10 Apps To Watch Movies Together Long Distance [2023]

10 Apps To Watch Movies Together Long Distance

Watching movies is one of the most popular ways for friends and family to bond. In recent years, various online apps have started enabling people separated by long distances to watch and enjoy movies together virtually. These apps synchronize video playback, allowing geographically distant viewers to feel like they share the movie-watching experience on the same screen.

While distance keeps loved ones apart, apps like Netflix Party, Watch2gether, Gaze, Rabbit, MyCircleTV, Sync Video, CyTube, and Plex VR make virtual movie nights possible through screen sharing and synchronous playback, ensuring remote viewers experience the same content simultaneously while connecting over chat. Some best options are Netflix Party for its wide library access or Sync Video for privacy, offering easy, free ways to watch movies together long distances.

This article examines apps that enable remote movie viewing through shared screens and syncing, like Netflix Party, Watch2gether, and Rabbit. It provides setup instructions for Zoom movie nights, pros, cons, and best picks based on libraries, ease of use, and privacy. Extra options such as twoSeven and Meta Stream are also noted.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Watching Movies Together Long Distance Using the Apps?

With advanced technology and video calling apps, it is now possible for friends and family who live far apart to share experiences like watching movies together in (near) real-time. While it may not replicate the intimacy of being physically together, synchronous virtual movie watching allows geographically separated people to engage in a fun social activity and feel more connected despite the distance.


  • It allows friends and loved ones to have a shared viewing experience and discuss the movie together, even when apart. This can help maintain strong social bonds despite physical separation.
  • Scheduling is more flexible than coordinating an in-person viewing. As long as both parties have a stable internet connection, they can watch simultaneously from anywhere.
  • It’s a low-cost alternative for catching up when travel isn’t possible or practical. Instead of spending money on flights or long drives, virtual movie nights are virtually free via video chat apps.


  • Technical difficulties like lag, buffering, or poor internet quality on either end can ruin the experience and make it hard to stay synchronized.
  • Non-verbal cues and energy in a real-life viewing are missing. It lacks the fun atmosphere and intimacy of cuddling together on the couch.
  • Timezone differences might make simultaneous viewing challenging or inconvenient for one or both parties, depending on their locations.

In summary, while a virtual shared viewing lacks the full experience of an in-person movie night, it allows dear friends and family to enjoy each other’s company from afar through technology when geographical separation otherwise makes syncing up impossible. However, the social connection and convenience come at the cost of technical reliability and ambient intimacy.

Can You Watch Movies Together on Zoom?

The answer is yes. You can watch movies together on Zoom by sharing your screen with others. While sharing the screen, it provides HD video and HD audio. In addition to this, you can fully work with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Display Plus, and Prime Video on Zoom. Hence, it is a very versatile platform. But if you are using Zoom for free, there is a time limit of 40 minutes per meeting. This is not a big issue; you can pause the movie and initiate a new meeting. Otherwise, You can pay $14.99 and get rid of time constraints.

Not only this, there is also a restriction on participants. You can invite up to 100 friends, up to that. Nevertheless, 100 friends are more than enough. Zoom helps greatly if you are in a long-distance relationship and away from your friends and family. It makes you feel connected with your close ones and helps you to watch movies together long distances.

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How to Watch Movies on Zoom?

Zoom is a popular platform for video meetings, team chat, VoIP phones, webinars, and whiteboard functionality. If you want to watch videos with someone, you can also choose this platform and take advantage of it. So, here is a step-by-step method for watching a movie in Zoom with your family or friends:

Step 1: Download Zoom And Log In

First, download the Zoom app on your desktop and sign in to the app with your Zoom account ID and password.

Step 2: Open Zoom, Start Meeting And Invite People

Second, open the Zoom desktop client, start a meeting, and invite your friends and family with whom you want to watch the movie.

Step 3: Start The Movie

Third, start the movie that you or your friends want to watch.

Step 4: Click On Screen Share Button

Again, go back to the Zoom desktop client, and once your friends join the meeting, click on the ‘screen share’ button at the bottom of your Zoom meeting screen.

Step 5: Select The Tab Where Movie Is Playing

Then, a window will appear, showing you all the active applications on your system. Select the window on which the movie is playing.

Step 6: Enable Share Computer Sound Option

Also, enable the option ‘Share computer sound’ in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window. Now, your friends and family can get the movie’s audio.

Finally, select ‘Share’ in the bottom right corner of the sub-window to share the movie with your friends.

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Apps Available to Watch Movies Together Long Distance

Some apps that will help to watch movies together long distance are:

1. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows you to watch Netflix with friends remotely. Using Google Chrome, one person can install the extension and start a video. They then generate a link to share so others can join the online viewing party.

Everyone who joins sees the same screen simultaneously, allowing long-distance viewers to feel like they’re watching together. As the video plays, there is also a chat window where participants can discuss what they see.

Only one person needs the extension installed. Others use the shared link to join in from their Netflix account or as a guest. However, it only works on Chrome desktop – not Safari, Firefox, or mobile devices.

To use it, the host installs Netflix Party, starts a show, and then clicks the NP button to create a shareable invite link. Friends click the link, and the video automatically plays in sync between all screens. It’s an easy way to enjoy Netflix remotely with others worldwide!



Watch2gether makes it easy to watch online videos with friends remotely. Unlike some other services, it doesn’t require registration or signing up – users create a username.

The extension allows groups to view YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and SoundCloud in perfect sync across any browser and device. This lets long-distance friends and families enjoy viewing parties together virtually.

To host a session, one person creates a room from the homepage. They can then share the room code or link to invite others to join. Alternatively, someone can find an existing public room to join together.

The simple interface plays whatever video is queued up simultaneously for all participants. While watching, a chat box enables real-time conversation so viewers feel connected despite physical separation. It’s a straightforward way to socialize and share videos with online audiences worldwide!

3. Gaze


The Gaze app makes it easy to watch YouTube videos with another person remotely. After downloading the app, one user creates an online “room,” similar to a video call.

They can then share the room link with friends to sync up their YouTube viewing. Both participants will see the same video playing at the same time. As they watch, an embedded chat allows for real-time conversation.

Gaze is well-suited for one-on-one virtual dates or quality time between distant individuals. However, its limitations are that only two users can join each room. Additionally, YouTube may not be the best option for long-form viewing like movies due to ads and shorter video formats.

Still, for casually watching YouTube side-by-side with a long-distance friend or partner, Gaze offers a simple user experience. Just download, create a room, and send the link – no signups are required. The synchronized playback lets remote viewers feel closer together through shared online experiences.


watch movies together

Plug.DJ is an app for those who want to share music videos or YouTube clips with friends. This app is for people who want to watch clips rather than the entire movie.

Just make a Plug.DJ account by signing in with Facebook or Google. Then, you can browse community rooms or start your private party. As host, you’ll be able to queue up songs and videos from sites like YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

Your pals can chat about the tunes, vote on what’s next in the lineup, and use reactions to show appreciation for your mad skills as a selector. With its large screen-friendly interface, Plug.DJ is also great for projecting playlists on the big screen during your next virtual gathering.

So download the app on Android, iOS, or your browser today. Join a room, start spinning beats, and lose yourself in the music together with your long-distance crew on Plug.DJ!

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5. Syncplay

watch movies together

Syncplay makes watching local movies on your hard drive with faraway friends easy. Unlike streaming services, Syncplay lets you view videos you already own.

A neat feature is that anyone in the virtual viewing party can pause, rewind, or fast forward – and it stays in perfect sync across all screens. This allows everyone to feel comfortable without missing parts of the film or ruining the experience.

The app works with almost any video player, so that you can add media from VLC, KM Player, Media Player Classic, and more. Once the host starts playback, anyone with the Syncplay link can join in and automatically see the video play simultaneously.

Whether you want to host long-distance movie nights or re-watch your favorite flicks with far-flung film buffs, Syncplay provides a simple way to sync up your local playback and chat together like you’re on the same couch.

6. Rabbit

watch movies together

Rabbit makes long-distance movie nights easy by letting you watch content from all major streaming services together. Log into the website using your existing Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, or other accounts.

Once logged in, a miniature browser lets you access videos directly through Rabbit. Hit play, and a shareable room URL is generated. Send this link to invite friends to join your synchronized viewing party from anywhere.

Best of all, Rabbit allows all attendees to control playback. So everyone stays in sync no matter who pauses, rewinds or fast-forwards. You can even chat about the show together in real-time.

Visit Rabbit’s website on your desktop, mobile, or Chrome browser to get started. Access content, and friends can instantly join your room for a shared online viewing experience. It supports synchronized streaming across all devices for the ultimate movie night with companions worldwide!

7. Sync Video

watch movies together

Sync Video provides a hassle-free way to watch videos privately with friends online. All that’s needed is to create a nickname – no personal details are required.

You’ll then be given your private virtual room. From here, invite others to join by clicking a button. Attendees can come and go as they please.

The host controls the playback of YouTube or Vimeo clips. But anyone can also add videos to a shared playlist for future viewing parties. Rooms can be made public or locked down only to invites.

With Sync Video, you get a dedicated space to discreetly sync up streaming with long-distance companions. Invite friends anytime to catch up on video recommendations without broadcasting to strangers.

It’s a straightforward, privacy-focused alternative for keeping up virtual movie nights with your online circles. Create a nickname and get streaming from your room today!


watch movies together

MyCircleTV is a great app for watching online videos with friends while staying connected through voice chat. It uniquely allows large groups to enjoy free calling during streaming sessions.

Setting up a room is simple – you can invite others via social media, email, or direct links. Once friends join, everyone can see and hear each other as playback is synchronized across devices. A wide selection of YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo content can be shared.

While registration is optional, signing up unlocks premium perks. Paid members get 5GB of cloud storage for privately hosting media files. Your profile page makes it easy to save favorite playlists and browsing history. Invite records to help organize frequent viewing parties.

Overall, MyCircleTV delivers an engaging remote co-viewing experience unlike any other. Free streaming, large group support, and built-in calls make it easy to feel truly present, like watching side-by-side. Both casual users and power viewers will love customizing synchronized streaming with easy sharing and live chat features.

MyCircleTV is accessible from the web, Android, and iOS for ultimate flexibility in staying connected to friends through screen-sharing and powerful voice capabilities.

9. Plex VR

watch movies together

Plex VR takes synchronized video viewing to the next level with its immersive virtual reality approach. Rather than merely sharing a 2D screen, users occupy spaces together like a cozy loft, drive-in movie theater or other custom environments.

In these VR rooms, friends can enjoy multimedia content from one user’s Plex library. Video playback stays perfectly synced across devices. However, each person can freely resize or position their screen for comfort.

While innovative, Plex VR also has some drawbacks. Using VR adds complexity versus traditional remote-watching apps. Unique hardware is required, and the experience can feel less accessible.

Additionally, generating high-fidelity 3D worlds requires substantial processing power. This makes Plex VR a more expensive option compared to regular screen-sharing software.

However, Plex allows for shared multimedia consumption in previously impossible ways for those seeking cutting-edge social VR. The tradeoff remains a steeper learning curve and cost of entry compared to conventional synchronous streaming platforms.

10. Cy Tube

CyTube is an app that doesn’t use your space or data. It lets you share your movie screen with your long-distance friends and loved ones. All your data and screen stay private except your movie screen. It just serves as an add-on to your movie screen. This app helps a lot to watch movies together long-distance.

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Extra Apps That Are Available to Watch Movies Together Long Distance.

1. Two Seven

Two Seven

Two Seven provides a unique way to watch movies with remote loved ones through supported streaming services. Users can synchronize content viewings from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

An advantage is the versatility of streaming options. Two Seven also allows incorporating webcams so users can see each other’s real-time reactions. A convenient “frequent friends” section makes repeatedly inviting certain companions straightforward.

However, Two Seven does require subscriptions to unlock premium features and larger room capacities. Another downside is the lack of mobile apps, restricting use to web versions only.

While innovative, Two Seven’s integration of third-party content raises privacy questions. The service scans linked streaming accounts, capable of detecting private videos.

Overall, it presents an engaging social viewing experience when payment is not an issue. But mobile limitations and data practices give some users pause versus free alternatives only using embedded players.

2. Meta stream

Meta stream

Meta Stream is a browser extension that lets you watch films with buddies remotely while chatting. Available for both Chrome and Firefox, it works across devices.

One perk is compatibility with multiple video platforms. Stream content directly from sources like YouTube, Twitch, and more. Meta Stream also enables building an organized queue of what your group wants to view next.

However, as a developing product, there are still some kinks. The interface may feel rough around the edges compared to established apps. Additional features are lacking.

Overall it shows promise as a free synchronous viewing tool. But in its current state, Meta Stream remains somewhat buggy and limited. While basics like playback syncing work, streaming smoothly may run into hurdles.

Meta Stream presents a low-stakes way to try the concept for those wanting to dabble in online movie nights on a budget. But more polished options exist for serious marathon viewing sessions among far-flung friends.

3. Scener


Scener is a Chrome extension that allows you to connect with your friends on a video call while watching Netflix. You can also chat with your friends and add up to 10 people.

Furthermore, you can also add your friend who is already using the scener by typing their names in the search bar and tapping on the ‘Add Friend button.’ This Chrome extension has a virtual remote control you can pass with friends. Then, your friends can pause, play, and rewind the movies.

To give the remote, move the cursor to your friend’s icon and tap the remote button under the icon.

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Which Apps Are the Best Among the Above Apps?

Among the above apps, I think Netflix Party and Sync Video are the best apps for watching movies together long distance.

Netflix is the best platform for watching movies. And Netflix Party allows the user to share their Netflix screen with their friends. Moreover, You don’t need to have a Netflix account if your friend has an account and vice versa. Also, you can text each other while watching movies, and only one person needs to install a Netflix party, while the rest can join via the link.

And Sync Video helps to maintain the privacy of the users. In addition to this, it is free and easy to use.

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What Type of Content Can Be Watched?

Several types of content can be watched using these virtual party apps. Some apps exclusively allow streaming content from major services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. This is beneficial for those who already have subscriptions to these platforms.

However, it limits viewing options to just their libraries. Other apps like Watch2gether and Gaze have broader support for streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. This provides a wider array of free content to choose from. A unique option is Syncplay, which lets users view locally stored video files on their devices. This allows one to enjoy personal media collections remotely with others. Some apps also facilitate watching live content sources.

For example, Plug.DJ allows us to experience music videos and playlists from YouTube together. Apps with live streaming features potentially enable co-watching real-time user-generated live streams from services such as Twitch simultaneously long distance. Overall, the content type depends on the specific app’s capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about “Apps to watch Movies Together:”

What Are The Best Apps To Watch Movies Together Long Distance?

Some highly recommended apps to watch movies together from the article include Netflix Party, Watch2gether, and Sync Video. Netflix Party works well due to its accessibility to Netflix’s large library. Watch2gether and Sync Video are good options as they support various streaming services and locally stored videos.

How do I set up a movie night with friends using apps to watch movies together?

Most apps to watch movies together, like Netflix Party or Watch2gether, have simple setup processes. One person creates an online “room” and shares the link so others can join. Then just hit play – the video will sync between all screens. It’s easy to coordinate virtual viewing parties this way.

What devices/platforms are compatible with apps to watch movies together?

Many apps to watch movies together have strong cross-device compatibility. Options like Watch2gether let you co-view from any browser on a desktop or mobile. Others may be limited. For example, Netflix Party currently only functions on desktop Chrome browsers. Check app details to ensure compatibility with your setup.

Is there a limit to how many people can watch movies together using these apps?

Most apps to watch movies together only allow guest counts a little. Netflix Party allows up to 500 simultaneous viewers. Others like Watch2gether typically accommodate larger friend groups of up to 100 attendees. A few may only support smaller parties of 2-10 users.

Are there any free apps to watch movies together long distance with friends?

Absolutely. Many quality apps to watch movies together, like Watch2gether, Sync Video, and Meta Stream, offer their core synchronous streaming services free of charge. This makes them accessible for low-cost virtual viewing parties when distance prohibits physical get-togethers.


From the above information, you can get ideas about the apps that will help you to watch movies together long distances with your loved ones who are far away. First, try to figure out which app suits you and your loved ones; then download the app or Chrome extension. Above all, try to enjoy the time with your friends and close ones.

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