TikTok Coin Generator [Is It Worth It?]

Tiktok coin generator

TikTok has been a successful social media company because of its short-form video content and the ecosystem of TikTok coins. Users can use TikTok coins to buy gifts for their favorite creators, and the creators can cash out the gifts to their PayPal accounts. Several TikTok coin generator apps say they will boost TikTok coins in your wallet.

Several apps claim to generate TikTok coins for users when some tasks are completed. TikTok coin adder and Apkoz are some examples of TikTok coin generators and TikTok coin boosters. Though these sites do add some coins to your TikTok balance, the amount of work you will put into it is not worth the paid amount in TikTok coins.

If still, you will want to try out these tricks of generating TikTok coins and boosting them. This article will help you understand how that task can be done. Also, this article will describe how safe it is to use these kinds of apps and what is the safest method to recharge TikTok coins for your use.

Free TikTok Coin Generator and TikTok Coin Booster

TikTok coin generator and TikTok coin booster apps are special apps created to give TikTok coins to users after they complete some task. As there is a saying that if you are getting something for free, then the product is you.

Same with these sorts of generators and boosters apps. They will make you work for them in return for the coins you receive. The tasks may include watching videos, installing apps, and clicking on ads.

We have identified some apps below that claim to generate TikTok coins for free and boost them. We have also provided all the steps necessary for you to use the apps.

Note- As we have stated, these apps are not very secure means for your device, and your device may be infected with malware in the process of generating and boosting TikTok coins.

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TikTok Coin Adder To Generate TikTok Coins

TikTok coin adder is the first app we reviewed to generate and boost your TikTok coins. The steps to use the app is provided below:

Step 1: Open Your Browser On Your Phone

First, open the browser on your phone.

Note that this web app will not work on your computer.

Step 2: Go To Addcoindotcc

Now go to ‘addcoindotcc’: here, the dot should be replaced by ‘.’

Type the address on the address bar.

Step 3: Input Your TikTok Username And Tap Proceed

Now when you are on the home screen, input your TikTok username and tap proceed.

Step 4: Choose The Coin Option

You will now see the list of TikTok coins. Select one from the list.

Step 5: Tap On Add Coins

Next, tap on add coins button.

Step 6: Choose Two Apps And Download It

Now you need to choose two apps and download them on your phone.

Note – The apps you download may infect your phone with malware. Please proceed with caution.

Step 7: Create Accounts On The Apps

You will also need to create accounts on the apps you downloaded.

After successfully creating the accounts, you will be rewarded with TikTok coins.

Step 8: Check Your TikTok Balance

Now, go back to your balance tab on your TikTok app and check the balance.

It would have already been credited to your account.

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Apkoz To Generate TikTok Coins

Apkoz is another app that functions the same as the above TikTok coin adder.

It also will ask you to download other apps for the coins you receive.

As already stated, there is a high chance that your phone will be infected with malware with these apps.

Step 1: Download The Apkoz App On Your Device

You can go to the Play Store and download the Apkoz app on your device.

You can also download it from the browser.

Step 2: Search For TikTok Coins And Get Started

Now, once you have the app, open it, search for TikTok coins, and Get started.

Step 3: Install Two Apps

Install any of the two apps shown on the screen.

Note – The apps you download may infect your phone with malware. Please proceed with caution.

Step 4: Signup For The Apps

Now you also need to signup for the downloaded apps.

Create an account and go back to the Apkoz app.

Step 5: Spin The Spinning Wheel

Now you can spin the spinning wheel to get your reward.

Once you choose the reward coin, it will instantly be credited to your TikTok account.

Step 6: Check Your TikTok Balance

Now go back to your TikTok account and check for the TikTok balance.

As we have already said, the work you put in and the risk you take to get the coins from the TikTok coin generator and booster may not equal the pay you will get.

So, please proceed with the necessary caution.

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How Safe Is It To Use Free TikTok Coin Generator And TikTok Coin Booster?

Some apps that claim to generate TikTok coins for you or boost your TikTok coins work, but the coins you can generate from them can be very low.

Some of these apps also practice scams, and your device may be infected with malware that may cause harm and also data leaks. This method of TikTok coin generating and boosting is not advisable.

Using the free TikTok coin generator and TikTok coin booster apps is unsafe. And the best way to get coins in TikTok is simply to buy them from TikTok.

The process of buying TikTok coins is not complicated and can be done within minutes.

Can You Hack TikTok Coins?

No, there is no way to hack tiktok coins. The TikTok coin hack you see on various sites and platforms is simply referring to the already mentioned way of TikTok coin generation and boosting.

Besides the already presented way of using various sites to get free coins, there is no known way to get TikTok coins for free.

Also, if anything is free, then you are the product. Same with any other form of hack to generate TikTok coins for free.

So it must have been clear until now that there is no legitimate way you can generate TikTok coins for free without work.

If you want to live hack or generate TikTok coins without paying, you can use the above-mentioned apps and complete the task of downloading apps to generate TikTok coins.

How To Use TikTok Coins Safely Without TikTok Coin Generator?

If you do not want to take risks and get your TikTok coins more safely, the process of recharging your TikTok wallet is the way to go. It is the only legitimate way of recharging and getting TikTok coins for use. And also the way TikTok advises its users to do.

In case of any person tries to get a shorter route to generate TikTok coins by using the TikTok coin generator or TikTok coin booster apps and gets scammed, TikTok as a platform and company will not be responsible for it.

And once you have the coin in your TikTok balance, you can now use it to buy TikTok gifts for your favorite creators and gift them.

All the transactions can be done using the TikTok app. And in case of any other third-party apps asking for access to your TikTok account or you have to log in to another platform to do something, it would be best to not do so.

Everything you can do on TikTok can be done using the TikTok app, and you do not need any other apps to complete transactions. Be aware and do not fall prey to these scams.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about the “Free TikTok coins generator” are taken from the internet.

So, please review the questions and their answers to understand more about the topic and the platform.

What Are Coins For On TikTok?

The TikTok coins are used to buy gifts for the favorite creators by users. Additionally, there are various types of gifts that you can buy on TikTok, which range from 1 coin per gift to 34999 coins per gift.

These gifts can be cashed out to the PayPal account of the creator.

How Much Is A Coin On TikTok Worth?

A coin on TikTok is worth approx. 1 cent. But the price fluctuates according to the value of the US dollar.

Can I Make Money On TikTok?

Yes, you can make money on TikTok by creating engaging content and streaming LIVE.

Viewers and audiences will gift you, and you can cash out the value of the gift to your PayPal account.

Making money on TikTok is a common practice among popular content creators.

As the platform grows, the ability of a content creator to make more and more money on the platform also increases.

How Do I Get Free TikTok Coins?

There is no such thing as free, and also you cannot get TikTok coins for free anywhere.

Some sites claim to give you free coins but when you go to the site and start to use it, it turns out you have to complete some tasks to get the coins.

The tasks, even if completed, will pay a tiny amount that does not equate to the effort invested in completing them.


Therefore, free TikTok coins generator apps such as TikTok coin adder and Apkoz do work but are not viable options to get the coins you need.

These apps will require you to download apps for free coins. Also, the coins are very little to the work that needs to be done.

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