Top 5 Ways To Get TikTok Coins Without Paying | Best Country To Buy

Do you want to get TikTok coins without paying? And, also want to know about the Best and Cheapest country to buy TikTok coins? Then, I got you.

TikTok has been a popular social media due to its addictive short-form video content.

It has also emerged as a significant platform for content creators. Users can also buy TikTok coins and buy gifts for their favorite creators.

But you may have heard that you can get TikTok coins without paying. Can you get TikTok coins without paying?

Answer: Some platforms, such as ‘Apk.oz’ and ‘’, provides free coins if you perform specific tasks. But if you want cheap TikTok coins, you can purchase the coin from a computer rather than a mobile app. Also, the best country to buy your TikTok coin is the US.

This article will explain what TikTok coins are and how you can get TikTok coins without paying using the services mentioned above.

The steps and methods are also provided if you want to purchase TikTok coins cheaply.

What Are TikTok Coins?

What Are TikTok Coins

TikTok’s business model allows users and creators to send and receive money.

Here, the TikTok coins act as a native currency for users to buy and send gifts.

Any users can purchase to recharge TikTok coins and use them to buy gifts for their favorite creators.

These gifts can be collected and cashed out to their own PayPal account.

Various gifts range in their value. The coins that are purchased can be used the same as real-world currency to buy these gifts.

The value of these gifts starts from 1 coin for the Rose gift and 34999 coins for the TikTok Universe gift. The TikTok Universe is the most expensive gift on TikTok.

The following is the current price of TikTok coins in US dollars in case you want to buy TikTok coins.

$1.10 = 70 coins

$5.54 = 350 coins

$9.63 = 700 coins

$21.46 = 1400 coins

And more.

So, this makes the price of every TikTok coin approx—$0.01532, which is cheap compared to some third-party sellers.

How To Get Free TikTok Coins?

There are ways to get TikTok coins for free. Although the work you put into getting the free coins may not be as much as you will get the return, it does work.

The following ways are how you can get free TikTok coins.

1. Watching Videos

What Are TikTok Coins

Websites like TikTok Coin Adder ( allow you to install apps and get TikTok coins for free.

Also, some apps, such as Apkoz, give you the same option of downloading apps from their platform for free TikTok coins.

2. Participating In Challenges/Events

Participating In Challenges/Events

Participating in events on TikTok can help you earn free coins. Look for event banners or announcements on the app’s “For You” page or “Discover” tab.

Read the instructions to understand what you need to do to earn coins, such as creating a specific type of video or using a particular hashtag. Some events may offer other prizes instead of coins.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and participate for your chance to earn free coins and have fun with the TikTok community!

3. Increase Followers

Increase Followers

TikTok coins are a virtual currency used to support favorite users. You can earn coins by creating engaging content, growing your followers, and receiving virtual gifts during Live streams.

So, get creative, engage with your followers, and start earning coins!

4. Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming on TikTok is a feature that allows you to broadcast live video content to your followers in real time. To access the Live feature, you must have at least 1,000 followers on TikTok.

When you go live, your followers will receive a notification letting them know that you’re streaming. They can then join your live stream and interact with you in real-time by leaving comments and sending virtual gifts.

As you stream, your viewers can send you virtual gifts, which can be converted into coins.

The more gifts you receive, the more coins you’ll earn. TikTok takes a percentage of the gift value as a processing fee, so keep that in mind when you’re calculating how many coins you might earn.

5. Receive (As) Gifts

Receive (As) Gifts

The “Receive gifts” section on TikTok refers to virtual gifts that users can send to each other to show support and appreciation.

When someone sends a gift, the recipient earns coins equivalent to the gift’s value. These coins can be used to buy more gifts or exchanged for real money.

Users must enable “Live” on their profile to receive gifts and start streaming. The sender purchases gifts with real money, but recipients can earn coins without spending any money.

6. Complete Surveys

Occasionally, Tiktok may offer coins for completing surveys or participating in other promotions. So, completing surveys is a way to earn TikTok coins by sharing your opinions and thoughts with companies and researchers.

Have you ever seen a survey on TikTok? It’s when the app asks you to answer questions or share your thoughts about a topic.

By completing these surveys, you can earn coins that you can later use to buy virtual gifts or exchange for real money.

The surveys usually ask about your interests, preferences, or experiences with certain products or services. Sometimes, you may also be asked to watch a video or advertisement and provide feedback.

Learn more here: TikTok Benefits & Rewards.

7. TikTok Coin Generator

TikTok Coin Generator

This is not an official way, but you can try it to get TikTok coins for free. There are a lot of third-party apps to generate coins freely. It is risky to get coins and can ban your TikTok account. But some have succeeded in it.

You can try these two apps to generate TikTok Coins:

Click this link to generate TikTok Coins freely: TikTok Coin Generator [Is It Worth It?]

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth?

There are various gifts that you can purchase on TikTok. The price of the gifts is in TikTok coins.

The price of the gifts ranges from 1 coin to 34999 coins.

The Cheapest Gifts On TikTok Are:

Rose Gift (🌹) – 1 coin

TikTok Gift (🎁) – 1 coin

Finger Heart Gift (🤞)– 5 coins

Perfume Gift (🧴) – 20 coins

Love Gift (💘) – 49 coins

Panda Gift (🐼) – 5 coins

The Somewhat Expensive Gifts In TikTok Are:

Unicorn Fantasy Gift (🦄) – 5000 coins – $69.79

Submarine Gift (⚓) – 5199 coins – $72.575

Jet Plane Gift (✈) – 6000 coins – $83.75

Yacht Gift (🚢) – 7499 coins – $104.68

Interstellar Gift (👨‍🚀) – 10000 Coins

Sunset Speed Gift (☀) – 10000 Coins

Castle Fantasy Gift (🏰) – 20000 coins – $279.188

Golden Sportscar Gift (🏎) – 29999 coins – $404.82

Lion Gift (🦁) – 29999 coins – $404.82
(Lion gift is the second most expensive gift you can purchase on TikTok)

TikTok Universe Gift (🌌) – 34999 Coins – $536.18
(TikTok Universe Gift is the most expensive gift in TikTok you can purchase)

Thus the above lists are the current price of the gifts.

This is not a permanent list, and the price may change from time to time as the real value of the USD changes.

How To Get TikTok Coins Without Paying?

As already stated, there is no way you can get TikTok coins without paying.

TikTok only sells coins and does not give them for free in any way.

But if you buy TikTok coins directly from TikTok, it will be cheap compared to third-party sellers.

Still, some sites state they will provide you with TikTok coins if you complete some tasks.

These sites are often a scam, and you will never get any coins even if you complete the tasks.

Another way to get TikTok coins without paying is to ask your friends and family to transfer TikTok coins to your TikTok account.

This transfer of TikTok coins can be done among users but does need TikTok coins in the account of the user initiating the transfer.

You can also earn coins and gifts in your TikTok account by creating content for viewers. This will increase your audience, and they will send you coins and TikTok gifts.

Which Is The Cheapest Country To Buy TikTok Coins?

People say the price of TikTok coins differs according to country.

Although true, the difference is minuscule enough and is caused by the currency’s exchange rate.

For example, if you purchase TikTok coins in the US, a bundle of 70 coins may cost you $1.09, and the same bundle in Australia may cost you AUD 1.60.

Here it may seem like the price is lower in USD by 2 cents, but when you consider the conversion of AUD to USD, the price may come to the same.

Some third-party service providers sell TikTok coins apart from TikTok. These providers are mainly service users who do not have access to the international financial market.

For example, several service providers in Nepal sell TikTok coins in the native currency, NPR.

This is because most people in the country do not have access to international finance and cannot use USD to buy TikTok coins.

Also, TikTok does not let users recharge their wallets in the native currency.

So when you consider the service charge taken by the service providers on top of the actual price of TikTok coins, it becomes expensive to buy TikTok coins there.

So, since TikTok sells the coins in USD, it is a brainer that the cheapest country to buy TikTok coins is the US.

Here are some honorable mentions of cheap tiktok coins countries:

  • United Kingdom (England) [Currency: Pound Sterling]
  • Australia [Currency: Australian Dollar]
  • Canada [Currency: Canadian Dollar]
  • Newzealand [Currency: New Zealand Dollar]
  • China [Currency: Chinese Yuan]

These are not rankings; they are just the list of cheap tiktok coin countries where you can purchase coins cheaper than others.

Use VPNs to buy coins from another country, and You can use Tunnel Bear VPN for the purchase.

How To Purchase TikTok Coins?

It is always a great idea if you purchase TikTok coins instead of searching for sites to get TikTok coins without paying.

As I said, these sites are probably scams, and you will only waste your time and energy.

And if you want to purchase TikTok coins, it is a much easier and safer option.

Follow the steps below to purchase TikTok coins using your TikTok app itself.

Step 1: Open TikTok App

open tiktok

First, open the TikTok app on your device. Log in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go To The Profile Section

Go To Profile

Once you are on the TikTok home screen, click the profile icon on the bottom-right corner and go to the profile screen.

Step 3: Click On The Hamburger Icon

Click On The Hamburger Icon

On the profile screen, click the hamburger icon in the top-right corner, giving you more options.

Step 4: Select ‘Settings And Privacy’

Select ‘Settings And Privacy’

Select the settings and privacy options from the list and go to the settings and privacy page.

Step 5: Click Balance

click balance

Once on the settings and privacy page,  click the balance option.

Step 6: Tap On Get

Tap On Get

Once you enter the balance page, you will see the balance in your account and a ‘Get’ button on the right side.

Tap the button, and it will take you to the next screen.

Step 7: Select The Amount

Select The Amount 

Here, you will see the list of TikTok coin bundles. Select the desired amount you want to recharge on your TikTok wallet.

[Note – You cannot buy a single coin on TikTok. You have to buy the coins in a bundle.]

Step 8: Click on Recharge

Click on Recharge

After selecting the bundle, click on recharge

Step 9: Add A Payment Method

add payment

Now once you choose the TikTok coin bundle, you need to add a payment method with which you will pay for the coins.

Step 9: Confirm The Purchase

After adding the payment method, you must confirm the payment and purchase.

Step 10: Check The Recharge

Finally, return to the balance page after the transaction and check your TikTok wallet balance. You will see the purchased coins added in there.

The above steps will help you to purchase and recharge TikTok coins in your TikTok wallet.

Although it is not a way to get TikTok coins without paying, it is a legit way to recharge the TikTok wallet with TikTok coins.

Are TikTok Coins Cheaper When Buying On PC?

Most people are unaware but can buy TikTok coins on a PC at one-third less than they can get on the TikTok mobile app.

Yes, it is true, and you can see it for yourself by visiting TikTok on both devices.

The sole reason is the App Store fee. Both App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android charge TikTok a certain fee for each transaction you do on the app.

And if you buy TikTok coins from a PC/ Desktop, you can avoid this fee and gets the same amount of TikTok coins ⅓ cheaper.

So, make the smart move. Simply log into TikTok on your computer and purchase the coins from there instead of from your TikTok mobile apps.

Why Are TikTok Coins Cheap On Desktop?

As stated, Mobile apps need to pay a certain channel fee to the app stores in each transaction that is done using the mobile app.

This gets added to the actual price of the TikTok coins and passed on to the user.

This makes TikTok coins on the mobile app significantly more expensive than on the Desktop, where no charges have to be paid for the purchases you make.

If you have ever heard that buying TikTok coins on a PC is cheap, this is why.

So, how do you buy cheaper TikTok coins using a PC?

How To Buy Cheaper TikTok Coins On Desktop/PC?

If you are going to buy TikTok coins and want to do it for cheap, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open Browser On Your PC

First, open your browser on your computer and log into your account.

Step 2: Navigate To The Coin Purchase Page

Once you are on the TikTok home page, open the settings page>Choose Balance and go to the page to purchase coins.

Step 3: Select The Coins

From the list of coins stack, select the coins you want to purchase cheaply.

You can check the price of the same stack of coins on your TikTok app, and you will see the difference in price.

Step 4: Click Buy

Now, click Buy on the coins stack to buy the coin.

Step 5: Enter The Payment Information

The payment page will open. You provide the payment information like card number and its details.

Step 6: Click Pay Now

Now, click Pay Now at the bottom of the screen.

It will then process the payment and deposit the coin into your TikTok wallet.

Why Should You Buy TikTok Coins On PC?

The sole reason to buy TikTok coins on a PC is to get it cheaper than buying from the TikTok mobile app.

Once you understand the reason why buying TikTok coins on a PC is cheaper than on a mobile app, you will most likely not buy from TikTok mobile app again.

So, if you want to buy TikTok coins, always use your PC. Even if you pay the same way, the app store channel fee makes it significantly expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to ‘How to get TikTok coins without paying’ are taken from the internet.

Please go through the questions and their answers to understand more about the topic and the platform.

How Much Are 35000 Coins On TikTok?

Although the price for 35000 TikTok coins is approx $ 536.2 in today’s value, i.e., at the time of writing this article, the value may change with the change in USD value.

What Is A TikTok Coin Price In USD?

The price per coin is $0.01532 in today’s value.

Can You Withdraw Your Gifts From TikTok?

Yes, you can always withdraw your gifts from TikTok. The content creators of TikTok collect their gifts and withdraw them their PayPal.

As TikTok does not let you withdraw in any other payment method, PayPal is the only method you can use while withdrawing.

How Much Does TikTok Keep Before Withdrawal?

TikTok keeps 50% of the value of the diamond before you withdraw it into your PayPal.

But you are also subject to maximum and minimum withdrawal limits of $1000 and $100, respectively.


Therefore, To get TikTok coins without paying, you have two options. The First one is to compete in the various schemes where you can complete tasks and get paid in TikTok coins.

This is not recommended as there are various scams, and you may fall prey to the scammers.

Another option is to ask for the transfer of TikTok coins from your family and friends. Transfer of TikTok coins is allowed by TikTok among users.

And if you do not want to do that, the best method is to purchase TikTok coins from TikTok or a third-party service provider.

And the steps to purchase TikTok coins are detailed and explained above, along with the current price of TikTok coins and TikTok gift price.

The list will help you estimate how many coins you need to purchase to gift something to your favorite creator.

[Bonus Info: Did you know every Amazon user has an Amazon Account Number? Here is How To Find Your Amazon Account Number.]

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