How To Change Discord Background Theme

Discord is a platform that allows users to communicate with one another in an easy and applicable way. However, you might want to make your time there even more interesting and you can do this through changing your background as well.

In Discord, there are no in-built options that allow you to change the background and you will need a third party application for that. However, if you want to go forth with changing your theme then here is a guide on how to change the background theme in Discord.

Note that Discord allows users to change their background theme between the light and dark theme they have.

In order to change your background theme or color you will need to use a third party tool called BetterDiscord.

What Is A Background Theme In Discord

Any background in your Discord will be considered as the background theme. Users have the option to use different kinds of features such as changing their voice and even playing around with their backgrounds. Using BetterDiscord, you will get to change the theme to the one you want. Though this is not recommended by Discord as it breaches the terms and conditions within Discord, there are no penalties that have been faced as of yet for changing your background theme through BetterDiscord.

Change Discord Background To Light Or Dark Theme

Now that you know what a background theme is on Discord and that you can change it, here are different ways to do so. First off, we look into a simple change from a light version to a dark version in Discord. This is similar to darker themes in normal applications.

Step 1: Open Discord

First, open Discord on your device. Whether you are a PC user or using Discord on your phone, you can apply this feature. Log in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Go To User Settings

Next, go to the User Settings on Discord from the gear icon on the bottom left corner of your desktop. If you are using your phone then click on your profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to go to settings.

Step 3: From App Settings Access Appearance

Next, scroll down to the app settings and select the Appearance option from there.

Step 4: Choose Light Or Dark

You can then choose either the light or dark theme as per your preference. You also have the option to sync with the computer so you can change the background color on Discord that way too.

Ways To Change Background Theme In Discord

The above mentioned steps were for a simple change of the overall theme from a light to dark one. You have to keep in mind that any other changes are not present from Discord directly. Now, we will see how you can change the Discord background theme using BetterDiscord and the entire process to do it.

Note: In order to change your background theme from BetterDiscord, you will need to do it from your PC. This is not available for your phone.

Download Background Theme From BetterDiscord

Using BetterDiscord, you have a ton of options to change your background theme. You can even customize your backgrounds using this application. All you will need to do is choose a theme you like, download it and integrate it into your Discord background theme.

And remember that the BetterDiscord platform is an extension of Discord itself. This allows you to add themes and plugins to your Discord.

Step 1: Download BetterDiscord In PC

First, visit the official website for BetterDiscord and download the application from there. Tap on the blue Download option to start downloading it on your device.

Step 2: Install From Autoinstallers

Next, from the auto installers section, tap on the download BetterDiscord for Windows/ MacOS or OS X.

Step 3: Install BetterDiscord

Once you are done downloading the BetterDiscord on your device, you will need to install BetterDiscord. Keep in mind that the installation process varies from each version. We have put together the installation process for the latest version of BetterDiscord.

Step 4: Complete Installation For BetterDiscord

From the downloaded files, locate the BetterDiscord folder and tap on the BetterDiscord exe. File.

You will need to then accept the license and terms and agreements and tap on Next.

Once you are done with that, you will need to tick on the Install to Stable or Install BetterDiscord option.

Once the installation process is done, you can tap on Close.

Step 5: Download Theme From BetterDiscord

You now need to download the theme you want from the BetterDiscord library. Keep in mind that you cannot download the background theme from the BetterDiscord website without downloading the application first. So, follow the above process first before you download the theme.

Then, go to the BetterDiscordLibrary website. Under All Themes, choose the one you want and click on the Download option from the upper left corner.

A CSS file of the theme you want will then be downloaded to your chosen location.

Copy BetterDiscord Theme To Your Discord Folder

Once you are done downloading the background theme that you want, you will need to integrate and apply the theme to your Discord. Once you are done with the above steps, you can then follow these steps.

In order to go to the next steps, you will have to integrate BetterDiscord to your Discord client from the above steps so make sure you do so.

Step 1: Open Discord

First, open Discord on your desktop and log in.

Step 2: Go To User Settings

From the bottom left corner of your device, go to User Settings.

Step 3: Access Themes

In user settings, under the BandagedBD option, click on Themes.

Step 4: Open And Paste Theme

Finally, click on the Open Theme Folder option in themes. You can then paste the downloaded CSS file onto here or paste a copy of it.

Enable Downloaded BetterDiscord Theme

The final step for this process is to enable the downloaded background theme to Discord. Once you are done choosing any and all of the themes that you like, you can enable any one of them here on. You can directly download and integrate a bunch of themes that you like and only re-do the enabling bit that you will learn from here.

Step 1: Locate The Theme

First, locate the theme that you have integrated into Discord from the above process. You will then see the theme on the inside of the theme section.

Step 2: Enable Theme

You can then Toggle the theme on and it will be applied to your Discord.

What Happens When You Change Background Theme In Discord

You are not directly allowed to change your background theme in Discord except changing between light and dark versions. So, in a way, using BetterDiscord is not necessarily the best way to do it. However, other features on BetterDiscord allow for it to be problematic for Discord. So, if you change the background theme only then it may not flag your account.

When you change the background theme in Discord, it will be automatically applied to your Discord account on your PC. You can also switch between the different kinds of themes provided to you from the BetterDiscord library on their website.

Is Using BetterDiscord Illegal

If you are using BetterDiscord to only download the existing theme and plugins then it will not be a point to worry for you. However, if you modify the CSS code of the BetterDiscord client and use Discord thereafter then it will be a breach of the Discord terms and conditions. There is a chance that your Discord can get banned too. So, follow the given steps to just change your background theme and it will not be a cause to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to change Discord background theme are below.

How To Change Discord Profile Background Color

You can change your profile background color in Discord from your user settings. Simply go on to user settings and go to your edit profile option. From there, you can choose the profile color option.

Where To Get Discord Themes

The best place from where you can get a lot of themes for your Discord is through BetterDiscord itself. Downloading the themes from BetterDiscord will download a CSS file of the theme you want. From there, you can integrate the theme to your Discord.


In conclusion, BetterDiscord is the best place for you to get the right formats and a lot of themes for your Discord. Who doesn’t want fun colors and themes when using their applications including Discord? So, just go ahead and follow the steps we’ve laid out for you to enjoy whatever theme you want in your Discord.

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