How To Download Telegram On Your Phone And Laptop [Updated 2022]

Oh Crap! Did you accidentally text your girlfriend telling her to break up when you were completely drunk last night? And to your shock, when you check your phone this morning, you almost die out of horror for you can’t unsend the message or your girlfriend will get mad at you. Well, I tried this application called ‘Telegram,’  and you can easily download Telegram on your phone and laptop.

Telegram is that handy application where you can edit the messages you’ve sent without my receivers noticing them within 48 hours of sending. And its benefits don’t just end here. It is a free communication software where you can enjoy end-to-end encrypted video calling, voice calling, and messaging. You can share an innumerable number of images, documents that have unbelievable storage of up to 1.5GB per file, contacts, your locations, and even music!

Telegram is your instant messaging solution with so much more facilities than there are in other messaging applications. You can create group chats of up to 200 people. How cool is that! Can you use other applications as a cloud-storage?  But Telegram can be your best alternative for storing your large documents. In this article, I’m going to tell you how to download telegram on your Phone and Laptop;

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How To Download Telegram App on your Phone

Downloading the Telegram app on your phone is such an easy-peasy task.

How to install Telegram on Windows ...
How to install Telegram on Windows 11,10 - Telegram Desktop Installation Tutorial

All you need to do is go to your respective application store on your device, go to the search bar and search for “Telegram”. The blue icon that appears first on your list is the Telegram you’re searching for. Click on “Install” or “Get”. After your Telegram has been downloaded, you’ll need to sign up for your details and you’re good to go.

If you’re still not clear on how to download the Telegram app on your phone, you can follow the steps below:

Steps To Download Telegram on your Android Phone

Download Telegram on your Android Phone

Downloading Telegram on your android phone has just become easier. If you would like to download the latest version of Telegram on your android phone, you can go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go To Play Store

Open Play Store on your android phone and go to your search field.

Step 2: Type “Telegram” On Your Search Field

Type “Telegram” on your Search field and press on the blue icon with a paper plane.

Step 3: Press “Install”

After you’ve selected Telegram, you can see a green Install button. Press on that and wait for it to get installed. Because Telegram takes up only 24MB of your phone storage, you can download it in no time.

Steps To Download Telegram On Your iPhone

Download Telegram On Your iPhone

To all those iPhone who thinks most applications are unavailable for them on their AppStore, there’s good news. You can also download telegram on your iPhone in all the following steps:

Step 1: Go To App Store

Open up the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go To The Search Icon On Your Tab Bar

Click on the Search icon on the bottom right corner of your tab bar.

Step 3: Type For “Telegram” On Your Search Bar

Type “Telegram” on your search bar. You will get the list of other applications with the same name but select the first one on that list, the one with the blue icon.

Step 4: Press “Get”

Now that you’ve selected the exact application, press the blue “Get” button. Don’t worry, you don’t need to wait for long to get Telegram loaded on your iPhone.

Step 5: Press “Open”

Press on “Open” and “Start Messaging”!

Now you’re just one step away to experience the fastest messaging application there is.

Steps To Download Telegram On Windows Phone

A Windows Phone is such a rare device these days. Are you that rare person who has problems accessing all the bounties that other phone users have? But, accessing Telegram on your Windows phone is not at all tough. You can also download Telegram on your Windows phone through the steps below:

Step 1:  Open The Windows Phone Store

Make sure your Microsoft account is activated. Firstly swipe left and open the Windows Phone Store.

Step 2: Select The Search Button

After you open the Store, press the search icon at the bottom middle part of your phone screen.

Step 3: Type “Telegram” And Enter

Now type in “Telegram” and select enter.

Step 4: Select Telegram From The List

Select Telegram from the list.

Step 5: Select Install

Now that you’ve already opened the “Telegram” app, select “Install on the bottom left of your screen.

Step 6: Select Allow

Telegram will ask for your permission to access your information and functions on your phone.

Press on “Allow”

Step 7: Wait For The Installation Process To Finish

After you’ve pressed on “Allow”, wait for the installation process to finish.

Step 8: Select View

Now that you’ve already installed your Telegram press on “View” to get the app in the main menu of your Windows Phone.

Steps To Download Telegram APK On Your Phone

APK stands for Android Application Package which means an APK can run only on Android devices. Many a time, an application may not be available on your Android PlayStore and sometimes you just want an APK for future endeavors. These are how you can download an APK for Telegram:

Step 1: Go to your browser

Go to your regular browser on your Android phone.

Step 2: On the Address Bar paste APK Pure’s Telegram page

Now, on the address bar paste APK Pure’s Telegram page and go.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Download APK”

Now, scroll down and click on the “Download APK” file.

Step 4: Install The Downloaded File

After you’re done with downloading the file, go to the folder where you’ve downloaded the APK of your Telegram and then install. Give access to installing the file.

How to Download Telegram on Laptop

Are you the type of person who’s messaging or calling your friends from your office too? Or do you like to use Cloud Storage on your laptop? You can use Telegram on a laptop during such situations.  I’m going to explain how you can download Telegram on your Laptop, follow the steps mentioned below according to your device:

Steps to Download Telegram on Windows 10

Download Telegram for Windows 2021

Do you ever feel it’s difficult for you to download any software on your desktop? Nonetheless, downloading Telegram on your Windows is just as easy as downloading Telegram on your iPhone or your Android devices.

In all the following ways, you can download Telegram on Windows:

Step 1: Go To The Official Website Of Telegram

From any web browser on your device, go to the official website of Telegram.

Step 2: Click On The“Get Telegram for Windows”

After you visit the official website of Telegram, click on the blue “Get Telegram for Windows” button.

Step 3: Wait for The Download

After you’re done with clicking the “Get Telegram for Windows” button, you will then have to wait for the setup to load completely.

Step 4: Click On The Setup And Press “Run”

When you’ve downloaded the complete setup, there appears a dialog box asking you whether you want to run that file with two options: Run and Cancel. Click on the option “Run”.

Step 5: Allow The Program To Make Changes On Your Computer

After you click on “Run” you’ll further get a dialogue box whether you want Telegram to make changes on your computer. You will be getting two images: ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Click on Yes and wait!

Step 6: Sign Up

Now, open your newly downloaded Telegram software. After this step, all you need now is a registered mobile phone number. Register with your mobile number and you will get an OTP code on your phone.

Step 7: Enter the OTP code on your PC

Your final step will be to enter the code that you receive on the phone to your Windows PC.

Congratulations! Now, you’re all good to go!

Steps To Download Telegram For Mac

Download Telegram for macOS 2021

Downloading Telegram for macOS is again really easy as a piece of cake. Having Telegram on your MacBook can result in a very handy experience. The following are the steps that you can follow to download Telegram for macOS:

Step 1: Go To The Official Website Of Telegram For Mac

Go to the official desktop website of Telegram for MacOS

Step 2: Click On The “Get Telegram for Mac”

Once you go to the official website of Telegram, click on the blue “Get Telegram for macOS” button.

Step 3: Wait For The Download

As soon as you click on the“Get Telegram for macOS” button, you will have to wait for a little until you start your standard download process.

Step 4: Begin Your Download Process

Now, you need to move your downloaded Telegram software to your Applications folder. After this process, Telegram is available to open.

Step 5: Open The Telegram Desktop Application

Open the Telegram Desktop Application and you’ll be then asked with your phone number.

Step 6: Sign Up

Register to Telegram with your phone number. Then,  you will get an OTP code on your phone.

Step 7: Enter The OTP Code On Your MacBook

This is the final step for your MacBook Telegram setup. You’ll need to enter the OTP code from your phone to your MacBook.

Steps To Download The Telegram App Using Emulator(Using Third Party)

Do you always think the Windows or the Mac versions of certain applications are just not well facilitated? But the same applications that you run on your mobile phones are way better than them? With Telegram, it’s the same. The mobile applications of Telegram are so compactly designed.

Why don’t you download Telegram using emulators? An emulator is a certain computer system that is designed to behave like the other systems. For instance, if you don’t like any computer software, you can download a mobile version of it and use the mobile version of a certain application on your laptop.

You can download the emulators on your laptop and enjoy using different mobile applications in no time. The following are the different emulators that you can download on your laptop to use the Telegram application on your device:

Since we have used Bluestacks third party application on our windows to download the Telegram app, here are the steps you can follow if you want to use Bluestack as well. Otherwise, you can read on-screen instruction to get the telegram using a different emulator;

Download the Telegram App using Bluestacks Emulator

Step 1: Open BlueStacks Software

Once you download the BlueStacks software on your laptop, double-click on the BlueStacks icon to open it.

Step 2: Click On The Google Play Store From BlueStacks

Now go to the Google Play Store from your BlueStacks.

Step 3: Sign In To Your Google Play Store

Sign in to your Google account and now your Google PlayStore account will open.

Step 4: Type “Telegram” On The Search Field

Type “Telegram” on the search field and select the first blue icon on the list.

Step 5:  Click On “Install”

Once you’ve searched for Telegram click on the “Install” button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Telegram application free?

Yes, the Telegram application is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay a single penny in operating any of its special features.

Does the Telegram application take up a lot of storage?

Of course no! Telegram application only takes around 24MB of your phone’s storage and 40.4MB of your laptop’s storage. It’s such a well built compact application.

What is the file size limit for Telegram?

The file size limit for Telegram is 2GB. Previously, its file size limit was 1.5GB.


Telegram is an instant and free tool in which you can enjoy all the benefits of communication, be it messaging, voice and video calling, or even share files. Unlike other communication applications where you can hardly edit your sent messages, Telegram gives you the privilege of editing your sent messages within 48 hours of sending them. And the cloud storage facility is the cherry on the top. You can download it on your phone and laptop in all the above ways.

Because Telegram is compatible with all the devices with less storage, you can download Telegram on your phone and laptop using browsers or from app stores in an instant. So another time when you’re texting your girlfriend while you’re drunk, don’t forget to use Telegram!

Besides, if you want helpful guides on Telegram, go to the Telegram Tips.

Thanks for your time in reading this article!!

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