Why Is The Snapchat Location Not Updating? [Solved]

Why is my Snapchat Map location not updating? Are you using the Snapchat app? Is the Snapchat Map not working properly? Related to location right? Opened many articles but was unable to find the answer? You are looking for the answers now. You are at the right place. We can help you with this question.

Snapchat Map location updates automatically every time you open the Snapchat app. But, sometimes the location may not update on the map even though you open the app. It is not because of the app. You just check your wifi connection on your device. Then make sure you have turned your location on. Sometimes you may get big in the app.

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps. It has a duo function. That is, it enables you to take a snap as well as send it to someone through the same app. Snapchat filters, Snapchat Map, Snapchat messenger, etc are the features that the app provides you. Today’s youths, teenagers, and kids are fond of using this app.

Is Snapchat Fun Because Of Snap Map?

The Snapchat app is unique. This app is just like our dream app has come true. This app has plenty of functions just being a single app. Snap Map is one of the unique things among others on Snapchat. Have you ever seen any app with Map in it? Not right?

Location is the basic thing in Snapchat Maps. Then after the location, it comes on friends. You just turn on your mobile location and go to your Snapchat app. Then open your Snap Map. You will see your Bitmoji avatar standing in the right position as you are in real life.

Snapchat iOS 14 - How to Enable / D...
Snapchat iOS 14 - How to Enable / Disable Location Services

Snapchat Map develops the interaction and locating system between you and your friends. Sometimes you might develop a problem relating to the location. But, don’t worry at all. We have provided you with plenty of ways to solve these problems. You can choose any one of them.

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5+ Ways To Fix Snapchat Map Location Not Working/Updating

Snapchat is now one of the best social media platforms. When it comes to chatting, everybody tends to choose Snapchat. This app has succeeded to gain large popularity and downloads, just within a few years of its existence.

Snapchat Mao is the greatest thing in the Snapchat app that users are fond of. But, sometimes there may be some problems with the map. You may not get an update on your location.

So here are some of the ways to fix these problems. The ways are as follows:

Restart Snapchat App

Sometimes there may be some kind of bug in the app. It is not your fault but the fault of Snapchat headquarters itself. So, it may affect the proper running system of the app and may create different kinds of issues.

You just have to restart the app. This restarting process may clear out all the bugs which are affecting the system of the app.

Check Out The Location Settings

As you know, the Snapchat Map requires your location to be on the Snapchat Map. So, you have to find the location setting option in the Snapchat settings.

If you find any unmanaged thing in the settings then you can arrange it. Sometimes you may unknowingly change the settings and your map may not work as it is.

Check Snapchat Permissions

You just check the permissions if Snapchat has granted you the map permissions or not. Your location may not get updated in case the app has not permitted you.

You can change the permission set by going to the Snapchat settings. Snapchat does not act normal in case you aren’t granted permission for due reasons.

Check Snapchat Permissions | Snapchat Location Not Updating

Disable Ghost Mode

Disable Ghost Mode | Snapchat Location Not Updating

Your location gets hidden from your friends and family in the Snapchat Map if you have turned on this mode on your settings.

When you enable the ghost mode, you will not be able to see any of your friends on Snapchat. So, once disable the ghost mode and check again if the location is updating or not.

Check Downdetector

If you are not able to get any result after those steps then you can choose this too. This down detector helps you to check the server of Snapchat.

You can easily know if the server of Snapchat is down. This server down problem also creates problems in location and Snapchat Map.

Clear Snapchat Cache

Clear Snapchat Cache | Snapchat Location Not Updating

Clearing cache also helps you get rid of such bugging problems in the Snapchat Map location. You have to go to your settings and tap on the Snapchat app. Then click on the ‘clear cache’ to clear the cache on Snapchat.

Clearing cache means removing the viruses that are disturbing the proper functioning of the app. There is a high chance of solving the problem through this.

Avoid Using VPN

Using VPN connection along with Snapchat? Do not! VPN creates such a problem in your Snapchat Map location. Do Not use Snapchat while you are getting connected with a VPN.

As VPN makes your other apps slow and apps may not work properly. Disable the VPN connection before using the Snapchat app. It will surely help you get rid of your location problem.

Reinstall Or Update Snapchat

Reinstall Or Update Snapchat

You should check the play store from time to time. You may not know at which time Snapchat may update. If you delay the updating system, Snapchat doesn’t work properly, as usual, these days.

If updating is not the real problem then, just go and reinstall the app. Reinstalling clears out much more problems happening in the app. Even the viruses which slow down the app also get removed with this action.

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Steps To Fix The Snapchat Map Location Not Updating/Showing Wrong Location

It is usual for the users to detect an app showing dysfunction. Sometimes due to a bug or a server down problem, you may notice unusual things in the app. You can easily fix those problems.

Here, we provide you with a guide to solving the Snap Map location problem.

Follow the steps serially without skipping any of them. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Play Store App

Step 1 Open The Play Store App

First, you go and open the play store. You can see plenty of apps and games displayed on your screen. Then search for Snapchat on the search bar.

Step 2: Install The Pending Update

Step 2 Install The Pending Update

After you get the Snapchat app on your screen, check for updates. If there is an update you can see the update option.

Update the app to the latest version as shown in the Play Store.

Step 3: Report The Issues To Snapchat

You just get into the Snapchat app. Then tap on Snapchat Map. Keep a long press on the map.

Then, you can see the report option. Report the problem you are facing. Then Snapchat will solve it within a minute.

Next Guide Steps

Below are the steps to update your operating system to solve the issue of the Snapchat map location not updating.

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Settings

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Settings

You can see the settings option easily available on your device. Tap on the app. You will see different options to manage the app.

Step 2: Update To Latest OS

Step 2: Update To Latest OS | Snapchat Location Not Updating

Among the different options, you just select my phone option. Then you can see the OS update. Tap on it and update your android to the latest version.

Update OS as you see the update option. As it may pause different features of the app. So, keep on checking this update from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Maybe many Snapchat users have faced this location-related problem in the Snapchat app when Snapchat Location Not Updating. So, People have raised plenty of questions regarding Snapchat. We have tried to solve some of them. The questions with their answers are provided in this article. They are as follows:

Why Is My Snap Location Not Updating But I Am Snapping?

Sometimes you can detect such problems on Snapchat. This problem is because of their disabled location service. If you have turned off the location then the Snap Map location won’t update anymore. The next reason is to enable ghost mode. You can’t see the update on Snap Map location if your friends are on ghost mode.

Does Snapchat Map Glitch Sometimes?

Yes, the Snapchat app is a technology. So, some glitches may occur and you may not know when. You can easily detect there is a glitch in your app. You just check your Snap location and you will see no updates on the Map. Sometimes due to internet connections, these problems may occur.

Why Would Someone’s Snap Map Location Disappear?

The location remains on the Snapchat Map only for a maximum of 8hours. If the user is not online on the Snapchat app for 8hours then, Snapchat removes their Bitmoji avatar from the map. You can’t see their avatar anymore on the may. When they are online, the Bitmoji avatar appears again.

How Many Times Does My Snap Map Location Update In A Day?

Snapchat Map has an automatic function of location. Snapchat Map location updates as many times as you open and use the Snapchat. You just change your places and check out on the Snapchat Map. You will see your Bitmoji avatar changing places so often. So, an update on your location depends on your online status on Snapchat.

What If I Am Online On Snapchat For A Whole Day?

In case you are continuously using the Snapchat app for the whole existing day, your location updates. You need not get back and open the Snapchat app. You just click on your Snap Map. Then you can see your Map getting an update. You may even get prizes from Snapchat for your online status.

Can I Make My Snapchat Map Not Update?

Yes, you can make your Snapchat app unable to update. You go to the Snapchat settings and turn on the Ghost mode. Ghost mode won’t let your location update anymore. The next way is, you can just turn off the location tracking system on your mobile phone. Use any one of ten at a time and you can easily do this work.

How Can I Freeze My Last Seen On Snapchat App?

To freeze my Last Seen on the Snapchat app, just go to the camera screen and go to your Snap Map location from there. You will see the cog icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and toggle the ghost mode. After this, your friends can’t see your location. Your location will get removed and only you can see your Bitmoji on the map.


Therefore, Snapchat App has become an innovative app within a short period of its existence. It has gained a wide range of popularity. The features that this app provides to the users, such as lenses, filters, Snap Map, memories, and many more. People seemed to enjoy this app a lot.

You may notice that everyone may recommend using this Snapchat app. Snapchat is the best. But, sometimes you may have to suffer from this app. The app may not work properly as usual. Snapchat stops working Sometimes.

We have provided you with detailed information and ways to solve the Snap Map location-related problems or if Snapchat Location Not Updating. Hope you have considered it properly. I think you got what you were looking for. You need not visit any other article now.

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