12 Methods To Solve Spotify Family Invite Not Working? {Solved}

Spotify family invite not working? Looking for ways to fix this problem? Tried a lot but not being able to fix it?

Yes, you have found the right article. We have the solution to this problem. You just have to follow as we have written in this article. Then, you can easily fix the problem after.

You bought a family premium plan and are now facing the problem of Spotify Family Invite Not Working? Only the plan manager can fix this, no other members.

First, tap on your family premium page and select whom you want to invite. The problem of not sending invites is due to a glitch or network error.

You have to keep on re-inviting the members by entering full details. At one point, you will send the invitation.

Spotify makes sure that you enjoy the app to the fullest. So, it has updated many premiums in the app.

The premiums, such as the duo plan, family plan, student plan, individual plan, etc., are for its users.

These premiums enable you to listen to music without any disturbance. It is a must to buy a premium if you are using Spotify.

How To Activate A Spotify Premium Family?

Every Spotify user wonders how they can enjoy the music better. So the answer is to purchase a Spotify Premium.

Premium is such a thing in Spotify that allows you to enjoy music to the fullest. You can find varieties of premium plans on Spotify.

So, you must know how to activate a premium. Here are the guide steps provided for you to help activate a Spotify premium family. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

When you open the Spotify app, keep your eyes directly at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can see an Icon displayed named premium.

Step 2: Tap On Premium Icon

Here you can see plenty of premiums Spotify has. You can purchase any of them but must be eligible at first.

You can see five different premiums.

Step 3:Click On Premium for family

You just scroll down the premiums. Then you will see the Spotify family premium.

Tap on it as you find it on the list.

Step 4: Tap On Getting Started

First, enter how you will pay the bills of the premium you are going to purchase.

Then you have to click on the start of my premium.

Step 5: Invite The Members

You can invite up to five members to the family premium.

Including you, there are a total of six members in the family premium.

Send an invitation to the members you want to invite.

You can easily create and activate a Spotify family premium plan using these five steps.

Please, do not skip any of the above steps. Read and follow each headings step by step to activate family premiums.

How Does The Spotify Family Premium Work?

The Spotify family premium plan has six seats. So, the plan manager can invite up to five family members to the plan.

The Spotify family premium works as suddenly as you click on get started. You have to decide through which payment medium you are going to pay the premium bills.

This family plan subscription costs about $16 per month as a charge for purchasing a premium.

The price varies as per the premium you buy. Only the plan manager is responsible for the bills, no other members.

Inviting and kicking out the plan members, etc, everything is the responsibility of the one who purchases the plan.

The members whom you have invited can enjoy the premium. You will get ad-free music after the plan. You can unlock the music to which you were unable to get access.

The price of the premium is so low but the offer is satisfactory for every Spotify user.

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How Do I Get An Invite Code For Spotify Family Plan?

Only the plan manager of the premium can send the invitation to family members.

The plan manager sends you an invitation and you will get it on your Gmail account.

Here are a few steps which will help you with what you are looking for. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

You have to tap on the app and open it.

Then you can see different icons on the screen. Click on your account or your Spotify account page.

Step 2: Click On The Family Premium

You can find the premium plan you have purchased on your account page.

You can see empty slots available over there. It is available to invite the members.

Step 3: Click On Invite Members

Spotify gives you access to invite maximum give members you want.

You have to enter the email of each person whom you want to invite.

The person you have invited will get an email letter from Spotify. They will have to confirm the invitation sent by the plan manager.

Then, after the confirmation, you are successfully added to the plan member of Spotify family premium.

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Why Can’t I Join The Invitation Of Spotify Family Plan?

Spotify allows you to join the plan so easily. You get the problem of Spotify Family Invite Not Working when you are careless.

When you do not consider the terms and conditions mentioned in Spotify. The terms and conditions of the family plan say that all the members must be living in the same household.

You have to recheck the information first. You must enter the same address where you are.

If Spotify detects you entering the wrong address apart from your living, the app may remove your account. You must enter the same address as your plan members enter.

Spotify won’t let you join the plan unless you follow the specific criteria.

You must re-check your address and other detailed information. You will get an invitation from the plan manager. But, I won’t be able to accept it.

Why Does Family Plan Invite Is Not Working?

I think you may have spent a lot of time inviting your family members to the premium plan. Did you succeed? You may arrange the settings and all in Spotify.

But, it is not the main reason for your invitation being unable to be sent. Most of you guys may experience this if you ever purchased a family premium.

The main reason behind the problem of Spotify Family Invite Not Working is that you haven’t read the URL highlighted by the green color.

It is available on the page after you click on the invite email. You have to follow that link carefully. You and your members should settle at the same address to enjoy this premium.

The page tells you about the things you require while inviting the members. You must also accept the terms and conditions for family members before an invitation.

The main term and condition for this family premium is the same household.

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Ways To Fix The Problem Of Spotify Family Invite Not Working

You may invite your family members to join the family premium you have bought. Even when you follow all the detailed processes, the invitation may not be sent to members.

You may get a notification of an incorrect username and password or something else.

You have tried a lot, but the invitation is still not sent? Yes, you can fix this problem regarding member invitation. Here are some of the basic things you must check first:

Have A Strong Internet Connection

The link might not get to the desired account when you don’t have a strong Internet connection.

Have A Strong Internet Connection

Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Resend The Invitation Link

In case of internet connection is not the problem, try sending the invitation link once more.

Resend The Invitation Link

Sometimes, the link may not go due to bugs inside the Spotify app.

Accept The Invitation Through Spotify Official Page

When there is a bug inside the Spotify app, you can have problems accepting the link even after you try a lot of times.

Accept The Invitation Through Spotify Official Page

This can be solved by using the official Spotify page, as the official Spotify website is optimized better than the app itself.

Log Out Of Your Spotify Account

When you update your account from normal to a Family premium account, make sure to log out once.

Log Out Of Your Spotify Account

This will give your account a chance to make all the changes required to make the transition from a normal account to a premium account.

Reinstall The Spotify App

When there are bugs in your Spotify app, it can be very difficult to get rid of them unless you uninstall them.

Reinstall The Spotify App

Therefore, it is best to reinstall the Spotify app to avoid problems like Spotify Family Invite Not Working due to bugs.

Cancel Premium Plan

Spotify is an online music streaming service, so it must maintain all the details of its servers in its database. It will have difficulty interacting with its server from time to time.

Cancel Premium Plan

If you can’t send a link for your premium account, simply cancel it or deactivate it momentarily.

Update The Spotify App

When you are on the older version of Spotify, it can create some problems for its users as changes need to be made to remote the bugs is not available in the older version.

Update The Spotify App

Therefore, when you update the app, the Problems you are facing, including the Spotify Family Invite Plans not working, will be fixed.

Clear Cache

All the applications you use will store cache; it won’t matter much when it is less in amount, but when the number of cache increases, the Application can start having glitches and problems.

Clear Cache

Similarly, the Spotify Family Plan Invite link might not work top; that is why you should clear your cache every not and then.

Avoid Using VPN

You might use VPN to make sure your data is safe, but not all the VPN is helpful for you.

Some free VPNs can make your device slow and can also affect the performance of certain applications.

Avoid Using VPN

Therefore, if you are facing problems with the Spotify Family Plan link while using a VPN, stop using the VPN, and your problem should be solved.

This way, Spotify won’t see a red banner denoting a premium account. Nevertheless, this may not always work, but if you give it a shot, you can hope it works.

Use Incognito (Andriod/PCs) And Private Mode (iOS devices) To Accept The Family Invite Link

If you can not accept the Spotify Premium Family Invite Link from the Safari app or the website, try using Incognito mode if you have android or PC.

If you have an iOS device, use the private tab to accept the link.

Use Incognito (Andriod/PCs) And Private Mode (iOS devices) To Accept The Family Invite Link

This will help, as when you use the Safari website in incognito mode or private tab, your device won’t collect cache, and the operation will be smooth.

Try Using Different Devices To Accept The Family Invitation Link

Sometimes, you can not accept the link because the device does not support the changes of the premium account.

Try Using Different Devices To Accept The Family Invitation Link

Therefore, make sure you try to accept the link from multiple devices before coming to a conclusion.

Report To The Official Website Of The Spotify

If you try all the possible solutions and still the Spotify Family Invite Link is not working, simply Report the Problem to the official Website of Spotify.

This will solve your problem and even give you the reason behind the problem.

Now, you can successfully send the invitation to your family members. These problems are due to some glitch or network error in the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Spotify users have raised various questions regarding this invitation and all.

You are presented below with some of the questions related to the topic of ‘Spotify Family Invite Not Working.’

We have provided answers to the questions as well. So, please try to keep every question and answer into consideration.

How To Accept Spotify Family Invitation?

The plan manager uses your email to send you an invitation.

You will get the invitation to the premium through an email.

You have to check the email box.

Then, you have to enter your address and other information before being a premium member.

Then accept the invitation you have received.

Why Has My Premium Subscription Changed To Free?

It is because Spotify provides you with a free subscription premium when you are a beginner.

The free subscription is only for a couple of months.

After that, you must purchase to get offers using a premium.

The free premium is only for once. You won’t get it after you start paying bills for premium.

I Tried A Lot But Was Not Able To Send Invitation How?

Sometimes due to a glitch or network error, such problems occur in the Spotify app.

But you should not worry at all. You just keep on inviting your family member to the plan.

Then at one point, the invitation goes via email. Then they can easily be a member of a family premium plan.

How Does Spotify Verify Address For Family Plan?

The plan manager invites you to the family premium plan via email. When you receive the invitation via email, Spotify asks you to enter your address.

The address that you enter is considered by Spotify and your address is verified.

But, you and your plan members must enter the same address. As there are certain criteria mentioned in Spotify before you buy this premium.

How To Join Spotify Family Plan From Another Country?

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t provide you with such a feature.

You should read the terms and conditions first. Spotify says that family members must be of the same household and living at the same address.

So, if you are far from your family, Spotify won’t let you be a member of this family premium.

Can I Remove The Family Member From The Premium Plan?

You can remove any of the family members from the premium plan.

But, you must be the plan manager to get access to remove members. Unless you are the one who purchases the premium, you can’t remove or invite any other.

If you are just a normal member of the plan, Spotify won’t let you remove members.


Spotify has become one of the most impressive apps.

The whole world is aware of this app. Spotify allows you to follow your favorite artist and play music according to it.

You can create your playlist so that you can listen to them when you are offline.

But, one thing is until you purchase any of the subscription premia, Spotify won’t provide you with any of the offers. This app is best for people who are die-hard fans of certain music artists.

They even announce any upcoming show through this app.

Hope you guys liked our article and enjoyed reading it. I will make sure you know about this topic well now. If you have any questions, you can raise them in the comment section below. Please tell us if this article was helpful for you?