How To Make A New Snapchat After Being Banned?

Snapchat’s disappearing posts feel liberating to some, but there are certain rules that you need to follow on the platform. There are times when you can get away with breaking minor rules, but the major problem arises when you can have your account banned for breaking the rules. Has Snapchat also banned your device? Wondering how to make a new Snapchat after being banned?

To make a new Snapchat after being banned, you need to get a new phone as the Snapchat ban applies to your IMEI number and you can have a new IMEI number only on a new phone. Then what you can do is create a new account using a new email address.

If you want to learn more about how to make a new Snapchat after being banned, follow along!

How To Make A New Snapchat After Being Banned?

If Snapchat has banned your device and now you want to make a new Snapchat account, consider getting a new phone and then signing up for a new account using a new email address.

You can still use your old phone number on the new phone to sign up for Snapchat. However, you cannot use an old email address again, and switching SIM card slots or changing dates won’t work as well. 

Snapchat bans the device based on its IMEI number so getting a new phone and starting from scratch might be the one option.

Other ways that you should try to make a new Snapchat after Snapchat bans your device include:

  • Unlock your account on Snapchat support
  • Delete third-party apps, tweaks, or plugins
  • Contact Snapchat Support
  • Get a new phone and create a new Snapchat account

Unlock Your Account On Snapchat Support

Firstly, you can try unlocking your Snapchat account as your account might have been compromised because of a sudden change in the login IP address, multiple failed login attempts, or other spammy behaviors. 

To unlock your Snapchat account, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit

Firstly, you need to visit to open the login page.

Step 2: Enter Your Login Credentials

Once the login page opens, enter the login credentials of your locked account.

Step 3: Tap On Login

Then, tap on “Login” to open your account page.

Step 4: Tap On Unlock My Account

On the account page, tap on “Unlock My Account”.

Step 5: Check For A Message Written In Red

Then once you go to the new page, check for any message written in red. If such a message that says “Permanently Locked” exists, it means you have to get a new phone and create a new account.

However, if such a message does not exist, try to unlock your account by tapping on “Unlock”.

Step 6: Check Email For Resetting Your Snapchat Password

Finally, you will receive an email from Snapchat for resetting your password.

This is how you can try to unlock your account if Snapchat bans your account/device.

Delete Third-Party Apps, Tweaks, Or Plugins

To make a new Snapchat account after getting banned, you need to delete all the third-party apps such as SCOthman, Snapchat++, or other mods.

Using third-party apps violates the Terms of Service of Snapchat so delete them all on your phone and try signing up for a new account.

Even when you get a new phone, never install these types of third-party apps. Adding to it, if you have a rooted Android or jailbroken iPhone, undo all of these actions on your phone to ensure the apps are completely uninstalled.

Contact Snapchat Support

Another option is to contact Snapchat Support if you think that your account has been banned or your account has been locked for no reason.

In a different case scenario, someone might have hacked your account. Thus, Snapchat locks your account permanently to secure it. In such a case, you won’t have to create a new Snapchat account even after Snapchat bans your account.

Here, open the support page and enter your Snapchat username, email, and phone number. Then explain your situation to Snapchat support and let them know about your issue.

In this type of issue, you might get your account back after contacting them.

Get A New Phone And Create A New Snapchat Account

If any of the above ways do not work, it’s clear that Snapchat has banned your device. The device ban applies to your phone’s IMEI number which is similar to the serial number of the device.

The only best way to fix this issue in such a case is to buy a new device and create a new Snapchat account. 

To create a new account, you need to use a different email address. However, you can use the same phone number and your iCloud account.

Why Won’t Snapchat Let Me Make A New Account?

This might be because Snapchat has permanently banned your device so now you can not create a new account on the same phone. Some of the reasons why Snapchat won’t let you make a new account includes:

  • Snapchat locked your account for any suspicious activity.
  • Snapchat has banned your device.
  • You have violated Snapchat’s Terms of Services.
  • You have an internet connection problem.
  • Snapchat has a server issue.

Can Snapchat Permanently Ban Your Phone?

Yes, Snapchat can permanently ban your phone. So you won’t be able to use Snapchat again on the same phone, even if you try to log in to other active accounts.

To check if your account has been temporarily or permanently banned, log in to your Snapchat account on your PC or phone using the web version. 

For that, visit and log in to your account. Then tap “Unlock” to check if your account is temporarily or permanently banned.

Why Did Snapchat Ban Me?

You must have probably tried to log in to your Snapchat account only to find out that Snapchat has locked you out of your Snapchat account and you cannot access your account anymore. The reason for it might be that you have violated some of Snapchat’s Community guidelines. I’ve listed down the main reasons why Snapchat must’ve banned you.

  • Violence against other people or yourself 
  • Terms of Service violation
  • Illegal content or behavior

Violence Against Other People Or Yourself 

Any form of violence against other people or yourself is not acceptable on the platform so Snapchat bans such accounts and devices.

Some of the ill behavior that can get you banned on Snapchat are: 

  • Promoting violence or harmful behavior – Threatening others and promoting violence is against Snapchat’s community guidelines. If any behavior as such happens via your account, Snapchat will ban your device.
  • Harassment or bullying – If the act of bullying or harassment is found happening via your Snapchat account, Snapchat will then ban your device. The act of bullying and harassment includes; sharing others’ private info and photos without their approval, refusing to remove such contents even when the featured person asks to do so, attempting to contact users even after being blocked, and so on.

Terms Of Service Violation

Adding third-party apps and tweaks such as emulator, phantom, Sneakaboo, etc. is against Snapchat’s Terms of Services. So if you have installed a lot of them on your phone, it’s likely that Snapchat bans your device.

If your posts contain any sexually explicit content or if you send such content, Snapchat will then ban your device.

Illegal Content Or Behavior

Snapchat can quickly identify and punish users who display any type of behavior that is against the law. Snapchat bans your device if the illegal behaviors mentioned below are observed on the platform:

  • Involving in the promotion or trade of any illegal services such as buying or selling weapons, and drugs through Snapchat.
  • Hate speech or discrimination against people on any basis on Snapchat.
  • Any form of deception such as spam, manipulative content, spreading of false rumors, or imitation of others.

How To Know If Snapchat Has Banned My Device?

If Snapchat has banned your device, you’ll get locked out of all your Snapchat accounts and are unable to create new accounts. Also, any attempt to unlock your Snapchat account will only lead to a  Permanent Ban in some cases.

Additionally, when you try to log in to Snapchat on a banned device, you might get logged in for a minute or two until you are logged out again.

Thus this is how you know if Snapchat has banned your device.

How To Bypass A Snapchat Device Ban?

If you think that Snapchat has banned your device, here are five different methods you can try to bypass a Snapchat ban.

  • Update Date And Time Settings
  • Buy A New Phone
  • Contact Snapchat
  • Wait For Ban Lift
  • Change The IMEI Number (For Android)

Method 1: Update Date And Time Settings

One method you can try to bypass a Snapchat device ban is updating date and time settings.

What you can do is Firstly uninstall the Snapchat app > Restart your device > Go to settings > Go to General management > Select Date and time > Change the date to exactly 1 month ahead of the device ban > Reinstall the Snapchat app > Create a new account.

Remember that you should not try to log in to the app with the old account as it won’t get unlocked and you will have to repeat the process all over again.

Method 2: Buy A New Phone

As Snapchat bans a device based on its IMEI number, you can buy a new phone to bypass the device ban by Snapchat.

After you buy a new phone, do not use the same SIM card which you previously used on your banned device. Try not to log in to your new phone using your old iCloud account. Avoid using VPN and keep your IP address stable to reduce any suspicious activity. Lastly, remember to verify your Snapchat account with a fresh Gmail account and create this account on your new device.

Method 3: Contact Snapchat

Another method to bypass a Snapchat device ban is by informing Snapchat about your issues. You can contact Snapchat support for this. 

To contact the Snapchat support team, you can use the Report link, use Snapchat support online resources, get the support through Quora, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email, or even contact Snapchat directly.

Method 4: Wait For Ban Lift

If you are fine with not using Snapchat for some months, what you can do is wait until Snapchat lifts the ban. The waiting period could range from a few weeks to even 3-6 months until Snapchat lifts the ban on your device.

Method 5: Change The IMEI Number (For Android)

As we already discussed, Snapchat’s device ban applies to the IMEI number of your phone so you must get a new IMEI which means you need to get a new phone. 

But on Android, you can get a different IMEI number for your recently banned device using a different method. For that, you need to download apps like IMEI Generator Pro from Google Play which gives your old phone a custom IMEI number.

You can then create a new account on your currently banned device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the topic collected from the internet. If you also have queries as such, go through the answers.

Can Snapchat Ban Your Phone Number?

No, Snapchat can not ban your phone number but it can surely ban your device.

If Snapchat bans your device, you won’t be able to log in to Snapchat again on that phone. This applies to every single account, even the ones that have no problem.

Can You See Who Reported You On Snapchat?

No, you cannot see who reported you on Snapchat as all reporting on Snapchat is anonymous.

The person you report won’t be able to know that you have reported them on Snapchat, even if Snapchat removes their account/content after the report.

How Many Reports Does It Take To Close A Snapchat?

It takes at least three reports to close a Snapchat account. As every social media is based on users’ habits, Snapchat notices and fixes the issue only when a few people report the account.


To conclude, Snapchat bans your device if you violate any of Snapchat’s Terms of Services. In such a case, you won’t be able to log in to Snapchat on that device. So you need to get a new phone and create a new account on that phone in order to be able to use Snapchat again.

Additionally, you can try updating the date and time settings, contact Snapchat, or wait for the ban to lift.

So did you find this article helpful? Do comment below to share your experience and if you have any input on the topic!

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