What Is Snapchat Remix? [All You Need To Know]

Snapchat remix is a feature that allows you to record a video or take a picture as a response to your friend’s Snap. The Snap is played next to your clip and you can choose from five different layouts. You might already be familiar with this feature as it is similar to TikTok’s duets.

Snapchat Remix is a feature that allows you to create new Snaps from your friend’s Snaps and allows you to remix your own Snaps. To use the remix feature, follow the steps below:
1. Open Snapchat.
2. Open Your Friend’s Snap.
3. Click “Remix Snap.”
4. Choose The Filter.
5. Send your Remix.

While this feature is not the latest of Snapchat, it is the most underlooked. You might even be using Snapchat daily and have no idea this function exists. So let us look in-depth at what Snapchat Remix is and how it functions.

What Is “Remix Snap” On Snapchat?

As stated above “Remix Snap” is a feature that allows you to give a response to your friend’s Snap or their stories. When recording a remix, you can choose from five different types of layouts. This allows you to choose whether your video will appear next to, above, or in the corner of the clip.

This feature is similar to TikTok’s Duet function, which allows you to collaborate or react to content. Duets are like a two-in-one special offer as they display both the original video as well as your video.

How To Remix Snaps On Snapchat?

Now that you know what Snapchat remix is, the next step will be to remix your snaps. You can fool around and send funny snaps while teasing your friends.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

First, open Snapchat on your phone and login if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Open Your Friend’s Snap

Click any of your friend’s Snap that you have received and continue to press until a pop-up screen appears from below.

Step 3: Click “Remix Snap”

After the popup screen appears, click “Remix Snap” under “Send a Chat.”

Step 4: Choose The Filter

You will have five different filters to choose from, and these filters are similar to the options you have in the TikTok duet. You can pick them one by one and select the one you like.

Step 5: Send your Remix

After recording your remix, you can click the arrow on the bottom right of the screen.

How To Remix Your Memories?

Saw an old memory and would like to recreate it? Just like in TikTok where you can duet your own videos you can now duet your own snaps. You can thus post it in your

Step 1: Open Snapchat

If you haven’t already, open Snapchat and log in.

Step 2: Open Memories

On the bottom-left of your screen, click the pictures icon.

Step 3: Select The Snap

Under Memories you can choose your video or picture from “Snaps” or your “Camera Roll”. Click the video you wish to Remix.

Step 4: Click Remix Snap

Click and hold your chosen video until a popup appears. Click “Remix Snap”. Now you can either record or click pictures with the various filters available.

Step 5: Send Your Snap

After recording your Snap you can now save it to your device by clicking on the download icon on the bottom left of your screen. Or you can send your snap and post it on your story, just click on the “Send To” icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Where Can You Share Your Remix?

Remixing your friend’s Snap and sending it to them can be fun. But maybe you want to share it with all your Snapchat friends. So where can you share your remix masterpiece?

First, you cannot share your friend’s remixed snap. That means Snaps your friends have sent and their public stories which you have remixed cannot be saved nor forwarded towards your public story.

However, you can take a screenshot while recording your remix and they will not be notified. And you can share your Snaps to your public story if you have remixed your memory i.e. your old Snaps.

Different Layouts Of Snapchat Remix

There are five different remix layouts and you might have used them while doing duets on TikTok as they have very similar layouts. The only difference would be that Snapchat has one extra layout. But if you’re not a user of TikTok duets you might just have no idea what these filters are.

Snapchat has not given any of these layouts a name so I have given them a name so you can understand what these layouts are better. So let us go into detail about what these layouts are.

Floating Eyes And A Mouth

Although this filter doesn’t have a name and is just a smiley face tilted left. Let us assume that its name is floating eyes and a mouth.

The filter is just as the name suggests it’s floating eyes and a mouth. Specifically, your eyes and mouth. You can change its position by dragging them around or increase and decrease its size by pinching or zooming in.

Personally, it’s my favorite as you can just place yourself on top of your friend’s face and make fun of them. You can even place yourself on top of a picture and talk like that picture. Place your eyes and mouth on top of your friend’s food and degrade them.

Top And Bottom

In this layout, you will appear at the bottom of your screen and the snap you chose will be on top. This is not a very fun filter and you might not use it that often.

Left And Right

You might have seen this layout on TikTok many times as this filter is wildly used for TikTok duets. On this layout, you will appear on the left side of your screen and your snap will be on right. You cannot change this layout.


Just like the name suggests in this layout your snap will appear in a small box on the top left of your screen. You can move this box, rotate it, or increase and decrease its size.

You can also use this for making a collage of your pictures since Snapchat doesn’t have this feature. While you can make collages using filtres you won’t have the level of control this layout

Green Screen

This layout works like a TikToks Green Screen filter. Your body will appear on top of your selected Snap. You cannot increase or decrease your size but you can move your camera further or bring it closer if you want to change its size.

How To Apply Filters On My Snapchat Remix?

Now that you know how to remix Snaps you might want to use all the amazing and aesthetic filters Snapchat has to offer. You must have noticed when making your remix that Snapchat doesn’t give you a filter to choose from. Instead, a predetermined filter will already be applied to your face.

Although you can choose a filter it will be random and you can only apply a filter while you are remixing your own Snap. After you have recorded your remix swipe left and filters will automatically apply. You can keep swiping left to find the filter you want.

Edit your remix add stickers or music and share your masterpiece on your story or with your friends.

Differences Between Snapchat Remix And TikTok Duet

I have compared the Snapchats Remix function to TikTok duets many times in this article. So you must be wondering if both of them are so similar which one is better. Snapchat and TikTok are both very different apps so keep this in mind while I compare these two.

Share Your Remix

First, the duets you do on TikTok can be shared with everyone and you can duet anyone who has allowed duets. But on Snapchat, you are not allowed to share your remixes if the snap was sent by your friend or if they have posted it on their stories. You can only share your remix in public if you remixed your own snap.


Snapchat has one extra filter The Eyes and Mouth. This layout allows you to only show your eyes and your mouth and you can float around. Although this layout is not in the duet section of TikTok. You can find it in the Green Screen filter section.

While both of them are similar the main difference would be that Snapchat allows you to use this filter on top of videos the same cannot be said of TikTok. And in Snapchat when you tilt your head the filter will not tilt with you but cause your eyes to disappear. Whereas on TikTok when you do any tilting motion the filter follows.

Uploading Your Snapchat Remix And TikTok Duets

As Snapchat focuses heavily on a user’s privacy you will generally have a harder time sharing your remixes publicly. For instance, if your friend sent you a snap and you want to share it publicly this will not be possible. Unless your friend allows you to screenshot or screen record you won’t be able to share it.

However, on TikTok, you can download your duets or even do duets with random people or celebrities and share it everywhere. A watermark will appear but it is pretty small and it has a very important function of letting others know who the creator of the video is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have some questions you’re curious about on Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Will They Know If I Screenshot Their Story?

They will know when you take a screenshot of their story, as Snapchat will notify them as soon as you take a screenshot. If you don’t want to let your chats disappear, you can save them by simply hold-clicking on the chat and pressing “Save in Chat.”

But if you want to take a screenshot of their Snap or chat without letting them know, you can use a screen recorder.

What Are The Best Snapchat Filter For Guys?

As Snapchat filters are mostly for girls and as a guy, you might think you have limited options. If you don’t like flowers, cute hearts, or anything cute in general, you can always choose a simple filter with no added emojis or characters.

The best Snapchat filter for guys would be a simple filter that doesn’t add any digital makeup or over-the-top characters.

How To Add TikTok Link On Snapchat?

To Add a TikTok link on Snapchat you can simply open TikTok and on the video, you want to share click the three vertical dots. You can then share the video directly to Snapchat or copy its link and share it with Snapchat.


Snapchat Remix is an entertaining way to interact with your friends. Now that you know all about Snapchat Remix, react to your friend’s stories and tease them a little. Chances are that they have no idea how you are doing it. With your newfound knowledge, annoy them by not telling them how you are doing such remixes.