How To Know If Someone Read The Telegram Message?

How To Know If Someone Read The Telegram Message

How to know if someone read my telegram message? Sent a message to someone on telegram? Do you not know if they have not seen it or if you got ignored? We are here for you.

This is a newly posted article on our website to make you clear about these kinds of questions you have.

Our article contains the answers you have been searching for for hours. Do not skip any topics, and keep in touch until you finish covering all of the topics mentioned below.

Once you send a message, you may know if someone read your telegram message by:
1. The symbol which indicates that the person has seen your message is already available over there. The main thing is you did not notice it and missed the icon.
2. When you send a message, a watch-like icon appears beside the message. And if once the message is sent to the person, and it turns into a single tick mark. Then if the mark that you can see behind the message changes into a double tick mark, be clear that the person has seen your message.

Steps To Check If Receiver Has Read Your Message

You may wonder why the receiver has not seen the message yet. But the case may be another one.

The receiver may have already received and read your message on telegram, but you may remain unknown.

It is just because you do not know how to check if the receiver has read your messages or not.

There is the availability of a basic symbol on the telegram chat box, which you may have or may not have noticed yet.

If you have noticed it, you may not know what it symbolizes. The symbol shows if someone reads your telegram message should be known.

So, today we are here in this article to clear out these kinds of confusion. The steps are mentioned so clearly and explained in detail.

The only thing you should do is read and follow the steps carefully.

So, the step-to-step guide to check if someone read your telegram message or not is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Telegram App

Turn on your device which is either iOS or Android phone, and download the Telegram app. Then go to your app list.

Search for the telegram app in the given app list. Once you get the telegram app, launch the telegram app on your device.

Step 2: Get Into The Chat Box

When you are on the telegram app, you will see plenty of icons and symbols on either side.

Look at the bottom of your screen. There you can see an envelope-like icon, the actual message box on the tap.

You should tap on it and open it on your screen.

Step 3: Click On The Message

As you enter the message box on telegram, you will get the chat history list. The messages you have sent or received appear over there.

You have to click on any of the chat boxes to whom you want to send a message.

Step 4: Send A Message

After you are in the chat box with someone, you should type a message you want to send them.

If you are done typing, send the message by clicking on the arrow bar you get on your right-hand side.

Step 5: Look At The Message Symbol

For a second after you send a message, your telegram will show you a clock icon with time on it.

After a while, the symbol changes, and then you will get a check or tick mark at the place of the clock. It symbolizes that you have successfully sent a message to someone.

Soon after a while, you may notice a double-check mark at the same place. It symbolizes that someone read your telegram message. You should be sure that the person has seen your message.

As in other apps, double-check marks symbolize the delivery of a message.

And then, the symbol becomes dark or blue when a person sees or reads your message. But in telegram, you will get just a double tick and without any delivery symbol.

So, the steps are brief, but you can easily get the points within a minute.

Understand the points properly and apply them to know if someone read your telegram message.

What Does The Check Mark Mean On Telegram?

The check mark or tick mark that you get to see on your chat box is the icon that symbolizes the reading of your message.

You can easily know if someone reads your telegram message.

The check mark that you get on telegram is quite different from the mark you get on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

This mark appears only if you send a message to someone. It will appear beside the message you have sent, which is on the right-hand side of your screen.

Before you get the checkmark on the telegram, you will get other icons.

At the time when you tap to send a message, you can see a watch-like icon beside your text.

It symbolizes that your message has not been sent, so you should check your mobile internet connection.

Then after that, you will see the change over there. You will see a single tick or check mark. This mark symbolizes that your message has been sent to the receiver.

Wait for a few minutes, and at last, and you can see a double tick mark at the same place.

The double tick mark means the next person saw your message. But, you should remember one thing in the telegram.

As we have previously said, the processes in telegram are way too different from other apps. Through this article, you can easily know if someone has read your telegram message.

This app does not show a message delivered mark. You should never get confused about it.

You will be waiting for a message to be delivered, and your other person may have already seen it.

The icing is different, so this is the main reason for the confusion in your mind.

Why Didn’t My Friend Read My Messages Yet On Telegram?

Scratching your head worrying about the telegram messages not being read by friends? The problem is not at all.

The basic information which you do not know till then about telegram is the main reason behind it.

You may not have seen a blue tick, and you are wondering why my friend does not see my texts and all.

The actual thing is, your friend may have seen it and gained the information you told through the message.

They may not reply to the text sometimes, and this is why you get confused if they have seen it or not.

The main point you should consider is that telegrams do not show you with a blue tick or dark tick when your friends see your text.

Here is everything you should know about telegram messages and Telegram API.

You may also be right if your friend is not reading your message. In the rare case that the receiver has blocked you on the app or removed your number from contacts, you won’t know whether they have seen it.

They might be busy and did not get time to use their mobile phone. Network connection, mobile is switched off, airplane mode, etc. might also be a reason behind it on telegram.

Is It Possible To Read The Telegram Messages Without Letting The Sender Know?

Yes, it is possible to read the telegram messages you have received from your friend without actually revealing them.

This method is allowed in this case if you want to read their texts but do not want them to know about it.

You can switch the mode of your mobile phone to airplane mode. Once you set this mode on your mobile, you can read any of the messages you received that are unknown.

Airplane mode removes the ability of the chat box to reveal the to the viewer the message.

Airplane mode removes the internet connection from your device, and this is the fact for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section is one of the most interesting parts of the whole article. Telegram is not as popular as other social media apps.

Many people do not know if someone has read the telegram message or not.

The features and icons that the app has are also totally different and unique from other apps. It is usual to develop a lot of confusion in your mind.

Today in this part, we have collected some of the frequently asked questions by telegram users. The questions are all related to the topic of our article.

We have considered each question properly and tried answering them. All of the answers that the question has been from our deep research and personal study.

You can read easily as we have used very simple language with direct answers to the questions. So let us begin this section.

They’re as follows:

What Do Two Checks Mean On Telegram?

The two checks or tick marks you get on telegram messages are a kind of symbol.

The two check symbols represent that the receiver has successfully received and read your messages.

The receiver has used the telegram app, and they have seen your messages.

Two checks mean the message is checked. You will soon get a reply message from your friend after that mark.

You may get even a single tick or a double check mark which depends on the internet connection of the mobile that the receiver has.

What Does The Green Dot On Telegram Chat Mean?

It is usual to see a medium green dot at the side of your friend’s telegram profile.

It’s the mark that symbolizes that the person is using the telegram app and is online with an internet connection to their phone.

It is one of the common inventions of messenger apps.

In every social media, the green dot is used as an online sign.

In other words, we can also say that the person is chatting, reading, or sending messages with other people on the telegram app.

You can easily send them a message in this condition.

Who Can Send Messages To Me On Telegram?

There are two different methods or ways to send messages on telegram. One way is with the help of your mobile contact list.

If your mobile number is added to the contact list of someone, they can easily text and message you.

It is just the same process as what you do on Whatsapp.

Another method is by searching for your username on the telegram search bar.

If somebody knows the username that you have set on your telegram account, they can easily reach you and message you freely.

But they can not know your phone number unless you provide them.

Does Single Tick-In Telegram Message Means Block?

If you get to see a single tick in the message you have sent for about many days.

Then you should be sure that the person has either blocked you or removed you from their mobile contact list.

But you should not make this decision just after one hour of sending a message.

As the person may be offline and is not using their phone. You should have patience and wait until some days to confirm it.

And if you get a double tick or check mark, then the person has read your messages, and you are not blocked.

How Can I Check The Last Seen On Telegram Messages?

To check the last seen of the messages you have sent by your friend, you should go to your telegram settings.

Once you enter the settings, you have to scroll down the list until you find out security privacy in the option.

Then again, you have to scroll down and tap on the last seen from the list.

Over here, you will get three different options that are nobody, everybody, and lastly, my contacts.

Using these options, you can choose who can see your last seen messages and the time on them.

You might also want to know if someone has read your messages on WhatsApp.

How Do I Unsee A Message On Telegram Messenger?

First, open your mobile phone and head toward the phone menu. Get into the apps and notifications option from the given list.

Search for the telegram app over there and open the app. Open the messages you receive on the telegram chat box.

Click on a certain message that you do not want to see and read. Tap on the three-dot icon that you can see at the top right corner of your screen.

Select mark as an unread option. Now, you have successfully set the messages to an unread box on telegram.

To prevent receiving any messages, mute the notifications on Telegram.


Telegram is a messaging app that connects a bond between you and your beloved ones. This app is similar to Whatsapp.

Both of these apps require contact or phone number to chat with each other. Telegram has different symbols to represent a message in its message box.

You may not know if someone read your telegram message in the app.

This might even lead you to confusion if you are a beginner on the app.

You may not know if your message has been sent or not, whether the receiver has read your texts or not, and many more.

So, guys, we are at the end of today’s topic as well as our article.

Hope you guys gained enough information about if someone read your telegram message in the telegram app.

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