How To Send Blank Messages In Telegram?

how to send blank messages in telegram

How to send blank messages in telegram? Thinking of fooling someone by sending blank messages on telegram? Do you know how to send blank messages? We are here for you with this article.

Our website is always there to help you with your confusion and questions. You have entered the right place. In this article, we have presented you with a very simple and interesting blank message on a telegram.

We will tell you every way and trick you can use in this process. You have to stay connected until you finish reading this whole article.

Answer: It is possible to send blank messages in telegram and any social media app and even on telegram.
There are plenty of jacks and tricks for doing this.
You must follow certain steps to get the process on your app.
For this, we should use Unicode Characters to send empty or blank messages to someone on telegram.
This link contains the characters, and by using them, you can send blank messages and fool someone.
[⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀] this is a blank space provided to you.
You have to copy this and paste it into your friend’s message box and send it.
The message will be blank and empty.

Telegram has the feature of sending blank messages to someone you like. This kind of message is most popular during April fool’s day.

You may want to surprise your friend with such blank messages and all.

Telegram has its features and a unique way of chatting with others. You were even shocked at the time when you heard about this kind of feature or at the time when someone fooled you.

Why Send Blank Messages In Telegram?

Depending on the person, the aim of sending a blank message to someone depends.

Somebody may want to prank someone by sending blank messages.

Somebody may want to surprise you, etc. People have their reason behind this kind of blank message.

One of the main reasons behind this feature, such as blank messages, is to make fun.

People fool their friends and family by sending such messages through the telegram message box.

A blank message is such a source of entertainment.

You can get laughter on your face when you see your friends getting fooled by blank messages.

A blank message also represents that you are not in a good mood or you are hurt.

So, you can send this blank message if you are not likely to talk with someone. It is possible to send blank messages on every social media platform to your friends.

Blank messages are for entertainment purposes.

You can copy-paste the blank messages from google links and then send them to someone you like.

What Is Meant By Blank Messages In Telegram?

Blank messages on telegram are empty messages which do not contain any texts or emojis.

The text without any messages is an empty message box. If you get such messages, then be sure that the sender has fooled you with them.

The texts may appear as fully invisible things.

You should not get confused about it, as the sender has not typed any information or message over there.

You may get to raise a question about the necessity of this kind of feature on telegram messages.

But there is no actual reason behind it. People mostly do it for fun as well as for serious issues.

Sometimes, you may not want to reply to someone, and you can use this blank text to shut your mouth.

Someday, you may get hurt or angry by somebody. At that time, you can choose this blank message, and they will know about your situation.

You will send a reply to type messages that are very important to you or that matter in your life.

People may even get angry if you keep on sending these kinds of blank messages continuously without listening to their words.

You may get lazy sometimes, and typing messages might be boring to you.

Using the empty message box, you can tell if you are present or online on the telegram app, reading their messages but just not replying to them.

Send Blank Messages In Telegram App (Android Or iOS)

As we have previously discussed, you will need a Unicode character link, which includes the necessary code to send blank messages on the telegram app.

It is impossible to send a blank message directly through the telegram app.

You should take help from other links and sources if you want to send blank messages in telegram.

You can have a try as well. It is not that easy to send such.

These steps, which are mentioned below, are applicable only on your android mobile phones and iOS devices such as iPhones, tab, etc.

The telegram app will ask you to type a message on the message bar whenever you keep on clicking the send button to send a blank message continuously.

You are unknown of this feature or trick on social media apps. That is why you are in search of this kind of article.

So, to give you detailed information about this trick, we are here with some steps.

Here is a step-to-step guide for you to send blank messages to someone on android and iOS devices. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Unicode Link

At the very beginning of the step, you should open a Unicode character link.

You can see a blank space kept under varieties of brackets, such as [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀]

Step 2: Copy The Character

Once you are done selecting the code character you prefer, you have to copy it onto your device.

This link contains all of the characters, which are free to choose and customize as per your choice.

Step 3: Open Your Telegram App

If you have copied the blank space between the bracket, now you can search for the telegram app.

Launch the Telegram app on your mobile phone if you find the app.

Step 4: Open The Telegram Chat Box

Look at the bottom line of your screen when you are on the homepage of the telegram app.

You have to tap on the envelope-like icon displayed at the bottom of your screen. Open the message list on your screen.

Step 5: Click On The Message

From the available list of messages which you have received or sent through the telegram app, you have to select anyone.

Tap on the message to open it on your screen.

Step 6: Paste The Copied Link

The Telegram app will show you a message bar to send a message to your friend.

Have a long press at the message bar. You will see an option to paste a link. Tap on paste, and your blank message gets pasted over there.

Step 7: Tap On Send Button

On the right-hand side of your screen, you can see an arrow-like icon. It is the message send button on the app.

If you are done with copy-pasting, click on it, and you are done sending a message. Now you have successfully sent a blank message in telegram.

So, the steps are completed over here. Use these steps carefully and serially. The code characters are somehow lengthy, single lines, large, etc., depending on the type of blank message you want to send.

Choose and even customize the blank messages. If you have followed the above steps, you have successfully sent blank messages in a telegram to your friends.

But one thing you should remember is that you should not add even a single point to that message.

Otherwise, it won’t get considered a blank or empty telegram message.

Sending Blank Messages In Telegram App Using Web

When it comes to web technology, the whole steps are different as compared to mobile phones.

The above steps will also work on your web, but the steps would be a little lengthy and time-consuming on the web.

If you are using a device apart from android mobile phones and iOS devices, such as desktops, computers, laptops, etc., this section of this article is for you.

There are two different methods to send a blank message using web technology. You can use any one of them, depending on your comfort zone.

So, without talking about any other things, let us begin with the main point related to our heading. The ways with detailed steps are as follows:

Using Web Keys

There are some coding and keys that are only related to the programming and are easily available only on the web and desktops. So, here is the step-to-step guide for you to use the keys and send a blank message to someone. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Telegram App

Open your desktop and get into the app list. Search for the telegram app in the list.

Open and launch the app on the screen of your desktop.

Step 2: Head On To The Message Box

Take your eyes to the bottom line of your desktop screen.

Over there, you can see an icon which is a kind of envelope shape. Click on it and open it on your screen.

Step 3: Open Any Of The Message

The lists of messages you have communicated over time will get on your screen.

Tap on any of your friend’s messages whom you want to fool by sending a blank message.

Step 4: Click On Message Bar

You will have to tap on the message box which is used to send a message.

You should open it as the process of sending a blank message is also from the same box.

Step 5: Press On The ALT+0160 keys

To open the same message bar, you have to press the keys from your keyboard.

Have a slight look at the keyboard of your desktop, and you will find it easily.

Step 6: Tap On Send

When you finish writing the keys on the message box, it disappears, and a blank message gets created over there.

On your right-hand side, you will see an arrow with a send written on it. Click over there, and your blank message is sent successfully.

ALT+0160 is a kind of code to create a blank message on the web.

This process saves a lot of time as it is just about a single key. The above method is long in the case of web and desktops.

So, you can save time as well as get success on what you want using these steps.

But one thing is this key may work sometimes and even may not. So, if this key works on your PC or desktop, you can easily send a message.

And if it did not work at all, you can use the above steps to send blank messages in telegram as we have explained to use on android and iOS devices.

Using Blank Message Generator App

When it comes to the web and computers, you can easily find an app that provides you with blank messages.

But those kinds of apps are not available on mobile phones. You may find it, but they are just spam and are over there to fake you.

Please do not download it, as it will ask you to send money. Get that it is only available on desktops and computers. This app is easily available on your google play store.

One of the main features that this app provides is that it allows you to create single or multiple rows of blank messages automatically.

You need not work on the app to create a blank message. It is even easier and more convenient than the above steps.

This is why people use this method to create and send a blank message. But, if you do not have computers and laptops, you will have to follow the steps anyhow.

Blank Message App

Here is a link to the blank message generator app Blank Message app.

Just go to the link using the desktop and open it on your screen. You can have a choice when it comes to blank messages.

If you want the blank messages in the form of rows or columns, you can create a blank message in the form of a row method in this app.

Firstly, you should generate a blank message in this generator app, and then only you have to paste it into the telegram message box.

Lastly, click on the send message button, and you will be successful in sending a blank message to someone.

Your friend may get surprised or be a fool by this message.

Things To Consider While Sending A Blank Message On Telegram

Here, you are provided with certain points that you should remember every time you try to send an empty message to someone.

But first, remember one thing. You should follow the below-given points every time you send blank messages in telegram.

Now, without talking about any other topic, get on to our main point.

Let us start with the things which you have to consider when you try to send a blank message. The points are as follows:

  • You must copy the blank Unicode character properly without the double copy.
  • You should repeat the copy-pasting process if you want a lengthy blank message.
  • Your message should be fully empty. Even a single dot should not get included in the message.
  • Blank messages should be used only for fun purposes rather than for serious cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blank or empty messages are a whole new thing.

You may never be here in search of these kinds of articles to know how to use and send those.

Other telegram users who want a blank message have asked a lot of questions.

They have requested us to reply with the possible answers to those questions as soon as possible.

So, today in this section of our article, we have come up with some of the questions people have left in our comment section.

We tried a lot to find the answers either in magazines, social media or even in books.

We concluded those findings and have presented them in front of you over here.

The questions and answers are as follows:

Is It Possible To Send A Blank Message Anywhere?

Yes, you can easily send a blank message anywhere on social media.

Unlike in the telegram app, you can also send blank messages on other social media platforms.

Such as in Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc., you can send blank or empty messages.

Just and only your name with profile gets displayed on the message you have sent.

The text is invisible as we have copy-pasted the blank space from the link to the app.

Along with this, you can also learn how to auto-forward messages in telegram.

How Do I Make A Blank Comment?

A blank comment is also a kind of comment that fools the viewers.

People may think they have a slow internet connection or some problem related to their mobile phone.

But the actual reason is you are using a trick and sending an invisible message.

The process of sending a blank comment is the same as you follow the steps while sending a blank message.

You will have to copy-paste the blank space from any other site and paste it over there in the comment section of any platform.

Is Blank Message An Update On Telegram App?

No, not at all. Update means bringing new things or changes to the app full of new features.

This blank message is just an easy trick and is not a kind feature on any social media platform. You can find this blank message on any app.

This kind of trick was used to fool someone with the text.

It is an old trick and not very popular today. You may go and check. Every social media platform allows you to send these blank messages or comments.

Rather than update, it is just a hack.

Are Ghost Comments And Blank Comments Both Similar Things?

Ghost comments or messages are most common in today’s world rather than those blank comments.

Blank comments and messages are the most popular name for ghost comments and messages in the present day.

People make fun of their friends and enjoy a lot with this trick.

Ghost, more or any name that people give you is just another name to blank mode.

As the message is invisible, but the message goes to the person who is a kind of scary thing.

So it is the reason people started calling the name as a ghost comment and message.

What If I Write Something On A Blank Message?

If you write something on a blank message or post that you are going to send to someone, it won’t be a blank message anymore.

Your blank message will again be a normal text to someone you are trying to fool.

Even if you mistakenly drop a single dot on the blank message, the blank space you added over there gets removed.

Your friend will see a dot as a message from you.

So, if you want to surprise someone or fool someone with your message, you should not write even a single dot in the message box.

How Do I Remove A Blank Message In Telegram?

Unfortunately, you can not remove a message in case of blank text and comments in the telegram app (but you might delete multiple messages on the telegram app).

Once you send the message, it is forever, and you have to delete the whole conversation completely if you want to remove a blank message.

But deleting the conversation also removes the blank message only from your telegram message box but not from the one who received it.

You would get the option to remove the message in case of normal texts, but you won’t get the option in case of blank messages.

Along with this, you might also want to learn how to delete multiple messages on the telegram app.


Telegram has different features being a single app. You can automatically forward and read messages, send blank messages, etc., from this app.

It is a whole new thing for people around the world.

Ghost messages or blank messages are created to surprise people.

It is just a trick and none other than features and updates in the telegram app.

Hope you guys have filled up your mind with knowledge and information about blank messages in the telegram app.

I think you can now help others with your knowledge having these kinds of confusion in their mind, right?

We are at the end of today’s article. Do you still have some confusion in your mind?

You can ask us freely without any hesitation.

Below our article, there is a comment section for you where you can comment on anything you feel about our article.

We would be even happier to help you with further confusion.

Please share with us the new topics that you want in the form of articles through our website. Thank you for being in touch till the very end.

Keep on supporting and loving us. We will be back with our new topics and new articles. Until then, stay tuned.

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