How To Play Games On Telegram [Telegram Gaming Bots]

play games on Telegram

Are you the type of person who enjoys playing games but is short on phone space? Why don’t you download Telegram, a safe end-to-end encrypted messaging application that lets you play games alone or with all your other friends and families? But how do you exactly play games on Telegram?

Operating Telegram games on your devices can sometimes become tedious if you don’t exactly know the steps to operate gaming bots. So here’s you can play games on Telegram:
1. Install and Open Telegram On Your Phone
2. Tap On Search Bar
3. Type @gamee
4. Type “Start”
5. Tap On Any game or tap “Back”
6. Select A Game Option
7. Select any game from the option

How To Play Games On Telegram?

The thing about games on Telegram is it only uses Gaming Bots.

Since the bots on Telegram were initiated in 2016 onwards, playing the same games with your friends has become so much easier.

All you need to play games on Telegram is to download a Telegram on your device.

So, it can be any device; be it your Android phone, iPhone, Windows, macOS, iPad, or tablet, you can use Telegram on anything.

How To Play Games On Telegram Using Gaming Bots?

Among all such fast messaging apps, 500+ million people have downloaded this application worldwide, making Telegram the most downloaded application in the world.

Besides, the first time you open the Telegram application, you might be completely clueless about playing games. The games option is rarely mentioned.

But you will realize tagging certain game bots will open doors of games to you.

Therefore, to get the bounties of playing games on Telegram, you can follow the steps below:

Step1: Install and Open Telegram On Your Phone

Go to your Play Store, and on the search bar, type “Telegram.”

Press on the first one on the list with a blue icon with a paper plane flying.

After that, tap “Install” and wait for it to install.

Step 2: Tap On the Search Bar

After opening Telegram, go to the search bar in the top right corner of the application.

Now, let’s take an instance of operating Gamee, a game bot on Telegram.

Step 3: Type @gamee

Type in @gamee and select the first one from the list. Wait for the Gamee to operate.

Step 4: Type “Start”

You’ll see a “Start” button on the Navigation bar below the screen. Press on that.

Step 5: Tap On Any game or tap “Back”

Now you’ll be given a list of games. You can select any one of them or can tap “Back” to get more options.

Step 6: Select A Game Option

Select any game option that appears on the list. The list can be as follows:

  • “Play With Friends”
  • “Trending games”
  • “Last Played Games”
  • “Categories”
  • “Join GAMEE Token Channel”
  • “Get App &Win Cash”

Step 7: Select any game from the option

After you get a variety of games on the list, select any game as per your preference.

Step 8: “Play Solo” or “With friends”

You will next be left with two questions: “Play Solo” or “With friends.”

So, choose any one answer.

Besides, you’ll have to forward that to your people if you choose the latter.

Congratulations! You and your friends can now play together.

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List of Telegram Game Bots

Among all the other Game Bots available on Telegram, Gamee(@gamee) can be considered Alibaba’s cave of games.

And there are more than 100 games on Gamee under different Categories and different sections.

There are several game bots on Telegram to play a number of games.

These different game bots have numerous categories.

So, take a look at he following the list of game bots on Telegram:

Gamee (@gamee)

Different options Inside Gamee are as follows:

1. Play With Friends

This is the first option under Gamee, enabling you to play different games with your friends.

So, you can select this option first and choose the games later.

2. Trending Games

This is the second option, where you can play all the popular games in the current scenario.

3. Last Played Games

This option has a history of games you have played on Telegram. So, if you forget about the last game you just played, you can always go to this option.

4. Categories

Probably this option has the longest list in the game.

It has numerous games under different categories such as Featured, Arcade, Sport, Action, Puzzle, Quickies, Relax, Racing, and Crazy.

The list of the games in these different types of categories is given below:

  1. Paint.IO Teams
  2. Getaway
  3. Neon Blaster2
  4. Neon Blaster
  1. Color Hit
  2. Karate Kido
  3. Gravity Ninja
  4. AstroCAT
  5. SmartUp Shark
  6. Atomic Drop
  7. Brick Stacker
  8. Neon Blaster 2
  9. Karate Kido 2
  10. Geometry Run 3D
  11. Summer Love
  12. Spiky Fish 3
  13. Gravity Ninja 2
  14. Space Orbit
  15. Tamachi Jump
  16. Marble Dash
  17. Doozie Dunks
  19. Ding Dong
  20. ATARI Asteroids
  1. Keep it UP
  2. MotoFX 2
  3. Basket Boy
  4. Kicker King
  5. Beach Racer
  6. Football Star
  7. Pocket World Cup
  8. F1 Racer
  9. Groovy Ski
  10. Doozie Dunks
  1. Gravity Ninja
  2. Paint.IO Teams
  3. Moto FX 2
  4. Getaway
  5. SKODA Hockey
  6. Gravity Ninja: Emerald City
  7. Red and Blue
  8. Gravity Ninja 2
  9. Ride or Die
  10. ATARI Asteroids
  1. Kingdoms of 2048
  2. 1+2=3
  3. 99 Blocks
  4. Pop Beach
  5. Hexonix
  1. Disco Ball
  2. Hausschwein Run
  3. Atomic Drop
  4. Crazy Cat
  5. Little Plane
  6. Football Star
  7. Skipper
  8. Bloaty Blocks
  9. Switch!
  10. Ding Dong
  1. Disco Ball
  2. Color Hit
  3. SmartUp Shark
  4. Paint.IO
  5. Mars Rover
  1. MotoFX
  2. F1 Racer
  3. Beach Racer
  4. MotoFX 2
  1. AstroCAT
  2. Kung Fu Inc.
  3. Paintball Pandas
  4. Qubo
  5. Spiky Fish 3

Game Bot (@gamebot)

There are three super fun games under this bot:

  1. Math Battle
  2. Corsairs
  3. LumberJack

Games HD Bot (@GamesHDBot)

There are only two games under Games HD Bot:

  1. Catastrophe-Arcade HD
  2. Millionaire-Quiz HD

Other Gaming Bots

Sure, there are other gaming bots besides Gamee, Game Bot, and Games HD Bot. The following is the list of other gaming bots on Telegram:

  • Ludei Bot: (@ludeiBot)
  • Meduza Game Bot: (@MeduzaGameBot)
  • This is a Russian gaming bot.
  • awesome bot: (@awesomebot)
  • Brugame bot: (@brugamebot)
  • MicroGames bot: (@MicroGamesbot)
  • Sean Bot: (@Sean_Bot)
  • GameLotus bot: (@GameLotus_bot)
    This is a game community.

How To Hack Games On Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, and it’s superfast, simple, and free.

Do you want to know that you can hack games on Telegram? Here’s how:

  1. Look for a game hack group on Telegram. There are many of these groups available – search the group section of Telegram.
  2. Once you’ve found a group, read through the descriptions of their different hack methods. Choose the one that sounds most interesting to you.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the group. This will usually involve downloading a special app or altering some settings on your phone. Be sure to read all instructions carefully before proceeding!
  4. Enjoy your hacked game! Note that some hacks may only work for certain games or versions of games – so if you’re having trouble, try another hack from the group or look for a different group altogether. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a hack that will work for you.

What Is Hausschwein Run Hack?

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, and it’s super-fast, simple, and free.

The hausschwein run hack on Telegram essentially allows you to control another user’s account by taking over their phone number. This gives you access to all their messages, contacts, and files.

The hausschwein run hack is a serious security flaw and gives hackers complete control of someone’s account.

It’s important to note that the hausschwein run hack only works if the victim has not logged out of their account on any other devices. If they have, the hacker will not be able to access their account.

The hausschwein run hack is a worrying development that highlights the importance of securing your accounts.


Can You Play Offline Games on Telegram?

Because Telegram Game Bots operate only through the web, you cannot play offline games on Telegram.

Do You Need to Download Extra Applications to Play Games on Telegram?

To play games on Telegram, you just need a Telegram application.

So, the rest of the magic will be performed by Telegram Game Bots.

Does Playing Games on Telegram Consume a lot of your Phone’s Cache Memory?

The cache memory of any application is consumed whenever you share a lot of multimedia content.

So, telegram Game Bots being independent applications, they don’t consume your cache memory.


Playing games on Telegram can be the best way to break the monotony of talks between your friends and family members.

More, Telegram uses Game Bots to operate the games, which are third-party applications that are inside Telegram.

In addition, there are countless numbers of Game Bots, among which the popular ones are Gamee, Game Bot, and Game HD Bot.

So, simple and phone space savior, Telegram games are yet very therapeutic to boost your mood and conversations with your pals.

Thank you for reading this article! 🙂

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