Why Snapchat Custom Story Not Working? [Fixes]

Why Snapchat Custom Story Not Working?

Experiencing difficulties with Snapchat’s custom story feature can be frustrating when it fails to work as expected. If you find yourself in a situation where a Snapchat custom story is not working, it’s important to understand the possible causes and solutions.

To fix the Snapchat custom story not working, try these steps: restart the app, update it, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, enable necessary permissions, reinstall the app, and clear the app cache. These troubleshooting methods can help resolve common problems and restore the functionality of custom stories on Snapchat.

Technical glitches, outdated app versions, internet connectivity issues, account or privacy settings, temporary server problems, and device compatibility can all contribute to the problem. By exploring these potential issues and implementing the appropriate solutions, you can regain the functionality of the Snapchat custom story feature and enjoy its full benefits. 

What Is A Snapchat Custom Story? 

With the help of the Snapchat Custom Story feature, users may work together to create custom stories with their friends or a particular group of people.

Custom stories offer a collaborative experience where numerous users can add content to a shared story instead of ordinary individual stories, which can only be generated and controlled by the account holder.

You can create a story and ask particular friends to add Snaps (pictures or videos) to it using Custom Story. Moreover, the person who creates the bespoke story controls how private it is, who may participate, and who can view it.

With the help of this tool, friends may collectively capture and share situations from multiple perspectives in a unified narrative, thereby encouraging group interaction. Additionally, a custom story can be entertaining and interesting to record occasions, excursions, gatherings, or shared experiences. In fact, it promotes social interaction and enables users to witness several perspectives and memories of the same event, further boosting Snapchat’s narrative function.

Why Does The Snapchat Custom Story Don’t Work? (Reason, Fixes)

If you wonder why a Snapchat custom story doesn’t work or why your friend can’t see your Snapchat story, there might be some ongoing reasons. The Snapchat custom story feature might need to be fixed for several reasons. Among some possible reasons are:

1. Technical Glitches 

Like any other app, like the personalized story feature, Snapchat occasionally has bugs or technical issues that can hamper particular functions.

These transient problems could be fixed by Snapchat’s development team performing software updates or server upkeep.

Fix: Restart The App 

Restarting the Snapchat app is a quick but effective way to fix any bugs that might be degrading its functionality. The software is forced to start over when you close it and reopen it, wiping out any transient data or processes that might be the problem.

2. Outdated App Version 

The personalized story feature and other recent Snapchat upgrades might not work if you use an old app version. Make sure the app is installed from the app store on your smartphone and that it is the most recent version.

Fix: Update The App 

Make sure Snapchat is installed on your device in the most recent version. Developers frequently release updates to fix known problems and enhance overall program functionality.

You might resolve the technical issue you’re experiencing by updating to the most recent version.

3. Internet Connectivity Issues 

A reliable internet connection is necessary for the efficient operation of custom stories. The custom narrative functionality might not function as intended if you have a spotty or unreliable internet connection. 

It would help if you tried a dependable Wi-Fi network or verified your mobile data connection.

Fix: Switch To Wi-Fi Or Mobile Data 

If you need help connecting, try switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi to determine which connection offers more consistency.

For Wi-Fi: 

  1. Open the settings on your device, navigate to the Wi-Fi section, and turn off the Wi-Fi switch,
  2. Switch it back on after a brief delay,
  3. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list, then, if necessary, input the password,
  4. Doing this lets you make a new connection and rejoin your device to the Wi-Fi network.

For Mobile Data: 

  1. Check to see if your data plan is current and has enough data remaining if you’re utilizing mobile data, 
  2. You can turn off mobile data in your device’s settings and then turn it back on if it’s on and you have a strong signal, 
  3. The mobile data connection will be updated as a result.

4. Account Or Privacy Settings 

Using the custom tale function could be restricted by your account or privacy settings. Ensure the appropriate permissions are enabled for creating and viewing custom stories by checking your Snapchat settings.

Fix: Enable Necessary Permissions 

Ensure that the required permissions are turned on to create and view custom stories. These authorizations may include “Allow Friends to Contribute to My Story” or “Allow Me to Contribute to Friend’s Stories.” If these choices are presently off, enable them. 

5. Temporary Server Issues 

It’Snapchat’s servers may occasionally have outages or problems that affect particular functionality, such as bespoke stories. It’s advisable to wait until Snapchat fixes the problem in these situations because the issue is typically only temporary.

Fix: Reinstall The App 

Reinstalling the Snapchat app can occasionally fix more serious problems if the malfunction disappears. This procedure guarantees a new installation, which could eliminate any corrupted or incompatible files that are to blame for the issue. 

6. Device Compatibility 

The custom narrative functionality could have compatibility concerns with specific hardware or operating system versions. Make that your device satisfies the minimal specifications for Snapchat, and if required, upgrade the software to the most recent version advised by the manufacturer.

Fix: Clear The App Cache 

Use these procedures to clear Snapchat’s app cache: 

  1. First, go to your device’s settings menu. The “Apps” or “Applications” option should be easy to find; the exact name depends on your device and operating system,
  2. Locate Snapchat in the list of installed apps and tap it to access its settings,
  3. Locate the storage, storage use, or cache option once you are in the Snapchat app settings,
  4. To access the cache settings, tap on it,
  5. You ought to see a choice to erase the app cache from there. Make sure you want to move on with clearing the cache,
  6. Restart the Snapchat app after emptying the cache in the settings panel. 

How Long Does It Take For Snapchat Custom Story To Work? 

It should start working almost immediately after you create a custom story on Snapchat and ask people to contribute. Your friends can participate and read the bespoke story when they accept the invitation. Most of the time, the procedure goes smoothly and doesn’t involve any major delays.

It’s important to remember that there might occasionally be a few brief delays brought on by network or server congestion or transient technical issues on Snapchat’s end. These occurrences are usually infrequent, and any delays are often over fast.

It is advised to check that all relevant settings and permissions, including privacy settings and network connectivity, are properly adjusted if you or your friends are experiencing a considerable delay or the personalized table is malfunctioning.

Additionally, ensure you and your friends run the most recent version of the Snapchat app to ensure compatibility and access to all the features.

Contacting Snapchat support is advised if the problem continues or if you have questions about the operation of the custom story. They can provide detailed instructions and solve any problems you might have.

Why Does Snapchat Custom Story Matter? 

Snapchat’s personalized stories are important for several reasons, including giving users special advantages. Here are some of the main arguments in favor of Snapchat’s personalized stories:

Collaborative Storytelling: 

Snapchat Custom Stories’ ability to let numerous users contribute to a single shared narrative enables collaborative storytelling. It offers a fun and dynamic environment for groups of friends or communities to write collective stories, stimulating creativity and a sense of community.

Personalized Sharing: 

With Custom Story, users can choose which friends or groups of friends they want to share their content with. As users may select who can view and participate in their bespoke tale, this personalized sharing option enables a more focused and intimate connection.

Events And Celebrations: 

Creating a custom narrative is a great way to document and share special memories at events, parties, or other occasions. Users can combine photos taken from various angles, creating a thorough, dynamic depiction of the event that they can actively share with others, bringing them relief.

Community Building: 

On Snapchat, custom stories are essential for establishing and sustaining communities. Users with similar interests or connections can work together to produce tales that capture the character and values of their local area. It motivates community members to interact actively and develops a sense of belonging.

Real-Time Updates: 

Snapchat’s bespoke stories have real-time updates, making them useful for sharing in-the-moment experiences. Users can capture and share moments immediately, providing a real-time peek into their lives. Because of this real-time component, the storytelling experience infuses a sense of spontaneity and newness.

Expression And Creativity: 

Custom Story encourages people to let their imaginations run wild and express themselves visually. Users can showcase their viewpoints and artistic prowess by experimenting with various forms of content on this platform, including images, movies, filters, stickers, and text. 

Memories And Nostalgia: 

A custom story helps people make special memories and stimulates feelings of nostalgia. Users can return to their personalized stories in the future to reflect on the past and relive special occasions. It functions as a digital scrapbook that records memories aesthetically pleasing and engagingly.

Snapchat custom stories are important because they enable users to interact, work together, and share experiences uniquely and imaginatively. 

It improves interpersonal communication, fosters community development, and adds to the vibrant web of digital storytelling that makes up the Snapchat ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Snapchat custom story not working and other issues about the app are as follows: 

Why Can’t I Create A Custom Story On Snapchat? 

There could be various reasons why you’re unable to create a custom story on Snapchat. Check if you have the latest version of the app installed and review your account settings to ensure you have the necessary permissions for creating custom stories. 

Is Inviting Friends To Contribute To My Custom Story On Snapchat Possible? 

You can invite friends to contribute to your custom story on Snapchat. You can send invitations to specific friends, and once they accept, they can add their snaps to the story. 

Why Are There Delays In Customs Story Updates? 

Occasionally, there may be minor delays in custom story updates due to network congestion or temporary technical issues on Snapchat’s end. Typically, users resolve these delays quickly, but if the problem persists, make sure you have a stable internet connection and attempt to refresh the app.

Are There Privacy Settings For Custom Stories On Snapchat? 

Yes, there are privacy settings for custom stories on Snapchat. You can configure the privacy settings to determine who can view and contribute to your custom stories, such as specific friends or a custom list of contacts. 

Can My Friends View The Custom Story I’ve Created On Snapchat? 

Yes, your friends can view the custom story you’ve created on Snapchat if you have set the appropriate privacy settings to allow them access. They can view the story and contribute to it based on your permission. 


It can be frustrating when a Snapchat custom story is not working on your device. However, recognizing the underlying causes of the problems and putting the right remedies in place can aid in their resolution. The Snapchat custom story may experience technical difficulties due to older app versions, poor internet access, account or privacy settings, temporary server problems, and device compatibility.

Users can improve their chances of success by addressing these aspects, such as restarting the app, updating the app version, ensuring a steady internet connection, evaluating privacy settings, being patient during server outages, and confirming device compatibility. Reaching out to Snapchat support can offer more assistance and direction if the issue continues. Users may overcome the difficulties and take advantage of the collaborative and unique storytelling experience that Snapchat Custom Story offers by following these instructions.

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