How To Stop Random Snapchat Adds?

How to stop random Snapchat adds? Irritated by the ads shown by Snapchat? Want to get rid of those random adds? Do not know how to stop seeing adds on Snapchat? You have reached the right website. We are here for you with this article. This ultimate article contains all the detailed information which you would require about this topic. We make sure your mind will get answers to the queries you have, till the very end of this article.

You can stop the random Snapchat ads by following some of the tricks and tips such as:
1. Disabling Quick Add Button
2. Changing The Username
3. Cancel Sharing Your Snap Code
4. Stop Syncing Your Contacts
5. Turning The Snap Map Off
6. Cancelling The Requests

Snapchat is an app to make new friends and maintain healthy relationships with them. But, sometimes you may have to face some problems as unknown friends request along with a Snapchat add. The username you have set for your Snapchat, Snap bots, Snap map, quick add button, etc causes you the above problems. Snapchat is a place to relax with friends and you may not want such random ad disturbances while using it.

What Is Meant By Random Snapchat Adds?

Random Snapchat ads are the friend requests you get on your Snapchat from unknown users. Not only you, but every Snapchat user may also get this kind of random person to add you.

But, there is your own choice either to accept the random people to you or just to ignore them. People whom you may not have seen before or people from another nation may send you a request on Snapchat.

You may feel pretty annoyed when you get a random request to add. Despite getting requests from your friends, a notification about getting added by an unknown user is somehow disgusting. You may hate those kinds of acts.

The unknown People who think if adding you might be from a different nationality, personality, and others. Both of you may not even be talking with each other, exchanging snaps and all. Random people adding you are just a kind of mind irritating and boring thing.

What Causes Random Snapchat Adds On Snapchat?

There are many reasons behind random Snapchat users around the world adding you as a friend on Snapchat. Sometimes the request might be a mistake whereas sometimes there might be a reason behind it.

Snapchat consists of Snap maps. If you have made your location public on Snap Map, it might also lead you to random requests to add as a friend by users.

You may have noticed that there is a quick add button on Snapchat. This section also shows plenty of suggestions for other users. The people from your mobile contact list, people with the highest mutual friends, etc are shown over here. They may find your profile attractive and may have sent you a follow-up request.

The name you have kept for your Snapchat account might be similar to others as well. So when people search for a username, your name might pop up in the list. So, this also causes random people to add you by mistake.

Besides these, there are many other reasons and causes behind receiving such random requests to add from unknown people.

Ways To Stop Random Snapchat Adds

Everyone is facing random people adding them as a friend on Snapchat. You guys are over here to get rid of the same problem right? You may have wondered the ways to stop getting added by unknown people.

So we are here for you. We will be providing you with the best ways to stop random people from adding on Snapchat. They are as follows:

  • Disabling quick add button
  • Changing the username
  • Turning off the Snap map

Disabling Quick Add Button

You might need a guide to disable the quick add button on Snapchat. So here we have made the availability of steps as well. Read it, understand it and apply it to your app easily. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Snapchat App

You will need your Snapchat app at the very beginning. So, turn on your mobile phone and go to your mobile app list.

Launch Snapchat on the screen of your devices, once you find it out.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile Page

At the top left corner of your screen, you can see your Snapchat avatar displayed in a small circle.

Click on it and you will get your Snapchat profile page on your screen.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

As you are on your Snapchat profile page, you can see the settings icon.

Look at the top right corner of your screen, you will find a gear-like icon which is in the Snapchat settings. You need to open it to get further options.

Step 4: Select “See Me In Quick Add” Option

You will get a list of options, once you are on Snapchat settings. Scroll down the list once you get it on your screen.

Pause at the right time when you get to see this option in the list.

Step 5: Disable The Quick Add Option

You will see a green tick mark if the quick add option is enabled on your Snapchat.

Tap on the tick mark and it will get removed from there.

This means you have successfully disabled the quick add option from Snapchat. Now you won’t be shown on the list of quick people to add to other people.

Changing The Username

This is one of the main important reasons for getting randomly added by other Snapchat users. In this entire world, there are many people with the same name similar to you.

People may search for the name of their friends on the Snapchat search bar. Snapchat also shows all of the users that have the same name. This creates confusion among the searcher and a wrong adding request to another person.

You should make your Snapchat username as unique as others. You can add different icons and emojis while adding the name.

So here is a small guide to you on how you can change your Snapchat username to prevent getting random Snapchat requests to add. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Snapchat And Go To Your Profile

Turn on your mobile phone and get into the mobile app lists. Scroll down the apps and get the Snapchat app.

Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. Then, you should head on to your Snapchat profile page.

Step 2: Tap On The Gear Icon

Once you are on your Instagram profile page, look at the top right corner of your screen.

Over there you can see an icon-like gear. It is a way to use the Snapchat settings. Click on it and get further options.

Step 3: Select To Change Username

Move your eyes to the options you get on the Snapchat settings.

At the second number on the list, you will see this option. Tap on it, and you will get your present username.

Click on your username, and it will show you an option to edit. Remove the previous username and add a new one.

Make the new username you are adding now as unique as you can make.

Select done and now people will not find you easily on the Snapchat search page.

Turning Off The Snap Map

There is a high chance of your Snap map getting tracked or traced by people. It is better not to disclose your location or set the map on Snap map if you do not want random people added to Snapchat.

Here is a guide for you to turn off the Snap map on Snapchat. Get rid of random Snapchat adders after this. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Snapchat And Head On To Profile Page

Turn on the device you are using. Go to the mobile app lists. Scroll to search for the Snapchat app. Launch the app on the screen of your device.

Click on the profile icon on your screen and get into your Snapchat profile page.

Step 2: Go To Settings

The gear icon, as you can see at the top of your profile page in Snapchat settings.

Now then, click on it, and you will see a list of options.

Step 3: Choose the “See My Location” Option

Keep on scrolling the Snapchat settings list until you find this as an option.

Click on it if you find it out on the list.

Step 4: Switch To Ghost Mode

You will get a map with your location on it on your screen.

So, all you have to do is turn on the toggle. After that, you will get the available modes on Snapchat.

Tap to turn on the ghost mode and turn on your Snapchat privacy. Your account is fully private now.

Nobody can see even a single thing about you without getting added as a friend.

So, this is how you can stop receiving random requests to add from strangers around. It is better to try all of the above to decrease the further possibility of getting random requests.

But, one thing you should keep in mind is that you will just decrease the number of random requests to add as a friend on Snapchat.

You will somehow receive some stars or random people to add you on Snapchat. Try to make shortcuts on Snapchat and lessen your problem.

Other Tricks For Stopping Random Snapchat Adds

So, there are some of the smartest ways to stop getting random people to add you on Snapchat. We will apply a few tricks in this section to get rid of unknown ads of people.

So let us get started with our smartest tricks. You can either use the above-mentioned ways or below mentioned tricks. Choose which one you feel is easy to understand and use. They are as follows:

  • Do not sync your contacts
  • Cancel the requests
  • Stop sharing Snap code

Do Not Sync Your Contacts

When you first open a Snapchat account, you may have to perform many permissions allowing processes.

Snapchat asks you to allow the permissions for your camera, videos, gallery, mobile contacts, etc. You can allow Snapchat from syncing every other thing it asks for you except your contacts.

Stop Snapchat from syncing or getting permission to your contact list. This will gradually decrease your account from receiving random ads.

You can see a vast difference between the accounts with one syncing the contacts and the other not syncing the contacts. Do not forget to Remove phone number from Snapchat.

This is a reminder for you to never sync your contact with Snapchat. But, if you have already been permitted to sync contacts with Snapchat, you should remove it.

You have to delete all of the contact data that are on Snapchat and click on uncheck the box. Confirm it and you have successfully stopped syncing contacts and have stop random Snapchat adds.

Cancel The Requests

Snapchat daily checks out your activities on the Snapchat app. According to your preferences, likes, dislikes, etc Snapchat shows you.

Canceling or deleting the adding requests you get from strangers also helps you get rid of the problem.

Every time you receive a request from a stranger, a Snapchat chat user will see the accept the option. Besides the option to accept it, you will also see a cross mark. If you tap on the cross mark, the request gets deleted or removed from the list.

Always keep on canceling requests from strangers chat considers this kind of activity on the app.

Whenever a random person adds you as a friend on Snapchat, you won’t get to see it. Snapchat will delete the request automatically for you.

There is something written below the requests you receive on Snapchat. It is possible to see how the person finds your account on Snapchat. Such as by search, by quick add, etc. You then should disable the option shown very quickly on your account.

Stop Sharing Snap code

Some of you may publicize your snap code. Later on, you will face this kind of problem in your account.

You may have seen your friends sharing the snap code on other social media platforms. Everyone who checks their profile can see it.

You will get plenty of random people to add you to Snapchat.

So, try to remove the snap code from every platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and wherever you have shared it.

Soon after some days, you will see a vast decrease in getting random people to add you on Snapchat.

Provide your snap code only at the time whenever your friends, siblings, family, or someone you know wants to add you as a friend on their Snapchat.

So, our smart trick to stop random people from adding you on Snapchat ends here. Use any of the tricks which you prefer and feel easy to be used.

Better to try all of the above and prevent your account from stopping random Snapchat adds on your Snapchat account. You can do the above ways and tricks on both Android as well as iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The questions and confusions you have on your mind are not limited, right? So, in the same way, Snapchat users are also passing the same with it. Those who are irritated and bored with getting friend requests from strangers have asked way too many questions.

We are at the question and answer section of today’s article. It contains mostly questions asked by the people who use Snapchat. We have tried to answer them with our research and study. Please focus on this section as well. Let us begin our topic now.

Why Am I Getting Random Adds On My Snapchat?

The reason behind getting random people to add you on your Snapchat is because of your reason. You may have synced your contact list with Snapchat, turned on your location on Snap map, publicized your snap code, etc. Snapchat has this feature to help you add friends easily. But, it has led to randomness and unwanted requests. You can stop random Snapchat adds. All information about Snapchat that you public out is a kind of hint to other Snapchat users. They can easily find your account.

How Do I Stop Getting Friend Requests On Snapchat?

Unfortunately, you can not stop getting friend requests on Snapchat. But better than stopping the friend requests, you can use a trick to minimize it gradually. The best method is to change your username. You can either change or keep a strong username which is hard for someone to find out. Changing the username from time to time also gives you relief from unwanted friend requests.

Does Snapchat Automatically Add Friends From Your Contact?

No, not at all. Snapchat does not perform any action without asking the users and taking the permissions. This app allows you to sync your mobile contact with Snapchat. The reason is that it has privacy and so it will preserve your space and won’t take action as per their wish. When you permit to sync the contacts, Snapchat suggests you contact those people who have a Snapchat account among your contact list. It just makes the process of adding friends much easier and faster.

Why Are There Unknown People On My Snapchat Suggestion Box?

A suggestion box is mainly filled up with the people that belong to your contact. If one of your friends adds you on their Snapchat, you may also get their friends to be added as a suggestion. The people who will have mutual friends or have common friends with you are also shown over there. You may not know or have ever seen a friend of your friends. So, those people are unknown to you.

Can My Friends See My Phone Number On Snapchat?

Snapchat does not disclose personal information to your friends on Snapchat. Phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, other data, etc are highly private and it is only within your eyes. Snapchat asks you for your phone number at the very beginning of creating a Snapchat account. So, it is usual for you to develop such thinking in your mind. Your phone number is asked just for account verification.


Snapchat is an app designed to make friends and create strong bonds with people. This app has lots of features that may even keep you in shock. The interesting and fun features might blow your mind.

Hope you guys have completed reading this article. I think that you can now easily manage or stop the random Snapchat adds. Follow all of the processes and points as we have guided you.

Still in confusion? Do not worry at all. We are here for you guys. Our comment section is open for you. You are free to leave your confusion and questions over there.

We are at the end of our article as well as today’s topic. Was this article helpful to you?

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