How to Change Your Voice on Discord | Complete Guide 2022

change your voice on discord

My friends were talking about a popular trending app named Discord. I heard a very good comment on this app as it is one of the trending apps on the internet nowadays. Discord is a chat service that offers both voice and text-based chat services. Mostly, gamers are familiar with Discord, and the chances are that they use it every day. You must have seen your favorite streamer or YouTuber change their voice in their videos. It is a famous practice nowadays on Discord. Read on to learn how to change your voice on Discord.

Go through this article; you will find every answer to your questions. This article is all about the Discord application and its ways of using it differently to have fun and many more by using voice changer software.

What is Discord?

Discord is a top-rated free cross-communication app. It has got a lot of text-based chat with useful voice chat features where you, as a user, can create your server. Isn’t this pretty good?

It is famous for its user-friendly nature, and many people are using Discord as a live voice, and text commutation tool to have meetings, play games, have fun, podcast sessions, and also for family-friend meet up on the internet. This software program offers a fair amount of control for people who wish to communicate over groups, mostly in gaming servers and conversations.

What are Voice Changers?

Voice changers or voice filters are the apps programmed to change your voice to other modes as per your wish and demand. You can change your voice pitch, tone, and shift your voice to any character or design you love with a voice filter.

In this article, we will suggest you best different voice changing apps on Discord, based on your need, demand, and reviews of people regarding it.

Why Do People Use Voice Changers on Discord?

Changing your voice on Discord is one of the most fun things you can try on the platform. A voice changer on Discord makes your voice sound like a robot or a monster.

Who wouldn’t love to have fun while playing games and having a convo with friends and family?

The best way to have fun is to prank your friends and friends while playing and communicating. You can change your voice and gag with your friends and have fun by changing your voice on Discord. Not only for fun, but it is also fruitful for having those who want to maintain privacy about their voice while communicating.

A Discord voice changer is also misused on Discord. Some people use such software to troll people. These trollers spoil the gaming experience for players with the voice changers.

Is There Anyway to Change The Voice In Discord?

This is one the most asked question you will find on the internet these days as being a popular free communicating app.

A simple answer to this question is YES, but you need to use a third party as a mediator.

Then why don’t you use voice changers?

Top Voice Changing Apps for Discord

Here are some of the best third-party app that you can use to chance voice and use on Discord.


Voicemod is one of the most popular and best voice-changing apps that you can use on Discord. You can find plenty of filters on which your real voice will be changed in real-time according to the settings of Voicemod.

If you are looking for an app, which is easy to use and work in real-time, then this is the app. Other than Discord, it also works at Skype, TeamSpeak, Twitch, etc. this voice-changing app is compatible with all modern windows and other software, also inbuilt compatibility with popular games like Fortnite, League of Legend, etc. You will find 42 numbers of voices to change in this app, which is compatible with VRChat, Overwatch, PUBG, Skype, Viber, CSGO along with Discord.

When you install the app, it will add a new Microphone Input Device (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device), which you can select within the Voice settings of Discord and enjoy anytime. You can play with tons of voices, effects and make the video call, games more fun. It is best if you like to troll your friends by changing yours with the real-time voice in online games and voice chat app.

Voicemod is famous for its slogan, ‘troll-like pro.’ Their effects are more natural than most of the other, voice-changing apps that I have used. You can also get its paid version with many features at a price of $14.99, but its free-tail is also available.

What you are waiting for go get it and enjoy it!


Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish is a free wide-modification system and works in all modern flavors of Windows. It is one of the best apps for voice changing apps that works in the background and will also change the voice or audio from any incoming microphone of a line in.

This app works on Discord and also with many other apps like Steam, TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Skype. You can find 13 different varieties of voices for free with easy installation and using process. It is worth getting this app as a voice changer on your device to have fun with your friends and family while playing games or during video chat. Female Pitch, Clone, Mutation, Helium Pitch, Baby Pitch, Male Pitch, Alien, Radio, Atari, Robot, Slow Mutation, Fast Mutation are some voice filters, and custom pitch features are available in clownfish once changer app.

This might be the one app if you are looking for a free voice changer program for Discord.


Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is one of the most customizable apps that also works as real-time voice changing software. It famous voice changing app available in both free and paid versions with various utilities. The free version (for home use only) is also good for you for personal entertainment. If you need more utilities, then you can prefer its paid version with advanced features, which is quite expensive. You can also use it as a sound editing tool on existing recover audio files. This voice-changing app is compatible with Discord, CSGO, Skype, Team Speak with many game streams. There are some good voice filters for robots, alien, atmos9heric, echo, girls, Boys, etc., that works both on the web and window.

It’s also a friendly app for beginners somehow, it’s paid advanced version features that can make it little hustle but worth it for seasoned voice changers. You can get commercial Voxal Voice Changer Plus in ie, $29.99 for a home-use version to get advanced features.

You can use it on Discord without sounding out of sync as it works in real-time, and there is no time delay. Apart from Discord, you can use it in Hangout, Skype, etc.


MorphVox J

MorphVox Jr is a free voice changer for Windows that you can use to change your voice chatting on Discord. You can use this free voice changer program to change your voice to man, women, child, robot, as per your wish in free. It is very much realistic software as it analyzes your voice to the optimal voice change effects, which helps you to sound as close to normal as you can. It gives you a quality sound but takes a little longer on figuring out its setup. You may find many ads while using this app, which may distract you; this may be because of its free nature.

You can find seven types of voices in this app with an easy use process. This voice-changing app also has its paid option on your desire.

However, if you are looking for any quality free app that supports the window platform, then go for MorphVox Jr.


Discord Voice Changer

This app connects with Discord easily and picks the voice fast and simply. It has 19 different voice changing option that is directly compatible with Discord on free. You can have little hassle in its installation process as it doesn’t have its websites, but it has a straightforward method to use after it is installed.

If you are looking for a low CPU usage app with fast and straightforward methods to use, then go get the Discord Voice Changer app.


AV Voice Changer Software

This software is one of the best to change your voice on discord. It works in real-time in a professional way and grades. You can make your voice deeper, older, younger, higher, more robotics, feminine or masculine. You can find its three different versions i.e., basic, gold, and diamond, as per your preferences and need.

AV Voice Changer is one of the best voice changing apps and the most recommended app in the paid version for Discord. It is worth paying for this app as you have different features and can get service in real-time from a professional app. You can record a morphed voice and then later can change its waveform to make it sound natural. You can even control the pitch of your voice and can transform in different forms like deeper, higher, elder, and robotics, etc. This app is supported in Windows.

If you are searching for a professional app for your work or games, then AV Voice Changer is the best option you will find.


Voice Changer with Effects

This voice-changing app has a robust number of voices available in the market in the paid version. This tool has 40 different voicers available, which very good, but it is rather difficult to install and gets it to Discord. You need to make it, so sound output is directed into Discord to work. It also allows you to save the recordings and will access your external storage. This app is more preferable to the desktop rather than the desktop as its customs are made for phones.

You can get and use this app as per your wish, as it is pretty easy to understand how it works, especially on smartphones.


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Voice Changer

Voice Changer is the free software you can use to change your voice on discord as well as for commercial use without any attributions. It provides 52 different voice-changing options, which are incredibly wonderful in any free app. But, somehow, it is a little hard for installation and use than other free apps, and also it is overly difficult to get work in Discord with it. This app-supported platform is online.

You can get this app if you have enough free time and want many voices changing options free versions as it may consume little time to work on it.


RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer is available in both free and paid versions as per the user’s need and demand. This app is famous for its fantastic feature i.e., it lets you save your voice in a robotics tone, and you can use it as your ringtone later. It is compatible with both Android and Windows and allows you to share your result with SoundCloud.

It has more than 32 different voice styles with good pitch modulation settings quickly. You can get the services in real-time modes like rea-time work and recording etc.

This app is really made for you if you are looking for good robotic voice changing software.



It is an amazing application design for everyone willing to manage their voices or audio in a smart way!

This app is available in both free and paid forms: you will pay for what you want when you want if you find it useful.

VoiceMeeter is very useful and effective while playing games, interviews, podcasts, and many more. It is also helpful to mix your voice with your music on GoogleVoice or Skype for the live program and hosting.

You can easily get this app and use it as per your wish in the various app to change your voice including Discord.


Voice Changer Plus App

This is an amazing app to change your voice available on iOS. Voice Changer Plus App enables you to record your voice in just one tap and also has a trim control facility for recording. You can save and share your recordings. You can enjoy your games, chat, talk with this app as it plays the voice in the background.

Yes, there are not many apps that work on iOS, but the VOICE Changer Plus App is a fully iOS supported platform.

If you are an iOS user and you are not getting the right voice changing app to change your voice in Discord for your device, then Voice Changer Plus App is the right app for you.


Is there any operation system use for Mac?

If you are a Mac user, then it would be better if you consider sticking to the Apple-moderated app. It is not that difficult to change your voice in Mac, where you probably should stay clear paid programs. There is no such specific app for APPLE Devices as there is little less Discord Mac Version on the internet.

Choose The Right Voice Changer For Discord?

You just read about different software that changes your voice on Discord. If I were you, I would be confused about selecting one too. Here are some points to consider before you download voice-changing software for Discord.

  • Think about the voice offered
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Check the functionality of the software
  • Is it easy to use with other software?
  • Additional features of the software
  • Import and Export feature for media files
  • Does the software let you change your voice in Real-Time?
  • The software should allow you to share and save the recorded files

How To Use A Voice Changer?

You went through the article, downloaded the one you liked the most, but don’t know what to do next? Here is how you use a voice changer.

Step 1. Download and Install Voice Changer App

Go through the list mentioned above and download the app you like the most. Once the file downloads, install the file on your computer.

Step 2. Open The Voice Changer App

Open the voice changer app after it has finished installing.

Step 3. Go To Settings

Let the app load up on your computer. Once it does, look for settings and click on it.

Step 4. Choose Audio Input And Output Devices

After you click on the Settings screen, choose audio input and output devices.

Step 5. Go To Home Screen

Save the settings and go to Home Screen. On the Home Screen, you will find various voice effects that you can use and change your voice accordingly.

Step 6. Launch Discord

Once you’ve configured your settings and choose your voice, launch Discord on your PC.

Step 7. You Have Changed Your Voice On Discord

When you launch Discord and talk to your friends, you will hear that your voice has changed. Your voice will have changed to the effect you applied.


The voice-changing apps are fun to use and make interacting with friends enjoyable even when you change your voice on Discord. However, they can be annoying at times too. It depends on the person and how they decide to use the software.

There are lots of voice-changing apps found online. The list above is some of the best ones that you can use. The process of changing your voice on Discord is pretty simple. You will need to download the app, configure the settings and start talking in a different voice. After that, you can try out the features of this software with bots on Discord to do multiple things.

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