26+ Best Snapchat Filters For Food

Are you a foodie? Do you love taking snaps of food while hanging with your friends? Are you craving some delicious food that would brighten your mood? Have you ever heard about Snapchat filters for food?

The answer to all these queries is Snapchat and its filter for food. There are Snapchat Filters for food such as Pizza Face, Burger Face, Fried Eggs, Funny Nachos, Donut Glasses, Broccoli head, Waffles Ride, Cheesy Run, Tomato Face, Flying Taco, Ramen Bowl, Sausage Bowl, Apple Face, Sushi Crown, Popcorn Beard, and many more.

Snapchat filters for food may not satisfy your cravings to the full extent but will provide you with opportunities to snap some amazing pictures of food that you love. You can have fun with your favorite food accompanied by your friends and click some amazing memories. Also Read: 23 Best Snapchat Filters For Guys

26+ Best Snapchat Filters For Food

There are several amazing Snapchat filters for food that we need to have a tour through them at least once. Some of the Snapchat filters for food are listed below:

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Pizza Face

Are you a pizza lover? Do you want to have it regularly but are conscious about your diet plan? As a solution to your problem, Snapchat offers a Pizza Face Filter that can satisfy your cravings to some extent as well as gets you entertained.

The pizza face filters turn your screen full of cheese and a huge pepperoni pizza with two eyes and a mouth in the middle. But, here the fun begins. You can move your pizza from one place to other by moving your head all around.

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Burger Face

Have you ever imagined how you look if your face looks like a burger? Being a foodie, such a question did strike my mind once. If you ever have such a doubt, do try the burger face of Snapchat filters.

This filter turns your face into a burger filled with all the fillings – lettuce, pickles, cheese, onions, and tomatoes along with your eyes and mouth. Similar to pizza face, you can also move your Burger face by moving your head.

Sounds crazy right! Just give it a shot and have fun with your friends.

Funny Nachos

Nachos have always been one of my favorite snacks. But I had never thought that we can make a funny video using nachos. The funny nachos filter on Snapchat has made my day.

These Snapchat filters offer you several tortilla chips along with your face in them. You get to see your eyes and mouth on Nachos. Similar to the burger and pizza face, you can move your Nachos sideways as well.

Broccoli Head

Broccoli had always been one of my least favorite food but the Broccoli head filters turned out to be something different and fun to get yourself entertained.

The Broccoli head filters change your face into broccoli along with your eyes and mouth. It gives you the feeling of an alien moving toward you. Give it a shot and use these amazing filters to create memorable reels with your friends.

Waffles Ride

If you are an adventurous person, then you are going to love these filters. This filter provides you with the opportunity to get a ride on waffles in the snow. It changes your outfit into the red jacket, Monkey cap, jogger pants, and gloves giving you the winter vibes.

Sliding down on the snow within Capricorn trees in waffles gives you a real-time experience. So, don’t miss this out and make some reels with your friends.

Cheesy Run

Have you ever thought of being chased by anyone like a tom after Jerry? This filter gives you that vibes of being chased.

Your face gets changed into cheese along with the pair of hands and legs. Here, you are being chased by a rat within a corridor. It gives you a real experience as if someone is after you.

Tomato Face

We have consumed tomatoes to get glowing skin but have you ever thought of having your face on tomatoes? If not, try these filters out and get an experience.

This filter turns your face into tomatoes with eyes and faces. It is quite fun to try out these filters.

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Donut Glasses

Have you ever thought of using donuts as a pair of glasses? If not, try these filters once.

This Snapchat filter gives you a pair of pink Donut Glasses with lots of sprinkles in them. Try out these rad donut glasses and snap amazing videos. You can have some fun with donuts by using them as glasses.

Flying Taco

Are you a Mexican food lover? If yes, you are going to love these filters.

These filters can make the taco fly around the earth like a rocket- isn’t this amazing. You get to see the tacos with pair of eyes and filters that fly around the earth like a rocket. It even extinguishes fire like a rocket. It is fun to play with these filters.

Pancake Time

A Layer of Pancake with mint, honey, and blueberry on the top is a great combination to start your day with.

This filter also offers you this perfect combination of pancake with honey being dropped from the top making it a real-time experience – Started to crave the pancakes?

Firstly, snap some amazing pictures using pancake time, and then make some pancakes to satisfy your cravings.

Sausage Love

If you are a foodie and wanted to send your love to someone at the same time, then this filter is suitable for you. You just need to make some reels using Sausage Love filters and share them with your loved ones.

This filter creates a heart with a piece of sausage on the top of the fork. You also have your eyes and mouth on the fork. This is a perfect way to show your feelings to your loved ones.

Sushi Crown

Do you have sushi every weekend? If so, this filter is for you and you will have your sushi crown. Never heard of sushi crown, right? It’s what it sounds like- a crown made up of sushi.

This filter offers you the crown made of sushi around your head. Try this filter out and make some reels with your sushi lover friends.

Avacado Freckles

Yet another amazing filter offered by Snapchat is Avacado Frickles.

A small piece of Avacado appears around your cheeks as freckles. If you are an Avacado lover then you will enjoy using these filters.

Popcorn Beard

Popcorn and movie have always been a great combination. But, popcorn as a beard turns out to be weird. If you wanted to find out how it looks, then just find these “popcorn beard” filters on Snapchat.

These filters will create a beard around a face but the beard of popcorn. However, It’s fun to use these filters.

Birthday Cake Face

If someone’s birthday is approaching near, then it is perfect to click some pictures using a Snapchat filter and send them your birthday wishes.

This filter provides you with the birthday cake with lots of sprinkles and a candle on top so that you can make a wish. These filters also enable your eyes and mouth on the cake. Apart from that, Balloons available in the filter will definitely give you birthday vibes.

Funny Hot Dog

Hot Dog is another filter offered by Snapchat that entertains you through its amazing filters.

The funny hot dog filters offer you a hot dog bun along with beef hot dogs. You can have your eyes and mouth on the beef hot dog which enables you to look around as well.

Ice Cream Face

This summer when we are sweating all day long, ice cream has been one of the blessings that chill us out.

This filter of Snapchat provides you with a cone of ice cream that even has your eyes and mouth in it. You just need to search “ice cream face” and filters with different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry along with these features get appeared. Select your favorite flavors and make some reels out of them.

Hot Chocolate Party

During these sunny days, we all say no to Hot chocolate but I guarantee you that you are going to love the Hot Chocolate Party filters on Snapchat.

The “Hot Chocolate Party” Snapchat Filters provides you with white cups full of hot coffee in them. Here, comes the interesting part-you even get to see your eyes and mouth on Sugar cubes. Isn’t this crazy to hear? Just give it a shot and apply these filters.

Ramen Bowl

Are you fond of Japanese Cuisine? If you do, then you are going to love these Ramen Bowl Filter offered by Snapchat.

These filters provide you with a bowl of ramen full of ingredients like Noodles, eggs, Broth, Spinach, and other toppings. You are even provided with chopsticks. Likewise, you will have your face on the boiled eggs. Do try these filters out and share your thought with us.

Funny Meatballs

We can’t say no to meatballs, right? Similarly, the funny Meatballs filter of Snapchat also can’t get ignored at all.

This filter provides you with jumping meatballs. Yes, you heard me right! You will have fried noodles with eggs and meatballs jumping up and down as if we are jumping on a trampoline. Not only that, but even smoke also comes from the back indicating it’s hot and you need to grab it immediately.

Smile Potatoes

Crunchy Smile Potatoes have always been one of the best snacks that people of every age group crave.

The smile potatoes filters of Snapchat add your eyes and mouth images to smile potatoes. Do try these filters out and create some amazing reels out of it.

Kiwi Face

Kiwi Face filters provide you with several slices of kiwi along with some artistic designs made out of kiwis on the screen. It also provides you with the eyes and mouth in kiwi and enables you to play around with it.

Apple Face

An apple a day keeps a doctor away but the Apple Face filter in Snapchat shouldn’t be kept away from the Snapchat user.

These filters provide you with the apple hanging on the tree giving you the aura as if you are in the apple garden of Mustang. The hanging apple even has your eyes and mouth in it. Don’t waste your time and try these amazing filters.

Funny Ham Sandwich

Ham sandwich has been our favorite dish and Funny Ham Sandwich would turn out to be the same.

These funny ham sandwich filters have a slice of bread with ham on it. Ham sandwiches even have hands and legs that help you to jog around and lose weight that you gain after having a ham Sandwich.

Fries For Today

Fries are one of the most ordered side dishes and we don’t get enough of them while eating with our friends. Likewise, you also don’t get enough using the “fries for today” filter on Snapchat.

These filters offer you the fries. You, not only get the fries but also have your eyes rolling around within fries. It sounds interesting. Give it a try and you are going to love these filters.

Funny Mushroom

We all know about several types of mushrooms but never have heard about the funny mushroom. It is what its name sounds like.

The funny Mushroom is the filter in Snapchat that provides you with the mushroom as a hat and turns your face like a Moomin- a Nepali cartoon character. It also provides you with the lenses and even adds a mustache to your face as well. It is fun to play with kids using these filters


The cracker filters in Snapchat offer you several pieces of crackers.

It becomes more interesting as you get to see your eyes and mouth on the crackers as well. This filter is fun to use. So, check this filter out and start making some amazing reels out of them.

Fried Eggs

We intake fried eggs regularly but never thought of having our face in the yolks of fried eggs. Have you?

The fried eggs filter of Snapchat provides you with the scenario where the eggs are fried in a pan with hot oil. You even get to see your eyes and face in the filters as well. Try these filters out and kick some pictures with them.

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How To Use Snapchat Filters For Food Free?

You can make Snapchat filters for food free by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open The Application

Firstly, you need to open the Snapchat app and log into the account.

Step 2: Tap On The Smiley Face

After getting yourself logged into the account, you just need to click on the smiley face.

Step 3: Click On “The Explore”

Now, you need to click on “explore” and the search bar appears at the top.

Step 4: Search The Desired Filters

Lastly, you need to type the name of desired filters at the top and search for them. The ones that appeared at the first are mostly used as filters by the user.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some of the queries frequently asked by people. some of the answers to those questions are mentioned below:

Can We Use Snapchat Filters Online To Enhance Your Photos?

Yes, you can create a Snapchat filter online by visiting the official website of Snapchat. Click on the “Product” and tap “Create Filter”. You will be taken to the design section. Click on the upload or drop-down bar and further continue with the process.

Why Do My Snapchat Filters Get Reject?

You need to follow certain rules and regulations to make your Snapchat filters to be accepted. If you violate the rules, your Snapchat filters get rejected.

How Long Does The Snapchat Filter Last?

Filters can last for around 30 days. If you want a filter to run after 30 days, then you need to try making an annual filter.

Are Snapchat Lenses Free Of Cost?

It was free of cost at the initial Phase but at present, it charges a certain sum of money for using the lense.

How To Add Snapchat Filters To Camera Roll Pictures?

After getting yourself logged in to the account, you need to tap on the two-rectangular-shaped card. It will take you to another interface and click on memories.

Simply, Click on the Camera Roll Option. Select the photos and click on the Export snap icon. After that, select Snapchat for the photos to be uploaded, and lastly, save the photos.


Snapchat filters for food had been providing an amazing experience to its user. There are the best filters to snap some amazing photos with your friends showing your craving for food. Just give it a shot and try these amazing filters out showing your love for food.

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