How To Know If Someone Marked You As Spam On Messenger?

How To Know If Someone Marked You As Spam On Messenger

If you’ve been using Facebook Messenger for a while, you might have heard about spam messages. Facebook continues to roll out new features and security measures that keep users engaged while protecting their safety. Spam, for instance, is one of these features that improve your security. In this article, we’ll discuss what Facebook Spam messages mean, how to know if someone marked you as spam on Messenger, and other stuff about spam messages.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell whether someone has marked you as spam on Facebook Messenger. You won’t know someone marked your post as spam until Facebook deletes or temporarily removes it for violating its privacy policies.

What Does It Mean To Spam Someone In Facebook Messenger?

Spam is the act of contacting someone with unwanted content or requests. Sending spam messages, constantly publishing links or photographs to people’s timelines, and sending friend requests to individuals you don’t know personally are all examples of this.

To secure your account and privacy, Facebook treats such messages as spam. As a result, if a questionable non-Facebook friend sends you a message, it is classified as spam. You may mark specific messages as spam even if they are from a Facebook friend. The best way to ignore them without blocking them is to mark their chat as spam.

Spam can be spread by clicking on harmful links or downloading a malicious file or software. Scammers access someone’s Facebook account and exploit that account to send spam. If you encounter spam on Facebook, notify Facebook and secure your account.

How Can I Know If Someone Marked My Message As Spam On Messenger?

Unfortunately, finding out if you’ve been marked as spam on Facebook is tough. You will only know whether your post has been marked as spam when Facebook removes it temporarily for breaching its privacy policies.

However, you will only be notified that your post has been removed from Facebook if many users have reported you as spam and blocked or unfriended you on Facebook.

Facebook has established privacy and security policies that all users must follow. If someone violates this policy, they will face a penalty. For example, their account might be suspended, or Facebook could deny them access to certain functions.

In conclusion, you won’t get notified when someone marks your message as Spam on Messenger. So, you cannot know the list of people who did it. Instead, Facebook will ask you to delete a specific post from your account or stop sending harassing messages to someone when you’re marked as spam by many users.

What Happens If You Mark A Message As Spam On Messenger?

When you mark a message as Spam in Messenger, it disappears from the Chats feed and is moved to the spam bin. Messenger will not alert you if you mark another person’s messages as spam. You will also not be notified if the individual sends you messages. When you reply to someone, the chats reappear in your chat stream or inbox.

His Messages Will Move To Spam Folder

When you mark a text as spam in Messenger, it disappears from the chat feed and is moved to the spam folder. If you mark another person’s messages as spam, Messenger will not alert them. You will also not be notified if the individual sends you messages. When you reply to someone, the chats reappear in your chat inbox.

New Messages Will Be Marked As Spam

Replacing a message from the chat box to a spam folder does not prevent you from accessing it or them from sending you messages, as does blocking a person. You can see the new and old messages of the person you marked as Spam.

You Would Not Receive A Message

If a chat is in the spam folder, you will not receive notifications from that user, even if the app’s notification is turned on. It is a Messenger feature that distinguishes between normal communication and spam messages.

The Person’s Facebook Account Will Remain Unlocked

The person will remain unlocked on Facebook. You can see each other’s postings, stories, and activities. If you have Facebook notifications turned on, he will receive a notification if he responds to your postings.

However, if you block that person, then only he can not see your post and stories because they will be unable to find you. Since you have only marked his message as Spam on Messenger, the other features on Facebook will still be unlocked.

The Message Will Move To Chat Box Only If You Reply

When you respond to people you’ve marked as spam, their message will move back to the main chat box. However, their new message will be put in the Spam folder, and you won’t be notified of any new messages. So keep track of the conversations you marked as spam.

How Do I Recover Spam Messages From the Messenger?

You might have gotten the message and accidentally put a message in your spam folder. Now you want to get it from your spam message to your chat box. You can do that by following the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Open Messenger App

First, launch your messenger app on your device.

Step 2: Click On Three Horizontal Icons

Now, you’ll see three horizontal icons at the top left corner of the screen. Tap it.

Step 3: Select Message Request

Tap the message request option.

Step 4: Click On Spam

Then, you’ll see two options: You may know and Spam. Tap on Spam.

Step 5: Select The Chat

This will show you all of the spam messages that you’ve received. Now tap on the conversation you wanted to unspam.

Step 6: Reply To The Message

Simply reply to this person to remove it from the spam folder or unspam it. And it will automatically bring it over to your normal chat box on Messenger and remove it from the spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to this article.

How Do I Check My Spam Messages On Messenger?

You can find the spam message under the message requests in Messenger. With this in mind, you must follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

  1. Firstly, launch the Messenger app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on three horizontal icons at the top left corner.
  3. Click on Message requests.
  4. Tap the Spam folder. Then, you’ll see all spam messages on your messenger.

Does Facebook Automatically Remove Spam Messages?

Facebook has recently changed its spam-deleting policy. As a result, spam messages in your Messenger inbox will not be removed unless you manually delete them.

How Can I Report A Message On Facebook As Spam?

You can report a message on Facebook as spam by following the simple steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook account.
  2. Tap on the Messenger icon at the upper right corner of your Facebook account.
  3. Select the chat you want to report.
  4. Select the (i) icon in the upper right of the chat.
  5. Scroll down, then click on Report.
  6. Select Other.
  7. Tap Spam and click the Done button.

How Do I Remove Spam Messages Without Opening Them In Messenger?

Tap three horizontal dot icons in the left corner of the screen and then choose Message requests. Then, tap Spam and browse the list for the conversation you wish to remove. When you’ve found it, Press and hold on to the chat until a long list of options appears, and select Delete to confirm that you want to remove this conversation.

What Should You Do If You Get A Spam Message?

The best thing you should do is block the text sender without clicking any links and report spam. Then, delete the text from your device. You should never respond to spam text.

How Do I Stop Spam Messages On Facebook?

By adjusting your settings, you may easily stop spam texts. Log in to your account and select Privacy Settings from the menu arrow in the top right-hand corner. Find the How You Connect settings and click the modify settings link. You can then specify how much privacy you want by limiting who can look you up by name and send you friend requests and messages.


Facebook Messenger allows you to mark unwanted conversations from Facebook friends as spam in Messenger. Similarly, Facebook protects your account by marking all new message requests from untrustworthy non-Facebook friends as spam.

After reading this article, you can understand how to know if someone has marked you as spam and what happens when you mark a message as spam on Facebook Messenger.

I hope you enjoy reading the article.

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