with the help of other productive things, deleting the TikTok app completely, limiting the time using the software of the phone, and many more.

Most people are struggling to let go of their online addiction with apps such as TikTok. This is particularly hard considering everyone around is struggling with the same problem. But do not worry, we have prepared this article to guide you in your struggle against the TikTok addiction engineers. Read ahead.

Why Is TikTok So Addictive?

TikTok uses its algorithm, which monitors the time users spend watching short videos, and the videos on the TikTok platform get people hooked. In addition, the TikTok app is built so that it has an addictive structure that becomes dependent on the dopamine fix.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that pushes individuals to repeat the action for pleasure. Another feature of TikTok is its short and eye-catching content which attracts users.

How To Stop TikTok Addiction?

TikTok itself is not a bad app; it’s how users use this app. Loads of people have benefited from this app with their talents. TikTok gives people a platform to share their talents with the world, and if the people like their talents, they can be famous overnight.

When the users, especially youth, are in addition to apps like TikTok, there will be a bad impact on society, so this has to be stopped.

Once people get addicted to TikTok, it is not easy to get away from it easily. However, it’s not impossible to get rid of TikTok addiction; here are some ways to stop TikTok addition:

Turn Off  The TikTok Notifications

Turn Off  The TikTok Notifications

You may have noticed this after you get a TikTok notification, you click it and enter the app and it would be hours before you realized that you are on this app for a very long time. This is not an accident but a designed process. The sole job of the engineers inside TikTok is to bring you to the app and keep you there as long as possible.

If you are trying to get out of the TikTok addiction, your fight is not against the app but against those engineers that design these processes and algorithms to get you hooked on the platform so that TikTok could make more money. Once you recognize this, you will start to identify these patterns that get you hooked on the app, which will help you get out of the addiction.

To avoid these traps, you can start by turning off the TikTok Notifications. Once you stop getting notifications, you will not get disturbed by these constant traps and can focus more on your work and actual life.

Browse Without Logging In

Browse Without Logging In

The algorithms of any social media are designed to make you spend more time on the platform. Similarly, the TikTok algorithm is also designed to do the same thing. The algorithm understands your content preferences and only serves the videos that have the potential to engage you and keep you on the platform for longer.

To avoid this, you can simply log out of your account and only watch TikTok videos as a guest. This will not let the algorithm manipulate you and you will not get contents you like when browsing as a guest. Soon, you will get uninterested and start using TikTok less and less.

Spend Less Time On TikTok

Spend Less Time On TikTok

TikTok provides lots of entertainment content that people can watch for hours. To control the addiction, calculate how much time you spend on TikTok. Then, try to find something other than spending time in TikTok, like spending time with friends and family.

You can also take help from your phone’s software, as smartphones can keep a time limit of how many hours or how long a person can use any app per day.

Distract Your Attention From TikTok

Distract Your Attention From TikTok

You need to keep your interests in activities other than TikTok so that TikTok won’t run in your head. Other activities can be frequent meetings with your friends and family. In addition, you can engage in sports activities like going to the gym, playing football, or joining yoga classes without a phone. These activities can help you control your mind.

Set Limitations On Your Smartphone

Set Limitations On Your Smartphone

Another thing you can do to control your addiction to TikTok is by setting limitations on the usage of TikTok on your smartphone. For example, there are built-in apps on your smartphones like Screen Time; you can go to the Settings option and set the time limit so that once the time reaches out, you’ll not be able to access the TikTok app.

If you don’t find such apps on your device, you can easily download them from PlayStore or AppStore.

Figure Out What Makes You Enjoy TikTok And Avoid It

Figure Out What Makes You Enjoy TikTok And Avoid It

Just figuring out what makes you enjoy the TikTok app can help you stop getting an addiction to TikTok. Videos like entertaining and learning skills which you never get bored allow you to know the trend.

But when you make videos and share them continuously, taking bold videos of yourself and seeking attention could be a sign of addiction. But, on the other hand, when you know what you are doing, it can help you control.

Find Something Important Than TikTok

Find Something Important Than TikTok

As per the understanding of human nature, you only spend more time on TikTok because it is the most interesting thing in your life. Once you figure out something important and interesting than TikTok, you will automatically start spending less and less time on TikTok. So, try to find something that interests you and also is important to you such as musical instruments, sports, etc.

Deleting TikTok App From Your Device

Deleting TikTok App From Your Device

If you think you are using the TikTok app unnecessarily and lots of time has been wasted, then you can consider deleting this app. When you don’t see the TikTok app on your mobile, you will not use it. So this can be a great solution and may work.

Do Not Use Your Phone

Do Not Use Your Phone

If nothing works and you still are addicted to TikTok, there is no other solution than to get away from the phone. Just switch off your phone or simply turn off the internet connection for a month and you will have enough time to recover from the addiction. This may sound extreme but not doing it also means being addicted to TikTok.

How Do TikTok Addiction Affect Users?

TikTok app has pros and cons features depending upon how the users use this app. For example, TikTok is a great platform for some people to express their talents worldwide; people can be famous overnight using this app. On the other hand, some use this app to promote their products. Whereas some people use this app badly, assaulting people and spreading vulgarity. Especially, the youth are more attracted to this app, and they are the victims of TikTok addiction.

Negative Impacts Caused By TikTok Addiction

Most young people are getting addicted to this TikTok app which can cause negative impacts on them, such as:

Wasting Lots Of Time Watching

When people get an addiction to TikTok, they are more likely to spend long hours in this app watching an endless stream of short videos. As a result, the time they spend is wasted unproductively.

Using TikTok To Assault People

Another negative impact TikTok can cause is that some TikTok users make fun of each other’s videos, igniting bullying. You may have heard the clashes among TikTokers assaulting each other.

Unhealthy Competition When Using TikTok

Some TikTok users go far beyond the limit to get more likes and followers, which can be dangerous. Furthermore, TikTok encourages the creation of inappropriate challenges, which can be detrimental to young individuals as they may result in adverse consequences.

Safety Concerns On The Health Of The Users

As billions of people use TikTok, not everyone is a good person. There are lots of predators who can easily target young innocents by sending illicit messages directly. So there are always safety concerns.

Mental Health Of The Users

Latest studies say that the overuse of TikTok affects young people’s mental health. Some content on TikTok can promote youth self-harming; when it becomes chronic, the user can even go into suicidal tendencies compared to non-TikTokers.

Tips On Avoiding TikTok Addiction

Once you get an addiction to using TikTok, getting rid of this app is not easy. However, you can engage in anything that will distract your mind from TikTok; you can try the following to avoid TikTok addiction:

  1. First, try giving a day off from your TikTop app on your mobile phone for a week.
  2. Don’t use TikTok for three weeks; this will destroy a habit of addiction to TikTok.
  3. Try to figure out things you are more passionate about than TikTok. Spend more time with your friends and family talking or doing something together.
  4. You can watch a good movie, try joining the gym or yoga classes.
  5. You can spend moments every day in nature without using gadgets.
  6. Travel to new places, if possible, and go hiking sometimes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some questions that the users of TikTok often ask to stop TikTok addiction are below:

How Is TikTok Harming Your Child?

TikTok Users use reactions like heart signs and other things to the video content. Therefore, this app encourages the users to respond to the video, which might cause anxiety in the children.

Does TikTok Have An Age Limit?

TikTok users should be 13 years of age or more to use this app. A user must be above 18 to go live when they cross the 1000 followers count.

What Is TikTok Doing To Our Brains?

TikTok’s algorithm reinforces the users’ video-watching behavior that helps them focus on watching the personalized videos as it is a popular belief that TikTok spies on you.

Is TikTok App Worse Than Other Social Media?

TikTok is relatively safe than other social media apps in terms of cybersecurity. However, TikTok has come under investigation for data mining and privacy concerns.

How Is TikTok Affecting The World?

TikTok is becoming more popular globally, and billions of people use it. This app is slowly integrating into people’s lives and society. TikTok app has become a full-time job for some people.


The TikTok app is fruitful for some people as it can help people become famous and earn lots of money overnight. Moreover, TikTok can prove disastrous for some individuals, as severe addiction among users can lead to mental distress and negatively impact their social status.

Everything has good and bad features; TikTok has pros and cons; it depends on how users use it. If the user uses it wisely, it can benefit a lot in business and a person’s career. But if the user abuses this app, the consequences can be severe. So TikTok users should be careful while using this app, acknowledging the consequences.

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