3 Reasons Why You Are Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat?

What does it mean when you are subscribed to someone on Snapchat? Snapchat has come far from its reputation of being an app for sending risky pictures. With its Subscriptions and Discover features, you can now see your favorite creators and see their content.

You are subscribed to someone on Snapchat if they have a public account and haven’t followed you back or they have unfriended you on Snapchat.

When you’re new to Snapchat or any social media platform it can get tricky to know what you are doing. Especially when updates are happening every day and every famous social media app seems to be a hybrid of each other. If you have not explored Snapchat enough, this article will discuss what you need to keep in mind.

What Does Subscribed Mean On Snapchat?

A subscription is an option provided by a service provider which allows you to gain access to products or services. Subscriptions vary differently according to platforms. For example, when you subscribe to Netflix, you will get access to all the content provided and made by Netflix.

But when you subscribe to a YouTube creator you get only notifications and they appear on your homepage.

To subscribe to someone on Snapchat is a bit different, you will be able to see their published stories under “Subscriptions”. You can also get notified according to how you set your settings. It means you like their content so much that you want to see more of their daily lives.

Why Am I Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat?

There are many reasons why you would want to subscribe to someone on Snapchat. And while I’m no mindreader you would most likely subscribe to someone because you enjoy their content. You might have some other personal reasons but here are a few reasons why you are subscribed to someone on Snapchat.

You Enjoy Their Content

As stated above you enjoy their content. Now the content could be anything from drama videos to seeing pimples and zits popped. There are tons of content on Snapchat since we mostly associate Snapchat as a messaging app you may not realize just how much content there is on Snapchat.

Seeing your favorite content creators and celebrity’s daily snippets of life, what they are working on, and their unfiltered voices and personalities is something every fan is curious about. Plus the content can be informational as there are news stories reported on Snapchat.

Your Friend Request Was Not Accepted

This news might hurt, but they have not accepted your friend request. For example, if you send a friend request to someone with a public profile and they ignore your request they will appear under Subscriptions.

In some cases, you might not even be the one who sent the friend request. Sometimes users will send friend requests only to remove you as a friend after you have accepted their request. This is because they want to increase their Snapchat subscribers.

You Cannot Add Them As A Friend

Did you just suffer from a bad breakup? But now you aren’t able to move on. We all love stalking our exes for a while to see how they are doing. So whatever the reason you have that you cannot remain Snapchat friends subscribing might just be the option for you.

Since Snapchat users, can’t see who has subscribed to them or unsubscribed you can remain in their subscriptions for a while without them knowing. Although you might want to change your Snapchat username since users can know who sees their Stories.

How Do I Subscribe To Someone On Snapchat?

Subscribing to anyone on Snapchat is free and you can subscribe to whomever you want. Just like how a subscription to YouTube or Twitch is free it is also the case with Snapchat. You hitting the subscribe button means that you will see their content in your Subscription feed. If you have discovered a new creator you want to follow then here are the steps.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat and log in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Tap The Stories Icon

On your screen go to the bottom of your screen and click the Stories icon which looks like silhouettes of two people standing beside each other. Or simply swipe right to left.

Step 3: Scroll Down

Scroll down to your Discover section and find the content you like. You can keep scrolling down till you find the content you like.

Step 4: Subscribe

After finding the content and the content creator you like press click on the story. A pop-up will appear from the bottom. Click Subscribe and you can choose to turn on Story Notifications.

What Happens When You Subscribe To Someone On Snapchat?

Whenever you click the Subscribe button on someone’s profile it means that you will now be viewing their stories. Their stories will appear on your Subscriptions and you will see them on your fees even if you are not friends with each other.

They will not know when you Subscribe to them or how often you view their stories or profile. You can choose whether or not to get any notifications when they post their stories so you can never miss their posts.

Why Does “Subscribe” Comes Up Instead of “Add Friend”?

As stated above there are two main reasons. First, they have a public account or they have unfriended you. In a public account, all requests will fall under Subscriptions unless they accept your friend request. So for them to disappear from your subscription you will have to wait until they accept your request. Or you can just unsubscribe.

When the other user unfriends you, they will appear under Subscriptions. If you both were once Snapchat friends and they suddenly appeared under Snapchat Subscription this could be the reason. When “View My Story” is set to “Everyone” or if they are a public profile unfriending you will appear under Subscription.

Is Snapchat Subscription Right For You?

Are you looking into being a content creator yourself? While you might think that Snapchat might not be the best place for promoting content as it is mainly used for sharing funny videos with your close friends.

However, Snapchat Subscriptions can be a powerful tool to connect your content to your viewers. As it can pull in viewers you might not expect from other social media platforms. If you are looking to grow a community on Snapchat creating a Public Profile can be the start you are looking for.

Will They Know If You Unsubscribe From Someone On Snapchat?

No, the person you are subscribed to will not know when you unsubscribe. Specifically, if they are a popular creator as they probably have thousands subscribing and unsubscribing daily.

Even small creators rarely check their subscription number as they as not shown who is subscribed to them. The most they can see is who has viewed their stories and even that is checked rarely.

You wouldn’t be wondering if it’s okay to unsubscribe if the person you follow is a big creator. So if the person is someone you know who you’re not so fond of you can unsubscribe without worries. Since they would never know.

How To Unsubscribe From Someone On Snapchat?

If you are looking for an unsubscribe button on Snapchat you might have found there is no such thing. This doesn’t mean you can’t unsubscribe when you are no longer interested in the stories. It is very easy to unsubscribe just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Go to your Android or iOS device and open Snapchat. If you haven’t logged in then log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Tap The Stories Icon

Swipe right to left to get to the stories icon or on the bottom of your screen click the stories icon.

Step 3: Unsubscribe

Tap and hold click on a story you wish to unsubscribe from. Toggle off the “Subscribe” option to unsubscribe.

Why Can’t I See My Subscriptions On Snapchat?

If you cannot see your subscriptions on Snapchat and are wondering where they went it could be because of a few things. Your Snapchat could be facing some errors or it can just be a dry day where no one has posted anything. Here are the reasons why you are not seeing your Subscriptions on Snapchat.

You Have Unsubscribed From Everyone

This one might seem obvious but as Occams’s razor states “the simplest solution is almost the best”. You should check who you are subscribed to on Snapchat to see who you are on your list. If you are not subscribed to anyone then you are not going to see anyone on your Subscription list.

They Have Not Posted Any Content

If you are someone who subscribes to very limited people then you will often see your Subscription blank. As not everyone posts daily so you will have to wait until they post their stories to see any. If you don’t want your Subscription to be blank often then you should subscribe to more creators.

No Internet Available

Snapchat is an app that requires wifi to function properly. If you are somewhere where the network is weak or you have no internet then you will have to wait until you get a better network to use Snapchat.

Snapchat Under Maintenance

Sometimes Snapchat goes down because of its routine maintenance ow when something is off with its server. This can cause Snapchats to show an error and you might not be able to see your Subscriptions.

If this happens you need to wait for Snapchat to figure itself out. Once they fix the server errors Snapchat will work properly and you can see your subscriptions again.

If You Are Subscribed To Someone On Snapchat Can They See Your Story?

Yes and No, yes if they are your friend and they have a public profile they might just watch your stories. But if they are that interested in you they would have added you as a friend.

And No since most content creators you follow on Snapchat are most likely famous figures, celebrities, news outlets, or content creators. They are all using Snapchat for a different reason than you, to market themselves. So why would they watch some random unfamous guy posting stories about the sky?

So if you ever worry that your favorite celebrity is watching your stories about what taco you ate, you can rest that worry.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Have more questions about Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Why Can’t My Friend See My Snapchat Story?

If you have posted a story on Snapchat and your friend can’t see it then first check your network connection. If it wasn’t sent in the first place then they cannot see it. You should also check if you have blocked them. And if both of these are not the reason then you should clear your Snapchat Cache and uninstall and install the app.

What Do Red, Purple, And Blue Mean On Snapchat Messages?

On Snapchat, the color icons represent what Snaps you send and receive. Red color refers to snaps and videos with no audio Purple refers to snaps and videos with audio and blue is for text messages.

What Is Gold Star Emoji On Snapchat?

Just like how Twitter shows a verified account with a checkmark, Snapchat has its custom emoji. So if you see a gold star emoji next to someone’s profile they are most likely celebrities and famous public figures.


Snapchat is a fun app and just like other social media apps, it will take a while to get a hang of it. As a Gen Z myself even I have a hard time catching up to all these apps. So just have fun and use it however you feel fit.

If you want to just have a fun time sharing videos and snaps then you can do that. And if you want to grow a community on Snapchat then create a Public Profile, and don’t unfriend your friends to gain subscribers.