TikTok Fairy Comments To Copy And Paste

TikTok Fairy Comments To Copy And Paste

TikTok has become our go-to place for watching entertaining, interesting, and humorous stuff. Content such as prank videos, music videos, and choreography can all be amusing, but the comments made on these videos can also be fun and hilarious. Have you ever seen mean and nasty one-liner comments in TikTok videos? If not, in this article, we will discuss what TikTok Fairy comments mean and give you a bunch of funny, popular, and dirty fairy comments that you may copy and paste.

The fairy comment is a one-line snarky comment that people leave under your TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter videos. The first few words appear to be complimenting and innocent, but the rest of the sentence concludes with a mean, hilarious, and surprising twist.

What Are TikTok Fairy Comments?

Simply fairy comments are witty one-liner comments that people post under someone’s TikTok videos. When you read the first few words, the comment starts with heart, fairy, or star emojis with nice phrases, but you will soon learn the unexpected twist with jokes and nasty comments.

For instance, someone may say, wow! Singing is a talent soon followed by, but not yours. Well, that’s brutal, right?

And you can find different forms of such fairy comments; all you have to do is be creative and add a bit of wit to make your version.

Who Began The Fairy Comment?

When the user @barbzz4bernie commented a one-liner fairy comment, the trend took over TikTok. The comment was, “Hey, IDK if ur gonna see this, but my aunt works for a talent/modeling company, and I just told her about you 💕💕 she also said no tho, 🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚.”

This hilarious reply quickly turned into a Tweet, which earned over 500k likes. Since then, we can see mean fairy comments all over TikTok videos.

When Should You Use Fairy Comments?

Although the fairy comments appear rude and hurtful, they are not meant to take seriously. These comments are targeted at trolls or nasty people in TikTok. People also post fairy comments under videos when they dislike someone’s content.

Some make these remarks to have fun with friends or favorite content creators. In the end, these comments make readers giggle. So, if you’re a TikTok content creator and frequently receive such comments, we advise you not to take them seriously. Unless they appear extremely offensive, you should be fine because they are meaningless.

Fairy TikTok Comments To Copy and Paste

  1. Confidence is key 🥰🧚 throw the key away 💞😊
  2. Keep smiling ✨💫😘 I love the color yellow 🌈🌟❤️
  3. I was having a rough day🌈🥰, and this made it worse😘🌟
  4. This is an amazing video 😍😘 don’t make any more🤩
  5. Everyone is born for a reason 😘💕What is yours?🧚🏻✨
  6. I hope you’re cancer💫💞 not the zodiac sign.
  7. God has a plan for you🤩🧚‍♂️ but it isn’t this one💅🏻🌈
  8. Everyone makes mistakes ✨😘 💞 your parents made the biggest.
  9. I see you!!! 😇❤️ But don’t let it happen again!!!🌷✨🌸
  10. You’re so funny 😇🧚🏼♀️✨ looking
  11. you’re bold for having confidence🧚🌸 next time, don’t💅🏻🌈🤩
  12. If life were a movie😊😘 I wouldn’t watch yours 💞😇💫
  13. You did that 🌸🧚‍♀️ but never repeat it 🥰😘
  14. There is only one clown there🌸🌼✨ It’s you.
  15. Starships were meant to soar 😇🌸 but yours was meant to crash🧚‍♂️✨
  16. ✨This made me 💫🌈 Uncomfortable✨😘🌷
  17. They say shoot for the stars😘🥰🧚🏻 you should turn the gun around🥰
  18. 💫✨ I was gonna keep scrolling😍🦋🌼 I wish i had😘
  19. I really wish I was Hellen Keller rn🌷🧚‍♂️💫🌈
  20. 🥰🌷🧚‍♂️Keep your head up, 🤩💅🏻💫 unless you’re in the water
  21. ✨Nobody’s perfect 🌼🤩🧚🏻 thanks for proving it 💫😘
  22. 🌸I Love the fan on ur ceiling 🌷🌼🌈 its ur only fan tho🧚🏻
  23. It’s an awesome video, but make sure to flip the camera around next time!! ✨ and keep it that way
  24. If god doesn’t make mistakes? 🥰😘 then who the hell made you🤩💫
  25. You’re on my fyp 🌼😇 It’s time to refresh🦋💞🌸🌈💫
  26. Words can’t describe you, 🧚🏻😘 but numbers can, 0/10 🧚‍♂️💅🏻
  27. Change yourself 🤩🥳 but the c and e are silent?🌸💫🧚‍♂️
  28. Drop your workout routine seriously, 🌼🌷✨ drop it; it’s not working😇🦋
  29. This was fire,🌸✨✨ Now jump in💫😘🌈
  30. U look tired,🌸🥹🧚🏻 sit on a chair; just make it electric🌷🌸💞
  31. You go, girl! 😇🦋 no, like seriously, leave🧚🏻💫💅🏻😘🌈
  32. Cancer 🌸✨ but make it 😇🦋✨terminal✨❤️💞🌈😘
  33. Go on a cruise 🌸💞🌈 make sure it’s the titanic💫🌷🌼🧚🏻
  34. Helen Keller didn’t choose to be blind 🌷🌼 I bet she would if she saw this, though🥰😘
  35. God really does be choosing favorites 😇🌼, not you tho!💅🏻🥰✨
  36. Love yourself 🌼🧚🏻💫 because we don’t😘🌈💞🌸
  37. Hahaha, I died🤣😘 your turn ✨🌈💅🏻🧚🏻
  38. You’re here for a reason 😇😘 I’m still trying to find it😊😊🌸
  39. You are like a ray of sunshine🥰😇 You hurt people’s eyes💅🏻🧚🏻
  40. Life is good 🌷💞 just not with you in it🌸🌈🧚🏻
  41. Go to sleep🥰🌷And never wake up✨💫🌼
  42. You tried your best,💞🌼 Now stop trying🌼🧚🏻🌸
  43. You put the flaw🧚🏻😇 in flawless💫💅🏻🌷🥹
  44. 🌸Katy perry said that there’s a spark in you😊💞 pour gasoline on it.🌈💅🏻💫
  45. Money cannot buy happiness, 😍🥰😘believe me, you can buy a pretty face😇💞🌼🧚🏻😇
  46. All of these comments are so mean,🥹✨ listen to them😊💫🌼🧚🏻
  47. Everyone is valuable,🌼💞😊 You simply fell short😘✨🌸😇
  48. I’m hoping you’re in Spain. 💞😘The letter s is silent.⭐️🌟😇🌈

Most Popular Fairy Comments On TikTok

  1. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, 🥰🥹😇just not this.🌈🌷
  2. Here’s a door for new opportunities,🚪🌼🥰 And I locked it just for you✨😇
  3. You made my day 💞🌼😘🥰worse🌷💅🏻🌸
  4. Omg, you’ve so much confidence🧚🏻💫😘😇 you shouldn’t have tho💅🏻🌷🌼✨🌈
  5. You put the stop💞🥰🌷 in showstopping😇💫🌈✨
  6. Never give up, 😇😘💞 but please give up on this🥰🌷✨
  7. Oh, chill out; this was a joke, 😇🥹😊Just like your life😉🌷🌈
  8. Nice Video,😘😊 make sure to flip the camera around next time 🥹😊💫 and keep it that way💞🌈✨
  9. Sis popped off,😊😘 So did my eyes🌈🌼✨😘
  10. You’re in the friend zone💞🌈✨ now stay there🌼🌸💅🏻🌷
  11. I almost scrolled past this; 😊😘 I’ll make sure I do next time💞💅🏻🌈💫
  12. Scroll yourself off the earth while you are at it💅🏻🌸🌼🧚🏻😇💫
  13. Imagine being that talented✨❣️🥹 yeah keep imagining❤️😘
  14. I was having a good💖💗 before I saw this TikTok❤️🩹😻🥰✨🧚🏻
  15. People might be saying you can do anything if you try 🦋🌈✨😘💞 they weren’t talking about you.🥹😊🥰🌸💫💅🏻🌷
  16. I’m so glad you came out of your comfort zone💫✨😇 get back there now, please💫🌸🥰💅🏻💞
  17. Money cannot buy happiness🧚🏻✨😘 but it can buy you a nice nose💫🥹🌈💫🌸💅🏻🌷🌼✨
  18. My dad always told me to keep trying 🧚🏻😊🥹🌈 but I don’t think you should😻💅🏻🌸🌼
  19. You put so much effort✨😇🥰 but never again🌼😘✨
  20. You look tired🥹😇 go take a permanent nap✨💞 you deserve it, queen, 😇🌈💫🌸💅🏻
  21. You tried your best✨🌟 but never again🥹😇🌈💫✨🌼💞
  22. The video is breathtaking😘🥰😻 I wish it took away yours😇🌈✨🧚🏻
  23. Your confidence is inspiring🥰😇😚 but inspires me to close my eyes forever.💅🏻🌸💞✨🥹
  24. Everyone is loved, 😻🥹💞✨ except for you tho💫🌼🌸💞
  25. Love the confidence😘🥰😍 but not on someone that looks like you🌈😇✨💞🌸💅🏻
  26. It’s so great that you’re climbing the ladder to success,😍🥰💫 I hope it breaks, though😘🥰🥹🧚🏻💫✨💞🌸
  27. I enjoy this as much as the stars in the sky,✨💗🫶🏻 It’s morning tho😇🥹🌸💞

Dirty Fairy Comments To Copy And Paste

Are you seeking TikTok flirty pick lines? We’ve got your back.

Here’s a list of witty and flirtatious TikTok fairy comments:

  1. If you jingle my bells,✨💫 I’ll give you a white Christmas🌈💞
  2. I normally dislike milk, ✨💫 but yours is delicious.❤️
  3. I enjoy car rides✨🚙 maybe next time I can ride something else✨💫
  4. Are you a Rubix cube? 😇✨ bcuz the more I play with you, the harder you get💫✨
  5. Can you tell me your name? ✨😘💖 I want to know what I’ll be screaming tonight🧚🏻💅🏻
  6. I heard your fingers move fast💫🧚🏻💞 let them move fast in me🌸🌈😇
  7. I’m the waitress 🥹🥰💞now show me your tip✨💫🌼
  8. You’re so positive😘🌸🤩 now let’s make the pregnancy test do the same😇🌈✨
  9. I want to play with your basketballs 🥹💞🌸 ignore the basket✨🫣🌟
  10. There are 206 bones in a person’s body💫✨ would you like to add one more🫣😳
  11. You’re like Nike ✔️😳I’m McDonald’s🍔💞🥰 ✨ you’re doing it💫💞 I’m loving it🥰
  12. Are you Dora?👁👄👁 because you can explore me anytime✨💫
  13. I’m no rapunzel 🧚👸🏼 but I’ll let you pull my hair🫣😳✨
  14. I’m a poster 🥰🌸🧚🏻now pin me to the wall🥹🥰🌸😇
  15. 💫✨I’m ketchup now. Dip your fries in me🧚🏻🫣
  16. 💫🌈I’m a bus ?💞 now put your kids in me😳💫✨
  17. Are you an elevator? Cuz ✨ 🌈🫣 I want to go up and down on you
  18. I’m a Wonka bar ✨🧚🏻 put your golden ticket inside of me 🧚🏻
  19. I’m vegan 💫🫣 but your meat is an exception 🥰
  20. I like your dress.🥰 wouldn’t it look prettier on my bedroom floor?✨💫😳
  21. This post wasn’t that deep😇🥹But my throat is✨🌈💫
  22. These comments are wild💓🧚🏼♂✨ we can be too
  23. I have pancakes😇🥹🥞 now I need your sirup🫣😘
  24. I like chokers 😘😌✨🧚‍♀. But your hand would look better
  25. If I toss a coin😌🌈🥹 what are the chances I get head💞✨💫

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we tried to address some commonly asked questions about this topic.

Can You Turn On Or Off Comments For Each Of Your Videos?

Yes, you can disable or enable comments before posting a video or an existing video. When you turn on comments, only the persons you specify in the “Who can comment on your video” settings will be able to comment on them.

For example, when you only allow your friends to comment on all of your videos, only your friends will be able to comment on your videos.

If you want to learn more about enabling or disabling comments on TikTok, read this article.

Can I Pin A Comment On My Videos?

Yes, you can pin your or someone else’s comment to your video. When you pin a comment, it becomes the first everyone sees on your video. Remember, You can only pin one comment at a time. After that, you can replace the existing comment.

Here’s how you can pin your comment on videos.

  1. Navigate to the comments section of your video.
  2. After that, tap and hold the comment you choose to pin.
  3. Then tap Pin Comment.

Read the full article on how to pin a comment on a TikTok video.

How To Delete A Comment On TikTok Video?

You can delete a comment you posted or that someone else posted on your video with these simple steps.

  1. Select the comment symbol on the right of the video
  2. Tap and hold the comment
  3. Select Delete


Not all fairy comments on TikTok are equally great. Some of them are just for the insult with no sense of humor. Remember, while you intend to be funny, you may frustrate and upset others.

Whether we like the fairy comments or not, it seems the trend will not end soon. You can try creating your fairy comments or copy-paste the comments suggested in this article to add some humor whenever you‘re next commenting.

I hope this article was helpful.

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