How To Accept Spotify Family Invite 

Spotify Family is a great option for families who want to listen to their favorite artists without having to deal with advertisements or having to take turns selecting music. You can now all listen to music at the same time or play your own music. You can buy a Spotify family plan and add your family members. So, how to accept Spotify family invite plans on other members’ accounts?

To accept an invitation to Spotify Premium Family, one of your family members must first be a Spotify Premium Family subscriber. In addition, the account owner must set an address for their account before inviting others to join. You can accept the invite through links or emails and login or sign up with your account, and confirm the correct address used in Family Plan Subscription. Then, you can easily enjoy the benefits of Spotify Premium.

Furthermore, the plan is significantly less expensive than purchasing a Premium subscription for each family member individually. Have you already signed up for the Family Plan? How much does this plan cost? How can you accept Spotify family invite?

What Is Spotify’s Family Plan?

It’s a Spotify Premium Plan for a group of people who live together. The plan supports up to six accounts, each of which can listen to different music and podcasts at the same time. People can also listen to music as a group.

Premium Family also includes Spotify Kids for children, where your children will only be exposed to music that is appropriate for their age.

You want to give your kids Spotify access, but you’re worried about the lyrics of the music they’re listening to? Now you can relax and unwind. Under the Spotify family plan, parental controls have been added. So, once you do have it, how to accept Spotify family invite?

Do You Need To Have The Same Address To Accept Invite For Family Plan

Yes, we need to have the same address to join the Family Plan account on Spotify. You’ll be asked to verify your address when you first sign up. This is the first step in ensuring that you and other family members share a home. Each person’s address should correspond to the account that receives the monthly bill.

The Spotify app will poll the GPS location of your device in the future. “Spotify will only use your GPS data to verify your location and nothing else,” according to Spotify. Expect your device’s Location Services to be polled on a regular basis in an attempt to determine the user’s location. IP addresses will be used to determine where laptops and computers are located.

If your family member’s location differs from the account being billed on a regular basis, the primary account will be notified, and the person will have seven days to correct the situation or the account will be closed automatically.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Family Cost

Spotify Premium Family is a subscription that includes up to six premium accounts. Joining separate accounts for an entire household can be expensive at $9.99 per month for a single Premium account whereas Spotify Family Plan provides Premium access to up to six accounts for $15.99 per month.

Spotify Premium includes Family Mix and Spotify Kids, among other things. You being a parent can create an account and add up to five additional accounts to your plan.

Members of the same household can enjoy the same benefits and the person who pays for the Spotify Premium Family Plan must invite you to join their “Family.” You will be unable to access the Premium subscription until you accept the invitation.

If you have any questions about the Spotify Family plan, we’ve all of the information you need in this post, including how to create and manage a Family account, how to add family members and other Spotify Family plan FAQs.

How To Get A Family Plan On Spotify Premium

To add additional members to a Spotify plan, you must first subscribe to a family plan. Spotify offers a $15.99 family plan that includes up to five members. Therefore, the following articles will guide you through subscribing to a family plan. Let’s get into it and on how to accept Spotify family invite:

Step 1: Sign Up Using Web Browser

To start subscribing Spotify Family account, you should first go to the sign-up page

Step 2: Log In To Your Spotify Account

Then, click Get Started button and log in to your Spotify account if you have already registered as a free user.

Step 3: Handle The Payment

Once logged in, you’ll be navigated to the order page where you are required to choose the payment method and input your card info for the subscription.

Step 4: Subscribe To The Premium Family Plan

At last, click Start My Premium for Family button to complete the subscribing.

Once you have subscribed to the Premium Spotify Plan, now only you can add, invite or remove the family members. And also, you’ll be the account owner after successfully subscribing to the Family plan, and you’ll be able to invite or remove 5 family members from the plan.

How to Send Invite And Add Family Member For Spotify Family Plan

To add additional members to a Spotify plan, you must first subscribe to a family plan. Spotify offers a $15.99 family plan that includes up to five members.

After you’ve set up the family plan, the account’s owner can begin adding new family members. Here’s how you send and accept Spotify family invite:

Step 1: Open A Web Browser

In a web browser, go to Spotify. Because there is no option to manage your Family account in the Spotify mobile app, you must use a web browser such as Safari or Chrome.

Step 2: Sign In To Your Account

Sign in to your account and enter your Spotify username and password.

Step 3: Tap Log In

Then, tap log in as well if you have logged in to your Spotify using Facebook then tap on Log In With Facebook.

Step 4: Scroll Down And Select Manage

Scroll down and choose Manage under “Manage your Family Plan.” A list of your recent family members will appear

Step 5: Tap Invite Button

Select the invite button. You’ll only be able to invite more family members if you haven’t already reached the family limit of six.

Step 6: Invite The Person

Enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send an invitation. Whereas, you can also choose to invite a member via a link if you prefer.

Step 7: Tap On Send

Tap to send an email invitation or link to the new family member. When that person accepts the invitation, they’ll be added to your family plan.

How To Accept Spotify Family Invitation

In order to accept an invite to Spotify Premium Family, one of your household members must first be a subscriber to Spotify Premium Family. Furthermore, before others can join, the account owner must set an address for their account.

This can be done through their account page on the official Spotify website. Once they’ve determined their address and sent you an invitation :

Step 1: Tap On The Link

When you receive the invitation to join someone’s Premium Family, tap on the link or email that they’ve sent you.

Step 2: Accept Invite

On the next screen, click or tap on “Accept invite.”

Step 3: Log In Or Sign Up For An Account

If you haven’t already, enter your login information and click on “Log in.” If you don’t already have a Spotify account, tap in “Sign up for Spotify” and enter your information.

Step 4: Tap To Confirm Address

After you’ve signed in to Spotify, you’ll need to confirm that you live at the address listed on your account. Click or tap “Confirm Location” or “Enter address manually” to confirm your home address.

Step 5: Click On Confirm

When your address has been verified, tap on “Confirm.” If the address is incorrect, click on “Edit” to change it.

After that, you will have successfully accepted your Spotify Premium Family invite if you entered the correct address and ensured that it corresponded to your current location. You can now enjoy all of the benefits of Spotify Premium, as well as a few extras, such as music tastes to your family’s preferences.

How to Remove Account From Spotify Family Plan

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, chances are you have multiple devices linked to your account. You might connect to a speaker at a party, or use your login information on a friend’s computer, but then forget to remove the device.

There are two ways to remove devices from your Spotify account: through the desktop for Mac and PC, and the mobile app for iPhone and Android. Let’s get started.

  1. Using Desktop Browser
  2. Using Mobile App

Method 1: Using Desktop

If you’re using your desktop to remove a device from Spotify, you’ll need to access your account settings. When using a desktop computer, it may be easier to forget all devices and then sign in using your Spotify login details to the few devices you use frequently :

Step 1: Locate The App

Open the Spotify app on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Tap On Down Arrow Icon

Click the down arrow icon next to your username at the top-right corner of the Spotify app.

Step 3: Select Account From Menu

In the drop-down menu, select Account from the list.

Step 4: Select “Sign Out Everywhere”

Your “Account overview” page will open in your preferred browser. Select “Sign Out Everywhere” at the bottom of the page to sign out all devices currently connected to your Spotify account.

Method 2: Using Mobile Phones

In the Spotify mobile app, you’ll just need to go to your device settings. Here, you’ll learn how to remove the account from a family plan through the mobile phones :

Step 1: Run The Spotify App

Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device.

Step 2: Access To Spotify Settings

To access your Spotify settings, select the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the “Home” menu.

Step 3: Select Devices

Select Devices from the menu list.

Step 4: Choose Device Menu

To edit the devices connected to your Spotify account, go to the top and select “Devices Menu.”

Step 5: Tap On Three Horizontal Dots

Find the name of the device you want to uninstall by scrolling down. Select the icon resembling three horizontal dots to the right of the device’s name.

Step 6: Tap Forget Device To Remove Device

From the bottom of the screen, a menu will appear. To remove the device from your Spotify account, select “Forget device.”

How Can You Change The Owner Of Spotify Family Account

You may find it difficult to manage all of these things as the owner of a Family account, as you are responsible for the plan’s monthly payment and managing the members. But don’t be concerned.

In this case, you can simply change the Family account’s owner to someone else. To complete the process, the current owner must first cancel. The new owner can resubscribe when the remaining Premium time expires and all accounts revert to free.

How Can You Cancel The Spotify Family Plan

If you own Premium for Family, you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Canceling your Spotify Premium plan is easy. Follow the steps below to get rid of your subscription and go back to using Spotify Free and if you have issues with sending your Spotify family plan invite, then check this link out:

Step 1: Go To Your Account Page

Open the Spotify app, and go to your account page.

Step 2: Click Your Plan

After then, click on the plan that you have subscribed to.

Step 3: Select Change Plan

Now, choose to change in plan that you have subscribed to before.

Step 4: Click On Cancel Premium

Scroll down to Spotify Free and choose to cancel the premium plan.

Step 5: Confirm To Cancel Plan

Confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription family plan.

At the end of your current billing cycle, all members of your Family account will return to the Free service. Alternatively, on your subscription page, you can simply lower to the standard Premium plan. As a result, except for you, all members of your Family plan will switch back to Free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you like the sound of the Family Plan on Spotify? If you have any additional questions, the section below may provide answers on how to accept Spotify family invite :

What If The Invite Is Sent To The Wrong Account?

If you’re sharing the same device, make sure the plan manager logs out before anyone clicks on an invite link. In order to join, invited members must log in to (or create) their own account.

What To Do When The Invite Link Is Expired

Try opening the link in your web browser’s incognito/private window. If that doesn’t work, request that the plan’s manager send you a new invite.

Is It Possible To Use Spotify Premium Family At Different Locations

No, unfortunately, this will not be possible since it is a requirement under this plan that everyone stays at the same address. If you live in different households, you won’t be able to use the Spotify Premium Family plan.

A shared family plan can only be used by members “residing at the same address,” according to the fine print of Spotify’s Terms and Conditions. Before being added to the shared plan, all members must verify their address. From time to time, Spotify may re-verify the address.

However, location data is sensitive information that can have concerning implications when a company requests information from our devices. Spotify has assured users that location data is only collected and used for the purpose of creating a Premium Family account.

Can Two Users Use Spotify At The Same Time In Family Plan

Yes, the number of users who can use Spotify at the same time is unlimited. At the same time, each of the six family members can listen to their own playlist.

Are Family Able To See Each Other Account

Each account holder will be assigned a unique username and password. Each family member’s account will be accessible to the main account holder, the one who pays the bills. Anyone who is not the primary account holder will be unable to access the accounts of others.

Can You Convert Spotify Account To Family

Yes. The Spotify Premium Family plan starts with one Spotify account, and up to five additional users can join. If an account wants to join but already has a Spotify Premium subscription, so they must cancel their existing subscription before joining the Spotify Premium Family plan.


To summarize, you probably already know how to subscribe to the Spotify Family Plan and add family members if you’ve read the articles above. In addition to accepting invites from family members and removing users from the plan, the articles will teach you how to do these things. And also if you don’t want the same premium plan you can also cancel the subscription by reading the above articles. I wish you a pleasant reading experience.