19+ Trending Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Are you a selfie person and getting bored with your regular selfies? Do you want some fun elements in your photos and the memories you share with your friend circle? Do you enjoy clicking pictures while you are traveling or are on a move? what are the trending Snapchat filters and lenses?

The answer to all of the queries is Snapchat and its filter. Several filters such as Crying face filter, Rock hipster, Dog with a tongue hanging out, Dog turned into a Disney character, lips freckles by Snapchat, Old Snapchat filter, Moustaches by Snapchat, Fire glasses by Snapchat, Fashion sunglasses by Snapchat, swapping the gender, and getting bald are some of the trending filters that have increased their download rates.

Snapchat has been offering numerous intriguing filters, Geofilters, and lenses that have attracted people despite the availability of filters in Instagram stories. The adaptation of new filters and lenses by Snapchat has made users fall in love with it. We’ve gathered some of the trending Snapchat filters and lenses that you must once give a try to bring some colors and life to your selfies and photos.

19+ Trending Snapchat Filters And Lenses

Let’s have a thorough tour of some of the trending Snapchat filters and lenses that would make your photos cool and elegant.

Crying Face filter

There have been several hilarious and crying pictures on social media these days. Snapchat has recently introduced a filter that makes you look as if you are crying. It turns your face as if you are crying with your eyes full of water and a runny nose.

Do you want to try out these hilarious filters? If yes, then open the Snapchat app and click on the smiley face. There you need to click on the “Explore tab”. After that, visit the search bar and type Crying filters. Many crying filters such as Crying Eyes, Funny Crying, Crying a River, Crying Makeup, and Crying Beauty popped out. You just need to select one and enjoy making the reels.

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Old Snapchat Filter

How would I turn out to be after 50 years? Will I have wrinkles around my face? These are some of the queries among the young generation and in answer to that, Snapchat has offered an old-age filter that changes people’s hair into greyish-whitish along with several wrinkles around the faces. Therefore, If you are concerned about your appearance in the future then do try these filters and get yourself some ideas about your future looks.

To try out these looks, you just need to take a few easy steps. Similar to crying filters, you just need to Search old filters on the “Search Bar”. Various old filters such as Old Man Style, Time Machine, Old Man Coughing, Old Age Filter, etc appear. Just choose the best fit and make some reels out of it.

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Getting Bald

Getting bald is another filter mostly used by youngsters in their friend’s circles. It turns your face with bald hair. You will get to see your peer’s new look. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity and try these with your friend’s circle.

For this, you just need to take similar steps as above. Just type “getting bald” on the search bar and several filters such as Bald with Moustache, Bald is Beautiful, Baby Bald, Bald Head with and without the beard, bye-bye hair, and many more appear on your screen. Select one and start filming.

Mustaches By Snapchat

Have you ever thought of how having a mustache would look on your face? I was quite curious about these filters. So, when I tried the filters, a giant mustache appeared on my face adding an overlay that made my snap look vintage as well.

To get these filters, just type “Mustaches” on the search bar, and several Brows and Mustaches, Bald and Mustache, Hair and Mustache, Tiny mustache, Viking Mustache, Glass Mustache, Cute Mustache Hat, and other options are available. Select the best one and start using it.

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Fire Glasses By Snapchat

This is one of my personal favorites and I end up clicking dozens of pictures using these filters. These Snapchat filters add a pair of shades with a fire burning inside them. The pictures clicked using these filters turned out to be cool and likable.

To use these filters, type “Fire Glasses” on the search bar and you will get several options such as Fire devil, KLT Flame Sunglasses, Fire Collage, Fire Effect, Sunglass Flame, and Cap and Glasses v2. Choose one of them and start making out reels.

Rock Hipster

This filter was also quite in demand since it offered users the yellow hat, hexagonal sunglasses, shiny jackets, and a cool septum piercing.

To use these filters, just select explore and type “Rock Hipster” on the search bar. Several options such as Hipster on the beach, Hipster beard, and Hipster look also appear. Choose out one of the best among them and start making the reels.

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Anime Style By Snapchat

Are you an anime fan? Have you ever wondered how you would turn out to be if you were an anime character? it makes your face turn out to be like an anime character. Do try this filter along with your friend circle and find out how you and your friends turn out to be if they were anime characters.

For this, you just need to type “Anime style” on the search bar. Several anime-style realistic, Blue-Anime style, Anime style effects, and Anime Style Face are available. Among the available options, select one of them and enjoy your time with your friends.

Anime Blush

It is one of the trending filters at present. It adds a slight blush red accent to your cheeks which makes you look like an anime character. You just need to take a few easy steps to use these anime blush filters.

Follow the similar above process but you need to type “Anime Blush” on the search menu and several filters such as Anime Heart Blush, Anime Blush Uwu, Anime shy Blush, and Cute Anime Blush are available. Click on one of them and get some amazing photos.

Dog With A Tongue Hanging Out

It is one of the widely used filters where Snapchat users can turn themselves into dog faces. If you open your mouth, then the dog would start licking making it a real-time- experience.

Even for these filters, you just need to search “Dog with a tongue hanging out” and get some amazing filters such as Dog Ears, Lovely Dog, Dog ears with Glasses, Sparkling Dog, Festive Dog, Easter dog, Tongues Out, etc gets appear on the screen. Choose among one of them and get some amazing photos clicked.

Dogs Turned Into A Disney Character

If you are an animal lover, then you will definitely like this filter as you get the opportunity to entertain along with your dogs. This filter allows you to animate your dog and turn them into the magical world of Disney and its character.

For this, you just need to type “ Cartoon Face” on your search bar options. After that, just turn your camera towards your dog’s face and the eyes appear. You can use these filters on yourself as well.

Fashion Sunglasses By Snapchat

If you ever want to try out the looks of the underworld or any gang members then give a shot to these snap filters. You will have a long perfectly grown beard with a pair of sunglasses that makes you look like a gang member.

To use these filters, you need to Tap on the “explore”. After that on top of the bar, you get to see the search menu. Click on them and type “Fashion Sunglasses”. Several filters related to that get appeared on the screen. Select one among them and use it to snap some cool pictures.

Lips Freckles By Snapchat

It is a perfect Snapchat to show how loved you feel. A layer of love print design appears around your eyes and cheeks, just where freckles could be. It is the perfect one if you want to send good vibes to the person that isn’t near you.

To get these snap filters, you just need to search “Lips freckles” on the search bar as above mentioned Procedure. Then, options such as Lipsticks Freckles, Lips and Freckles, and others appear on your screen. Select one among them and start snapping some pictures with your friends.

Bear In Love By Snapchat

These Snapchat filters provide sparkly eyes, rosy cheeks, and a hug from a giant teddy bear from the shoulder. This filter is filled with lots of sweetness and love.

To get these filters, you just need to type “Bear in Love” in your search bar. After that, many related filters such as Bear Milk Lover, Bear In Love, We Bare Bears, etc appear. Click on one of them and start creating the amazing reels and filters.

Gender Swap

Have you ever imagined yourself turning to another gender while waking up early in the morning? The gender-swapping filters offered by Snapchat will let you know how you would look if your gender gets changed. You don’t need any kind of makeup to make yourself look like the opposite gender. Try out these filters with your friends and make some remarkable memories.

To use these filters, you need to tap on the smiley face and then swap from left-right with several options. Most of the gender-swapping filters appear at the first but if it doesn’t appear then you just need to type “Gender swap” on the search bar after clicking on explore. Several options are available among which select one and use out the filters.

Cartoon 3D Style

These Snapchat filters give you a unique animated look as if you just stepped out of the Disney Movies. It is popular among children to adults of any age group. The artistic look like it had been hand-drawn which made this filter undoubtedly popular.

Options such as 3D Cartoon Face, 3D Cartoon, and Cartoon 3D gets appeared on the screen after typing “Cartoon 3DStyle” On the search menu bar.

Scary Mask

When you are feeling bored and want some funny and scary filters in your photos, do try the scary mask filter. This filter covers your face with the skull mask and turns your eyes into golden scary looks.

For using these filters, you need to type “Scary Mask” on the search bar and then several options such as Mask Scary, Scary-Mak-1, Scary Me, Scary-Mask-2, etc pop out. Choose suitable filters and use them.

Vogue Noir

Vogue Noir makes you look like a model of Vogue magazines turning your photos black and white and even allows you to control the vogue logo color too.

The same steps are required to be taken to get Vogue Noir Filters. Apart from Vogue Noir, you will get to see options such as Vogue Black, Vogue Potato, and Vogue blvck. Just click on the required filters and get yourself clicked with amazing photos.

Dancing Turkey By Snapchat

Dancing turkey by Snapchat provides you with the turkey costume and starts dancing making you laugh out loud. It is quite fun to play around with these filters.

If you want to use these filters, then you need to type “Dancing Turkey” in the search bar after clicking on explore. Then you will get numerous options related to dancing turkey. Select one and enjoy the moment.

Rainbow Glasses

Rainbow Glasses filters provide you with rainbow shades with multi-color lenses that make you look cool and go with your outfit mostly if you are going out on the beach.

To get the rainbow glasses, you just need to type “Rainbow Glasses” and select one among the available options such as Rainbow Glasses, Colourful Glasses, Multicolour Glasses, Unicorn Glasses, etc.

Baby Filter

The baby filter is yet another popular filter that is full of cuteness and sweetness. It turns your face into a baby face which makes you remember your childhood to some extent.

To try out these amazing filters just type “Baby Filters” on the search bar and filters such as Filter Baby, Baby Filter KPG, Baby Filter new, Baby Age Filter, Baby Bear Filter, etc are available. Choose one among them and use the filters to bring your amazing childhood days back.

Twist Face

Twist Face is yet another popular filter that makes you laugh until your stomach aches. It twists your face structure into different shapes and figures that make you look like an alien sometimes. You will get entertained if you use these filters with your friends.

Here, the question arises of how to use these filters. Just go through the same process but type “Twist Face” on the search bar. Filters such as Twisty face, Twisted tea face, Face Twist, and Twister, appear on your screen. Select one among them and click some twisted pictures.

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How To Create A Snapchat Filter For free?

Trending Snapchat filters and Lenses can be created for free only by visiting the website Snapchat. You need to browse the Snapchat web on your search engine. After opening the page, you need to click on creative tools and select community filters. Now, you need to choose between Geofilters and moment filters. For Geofilters, you need to pin the map and create a certain zone. Likewise, for moment filters you need to get approval after you submit your design. It takes a couple of hours for approval.

How Do You Search Filters On Snapchat?

There is no hustle to use filters on Snapchat. You just need to take a few easy steps. Firstly, open your Snapchat app and visit a camera page. A smiley icon appears, tap the icon and open the filter screen. Then you just need to swipe from left to right, you will get a bunch of filters, select the appropriate one and enjoy using the filters you selected.

You can also undergo another process to search the trending Snapchat filters and lenses, music filters, and others. One needs to do the same process at first but instead of swiping from left to right, you need to tap on the explore at the bottom right of the screen. It will take you to an exclusive number of filters that are currently trending, recommended to use, music filters, etc. Here, if you want to select any specific filters, then you just need to click on the search bar and select your specific Snapchats.

What Are The Ways To Enable Your Snapchat Filters?

You are just a few steps away to enable your Snapchat filters. These are the steps that you need to take to enable your Snapchat filters:

Step 1: Open Your Snapchat Application

Firstly, You need to open your Snapchat app and make sure you get yourself logged in with your account.

Step 2: Tap On Your Profile And Go To The Settings Bar

You will get to see your profile in the top left corner. Tap your profile and go to the setting on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Click On The Additional Services

Now, you need to click on the additional services. Under that heading, you get to see the “Manage”. So, click on the “manage” and continue with the steps.

Step 4: Change The Filters To The On Position

Now you are at the last step to enabling your filters. You just need to change your filter options into “on position”. If you don’t get these options available then that means it has automatically enabled your filters.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

A Lot of queries have been raised regarding Snapchat filters. There are some of the lists of frequently asked questions along with the answers mentioned to those doubts.

How Long Does The Snapchat Filter Last?

Filters can last for around 30 days. If you want a filter to run after 30 days, then you need to try making an annual filter.

Can Snapchat Filter Creators See Your Snaps?

No, the Snapchat filter creators can’t view your snaps. Only the sender and recipient get to see the snaps that also for a shorter period.

Do Snapchat Filters Get Deleted?

Several new lenses and filters get added and deleted daily. Therefore, Snapchat filters don’t last forever.

Why Do My Snapchat Filters Get Reject?

One needs to follow several terms and conditions to make their Geofilters to be accepted. If you violate the rules and regulations then your Geofilters get rejected.

Does It Ask For Any Monetary Charges To Use The Filter?

No, it doesn’t ask for any charges to use the available filter. But in case, if you need to customize your filter, then you need to make some monetary payment.

Can You Customise Your Own Snapchat Filter?

Yes, you can customize your own Snapchat filters but you do require to make some monetary payment.

Are Snapchat Lenses Free Of Cost?

Snapchat Lense was free of cost during the initial introduction phase of lenses but at present, they charge a certain amount for keeping lenses. But you can have Snapchat filters for free.

What Is The Usage Rate Of Snapchat?

Snapchat has been a great social media platform that provides users the ability to create memories with friends and families with endless entertainment. It has been in demand when they are on -the go during their day and traveling around.

As reported by Snapchat, 34% use Snapchat while hanging out with friends while 14% use it while attending social events. They prefer to use several filters, lenses, and Geofilters to make their image fun and classy.

In 2019, Snapchat filters and lenses made a tremendous increase in their download rates. The release of new filters such as swapping the gender, and smoothing the appearance of your skin to make you look like a baby has increased the download rates by double during that era.

Snapchat achieved around 41.5 million download rates which were almost double compared to other time frames.


Trending Snapchat Filters and lenses available on Snapchat are fascinating because of which their download rates have been mounting day by day. Trending Snapchat filters and lenses always come in handy when you want to get elegant, funny photos as well as at times when you want to get yourself entertained.

So give it a shot and try these amazing filters to make your photo more colorful and create amazing memories with your groups.

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