How To Add Emojis To The Discord Channel?

How To Add Emojis To The Discord Channel?

If you want to give a better look to your discord channel, you would need an emoji. So, you might be looking for how to add emojis to your discord channels. This article is the exact one for you. Over here, you will get an ultimate guide to the queries and confusion you have right now. So, keep on reading until you reach the end.  

To add emojis to your discord channel:
1. Open Your Browser and search the Getmoji website
2. Look For Your Favorite Emojis and copy them to your clipboard
3. Launch Your Discord App and visit the Discord Server
4. Click On Your Channel’s Name
5. Enter Inside The Settings Page
6. Hover To The Channel’s Name Section
7. Paste The Copied Emoji
8. Choose To Save The Changes

What Are Discord Emojis?

Do you want to make a unique channel on your discord? If yes, you must be in search of discord emojis. Discord emojis are the essential symbols available on your keyboard or browser. They are widely used around the discord platform, such as discord chats, servers, channels, etc. 

This discord app is unique and different from other apps. Such as other apps have ready-made emojis and are very limited for the users. But, discord allows you to create the emojis of your preferred images. Moreover, you can use any of your photos and convert them into the form of emojis. 

Every emoji you upload on your discord server or channel is marked as discord emoji. You can either use your self-created emoji or emojis available on discord. They are different from normally used emojis. It is free to add discord emojis anywhere you prefer on the platform. 

Where Can I Get Emojis To Add On Discord Channel?

As I have previously said, discord does not have an emoji option. So, because of it, you can not add emojis, messages, or channels on the discord app. That is why most people do not know how to add emojis to their discord channel. You will need help from other websites to do so. 

Some popular websites include Getmoji, Le Moji, emoji terra, Emoji Keyboard, etc. You can visit these websites and search for unique emojis. Also, I have attached links for easy processing and access to the websites. You can tap and visit the link directly from here.  

If you do not find or get a satisfactory emoji from the above links, you have plenty of options left behind. The websites are not limited. Open your Google and search for emoji websites. It will suggest plenty of surprising websites and emojis. Switch from one website to another and pick the right choice. 

How To Add Emojis To Your Discord Channel?

To add emojis to your discord channel, you will need to take support from online emoji websites. Apart from this method, there is no easy and simpler way to get emojis for your discord channel. 

I am explaining how you can add emojis to your discord channel. The step is too simple, and there is nothing to stress out. So, let’s start with it:

Step 1: Open Your Browser

Firstly, turn on your mobile phone. Then, head on to your app list. Then, scroll down and look for your chrome, safari, etc. 

Once you find it out, tap and launch a browser app on your mobile phone screen, and you will enter into a browser web page. 

Step 2: Search For The Getmoji Website

Click on your browser’s search bar and type the website’s name. Then, tap the Magnificient glass-like icon and search for it. 

Getmoji has unlimited emojis for users. So, it is preferred as well as suggested for you. You can easily get your desired emoji by visiting this website. 

You will get a list of Getmoji options. Click on the real or official website and enter inside the page. 

Step 3: Look For Your Favourite Emojis

On the website’s front page, you will see plenty of emojis. In addition, you can scroll the options up and down and side by side. 

If you do not find your desired emojis in the given list, there is also a search bar to search the emojis. You should type the name of the emojis and search for them. 

Step 4: Copy The Selected Emoji On Your Clipboard 

Once you find the desired emoji, you need to click on the link and open it on your device. You can see emojis over there.

Have a long press and hold the emoji for a second. You will get a copy as an option. Tap on the copy button, and your emoji gets copied. 

Step 5: Launch Your Discord App

Now, get back from your browser, leaving the emoji website behind. Get back to the app list and look for your discord app.

When you find the discord icon, click on it so that the app opens and appears on your screen. 

Step 6: Go To Your Discord Server

Take your eyes to your right-hand side. Over there, you can see a list of options where the discord server is also included. 

Just click on the server button available on your screen. Then, a new pop-up menu page will appear on your screen. 

Step 7: Click On Your Channel’s Name

You will get a new page that includes your channel name. So, you have to click on the exact place where you can see the name of your channel. 

Firstly, you should click on the channel button. After that, only you will get to see your discord channel name. Next, select the channel whose name you prefer to change. 

Step 8: Enter Inside The Settings Page

On the same page, you can see a gear icon at the bottom line of your screen. It is a settings icon on discord. Tap and enter inside the discord settings page. 

Then, the discord app will redirect you to the channel settings page. Here, you will find plenty of buttons and options which can arrange.

Step 9: Hover To The Channel’s Name Section

Select the option which is marked as the channel’s name. A new page will open, full of settings you can do on the discord channel. 

Tap on the pencil icon, which is a button to edit your discord channel’s name. Next, you will get a mouse to edit the name of your recent channel. 

Step 10: Paste The Copied Emoji

Use your index finger and a long press on your channel’s name. Your device may vibrate for a second. You can see a new pop-up menu after that. 

Among the given options, you should tap on paste. So, the recent emoji you have copied from a Google website gets pasted over there. 

Step 11: Choose To Save The Changes 

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen. You can see a button with a blue save icon on it. Click on the save button, which will take a few seconds to save all the changes you have made. 

Get back from the settings section and enjoy the name of your discord channel having a unique emoji. 

So, the step ends over here. Just follow the steps serially as I have guided you. Then, you can easily add emojis to your discord channel. 

Also, you might be looking for how to archive a discord channel. 

How Do Discord Emojis Work?

Discord emojis are one of the important and valuable things on the platform. Being a new update on the discord app, it has become so popular that every user wants it. Some are already known to it, whereas some are still in search of adding emojis to discord channels. Therefore, it is very necessary to describe yourself on the channel. 

Depending on the type of discord user you are, you can use different varieties of emojis. Such as, if you are a free user, standard emojis are available. It will also represent how the type of discord user you are. Lastly, if you have a gaming channel and use discord for the same purpose, you can add gaming emojis related to your games. 

Emojis work so perfectly on discord for the users. Do not delay, and add emojis wherever discord allows you. Also, the animated emojis from GIFs are shrunken in the form of an emoji. Use those emojis to give a unique look to your channel.  

One mistake which you should not do is random emojis. Do not ever select and place whatever emojis you prefer. Instead, choose the emojis with a theme to make it work and gain benefits. An exact emojis to your discord channel will lead you to a good path on this platform. So, get confirmation about which type of discord user you are. 

What Are Some Good Discord Emojis?

Some of the good emojis on discord come from Memes. You can have a quick search all around the other user’s discord channels and use most of them using memes. For example, KEKE memes and Pepe memes are widely used by discord users. Also, custom emojis are in demand by discord users. 

You can dig a little bit on other users’ discord servers and look at what they are using. Discord will suggest the related emojis, and you can easily use them for your purpose. So check out the channel and server of plenty of users so you can conclude easily and get the perfect emoji. 

With a theme of using attractive and unique emojis, you may select the wrong ones. People would not prefer using such things and may get disappointed. Always go with the trending emojis. So, look around your friend circle and check their discord server emojis. Do not copy the same and get the ideas from there. 

Where Can I Get Custom Discord Emojis?

Everybody desires to get the emojis as per their wish. Custom emojis are one of the highly demanded emojis by discord users. So, you must know where you can get it for your discord. There is a website called emoji. Gg on Google. It includes plenty of emojis which provide edited and pixel-perfect images for you. 

You can find solid emojis that are perfect for use on the discord server. Apart from copy-pasting the emojis, you can download the apps on your device and use emojis at your desired place. Not only an emoji, but you can also find GIFs that are suitable for you. It is an exact time to use custom emojis and put everyone in shock. 

Also, various editing programs are available to create your emoji using images. However, finding new emojis, replacing them with the old ones, and getting satisfied is something that you have to do. Sometimes, a little creativity is required to find new emojis for your discord server or channel. 

Is It Possible To Remove Added Emojis From Discord Channel?

You can easily remove the emojis you have added to your discord channel. Just the way discord lets you add an emojis channel’s name, in the same way, you can remove those emojis. We can not ensure that the emojis or changes we have made on discord might be a favorite for always. 

All you have to do is edit the name of the discord channel. You need not copy and paste anything in this process as you did before while adding emojis. As I have said, you need to reach the channel editing section. It is easily available inside the discord settings. 

When you get to the edit option, tap on it, and a keyboard will appear on your screen. There is a cross button on your keyboard. So, keep on tapping the cross button and remove the emoji. Do not forget to save the changes. Otherwise, your emoji won’t get removed from your channel’s name. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will discuss some of the most asked questions from our website visitors. Most of the queries and confusion are collected over here. So, you can get real quick answers. They are as follows: 

Where Can I Download Emojis For Discord? 

Firstly, head to your browser app and search for the discord emoji websites. Some of the most popular websites include, Getmoji, etc. There are numerous websites suggested for you.

No matter what website you choose, you can easily download them. When you select a certain emoji from the website, tap on the three-dot icon at the top. There includes either the download option or just a download icon. Click on it and download the desired emojis easily. 

How Do I Get Animated Emojis For Discord?

There is a separate website that includes animated emojis for your discord channel. So, you can search and visit the animated emojis website and get them for your discord server.

But, one thing is you should be the discord nitro subscriber to enjoy this feature. Unless you are a nitro user on discord, you can not add animated emojis to your discord server. You can find and download the animated emojis, but only discord won’t allow you to use them. 

Can I Add Moving Emojis To Discord?

Yes, you can add moving emojis to your discord channel very easily. All you have to do is find new emojis which you find attractive.

Open your discord app and head on to the discord server settings. Then, tap to upload emojis to your discord server. Confirm to upload emojis to your channel. Finally, you can now select the gif file or moving emoji. Confirm to upload your moving emoji and save the changes you have made. 


Discord is considered one of the best apps for gathering and communicating. It can adjust many users in a single channel or server. People mostly use it at the time, gaming and streaming live on Youtube and other platforms. Along with it, creating a unique name and being different is a must. 

I also guess you can now easily add emojis to your discord channel. Then, create a unique and attractive name using the available emojis. Please share and suggest this article to your friends and family members who have the same problem with discord. 

I want to end this article right over here. See you soon with a new and updated article on this website. Until then, stay tuned. 

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