Why Netflix Not Working on Firestick 2022 [10 Fixing Methods]

Amazon Fire TV Stick change the way you watch streaming videos on your TV. You can watch almost every stream, including Amazon Instant videos and Netflix. When it comes to Netflix, I personally love to spend most of the free time watching series and movies, but not for all people. Recently, one of my friends said that his Netflix not working on Firestick properly. Are you also facing the same problem?

If Netflix not working, loading, crashing on Firestick, then restart your Firestick, clear Netflix cache, change your Amazon account location, Access Fire Stick with a different Amazon account. You can also try to restore your Firestick device to factory default and reinstall Netflix app.

By doing this, it will help you to access your Netflix account on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now, you can enjoy your favorite streaming videos without any issues. In case your Netflix still not working, then you can try out other methods, which I have listed down below. In addition, I have also mentioned steps to properly add or install Netflix on Fire TV Stick.

Shall we start?

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Firestick?

Netflix expands its business to almost every section in the market to ensure that users entertain themselves in every possible way. But, every time, things will not work the same. Lots of users are facing trouble while accessing Netflix on Amazon Fire TV Stick. They sometimes receive a message saying, “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later.” And other time, can’t even open or run a Netflix app.

That’s why to solve Netflix crashing, not working or unavailable problem on Fire Stick, here are the following methods which you can try out.

Unplug and Re-plug Fire TV Stick

The most common reason to fix Netflix not working issues is to cut off the power cable of the Firestick device and re-plug in. By doing this, it will restart the server of the Amazon Fire TV Stick and can resolve the problem.

Un-plug the Fire Stick cable wire for like 20 seconds and re-plug back in. Make sure that all the lights are turned on and properly working. After that, turn on the device using the Fire Stick remote. In case of Amazon Fire Stick remote responding then you can check an article on How to Fix Firestick remote working issues?

Restart Firestick Device

If the above methods don’t solve your Netflix problem, then you can restart the Firestick device. Sometimes, the issue can be with the device itself rather than the Netflix app. Maybe the Fire TV Stick device doesn’t recognize the Netflix app and can’t run a program on your device.

To restart the Amazon Fire Stick device, you can simply,

  1. Long-press in Home button on your Fire Stick remote.
  2. On the TV display, select Settings option.
  3. After that, choose the My Fire TV option. In case you can’t find the My Fire TV section, then you have to choose either System or Device.
  4. Next, Select Restart and wait for few minutes to complete the process.
  5. Finally, check the Netflix app.

Check Your Home Wi-Fi

Amazon Fire TV Stick does need a good internet connection in order to stream the videos from different apps. So, the same thing also implies for the Netflix app. If you have an unstable or poor Wi-Fi connection, then Netflix will stop connecting and available on Fire TV Stick.

That’s why check whether your Home Wi-Fi network does have enough signal or strength to run a Netflix properly or not. In case your internet is the problem, then you can restart your router. Unplug the router cable for like 15 seconds and re-plug back in. Moreover, you can also press and hold a small button at the back of the router for 10 seconds. Remember, you have to once again set your WI-FI username and password.

You can also check your home internet connection on Fast.com. This will help you to check your actual internet speeds which you are receiving from the IPS.

Clear Netflix Cache

Cache files help to load the app faster, but if the data is corrupted, then it will lead the app to failure. So, if Netflix isn’t working on your Fire Stick, then you can wipe out the cache to prevent it from crashing or load faster.

Clearing cache files of Netflix is simple which can be done within minutes. So, follow the following steps to clear the Netflix cache file in Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  1. Long press the Home button on your Fire Stick remote.
  2. Next, select settings on your Tv screen.
  3. Scroll right and choose Applications.
  4. Now, choose Manage Installed Application option.
  5. After that, Search and choose the Netflix app.
  6. Choose Clear Data option.
  7. Next, choose Clear Cache.
  8. Finally, turn off your device and open it.

Update Amazon Fire Stick

Maybe your Amazon Fire Tv Stick is outdated. You must remember that you need to constantly update your Fire Stick in order to properly run apps, games, videos on it. If you ignore to check for updates, then your Amazon Firestick will have difficulty running programs. One of the example is Netflix not working on Fire TV Stick.

Now, to update your Amazon Fire Stick, have a closer look at the following steps down below.

Note: Your update may take about 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Launch Amazon Fire Stick on your TV.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. After that, select My Fire TV.
  4. On the right side, select the About option.
  5. Next, select Check for Updates.
  6. Now, you will see a current version of your Firestick on the right side. So, if you will see new updates on the right side, then select Install Updates.
  7. Once the update is complete, restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Change Your Amazon Location

Have you ever changed your Amazon account location to somewhere else in order to purchase a product from it? If so, then you should change it back. That’s because if you have purchased a Netflix from your country, then it will need our current location to run the streaming videos. Other than this, maybe the country you are selecting on your Amazon account doesn’t support Netflix.

To change the location of Amazon, first of all,

  1. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices section.
  2. Login to your account if needed.
  3. Next, tap on the Preferences tab.
  4. Choose Country/Region settings.
  5. Tap on the Change button.
  6. After that, fill up a form and set your current location.
  7. Finally, tap on the Update button to change location.

Use Different Amazon Account

If Netflix is unavailable or not connecting, you can use different Amazon accounts for your Fire TV Stick. This means, switch to another Amazon account and install Netflix on it. But remember, you shouldn’t have pre-installed Netflix on your other account because Amazon will track your account and can prevent Netflix from working.

To change switch Amazon account from one to another, follow the following steps.

  1. Open Amazon Firestick on your TV.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Now, select My Account option.
  4. After that, select Amazon Account option.
  5. Next, select Deregister.
  6. Once again, choose Deregister to confirm the changes.
  7. Wait for a few minutes and let Amazon deregister your account.
  8. After that, select I already have an Amazon account option.
  9. Follow the steps which are provided on the given page.
  10. Visit amazon.com/code and login to your account.
  11. Enter the code which you have previously copied in the required field.
  12. Finally, tap on the Continue button.

Now, install Netflix and check whether your problem is solved or not.

Update Firestick Firmware

Your Firestick Firmware also needs an update from time to time. This helps Amazon Fire Stick to support the installed updated apps. So, follow the following procedure to update the Fire TV Stick system.

  1. Open Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  2. Choose Settings from the home screen.
  3. Next, select System.
  4. Under the system menu, choose the About option.
  5. Now, check for the Firestick system firmware update if there is one, then update it.
  6. Once the new update download is complete, select Install System Update.

Update Netflix App

Amazon Firestick, not the only one that needs an Update. You also have to update the Netflix app to make it compatible with the current version of the Fire TV Stick. Amazon Firestick will automatically update the apps which are installed. But if you have turned off the auto-update, then you have to follow the manual process.

You can update the Netflix app from the Amazon Fire TV Stick itself and save a lot of time. So, how do you do that?

  1. Select Settings option from the home screen.
  2. After that, select Notification.
  3. Now, search for Netflix updates.
  4. If Netflix needs an update, then select update.

You have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to successfully complete an update. After that, open Netflix, and your problem is solved.

Reset Amazon Fire Stick

If none of the above-mentioned methods works to fix Netflix not working, loading, crashing, then factory reset your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Only follow this method which you have no other choices left to solve the Netflix problem on Firestick.

But one thing you should remember that you will lose all your sign-in details, installed apps, and personal information. So, save your Fire Stick and apps login info as well as personal data somewhere safe.

Now, to factory reset Amazon Fire Stick, firstly,

  1. Select Settings option.
  2. Scroll down and choose System menu.
  3. Search and select Reset option to factory Fire TV Stick device.
  4. Finally, provide your FireStick PIN to continue.

Why Netflix AutoPlay Not Working on Firestick?

If your Netflix Auto Play is not working on Firestick when you about to play videos or music, then maybe you have disabled the Autoplay option. So, turn on Autoplay on your Netflix account and watch videos without playing it.

To enable Autoplay on Netflix, firstly,

  1. Go to the official web version of Netflix.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Open your profile & Parental Controls settings.
  4. After that, click on Change which is located next to Playback settings.
  5. Next, select Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices option.
  6. Finally, click on Save button.

Is Netflix Down on Firestick?

Netflix is a large streaming service provider company in the world. It has over 200 million active users worldwide. This means, keeping a record of each individual is not a simple task. It does malfunction and causes errors sometimes. But, rarely experience server down.

When Netflix is down, then they will broadcast the information on their social media platform like Twitter. So, you can go to their page and check whether their server is down or not. For future information, you can also follow them and get updated about their news.

Moreover, you can also whether the Netflix server is working properly on site like “Is It Down Right Now” and “Down For Everyone or Just Me.” They will have up-to-date information about overall Netflix condition. So, you can there out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Fire Stick Support Netflix?

Yes, Amazon Fires Stick supports Netflix.

How Much Does Netflix Cost on Firestick?

Netflix costs around $8.99/month on Amazon Fire Stick.

Does Netflix Mobile Work on Fire Stick?

No, Netflix mobile doesn’t support Amazon Fire TV Stick because its resolution is only made for mobile devices.

Can You Jailbreak Netflix on Firestick?

When you jailbreak Netflix on Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you are not jailbreaking Netflix. You are just jailbreaking Firestick and installing a different content package.


Lastly, Netflix provides us the best entertainment service we can ever imagine. Sometimes, we can forget to tell how much time we have spent on Netflix watching interesting streaming videos. So, if your Netflix not working on Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you can follow the above-mentioned methods. One or other, they will help you to access your Netflix account.

If you have other queries related to Amazon Fire TV Stick, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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