Does Snapchat Automatically Delete Snaps? [2023]

Do Snapchat Automatically Deletes Snaps

Snapchat introduced new features and updates, expanding the functionality and options for managing snaps. It is a popular social media platform known for its “disappearing messages.” Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after being viewed by the recipient. This disappearing feature adds an element of spontaneity and privacy to the platform. So Why does Snapchat automatically delete snaps?

Snapchat automatically delete snaps once the receiver views them or if a time limit set on snaps passes. If the snap is unopened, it will remain on the recipient’s device for a designated period, typically 24 hours, before being automatically deleted. This short-lived nature of snaps enhances privacy and encourages users to share more spontaneous and temporary moments with their friends and followers.

The temporary and expiring nature of Snapchat’s messages encourages users to share more candid and unfiltered moments with their friends and followers. It creates a sense of urgency, as users know the content won’t be accessible permanently and expires after a certain time. This unique feature has made Snapchat particularly popular among youngsters who appreciate communication’s temporary and casual nature. 

Does Snapchat Automatically Delete Or Disappear Snaps?

Yes, snaps in Snapchat are designed to disappear after the recipient has viewed them. Snapchat does not permanently store the photo on its servers or the recipient’s device, which means the photo has a limited lifespan.

This Snapchat app automatically deletes photo messages after the recipient views them for a set duration, typically up to 10 seconds. Once the recipient opens and views the photo, it remains visible to them for the specified time, and after that time expires, the photo is no longer accessible. Recipients can save or capture Snapchat photos before they expire, despite the intended disappearance of such photos. 

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Why Snapchat Automatically Delete Snaps?

The idea behind Snapchat automatically deleting snaps is to create a more spontaneous and authentic communication experience. This feature also creates trust among users, knowing their snaps will not be accessible or visible once they disappear.

Snapchat’s temporary content feature fosters a sense of privacy as well. When a user sends a snap, they can set a timer for how long the recipient can view it, ranging from a few seconds to infinity. Timer settings on Snapchat provide comfort in sharing fun and silly moments without worrying about them being permanent.

But, Can Snapchat leak your photos? The answer is ‘No.’ Snapchat does not leak or intentionally share your photos. Once you delete a snap, it is gone from Snapchat’s database, and they no longer have access to your pictures. Even if someone saves or takes a screenshot of a snap you sent them, Snapchat typically alerts you with a notification. So, Snapchat takes numerous security measures, and your snaps and messages are fully secure. 

Furthermore, this automatically deleting feature makes communication more relaxed and fun. You can share funny moments or random thoughts without feeling the need to be perfect or serious all the time.

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How Does Snapchat Handle Snap Deletion?

When you send a snap, it is stored temporarily on Snapchat’s servers. Snapchat delivers the snap to the recipient’s device, allowing them to view it for the specified time set by the sender. After the viewing time expires, Snapchat’s system automatically deletes the snap from the recipient’s device. The snap is also removed from Snapchat’s servers, ensuring it is no longer accessible.

For example, if a friend sends you a snap with a timer set between 1 and 10 seconds, you have a limited time to view it before it disappears. However, you can save it in the chat by tapping on it or taking a screenshot before the timer runs out. 

If a snap has an infinity timer set, you can view it for as long as you want until the sender decides to delete it. You can open and close the snap multiple times without worrying about it disappearing automatically. 

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Difference Between Snapchat Message And Snap

You can chat with someone on Snapchat using Messages. These messages can have text, photos, videos, or audio. After they are viewed, or after 24 hours pass, Snapchat deletes the messages. But you can save them in your chat for later use. They stay there until you delete them.

Snaps, on the other hand, are temporary photos or videos that you can send to friends. You can choose how long they can be viewed, from a few seconds to infinity. Once the recipient sees the snap, it disappears after the set time. Snapchat doesn’t store snaps permanently or for 24 hours. However, you can save your snaps in the Memories section if you want to keep them for personal storage or reposting.

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What Happens To Your Expired Snaps On Snapchat?

When a snap expires on Snapchat, it means it and its content disappear, and you cannot see it anymore. It’s like they magically vanish from both the sender’s and the receiver’s devices. 

Also, Snapchat removes the snap from your chat history, ensuring you won’t find it in your conversation with the person you sent it to. This feature keeps things private and secure so the snaps don’t stay on the app forever.

Additionally, the snaps are deleted from your device and the recipient’s device and removed from Snapchat’s servers. It means that the snap is no longer stored or accessible on Snapchat’s central servers, further ensuring that the expired chats cannot be retrieved or viewed again.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Snapchat’s Automatic Deletion

Here are some of the major benefits and drawbacks of Snapchat’s Automatic Deletion:

Benefits Of Snapchat’s Automatic Deletion

Automatic chat deletion in Snapchat offers four key benefits. Firstly, it enhances privacy by ensuring that conversations are not stored permanently, keeping sensitive information secure. Secondly, it encourages open and candid communication as users feel more comfortable sharing spontaneous thoughts and experiences, knowing the messages will disappear. 

Another benefit of Snapchat’s automatic deletion feature is that it reduces the risk of embarrassing or inappropriate content resurfacing. Since messages and snaps are deleted after being viewed or after a set time, there is less chance for someone to revisit or share content that may be embarrassing or inappropriate.

Lastly, this automatic deletion helps reduce unnecessary messages in the chat interface, providing a more organized and streamlined messaging experience. 

Drawbacks Of Snapchat’s Automatic Deletion

While Snapchat’s automatic deletion feature provides unique advantages, knowing the possible drawbacks is essential. One of the main drawbacks of Snapchat’s automatic deletion is probably a loss of cherished memories. Since snaps and messages automatically disappear, users may not have a permanent record of special moments or meaningful conversations

Additionally, the automatic deletion feature limits the ability to select and organize content. Unlike other social media platforms where users can organize their profile page and showcase a collection of photos or videos, Snapchat’s temporary nature restricts the ability to create a permanent and memorable online presence. 

This restriction may be a drawback for individuals who enjoy showcasing their creativity or documenting their life experiences in a more lasting and curated way. 

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Can Someone Recover My Snaps After They Are Deleted?

No, once Snapchat deletes the snap, it is usually impossible for anyone, including the person, to recover it. Even you cannot get it back once Snapchat deletes it. 

Snapchat’s system is planned to ensure that deleted snaps are gone for good. It’s important to remember that once a snap is opened and seen by the recipient, it’s permanently gone from Snapchat’s servers too. 

However, being cautious is still important because someone can take a screenshot or save the snap before it disappears. If that happens, the recipient might have a copy of the snap even if Snapchat deletes it. It’s essential to be careful with what you share and thinks about the potential risks of someone saving your snaps.

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How To Save Snaps You Receive On Snapchat?

Saving Snapchat snaps on your phone allows you to keep a copy of the photos or videos shared with you so that you can access and view them later. Here are some methods you can use to save Snapchat snaps on your phone:

“Save In Chat” Option

The “Save In Chat” feature allows you to save snaps in chat conversations with friends. The saved snaps will remain in the chat history, allowing you to refer to them whenever you want.

  1. Open Snapchat and go to the Chat section.
  2. Look for the username of the friend whose message you want to save.
  3. Tap on their username to open the chat box.
  4. Type a message and send it to your friend.
  5. Now, tap on the message you just sent and hold your finger.
  6. Keep holding until you see some options appear.
  7. From those options, choose ‘Save in Chat.’

Congratulations! You have successfully saved the message. Now, you can follow the same steps to save any other important messages in the chat box.


You can take a screenshot to save a snap on your phone. It’s like taking a picture of the snap so that you can see it later. 

When you take a screenshot, the person who sent the snap will know, as Snapchat will notify them. The screenshot is saved in your phone’s gallery, allowing you to view it anytime. Just open the gallery app to find the snap you saved.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is another method to save snaps on your phone. It lets you capture everything that appears on your screen, including snaps and videos on Snapchat.

Once you’ve activated screen recording, you can start recording while looking at the snap. The video is available in your phone’s gallery or camera roll. Be considerate of people’s privacy and respect their rights when using screen recording to save snaps.

Third-Party Screen Recording Apps

If your device lacks a built-in screen recording feature, you can save snaps by downloading a trusted screen recording app from your play store or app store. Record your screen while viewing snaps to save them.

Here are a few examples of popular screen recording apps you can consider:

  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder
  • DU Recorder
  • Rec. (Screen Recorder)
  • ScreenCam Screen Recorder

Before you download any app, read the reviews and check the ratings from other users. This step will help determine if the app suits your needs and works well on your device.

Save Stories

Snapchat Stories disappear from your account after 24 hours, but you can save them by submitting them to a Live Story or Local Story. This allows you to view your story anytime, extending its lifespan.

You can download your story on Snapchat by following these easy steps:

  1. Use Snapchat to take a photo or record a video.
  2. Post a snap to your own story.
  3. Tap on the story you posted in the Our Story section.
  4. Move your finger upwards on the screen or tap the upward arrow at the bottom.
  5. Finally, click the download icon to save the snap to your device.

That’s great! You have successfully downloaded your story. Now you can view and use your story anytime you want.

Save On Memories

Instead of sending them to friends, you can store them in Memories for later access, providing a secure backup.

Here is how you can save snaps on Snapchat memories:

  1. Take a snap or choose a photo/video.
  2. Tap the save button, which looks like a downward-facing arrow or a download icon.
  3. Select the option “Save to Memories” from the menu that appears.
  4. You can then find your saved snaps in the Memories tab, represented by a small circle at the bottom of the screen.
  5. In the Memories tab, you can view, edit, add captions, or even send your saved snaps to friends.

When you save a snap to Memories, it remains available forever, regardless of the usual disappearing feature. You have more control over the longevity of your snaps. 

Enable The “Allow Replay” Option

Enabling “Allow Replay” on Snapchat lets recipients replay a snap once within 24 hours of receiving it. However, after 24 hours, you cannot replay the snap.

To enable the “Allow Replay” option on Snapchat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen to access your profile.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open the settings.
  4. Scroll down and find the “Who Can…” section.
  5. Tap on “View My Story” to access the settings related to your Snapchat story.
  6. Toggle on the “Allow Replay” option.

You can replay the snap as often as you want within 24 hours, but remember that Snapchat notifies the sender whenever you replay it.

Send To Yourself

Another way to save snaps on Snapchat is by sending them to yourself. It creates a chat history where you can access the chat anytime.

To use this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the snap you want to save by tapping on it.
  2. Tap the button to send the snap to others, usually represented by an arrow pointing to the right.
  3. Scroll through the contacts list and select your account by tapping on it.
  4. Send the snap to yourself by tapping on the “Send” button.

Go to the chat section of Snapchat and find the chat with your account. Then tap to view the snap you sent to yourself.

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Does Snapchat Delete Saved Chats? 

No, Snapchat does not delete the chats or snaps you saved. When you save a chat or a snap on Snapchat, it will remain in your conversation history or Memories section until you delete it. It means that you can go back and revisit the saved chats or snaps at any time. 

Saved chats are conversations you intentionally choose to preserve within the Snapchat app. These chats can include text messages, photos, or videos you and your friends share. Unlike regular snaps, which disappear after viewing, saved chats are meant to be retained for future reference. It’s up to the user to decide when to delete saved chats, allowing them to maintain a record of significant conversations or memorable moments on the Snapchat platform.

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Why Does Snapchat Automatically Delete Group Chats?

Snapchat automatically deletes Group Chats to maintain privacy, encourage real-time interactions, and ensure a more transitory messaging experience. It creates a sense of spontaneity and encourages the group members to engage in immediate and timely conversations. 

Additionally, this automatic group chat deletion prevents the accumulation of old and potentially sensitive conversations, reducing the risk of information being accessed or shared without the participants’ consent. If someone presses and holds on a Snap within the Group Chat to save it, it will be stored in the Chat and not automatically deleted.

However, after the designated time, Snapchat automatically delete unopened Snaps not saved in the Group Chat. Usually, every 24 hrs, unopened snaps expire and are automatically deleted from the group chat and Snapchat servers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Snapchat Automatically Delete Snaps; they are as follows:

What Happens To Your Snaps If Your Friend Didn’t Open It?

If your friend doesn’t open the snap you send them, it remains in their chat list as an unopened snap. The snap will stay there until they open it or until it expires after a certain period, usually within 30 days. During this time, your friend can open and view the snap whenever they like.

Can I Track The Number Of Views Or Screenshots Taken Before A Snap Is Deleted?

No, Snapchat does not offer a feature to track the number of views or screenshots taken before deleting a snap. Privacy is prioritized, and the platform focuses on providing a temporary messaging experience.

Can I Disable The Automatic Deletion Feature For Specific Snaps?

You cannot turn off Snapchat’s automatic deletion feature for specific snaps. It ensures privacy and maintains the temporary nature of the app. Once viewed or after a certain period, snaps are deleted from the recipient’s device.


Snapchat offers a refreshing break from the pressure of maintaining a permanent online presence. Snapchat automatically delete snaps and chat messages because of platform features, but you can save them in Memories or take a screenshot.

However, respecting privacy and consent is important when saving or capturing snaps. Snapchat’s temporary nature encourages living in the moment and promotes a more relaxed social experience. Feel free to ask questions or seek clarification. I’m here to help!

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