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Why Spotify Not loading Lyrics 2020? [Fix it]

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Do you use Spotify for your everyday music? If yes, then there’s good news for you. Now you can listen and sing at the same time with Spotify songs. A company finally rolls out the new lyrics features on its platform by partnered with Genius and Musixmatch.

When you play a song on Spotify, then it displays lyrics along with it, which makes you feel like you are doing karaoke.

At first, the lyric was in the testing phase in the app on a few songs. But after a week later, we can gradually find its presence in more songs and tracks. Besides, Spotify only tests the lyrics feature on the mobile apps, but now it’s also available on the website too but for limited songs. It also does support various languages, including English, which kind of cool and handy.

However, some users reported that Spotify is not loading lyrics whenever they play a track. So what’s the reason behind this problem? Can we solve it or not? We will find the answer to all these queries in this article.

Before we move, first, let’s know how you can access the lyrics on Spotify tracks. It’s a new thing for all users’ right?

How to Access Spotify Song Lyrics?

After hearing about the new Spotify lyrics feature, you might feel excited to get hands-on it, right? Who doesn’t when you get both song and its lyrics on the same platform. It’s a good thing because you don’t have to download the lyrics of songs each and every time whenever you heard a new one.

Now, let’s see how you can view the lyrics of Spotify songs.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device, whether Android or IOS.
  2. Play a song or track which you want to listen to.
  3. On the song artist interface, just scroll up to view the lyrics of that particular song.
  4. You can also expand the lyrics in order to access it on a full screen.
  5. Now, listen and sing your favorite song.

Why Spotify Not Loading Lyrics?

When Spotify released the lyrics feature on its platform, we heard many complaints from the users that they can’t access the lyrics completely. So, if Spotify not showing lyrics then stay calm. As I said earlier, it’s in the testing phase, so it not completely available on all songs. It is also a real-time lyric, so it will take time to cover up on all Spotify songs. 

However, Spotify gradually adding more lyrics to other tracks, too, so if you can’t find it for your favorite song, then maybe it’s in the process.

So as we can say, lyrics are only supported on limited tracks only. But we hope we will find it more in the future.

Apart from this, there are few other things which you can do if Spotify not showing lyrics on IOS and Andriod. The first thing is to login to Spotify on your device using someone’s account. Then after, login with your original account and check the lyrics. This can show the Spotify lyrics. However, if that doesn’t work then re-install the Spotify app.  I usually find this process works on a few devices.

Alternative to Access the Song Lyrics on Spotify


With the help of MusixMatch, you can add lyrics to Spotify songs for free. This is the best way to access lyrics if you can’t find it on Spotify tracks. It will sync the music and display the real-time lyrics on display. Moreover, it also does support other music streaming like iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Now, let’s see the working process of MusixMatch to get free lyrics on Spotify.

Download MusixMatch: Android and IOS

  1. Download the Musixmatch.
  2. Now, sign in with your login credentials.
  3. After that, connect the Spotify.
  4. Play your desired song.
  5. Next, tap on the sync lyrics option to get your lyrics.
  6. Now you will find the lyrics underneath the artist interface. However, if you can’t find the lyrics, then tap on Add lyrics.

So this way, you can access the lyrics on Spotify with the help of the Musixmatch app. Besides, this feature is still not available in the USA, so the artist has to use their music on the Musixmatch platform. This way, it will also be available in other markets and locations.

Sound Hound

Sound Hound is another great app to access lyrics on Spotify. You can easily get it for free on both Android and IOS devices.

Now, let’s see the working process of Sound Hound.

Download Sound Hound: Android and IOS

  1. Open the SoundHound app on your device.
  2. Move to the profile page.
  3. Tap on the Settings menu.
  4. Next, locate Spotify and once you find it, then tap on the Connect option.
  5. Now, login into your Spotify account and allow permission for further access.
  6. After that, play the music and there tap on the SoundHound logo to access the lyrics.

Final Word

Lastly, Spotify is a great app to listen to all types of music each and every day. So, if your Spotify not showing lyrics on all songs, then don’t worry; it will be there in the future. Till then, use our other listed alternatives app to access the lyrics of Spotify songs.

If you have any queries, then leave comments down below.

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