How To Use Spotify Connect [On All Devices]

Spotify is one of the most widely used music apps that lets users stream music across multiple platforms. Spotify constantly works on creating better features for their users so they have great streaming experience. To tackle the issue of connectivity, Spotify came up with the Spotify connect feature that lets you listen to music by syncing it to the cloud. You can then connect multiple devices across the compatible platforms and create a great streaming experience. So, let us see how to use Spotify connect and get the benefits off of it.

To use Spotify connect, you need to go to the Spotify app and choose the Devices available option. From there, you can either connect to another device that is compatible with your Spotify connect feature. Or, you can also use the Multi Mode to play the same music across multiple devices. So, let us look into the total benefits that you can get from the Spotify connect feature.

What Is Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is a technology that allows you to play music from your Spotify account via multiple speakers and devices throughout your house.

Spotify connect is compatible with any speaker that accepts an input over Bluetooth or the Spotify connect application for windows, mac or Linux.

To work with Spotify connect, all your devices have to be connected to the same WIFI network and need to be updated to the latest software. Then, you can control what is playing on your TV and speakers with the use of your Spotify app as a remote control.

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This feature is available to all users and not just the ones with a premium.

Why Use Spotify Connect

Unlike with other connection devices where you need a Bluetooth to connect to the device, Spotify connect lets you use the WIFI to connect your devices. Moreover, you get to use the device that you initially connected with as a remote to control the devices connected to it.

So, another feature that Spotify mentions when using the Spotify connect is that your songs will not get interrupted when connecting across multiple devices. However, this depends solely on the connection speed of your internet. However, you can alter the volume of the devices with the same device and match them together to get a better sound experience.

Another point is that the Spotify connection streams the music at 320 kbps which is the highest quality available on the app.

Another feature within the Spotify connect that makes it so appealing is that the feature is complementary to voice control as well. So, instead of manually connecting and playing songs, you can directly use voice control on the devices that are compatible with it.

How To Use Spotify Connect

The set up for a Spotify connect is super simple. All you need is a device that has Spotify on it, and another device you want to connect to which is compatible with the feature. You can then use the same WIFI connection on both the devices to enable the Spotify connect feature. Keep in mind that you need the latest version of the Spotify app to enable this feature.

Now that we know the setup , here are the steps to use the Spotify connect feature.

Step 1: Launch Spotify In Your Device

First, launch your Spotify app on your device by tapping on it. As mentioned earlier, the app needs to be updated to the latest version.

Step 2: Play A Song

Next, play a song or podcast that you want to listen to from the Spotify app.

Step 3: Tap On Now Playing Bar

On the bottom of the screen, the Now Playing bar shows the song that is playing at the moment. Tap on it to access the devices available option.

Step 4: Go To Device’s Available

On the bottom left of the screen, tap on the Devices Available icon to check all the devices you can connect to.

Step 5: Connect To Another Device

Once you are on the menu for all the devices available, you can then connect to either the TV, speaker, laptop or tablet to play the music. Once the devices are connected, you can use your phone to control the music playing on the other device, using your phone like a remote.

How To Update Spotify App To Latest Version With Spotify Connect

If you cannot find the feature to connect other devices on your Spotify, then you need to update your Spotify app to the latest version. To update your app in both iOS and Android, follow the given steps.

Update Spotify On iOS Phones

Follow the steps below to update your Spotify app on an iOS device to get the latest features on the app.

Step 1: Open App Store

First, open the app store on your device.

Step 2: Go To Search Bar

On the top of the screen, tap on the search bar.

Step 3: Search For Spotify

Type in Spotify to look for the Spotify app on your device.

Step 4: Update App

Next, tap on the Update option from the right side of the screen. If there is no update option then that means your Spotify app is updated to the latest version.

Spotify Update On Android Device

If you have an Android phone and want to update your Spotify app there, then you can follow the given steps.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store

First, open the Google Play Store on your device by tapping on it.

Step 2: Search For Spotify

From the top of the screen, tap on the search bar and type in Spotify to look for the Spotify app on your device.

Step 3: Update App

From the right side of the screen, tap on the Update option to update your Spotify to the latest version.

Does Spotify Connect Support On Every Device

Spotify has a dedicated website that lists all the possible devices that support the Spotify connect. It works very well with 300 devices across 80 different brands and the list is only ever growing. Most devices like smart speakers, car audio systems, gaming consoles, wearables and many more are compatible with the Spotify connect feature within the Spotify app. You can check out if the device that you have is compatible on Spotify connect or not by going to the website and seeing from there.

How To Use Phone While On Spotify Connect

One of the best parts about using this feature of Spotify connect is that it will free up your phone to use it for whatever other reasons you need to. This includes picking up phone calls without having the music interrupted which could happen when connecting devices with Bluetooth. Moreover, using the Spotify connect feature will save up the battery of your device. Think of the device as a remote that you can use to control the music playing on Spotify connect and you can then use the phone however you want to.

Is Spotify Connect Free

Spotify connect is available in both the free version on the Spotify app and for the premium users too. You can directly go to the option of devices available to add any device that is on the same WIFI and compatible with Spotify connect to use the benefits of this feature.

The best benefit is that you can seamlessly switch between devices and their connections when playing the music. So, this creates an overall benefit in your streaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to use Spotify connect are below.

What Is The Difference Between Spotify And Spotify Connect

Spotify connect is a feature that lets you connect to multiple devices across the Spotify platform and play music by enabling the connection across devices. Unlike a Bluetooth connection, the Spotify connect feature uses a higher connectivity with your WIFI and there is a lesser possibility of connection dropouts, better sound and has a wider range.

Can You Play Spotify On Two Speakers

Once you are on the Spotify app, set up all the speakers that you want to play from as Multi Mode. Then, you can use the Spotify connect feature to use the Multi mode connection devices as a platform to stream your music.

Spotify Connect Not Working

If the Spotify connect feature is not working on your device including Spotify not working on Mac or other devices, then you can restart your device. If the problem is still there, then you can update the Spotify app to the latest version so there is no problem with the feature. Moreover, you can also reinstall the app if it keeps having issues.


In conclusion, you can use the Spotify connect feature to stream music across multiple devices without any issues that would usually come with an average Bluetooth connection. Overall, the fact that the device you connect from is free to use is the best part of this feature. You can connect to multiple devices and create a great sound stereo system with all the devices that are compatible with the Spotify connect feature.

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