How To Create A Group Chat On Discord?

How To Create A Group Chat On Discord

Would you like to chat with your friends on Discord outside of your servers and channels? If yes, you can create a group chat on the Discord application with up to 10 participants. You can connect with a small group of individuals using this functionality without setting up a private server on the app. To discover how to begin one on Discord, go through the instructions below in this article.

To create a group chat on Discord, you need to find the message icon with a “+” sign above it in the inbox section of your account. After you have found the icon, click on it and follow the instructions below.
1. Select the friends that you want to add to your Discord group chat
2. Select on “Create Group DM” option available there.
3. Then customize your group chat.
4. Start chatting, audio calls, and video calls with your friends on that group.

To know the above steps clearly to perform them, then keep reading the following article. I have provided all the necessary guides on how you can create a group chat on Discord, depending on the device you use. Have a look below!

How To Create A Group Chat On Discord From Windows Or Mac?

The best feature of setting up a group chat on Discord is that you have complete control over the current situation. You don’t need to add new commands or rules like you would on a server. After creating the group chat, you can start talking immediately without doing anything else.

If you are wondering how to make a group chat on Discord, then follow the simple step-to-step guide below that is applicable for both Windows and Mac users.

Step 1: Open The Discord Application

Firstly, open the Discord application that is on your device

Step 2: Click On The Discord Icon

After the Discord application opens, click on the Discord icon, which will direct you to the direct message section of your Discord account, where you can see the users that are friends with you. Usually, when you run the application, it will direct you to the direct message tab.

Step 3: Select On Create New Group DM Icon

After you are in the “direct message” tab, click on the friends’ option at the navigational panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Then at the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see three icons. Select the icon with a “+” sign at the top of it, which is to create a new group DM.

Step 4: Select Your Friends

In a new window, the section where you choose your friends will appear when you press on the icon. Selecting each of your friends will allow you to add them to the newly created group in the beginning.

If you have a large number of friends, you can search for and add them by typing their names into the search box. To do this, click the “Type the username of a friend” box.

Remember that you can add up to 9 individuals, bringing the total number of members in the group to 10.

Step 5: Click On Create Group DM

After you are done selecting your friends for the group, click on the “Create Group DM” option inside a blue box. Then you will then be taken to the group chat page. You can view all of the group members who are the receiver on the right side of your screen when the chat page first loads.

The ability of your friend to invite other friends to the group is another interesting feature. Therefore, when you add new friends, those people will be able to add more friends.

Step 6: Setup Your New Discord Group Chat

As the administrator, you will have complete control over the group chat. By selecting “Change Icon” from the context menu, when you right-click on the group name, you can modify the group icon.

Simply click on the “Title” tab just below the “two-person” icon in the top-right corner to rename the group name. Afterward, type the name of your new group. Now tap on the “Person Plus” icon to add more new friends to the group.

Then, to find and add them, put their names into the search box on the new popup. You can send a link for an invitation to your friends directly from the same popup screen, which is an additional feature you can use.

Step 7: Start Chatting With Your Friends

You can start calling and speaking with your friends now that you’ve added them. Even better, you can initiate a group video call with everyone at once. You must choose the “Camera” icon in order to begin a video call in your Discord group.

The “Phone” symbol must be clicked to begin a voice call; otherwise, follow the same procedure. Similar to a WhatsApp group conversation, it exists.

By following the above procedures, you can successfully create a group chat on Discord with the help of your PC or Mac.

How To Create A Group Chat On Discord From Mobile?

If you are using Discord from your mobile and want to create a group chat but don’t know how to then you don’t need to worry because I’ll provide you with all the necessary step-to-step guides for mobile users.

The procedures are similar to the PC but the Discord interference is a bit different. So without any further ado, let us start the process on how to create a group chat on Discord via mobile phone.

Step 1: Open The Discord Application

Firstly open the Discord application on your phone.

Step 2: Tap On The Message Icon

After the Discord app opens, tap on the direct message icon at the top left-hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Select The Create Group Icon

After you tap on the message icon, a new pop-up menu will appear. Select the icon beside the “Direct Messages” text in the shape of a message with a “+” sign on it.

Step 4: Select Your Friends

After you tap on the icon, a new pop-up screen will again appear which asks you to add members to your group. Select the users that you want to add to your group. If you have a lot of friends and it getting hard for you to search for the ones on the list, you can simply search for their usernames in the search bar available there.

Remember that you can add up to only 10 members to your group.

Step 5: Tap On Start

After you are done selecting your buddies, tap on the start option available there. Now, your Discord group chat is created.

Step 6: Customize The Group Chat

After the group chat is created, you will be directed to the group’s main screen with a welcome message on it. Swipe your finger from right to left to go to the group settings. In that section, you will be provided a lot of options like adding friends to DM, searching, pins, and notifications.

Also, there is a three-dot icon on that section at the top right of the screen. Tap on the icon to copy the group ID, customize the group by adding the group icon and the group name, see the pinned messages and leave the group.

Step 7: Start Chatting

After you are done customizing your group, you can now initiate conversations with your friends. Also, you can make audio and video calls so that all the group members can be a part of the conversation.

By following the steps above you can now create a group chat with the help of your mobile phone (both Android and iOS.)

Can You Add Bots To Group Chats On Discord?

No, you can’t add bots to your Discord group chat. Since there are only 10 participants in the group, you will be the only moderator of the chat and you are unable to add bots to it to take control. Bots are only accessible for server addition.

A server that you own will probably continue to get new users every day. Because of this, you must add bots to your server; groups do not require the addition of bots. There isn’t yet a Discord functionality that lets you add bots to group chats but it might be possible in the near future.

Can You Transfer The Ownership Of The Group Chat On Discord?

No, you won’t be able to transfer the ownership of the group chat on discord.

As the discord has officially said that there’s no functionality that helps you to transfer the ownership of the group DM on discord.

What Will Happen If The Group Chat Owner Leave The Group On Discord?

If you are a group owner and want to leave the group but you don’t know what will happen next then I am here to tell you. As per Discord officials, when a group chat owner leaves the group DM, the chat will be there for others who are in the group.

Also, if the owner of a group Dm leaves, the person who joined right after the real owner will be automatically appointed as the new owner even if the account was deleted once. Even if the other user who joined after the real owner account is deleted, the deleted account will become the new owner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the creation of group chat on discord and other things related to discord. Have a look as it can contain some of the queries that you might have.

Is A Discord Server A Group Chat?

Discord is a platform for group chats that was first developed for gamers but has subsequently expanded to serve a variety of communities. The servers that makeup Discord each have their own users, channels, rules, and topics. So, we can call a Discord server a group chat.

How Do You Start A Group Chat On Discord Without Being Friends?

Send the invite (or invitations) to their email address or leave it on a Discord server you are both useful if you don’t already have friends with the folks you want to join your group chat DM on Discord. Or you can tell your friends who are friends with the user to add them to the group.

How To Archive A Discord Channel?

Simply click over the channel you wish to archive in Discord to start the process. After that, navigate to its settings and scroll down to discover the archive options, from which you can archive the channel as desired. In your server, you can also add a category called “archive,” where you can place all the channels you wish to archive.

How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord?

There are two ways to create a welcome channel on your server. Create a welcome channel in your Discord by using both built-in Discord functionality and outside bots. Create a channel in your server and activate welcome permissions in the Discord settings. Alternatively, you can allow a third-party bot like MEE6 access to your server and use it to greet new members.

How To Join A Discord Server WIthout Invite?

You have two options if you want to join Discord servers without being invited: either sign up for public servers, which are simple and cost nothing to join. If you know the server names and have access to links, you can also decide to join servers through third-party websites. Discord server membership is totally free.


A new way to communicate with your friends is through group chat on Discord. You can communicate privately in a room with just the individuals you wish to talk to, gaining some time away from the busy servers.

As a result, when you create a group chat on Discord, you’ll discover that it uses the same idea as WhatsApp. The ownership of the group chat will go to someone else and unless you quit, you will be the sole moderator.

For additional information about the Discord application, see some of our Discord Tips.

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