How To Fix When Message Is Unsent In Kik  [Issues And Latest Fixes] 2022

Kik messenger is a chatting app that is famous around the world and is easy-going and has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, Kik focuses on creating a better user experience by rolling out updates to their users and fixing issues as frequently as possible. Still, the issues when running an app are inevitable and this is the same for Kik. Users face various issues including issues with the messaging platform in the app. If your messages do not go through and recipients have issues chatting with you, then what could that mean? We provide you with an easy guide on how to fix when a message is unsent in Kik messenger.

If your message is on read then it means that the recipient of the message does not want to reply to the sent message. However, if your messages are on either of the ‘s’ or ‘d’ staus then you can fix this by either checking your connection, updating Kik messenger, checking the status with the user, seeing if Kik is down, re-install Kik, or clearing Kik cache.

How To Know The Status Of Your Message In Kik

Before we move on to the fixes for unsent messages, you might wonder how to know whether your message went through to the recipient or not. Kik messenger has a very straightforward way of identifying the status of your message. There are the basic three indicators – ‘S’, ‘D’ and ‘R’.

An ‘s’ indicator means that your message is on the Kik server. Do not mistake the ‘s’ as a completely sent status. In Kik, the ‘s’ only means the message is in the Kik server and not received by the recipient of the message.

Next, there is the ‘d’ indicator which is for a delivered message. If you are familiar with using the Kik app then you may have noticed a lighter and darker ‘d’ indicator. When your message has a light ‘d’ status then the delivery is to the recipients. However, the recipient does not have their Kik app open on their end. On the other hand, a darker ‘d’ status indicates that the user has their Kik app active and the message is delivered to the recipient.

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Finally, the ‘r’ indicator means the recipient has read the message. It means the recipient opened the message and read it.

The above basic indicators for your message status are there, but if you see a three-dot instead of these indicators then that means your Kik app cannot establish a connection with the Kik server. Once the connection is met again, the indicator will move to ‘s’ to show that the message is sent to the Kik server network.

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If you see either the ‘d’ or the ‘r’ status of your message then it signifies that the message is delivered to the recipient. Either way, the issue is not with your device, Kik messenger app, or even your connection. However, either of the ‘s’ status or the three dots with a light ‘s’ can signify a problem with the app, your connection, or any external issue. So, we look into the detail of each message status and the possibility of why the issue arises.

Messages Stuck In ‘D’ For Delivered

Your message being stuck on the ‘d’ delivered can mean either one of two things. The first is that the message you sent goes to the recipient but the Kik app does not acknowledge it. This will make your app show a light-colored ‘d’ status on the messages. The acknowledgment not being there can either be because the recipient is not using their Kik app or they have shut it down. Either way, this fault is not from your Kik messenger application.

The first reason why your message is stuck on the ‘d’ status is that the recipient is busy and has not turned their WIFI on or gone to the Kik app. This way, your message is not received by the recipient’s Kik app.

Next, it can be because the user is choosing to ignore the message. A darker ‘d’ means the notification of the message delivered is sent to the user the moment they open their app. So, their lack of acknowledgment can mean they are ignoring your message.

And finally, the user may have blocked you. Because Kik never sends their users a notification when someone blocks them, this is the easiest way to tell if someone blocked you on Kik messenger. If the message does not change from ‘d’ to an ‘r’ ever then it means the person has blocked you.

When Message Is Stuck In ‘S’ For Sent

There are a number of reasons why your message is on the ‘s’ status. The first is if the users have their phone turned off or are out of the range for telephone coverage. Another reason can be if the user is logged out of their Kik app or if they have deactivated their account. Either way, the app leaves the message on an ‘s’ status when it is already sent into the Kik app server but has not reached the recipient’s device.

Since the Kik app uses a push messaging function, the status ‘s’ will change to a ‘d’ once the message is sent into the recipient’s Kik app. Moreover, the Kik messenger server will try to regularly push the message towards the recipient’s device until the message is delivered.

Messages Stuck In ‘R’ For Read

The ‘r’ status is different than that of the ‘s’ or ‘d’ status. Unlike the previous status where there could be network issues that could cause the problem; an ‘r’ status is the choice of the recipient. Meaning that the message is stuck on ‘r’ means the user has seen the message and is choosing to not reply to the message. This can be either because the user saw the message and forgot to reply or they are choosing not to reply at the moment. You need to be patient and wait for the user to reply to your message or you can always send them a double message to check.

How To Fix When Message You Message Is Pending In Kik [7 Fixes ]

So, we have looked into all the possible reasons why your messages are pending once they go from your app but not to the recipient of the message. We will now cover all the possible fixes for the issues when a message is unsent in Kik.

Check Internet Connection

The first thing you can do is to check your internet connection. Kik messenger requires a stable connection for it to function properly. If you are on your phone then you can switch to mobile data. Otherwise, move to a better WIFI connection. This will help if your message is tuck on the ‘s’ status. Your message could then move to deliver once the connection becomes stable. Check the WIFI and then go back to your app and check your messages.

Update Kik App

Another fix is to update the Kik messenger app on your device. If your Kik app is not up tp date to the latest version then your app will not function with all the features well. To update your Kik app, you can follow the given steps.

Step 1: Go To Either App Store Or Play Store

First, you can go to either the app store or the Google Play Store in your device if it is an iOS or an Android device.

Step 2: Search For Kik App

From the search bar on the top of the screen, type in Kik and tap on the Kik app.

Step 3: Update App

On the right side of the page, if you see an Update option then tap on it. If the update option is not there then you will know that the app is its latest version.

Check If Recipient Has Blocked You

Another reason for issues with the chat in Kik is if the recipient has blocked you. But, how can you find out if someone has blocked you? The answer is simple. Try opening a group chat on Kik messenger and try to add the person you think has blocked you. If you cannot add the user then that means the user has definitely blocked you on Kik.

Kik App Is Down

You can also check if the Kik messenger is down by going to the down detector. Though the app does not stay out of function for a long period of time, there can sometimes be issues that arise from the app itself. In this case, you can check and wait patiently for the Kik team to fix the issue from their end.

Device Is Not Updated

An outdated software or an old security path then it can also cause some of the functions within the apps including Kik to not function well in your device. So, go to the device settings and if there are any Software Updates then make sure you apply them to your device.

Re-Install App

The next possible solution is to re-install the Kik app. You can go to the app store or play store on your device and re-install the app after you remove it. In this case, the app will reboot and it should work better than it did previously. You can always log in from the old credentials from your account and also remember that removing an app from your device will not remove the overall data within the app.

Clear Kik Cache

Another possible fix for issues with the chat in your Kik messenger is to clear the Kik cache. Though the cache does help your app to function better and load better a lot of caches can not only take up space but cause issues within the app. In your case, with the status of messages in the chat section. So, you can follow the steps to clear the Kik cache and make sure your device functions better.

Why Are Kik Messages So Delayed

It can be frustrating when the messages are on either ‘s’ or ‘d’ status. However, unless the server is at fault or the app is down, the issue is usually if your app is connected to a stable WIFI connection. Another reason for the ‘d’ message is if the user is choosing to ignore you in the first place. So, before you take rash actions, see if the user is not on the app. Or, if the user has blocked you and is not wanting to connect with you in the first place. You can contact the Kik support team with your issue if none of the fixes work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to fix when a message is unsent in Kik are as follows.

Kik Messages Stuck On Three Dots

If your Kik messenger is on the three dots then it means your Kik messenger app is not communicating with your device. Or, the message is not delivered from the Kik server to the recipient. The message status will change to a ‘

Kik Message Stuck On S For One Person

The issue is with the connectivity between your device and the Kik server, if Kik messenger is on the ‘S’ status for only one person . It can also be because the Kik server is not working well with the recipients’ device as well.


In conclusion, if your message is unsent in the Kik messenger app then there are various ways in which you can check the status of the messages. If the message is on an ‘s’ or ‘d’ status then you can fix the issue from the fixes in the above article. Overall, this issue is possible to fix and you can easily do so once you know the reason for the issue.

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