Do Snapchat Automatically Deletes Snaps? [Updated 2022]

Snapchat is the most popular social media messaging app developed by Snap Inc. Snapchat was released in September 2011, 8 years ago.

On Snapchat, you can send and receive snaps using different filters along with more fun features than other apps. Snapchat also has an advanced feature in its chat section which could be really helpful for you.

The snap you send as a message gets automatically deleted within a second after the receiver has seen it, and also, the snaps you received will be disappeared after you see it. This is because Snapchat has its in-built features that automatically delete your text and any snaps from the chat after the receiver goes through the snaps and text you send.

If you still have a question that ‘Does Snapchat automatically deletes snaps?‘ then you should go through the whole article.

How Does Snapchat Works?

As we all know, Snapchat is a social media sharing app using cool filters and lenses in our snaps. And the snaps you send and receive disappear automatically after opened. But do you want to know how?

When you send snaps to your friends with or without filters and lenses, the snaps you send to your friend automatically disappear, it is because Snapchat has an advanced feature to delete your message automatically. But the snaps you send to your friends will only disappear after your friend views your snaps.

And in case your friend didn’t open your snap which you send them then, it remains in the message but only for 30 days, and it gets expired and will be deleted from the server of Snapchat. So, your friend won’t be able to access your snaps after the completion of 30 days duration.

In the case of the Snapchat story, it will also automatically disappear after 24hrs. So this means, whatever you post on your Snapchat story, it only remains there for 24hrs.

So this is how Snapchat works.

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Does Snapchat Photos Really Disappear?

Yes, you heard it right! Snapchat photos and videos really disappear after opening it.

As I have already mentioned that the photos you send to your friend get automatically disappear after you opened them. And it’s not only about photos but videos, text, emojis, and GIFs also disappear from the chatbox after the receiver has seen it. It’s true, you can try it! to experience the feature of Snapchat.

Enjoy your private conversation with your friend.

What Happens To Your Snaps If Your Friend Didn’t Open It?

Once you send any snap to your friend, and your friend doesn’t open the snap. Then in such cases, the snap you send to your friend will be still available in their message box.

But after 30days, your friend won’t be able to access the snap you sent to them because the snap duration will be expired after 30 days however, it will be deleted from Snapchat Server. So, your friend should access the snap within 30days; otherwise, they will miss it.

How To Solve the Disappear Snap Problem On Snapchat?

The snaps you send to your friend disappears automatically, so it might be a problem for some users. If you want to again see those snaps which already disappear then you can save them on your phone. This way, you can send it again whenever you want, you don’t have to make a cute face each and every time to take a perfect snap.

Just inform your friend as well to save your snap on their phone, so in case you want those snap, you can ask your friend.

How to Save Snapchat Snaps on Your Phone?

Snapchat has features to save you snap, so you don’t need to worry even Snapchat automatically deletes snaps.

Snapchat allows you to save your snaps and even download them on your phone. There are various ways that you can use to save your snaps on your device.

Let’s talk about various ways to save your snaps on your device.

Save Your Chat

You can save the messages on Snapchat, and it doesn’t matter either it’s sent a message or received a message. To do so,

  • Go to the Chat section.
  • Now, tap the username of your friend.
  • It will open a chatbox.
  • Now, send a message to your friend.
  • After you tap on a message, you send it until you see the option.
  • Now tap ‘Save in Chat‘ from the option.

There you go, you have successfully saved the message, now follow the same step to save your important message in the chatbox.


You can also use a screenshot function on your device to save your snaps. But when you take a screenshot in the chatbox, Snapchat sends a notification of screenshot to your friend to let them know you have a screenshot of the snap.

The screenshot will be saved in your device gallery, from the gallery you can see the screenshot messages and snaps.

Save Your Stories

When you put your pictures or videos on stories of Snapchat, it will be removed from your account after 24hours of published time.

But do you know you can also save your stories on Snapchat? You have to submit your story to a Live Story or Local Story from where you can access your story anytime you want.

You can also download your story. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Take a snap from Snapchat.
  • Post it as your story.
  • Click on the published story from Our Story.
  • Now, swipe up or tap Upward Arrow from the bottom of your story.
  • After that, finally, click on the download icon.

That’s it; you have successfully downloaded your story, now you can see and use the story anytime you want to.

Save on Memories

If you want to save your snaps and stories, then you have to archive your snaps individually. If you archive your snaps, then your archive snaps will be safe and won’t be deleted automatically from Snapchat.

Snapchat ‘Memories‘ is known as Snapchat backup. So, your archive snaps will be saved in memories.

What Happens to Your Deleted Message on Snapchat?

You might think that your snaps get deleted after disappeared from the chatbox, but that’s not what exactly happens.

After Snapchat automatically deletes snaps, the snaps will be deleted from your chatbox; however, they can still be available on the Snapchat server. Only Snapchat can see your snaps and messages.

But Snapchat doesn’t leak your snaps or message, and you cant even claim your snaps and essential messages back.

So, you should protect your snaps by yourself, don’t forget to save your snaps manually if you need them.

In Conclusion

There you go, now you don’t have to worry even if Snapchat automatically deletes snaps and text from the chatbox because you can protect your snaps by saving your snap, messages, and take a screenshot to save your snaps on Snapchat memories.

If you still get confused about how to save your snaps, then once again move to the above methods and their steps to save your snaps. I have guided you in the simplest way to protect your snaps.

I hope now you understood every step mentioned above. If you find it difficult to follow the step and have any queries related to the topic, then you can leave us a comment in our comment section below. We will be happy to answer you.

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