How To Fix Snapchat “Oops! We Cannot Find A Matching Username” Issue 

Snapchat is a great and fun way to keep up with friends and colleagues. Everybody loves sending ephemeral photos and videos these days, and Snapchat is the platform that started the trend. But sometimes, you may come across “Oops! We cannot find a matching username” while trying to log in to your account. So let’s detail how to fix Snapchat “Oops! We cannot find a matching username” issue.

Answer: Well, to fix Snapchat “Oops! We cannot find a matching username” issue, reset your Snapchat password through your email or phone number. However, there are multiple other ways to fix the issue. For instance, ensuring you have strong internet access can also fix the issue you are facing.

There may be several reasons why Snapchat is keeping you away from your adorable dog filters and heart crowns, like Snapchat being temporarily down. Today, here we will learn how to fix Snapchat! “Oops! We cannot find a matching username” issue.

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What Does “Oops! We Cannot Find A Matching Username” Issue Mean On Snapchat?

What Does “Oops! We Cannot Find A Matching Username” Issue Mean On Snapchat? It simply indicates that due to recent activities, you have been locked out of your account. This only occurs when someone is attempting to access your account while you are using Snapchat. Snapchat will prevent you from using it.

The usual scenario was as follows: While using Snapchat, you would suddenly be locked out of your account, and when you attempted to sign back in, Snapchat would display the phrase “Oops! We were unable to locate a username that fits.

Snapchat “Login Temporarily Faile...
Snapchat “Login Temporarily Failed” Error FIX - iOS 14

Even if you enter the right login and password, the same warning will still appear. How do you then resolve the “Oops! We were unable to identify usernames that match.”

Why Does Snapchat Say “Oops, We Could Not Find Matching Username”?

The Snapchat Matching username issue is a widespread error that affects Snapchat users worldwide. The following error message displays to users when they attempt to enter their accounts; “Oops, we could not find matching credentials. The matching credentials error implies that a login error occurs. However, this issue frequently happens even when users use the proper credentials.

The computer discovered suspicious activity on the account, which is a frequent reason for account locks. Additionally, it might be the cause of multiple simultaneous account access attempts coming from wildly different locations or someone trying to access your account information from an unidentified location.

Someone Is Trying To Get Access To Your Account

Snapchat has detected attempts to get into your account from an unidentified location, which is another reason why your account has been locked out. Another scenario is that Snapchat has received many simultaneous access attempts from remote places. Assume that while you are using Snapchat, someone is attempting to enter your account. You will be locked out of your account as a security measure if Snapchat determines that one of the attempts to enter your account was dubious. You will require to change your password in order to resolve this.

The wisest course of action in light of Snapchat’s history of severe account intrusions is to reset your password. Let’s say you sign in with the same username and password on more websites that could have been hacked. In that situation, it would be rather simple to compromise your information.

There Is A Bug

If you are unable to log in and are receiving the message “Oops, We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials,” there may be a systemic issue with Snapchat. Even when your username and password are valid, the system might lock you out of your account when there is a malfunction.

This indicates that your only options for fixing the issue are to attempt a few troubleshooting techniques or wait for it to go away. Apps can occasionally include bugs that result in unexpected failures. Therefore, if the matching credentials issue appears even after you’ve provided the right password, you may attribute it to a bug or other error that is outside your control.

The App Is Out Of Date

If Snapchat is outdated, this can be the cause of the issue. To prevent receiving the login incorrectly, you must have an app that is current. As older apps are more prone to problems and glitches, updating the app will enable Snapchat to access your account again without alerting you to the problem.

How To Fix Snapchat “Oops, We Could Not Find A Matching Username?”

There are various reasons why you may be experiencing difficulty logging into your Snapchat account. To fix the “Oops, we could not find matching usernames” on Snapchat, here are a few tips,

Reset Your Password And Re-login

While you’re using your Snapchat account to talk to someone, someone else could be trying to access your account. The app has locked the account as a preventative security measure since it has assessed that at least one of the account access attempts is suspicious. Clicking “change password” and then following the instructions to re-establish access to Snapchat after the issue has been fixed have been suggested as a remedy by users. Anyways here is the step,

Step 1: Launch Snapchat On Your Device

The first and obvious thing you need to do is launch the Snapchat app on any device.

Step 2: Tap On Forgot Your Password

The second step you need to do is from the login page; you need to start resetting your Snapchat password. To do so, tap on “Forgot Your Password?” then, a new popup will appear.

Step 3: Tap On Via Email

Then after the popup shows up, you need to select one of the ways by which you consider resetting your Snapchat password. If your phone number is registered, you can use the phone number option; otherwise, you will need to do it through email. Once the popup shows, tap on “Via Email.”

Step 4: Tap On Submit

From the new page, you need to add your email address that is used with your Snapchat account only. Your Snapchat account will continue to give you the “We Cannot Find a Matching Username” problem if you add another email since you won’t get the correct reset link. So after adding your Snapchat email, tap on the “Submit” button.

Step 5: Click On The Reset Link

When you click Submit, Snapchat will immediately email your email address a reset link. Remember that you only need to utilize the URL once it opens to change your password so that you may access it from a device other than your own. To retrieve the reset link, you must now access your email inbox. After opening the email, tap on the password reset link to navigate to the password reset page.

Step 6: Reset Your Snapchat Password

It would help if you generated a new password on the password reset page to resolve the “We Cannot Find a Matching Username” problem. Enter your new password in the first field and then in the second. You should be aware that you cannot add an old password that you have previously used.

Step 7: Log In To Your Account Again

You may log into your account once again after entering your password and clicking the “Save” button. Relaunch the Snapchat app and click the “Login” option. Next, enter your Snapchat email address and new password to log in and correct the problem.

Check The Internet Connection

The first thing you do now launches any web browser and visit Google. Enter the speed test now. Make sure you have an internet connection before you do anything else. Of course, it won’t be able to connect to the Snapchat servers if you try to log into the app without internet access. Additionally, it cannot permit a connection to their system.

Check If Your Account Is Locked

This error message can appear as a result of Snapchat locking your account. It would be best if you took the following actions to fix the problem. From the drop-down box, choose Forgot Password. Then, please choose the drop-down menu’s option to change it by email. You need to be sent to a screen that says “Manage My Account” by email.

Try refreshing your browser if you can’t see this. From the selection in the yellow drop-down box, choose “Unlock Account.” It ought to verify if it has been unlocked. After that, try logging in once again.

Unlock Your Snapchat Account

Another Reddit user reported utilizing the link to log back into their account. Click the forgot password link from here, then enter a new password. After logging in, click Unlock Account on this screen, then click Unlock. A success-related message needs to appear.

Return to Snapchat from here, log in using the new password, and you should be able to access your account without further difficulty. The error message “We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” appears.

Update The Snapchat App

The username error was a problem that many users encountered; therefore, Snapchat released a new version to remedy it. You won’t have to worry about manually updating apps because most updates will be automatic. Because your phone isn’t configured to receive automatic updates, you might not be getting the most recent Snapchat update. Alternatively, it’s as easy as going to your phone’s app store and choosing the updates option if you decide to install the Update for any reason.

Although automatic updates are advised, some users frequently pick and choose the updates they receive. If you fall into this category, you must figure out how to stay informed about updates. You could receive news articles regarding Snapchat updates with Google Alerts almost immediately after they are reported and taken up by Google.

The phrase “Snapchat update” can be used as an alert topic. Beyond routinely checking the App Store or Play Store for updates, anticipating when a new Snapchat version will be released may be challenging. Numerous blogs immediately report on tech and news stories, including detailed app updates. Reading these articles, you can find out when a new Snapchat update is out and what new features to anticipate. Moreover, here are the steps to update your Snapchat.

Step 1: Launch The App

The first thing you need to do is launch the Snapchat app on your device.

Step 2:Tap On The Avatar

The second step you need to do is tap on your Avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll Down To Refresh

The next step you need to perform is to scroll down and refresh the updates to see if there is a Snapchat update.

Step 4: Tap On Update

Then the final step is to tap on Update next to Snapchat if a new version is available. If there is an update for Snapchat waiting, it will show up here. Tap Update to force it.

Wait For Snapchat To Come Out With A Fix

If you get the Oops, We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials message, Snapchat is still unable to log in.

Remember that this is a site-wide issue that many users will face, so you should wait for Snapchat to come out with a fix if you find that the problem persists after resetting your password.

Delete The Snapchat Cache

You can clear Snapchat’s cache to eliminate any issues that might be the blame for the error. So, you only need to remove the temporary files kept in Snapchat’s directory, which will refresh the app and fix any flaws causing the log-in issue. Don’t worry; this won’t delete any of your messages, conversations, memories, or other data. However, here are the steps,

Step 1: Open Snapchat

The first thing you need to do is open Snapchat on your device.

Step 2: Open Settings

Then the second step you need to do is from the main menu, go to the settings.

Step 3: Tap On Clear Cache

Then, tap on the clear cache from the setting under the account actions.

Step 4: Tap On Clear All

Now the next step you need to do is, click on Clear All and then Clear.

Step 5: Close And Open The App

And the final step you need to do is close and open the Snapchat app.

You then need to restart your phone and exit the Snapchat app from the multitasking option. This will ensure that the problem on your device is fixed, enabling Snapchat to operate normally and getting rid of the error message “Oops, We Couldn’t Find A Matching Username.”

Restart Your Mobile Device

Turning off your smartphone is the first thing you may attempt to remove this warning temporarily. Your smartphone releases the RAM when you turn it off and back on, temporarily increasing the amount of storage available. Random access memory, or RAM, is the memory that enables you to load applications and other functions quickly, so you don’t have to wait a long time.

This accumulates over time and can use a sizable quantity of storage. Apps may operate more slowly when your device first turns on; however, your storage has been temporarily lowered, and any potential issues that may have been generating the problem will be fixed.

This action could get rid of the error notice. We’re sorry, but we couldn’t find any username that matched those on Snapchat. If it can do so, the message could reappear; if so, return to this article. If it doesn’t, proceed on to the following step. In certain cases, this may permanently erase the warning.

Log In From Another Phone

You can attempt to log in from another phone if you have one. People claim that it works for them when they try to log into Snapchat using a different phone. If you discover that you can log in with your new phone but not your Snapchat phone, there was a bug that resulted in the error message “Oops, We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials.”

Unlock Your Snapchat Account

One of the Reddit users stated that they got back into their account using this link on Snapchat. From here, click on forget password and choose a new password. After logging in, click Unlock Account on this screen, then click Unlock. A success-related message needs to appear.

Return to Snapchat from here, log in using the new password, and you should be able to access your account without further difficulty. The error message “We Couldn’t Find Matching Credentials” appears.

Contact Snapchat Support Center

If none of those, as mentioned earlier, fixes work, your only remaining option could be to get in touch with Snapchat Support because there might be an issue with the program itself. Depending on the nature of the issue with your account, they might be able to assist. Use the @snapchatsupport Twitter account or go to the support page at Snapchat support.

6 Reasons Why “Oops! We Cannot Find A Matching Username” Appears.

Well, here are some reasons why “Oops! We cannot find a matching username” appears on Snapchat.

Poor Internet Connection

When there is a poor connection, Snapchat cannot recognize the credentials and an error results. Use a fast connection to try and solve this problem, then see if it works.

VPN Interference

VPN aids in changing the user’s location on Snapchat. However, occasionally Snapchat fails to set the location and eventually stops responding to user credentials. So, to fix this problem, try to stay away from the VPN for Snapchat.

Bugs And App Glitches

These impact how well the software works. As a result, Snapchat is unreliable and frequently generates login issues. Update the app and see if the bug still exists or not to fix it.

Crashed/Filled Cache

The user experiences login troubles when the app’s cache overflows or fails because it cannot obtain any app files to continue processing. The user can resolve the login issue by clearing the cache.

Locked Account

In the end, Snapchat locks the account and requests user ID verification to unlock it when it discovers someone suspect who might attempt to access your account. You can go update your password and get your account back in this situation.

Outdated Application

There are more opportunities for bugs to attack an out-of-date application and cause issues. So, be sure to select a program that is error-free and install all the most recent updates.

How To Fix Snapchat “Oops! We Could Not Find A Matching Username” From Appearing?

You were logged out of your account while someone tried to log in from another location, which is why you first received the error. You must keep your login information secret and never write your password in a book if you want to avoid making the error. Instead, use one of the finest password managers if you can’t remember.

Avoid clicking on random links you come across online since they could lead to harvesting sites, and use a stronger password to protect your account. Likewise, be careful to enter your Snapchat account using the right username. Finally, use two-factor authentication to prevent access, even if your password is dancing on their table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Will The Customer Support Fix Snapchat? “Oops! We Could Not Find Matching Username”?

You can get in touch with Snapchat for assistance if changing your password doesn’t resolve the issue. They ought to be able to assist you, although it might take some time. Depending on how busy their calendars are, it can take a few days to a few weeks. However, you can submit several appeals using the feedback form.

Moreover, only if they don’t respond within a few days. It won’t help your cause if you continue to spam them.

How Can You Prevent The “Oops! We Could Not Find Matching Username” From Appearing?

Try being more consistent, as suspicious behavior with your account is most likely the source of this issue. Keep your login information secure and deny access to anybody else. Avoid visiting dodgy websites or clicking on suspicious links. You could become a victim of phishing scams.

Hackers might use your personal information to access your Snapchat account and carry out illicit acts under your identity. Because of this, Snapchat occasionally shuts your account. They want to guard against hackers accessing your account. Changing your password may demonstrate that you are still in charge of your account.

How To See How Many Subscribers You Have On Snapchat?

Snapchat doesn’t show you how many subscribers you have unless you have less than five thousand subscribers. But if you want to know your exact subscription count, you must go to Snap Business manager. For more details, read the full article on how to see how many subscribers you have on Snapchat.


Here we have shared all the possible solutions you need while fixing the issue on Snapchat. If you encounter an unusual error on Snapchat, you should check whether other users are experiencing the same problem.

We hope you can fix the “Oops! We could not find a matching username” issue with this guide. For any queries or thoughts, write your comment down.

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