5 Reasons Why You Are Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat?

Why You Are Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat?

Exploring a new social media platform like Snapchat can be tricky, especially with the constant updates and similarities with other apps. This Snapchat platform has evolved, offering new features like Subscriptions and Discover. These features allow users to effortlessly connect with their favorite creators and enjoy diverse, engaging content. Let’s dive into why you might be subscribed to someone on Snapchat.

You may be subscribed to someone on Snapchat for five main reasons: you enjoy their content, your friend request was not accepted, you cannot add them as a friend, you share common interests, or your content is inspiring or informative.

Subscribing to someone on Snapchat is important, as it unlocks various benefits and opportunities within the platform. Whether you’re seeking to stay connected with your favorite influencers, access exclusive content, or expand your social network, subscribing plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

What Does Subscribed Mean On Snapchat?

Subscribing on Snapchat means viewing someone’s published stories in your “Subscriptions” section. It reflects your interest in their content and desire to stay connected with their daily updates.

Unlike other platforms, subscribing to Snapchat focuses on accessing a user’s stories rather than granting full content access. It signifies your preference to stay updated on their lives and enjoy their regular content. Also, you prioritize their stories and ensure you get all updates from those you find engaging.

Subscribing on Snapchat is a way to show appreciation for someone’s content and stay connected with their daily lives. It involves selecting to subscribe, engaging with their stories, and easily accessing their updates in your Snapchat feed.

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Why Am I Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat?

You would choose to subscribe to someone on Snapchat for multiple reasons. Although I cannot read your mind, the most probable reason is that you genuinely enjoy their content. While you may also have personal motivations, here are a few common reasons individuals subscribe to someone on Snapchat.

1. You Enjoy Their Content

One of the primary reasons for subscribing to someone on Snapchat is because you genuinely enjoy their content. Snapchat offers a wide range of content, from entertaining drama videos to satisfying pimple-popping clips. While many primarily associate Snapchat with a messaging app, it may surprise you to discover the vast content on the platform.

Subscribing to your favorite content creators and celebrities allows you to witness their daily snippets of life, gain insights into their projects, and experience their unfiltered voices and personalities. It satisfies the curiosity of fans eager to stay updated and connected. Snapchat also features informational content, including news stories reported directly on the platform.

2. Your Friend Request Was Not Accepted

It can be disappointing that your friend request was not accepted on Snapchat. In such cases, the person you sent the request to will appear under “Subscriptions” rather than in your friend’s list. It’s important to note that this can occur when you send a friend request to someone with a public profile, and they choose to ignore or decline your request.

Furthermore, there are instances where you have yet to initiate the friend request yourself. Some users employ a strategy where they send friend requests to increase their Snapchat subscriber count, only to remove you as a friend once you have accepted their request. This behavior is driven by their desire to boost their number of Snapchat subscribers rather than establishing a genuine connection or friendship.

3. You Cannot Add Them As A Friend

When you cannot add someone as a friend on Snapchat, such as after a breakup or for personal reasons, subscribing to their account can provide an alternative option. Subscribing allows you to stay connected with their updates without being noticed, as Snapchat users cannot see who has subscribed or unsubscribed from their accounts.

To maintain your privacy, consider changing your Snapchat username, as users can identify who views their Stories. Doing so lets you secretly follow their content without revealing your identity.

4. You Share Common Interests

You might be subscribed to someone on Snapchat because you like the same things. It’s fun to follow their updates when you find someone who posts about the same hobbies or topics you enjoy.

For example, if you love photography, you might follow someone on Snapchat who shares cool photos and tips. Subscribing to them enables you to see what they’re up to and learn new things about your interests.

5. You Find Their Content Inspiring Or Informative

Lastly, you might subscribe to someone on Snapchat because their posts inspire or give you helpful information.

They share interesting ideas, motivational messages, or educational content you like. Their posts can motivate you, help you see things differently, or make you happy.

When you stay subscribed to them, you keep getting their updates that uplift you, teach you, or entertain you. It’s like having a continuous source of inspiration and learning that you can easily access.

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How Do I Subscribe To Someone On Snapchat?

Subscribing to someone on Snapchat is free, and you can subscribe to anyone you wish. Similar to platforms like YouTube or Twitch, there is no cost associated with subscribing to Snapchat. When you hit the subscribe button, it signifies that you want to see the content of that particular user in your Subscription feed. If you have come across a new creator that you would like to follow on Snapchat, here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Launch the Snapchat app on your device and log in if needed.

Step 2: Tap The Stories Icon

At the bottom of the screen, locate and tap on the Stories icon. It resembles figures of two people standing next to each other. Alternatively, you can access the Stories section from right to left.

Step 3: Scroll Down

Scroll down within the Discover section until you find the content or creator you are interested in. Keep scrolling until you locate the desired content.

Step 4: Subscribe

Once you have found the content and the creator you want to subscribe to, tap on their story.

A pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the “Subscribe” button. You can also enable Story Notifications if you wish to receive notifications whenever they post new content.

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What Happens When You Subscribe To Someone On Snapchat?

Subscribing to someone on Snapchat allows you to view their stories. Once you click the Subscribe button on their profile, their stories will appear in your Subscriptions. This means you can see their content on your feed, even if you are not friends.

The person you subscribe to must be aware of your subscription, including when you subscribed and how frequently you view their stories or visit their profile. Your activity remains private and secretive.

Additionally, you have the option to customize your notification settings. You can choose whether or not to receive notifications when the person you subscribed to posts new stories. This ensures that you have the choice to stay informed and never miss any of their posts.

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Why Does “Subscribe” Comes Up Instead of “Add Friend”?

The reason why “Subscribe” appears instead of “Add Friend” on Snapchat can be attributed to two main factors. Firstly, if the user has a public account, any friend requests made to them will be categorized as subscriptions unless they specifically accept your friend request. In this case, the user will remain in your subscriptions until they accept your request or until you choose to unsubscribe from their content.

Secondly, if the user has unfriended you, they will appear under the subscriptions section. If you were previously friends on Snapchat and they have now unfriended you, they will be listed under subscriptions. This typically occurs when their privacy settings are set to allow anyone to view their stories (“View My Story” set to “Everyone”) or if they have a public profile.

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Is Snapchat Subscription Right For You?

Snapchat Subscriptions are helpful if you want to be a content creator. While Snapchat is often associated with sharing entertaining videos among close friends, it can also be a powerful tool to connect with a wider audience.

Utilizing Snapchat Subscriptions lets you attract viewers who may have yet to see your content on other social media platforms. It can help you expand your reach and grow a community on Snapchat. Creating a Public Profile on Snapchat can be a great starting point to showcase your content and engage with potential viewers.

If you want to promote your content and establish a presence on Snapchat, utilizing Snapchat Subscriptions is a beneficial choice to connect with and expand your viewership.

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Will They Know If You Unsubscribe From Someone On Snapchat?

No, the person you unsubscribe from on Snapchat will not be notified or aware of your action. Whether they are a popular creator with many subscribers or a smaller creator, they need access to the specific information of who has subscribed or unsubscribed from their account.

Even if they check their subscription count, they can only see who has viewed their stories, which must be checked. Therefore, if you have chosen to unsubscribe from someone you know or follow but are not particularly fond of, you can do so without any concerns, as they will never know about your decision.

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How To Unsubscribe From Someone On Snapchat?

If you’re searching for an unsubscribe button on Snapchat, you might have noticed it doesn’t exist. However, you can still receive someone’s stories when you’re no longer interested. Unsubscribing is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Your Snapchat App

Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device and log in with your identification.

Step 2: Tap On The Stories Icon

Swipe from right to left to access the Stories icon, or locate it at the bottom of your screen and tap on it.

Step 3: Unsubscribe

Press and hold on to the story you want to unsubscribe from. Then, turn off the “Subscribe” option to unsubscribe.

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Why Can’t I See My Subscriptions On Snapchat?

If you cannot see your subscriptions on Snapchat and wonder why they’re missing, there could be a few reasons. It might be due to errors with your Snapchat or simply because there have been no new posts recently. Here are some reasons you need to see your Subscriptions on Snapchat:

You Have Unsubscribed From Everyone

If you can’t see your subscriptions on Snapchat, you have unsubscribed from everyone. It may be because you have accidentally or unknowingly unsubscribed from all users. This can happen if you mistakenly tap the unsubscribe button or if there was a glitch in the app that caused the unsubscribing action. When you unsubscribe from everyone, you won’t receive their updates, and their content won’t appear in your feed.

They Have Not Posted Any Content

When you subscribe to only a few people on Snapchat, it’s common to find your Subscription section empty. This is because only some people post content daily. To see posts, you’ll need to wait until the people you’ve subscribed to share their stories.

So, if you want to avoid having an empty Subscription section often, it’s helpful to subscribe to more creators. This way, you increase the likelihood of regularly seeing new content on Snapchat.

No Internet Available

Snapchat is an app that depends on a stable internet connection to work effectively? If you find yourself in an area with a weak network or no internet access, you must wait until you have a better network connection to use Snapchat. In such situations, the app may only function properly once you can access a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Snapchat Under Maintenance

At times, Snapchat undergoes maintenance as part of its routine operations or to address server issues. During such maintenance periods, you may face errors on Snapchat, so you might be unable to view your subscriptions.

If this occurs, the best action is to be patient and wait for Snapchat to resolve the issue. Once the server errors are fixed and the maintenance is completed, Snapchat will resume functioning properly, and you can see your subscriptions again.

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If You Are Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat, Can They See Your Story?

When it comes to whether someone can see your story on Snapchat, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, if the person you are subscribed to is your friend and has a public profile, they might watch your stories. However, they would have added you as a friend if they were genuinely interested in your updates.

No, if most of the content creators you follow are famous figures, celebrities, or news outlets, the usual accounts people follow on Snapchat. They often use Snapchat for self-promotion or marketing purposes. Therefore, the likelihood of them regularly watching the stories of random individuals who are not well-known themselves could be higher.

So, if you ever worry that your favorite celebrity is watching your everyday stories, you can relax knowing that it’s very unlikely to happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to “Why are you subscribed to someone on Snapchat?” they are as follows:

Why Can’t My Friend See My Snapchat Story?

First, make sure your network connection is working properly. Your friend couldn’t view the story if you did not send it successfully. Also, check if you have blocked your friends on Snapchat, which could prevent them from seeing your stories. If neither is the issue, try clearing your Snapchat Cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

What Do Red, Purple, And Blue Mean On Snapchat Messages?

On Snapchat, the color icons represent the type of Snaps you send and receive. When you see a red color, the Snap or video you received has no audio. If you come across a purple color, it indicates that the Snap or video you received includes audio. Lastly, the color blue is used for text messages exchanged on Snapchat.

What Is Gold Star Emoji On Snapchat?

The gold star emoji on Snapchat indicates that someone is a verified account, similar to how Twitter shows a checkmark for verified accounts. If you see a gold star emoji next to someone’s profile on Snapchat, it typically means that they are a celebrity or a well-known public figure.


Snapchat is a fun app that may take some time to understand fully, much like other social media platforms? Even as a member of Generation Z, I sometimes find it challenging to keep up with all these apps. The key is to enjoy yourself and use Snapchat in a way that suits you.

Whether you want to enjoy sharing videos and snaps with your friends or build a community on Snapchat, there are different approaches you can take. Consider creating a Public Profile to connect with a wider audience.

Remember, you don’t have to unfriend your friends to gain subscribers. Find a balance that allows you to enjoy the app while staying connected with those who matter to you.

I hope I have helped you with your queries about “Subscribed to someone on Snapchat.” Thank You for Reading; take Care.

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