800+ Best Snapchat Private Story Names

Best Private Snapchat Story Names

Have you created a Private Snapchat Story group and want to give the best Snapchat Names? Are you lost since you have no idea how you want to name the group?

Thinking of a creative yet unique name to give to your funny private story can be hard.

Don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of creative names for Snapchat stories.

You can use several types of names for your private story, but my favorite picks are POV: You’re my therapist, Hot Mess Express, Could be worse, How not to parent, and many more.

The names don’t stop here, as I have listed more than 250+ name suggestions for your private story, so you pick a name as unique as you.

So let’s get into choosing the best private story name.

What Is A Private Story?

A private Story on Snapchat is one where you can pick who can see your videos.

It is like the Close Friends list on Instagram.

However, this means that the general public or your friends cannot view your stories.

Like your normal stories you post on Snapchat, it will expire after 24 hours.

What Is A Private Story?

If you want to delete such Snapchat stories before 24 hours, you can.

As Snapchat will blend private stories in with your My Story for friends who have access to your Private Story.

Private stories are perfect for events, private moments, and sharing secrets.

Since it allows you to share a story that can only be seen by the friends you have handpicked.

How To Create A Private Story?

In the private story, only you can add stories meaning your friends won’t be able to remix your story and send it back to you.

Furthermore, only you will be able to post and invite friends.

To create a private story, you need to go to your Snapchat profile beside “My Stories” and tap “+ New Story.” Now you can create a private or shared story.

You can now pick the Snapchat friends you want to share your private story with.

So now that you know all the steps about creating a private story, let’s pick the perfect name.

Funny Private Snapchat Story Names

Naming is very important, especially for a private story.

If you want to ensure that you catch your friend’s attention with a funny and witty name.

Funny Private Snapchat Story Names

Since it ensures they will take the time to watch your content.

We have listed titles that range from light-hearted to off-the-wall.

Your friends are sure to laugh and remember these names, and you can also have fun reading these names.

Here are some funny Snapchat funny private story names:

  1. Simps & Pimps
  2. The Meme Team
  3. Insert cool name here
  4. POV: You’re my therapist
  5. Umm, chile anyways so
  6. To the streets!
  7. People I tolerate
  8. 50 Shades of Me
  9. Don’t tell my mom
  10. What’s Up, Privates?
  11. Eye of the Idiot
  12. “Whatever” with a smile
  13. Don’t try this at home
  14. History repeats itself
  15. World’s greatest storyteller
  16. Only my dog can understand me
  17. After hours
  18. That’s all folks
  19. Laugh Factory
  20. Me-Tv
  21. Ps for my Bs
  22. Cool Name Pending
  23. No one asked but
  24. She/He do be bored tho
  25. Congrats for making it
  26. Overnight Shipping
  27. Full House
  28. Dear Diary
  29. Ride or dies
  30. My Gs
  31. Afterhours with <Your Name>
  32. Frenemies
  33. That’s So <Your Name>
  34. All Fax, No Printer
  35. Cringe
  36. Ride And Dies
  37. Chamber of secrets
  38. Procrastination Station
  39. Madhatter’s Tea Party h
  40. Touch me not
  41. Backstage Pass
  42. Spam
  43. Beef WIth Chief
  44. The “Should have deleted” Ones
  45. Public’nt
  46. Young dumb and broke
  47. Mood Swings
  48. 20/20 vision
  49. Homies <3
  50. Cut the cameras
  51. Don’t Snitch
  52. Last Two Brain cells

Baddie Vibes Private Snapchat Story Names

Is your private story a hype page for you?

If you want to manifest baddie energy, or if you already are one, then these names are just for you.

Baddie Vibes Private Snapchat Story Names

These catchphrases are sure to make you feel like the baddest one alive.

So, Read along for the baddest private Snapchat story names:

  1. Baddie With No Daddy
  2. The View from <Your Height>
  3. If He won’t His Homies Will
  4. Blond & Bougie
  5. Main Hoz and Bros
  6. Drama Club
  7. CEO Of F***king Shit Up
  8. Hot Mess Express
  9. Just like all the other girls
  10. Invite Only j
  11. It’s Always Hot girl summer
  12. Literally my life
  13. Nonaesthetic photo dump j
  14. The Originals
  15. Watch me go from worst to first!
  16. EW Cringe
  17. Drama Queen
  18. I’m Too Blessed To Be Stressed
  19. All sugar no daddy
  20. Too Blonde to respond
  21. Illegally blond
  22. Total Drama Island
  23. Too Lit to Quit
  24. 24 Hour Drama
  25. My Best-Teas
  26. That’s So Fetch
  27. The Brat Pack
  28. Barbie tingz
  29. Gossiping And Spilling W/
  30. VIP
  31. Plastic Poses
  32. Chasing the bag
  33. Dark diaries
  34. Bae list
  35. Pretty Energy
  36. Inside scoop
  37. Twister Sisters
  38. Hey Siri play me like he did
  39. Blond Moments With Brown Hair
  40. Slay All Day
  41. Flawless and Fearless
  42. Queen of Chaos
  43. Unfiltered Glam
  44. Savage Secrets
  45. Rebel Revolutions
  46. Bad and Boujee Chronicles
  47. Fearless Femme Fatale
  48. Vixen Vibes
  49. Gucci Gang Diaries
  50. Boss Babe Confidential
  51. Wild Child Chronicles
  52. Fierce and Fabulous
  53. Glamour Gossip
  54. Dangerously Beautiful
  55. Diva Drama Diaries
  56. Pretty Savage Chronicles
  57. Bold and Beautiful
  58. Killer Confidence
  59. Seductive Stories
  60. Elite and Unapologetic
  61. Sassy and Classy
  62. Unruly Rebel Tales
  63. Insta-Famous Chronicles
  64. Flirty and Fierce
  65. Glam Squad Confidential
  66. Sinfully Stylish
  67. Femme Fatale Files
  68. Rebel Royalty Diaries
  69. Viciously Vain
  70. Fearless Fashionista
  71. Fiery Femme Chronicles
  72. Glamourous Gamble
  73. Unfiltered Flirtation
  74. Boss Bitch Banter
  75. Bold and Brazen
  76. Vampy Vixen Vibes
  77. Dangerously Daring
  78. Fierce Fashionista Files
  79. Rebellicious Stories
  80. Confidently Unruly
  81. Killer Curves Chronicles
  82. Seductively Stylish
  83. Elite Enigma
  84. Sassy Sensation
  85. Unapologetically Bold
  86. Flirty Fatale Files
  87. Glamourous Gambit
  88. Sinfully Stylish Secrets
  89. Femme Fierce Chronicles

Sad But funny Private Snapchat Story Names

Gen Z’s humor is self-deprecating, but it’s funny.

We all know how to laugh in the face of misery.

Sad But funny Private Snapchat Story Names

And if you are someone who likes to laugh at your misfortune, read along.

This list is especially for my Gen Z brothers.

  1. Life In The Circus
  2. Depression Session
  3. No Daddy Just Issues
  4. Homeless Without The M
  5. Indie Without The In
  6. Pretty Without The R
  7. 99 Problems and my life is 1
  8. Spotify Most Play: Me
  9. How not to parent
  10. The worst of the best
  11. Could be worse
  12. I’m too old for this sh*t
  13. “Strangers” with a smile
  14. Trash – Just Like Me
  15. Mental Breakdown Hours
  16. Life of a plan b survivor
  17. 50 Shades of Depression
  18. It’s a sad story
  19. Crying in a cool way
  20. Watermelon sugar cry
  21. Life’s Short but I’m shorter
  22. Remind me to forget
  23. Maybe I was born to be sad
  24. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  25. Inspired Loser
  26. Clown Check
  27. Nonsense
  29. Y/N cry club
  30. Young Dumb And Broke
  31. My funeral Guestlist
  32. I Have More Than 13 Reasons
  33. Bottom Feeder
  34. Emo-tional Rollercoaster
  35. Sarcasm and Tears
  36. The Misadventures of a Sad Clown
  37. Laughing Through My Tears
  38. My Life in Meme-form
  39. Tragicomic Chronicles
  40. The Sobbing Stand-up
  41. Crying Without a Cause
  42. The Tears of a Jester
  43. Misery Loves Company (and Snaps)
  44. Laughing at My Own Misfortune
  45. The Comedy of Tragedy
  46. Melancholy Memes and Moments
  47. Diary of a Depressed Comedian
  48. Witty Sobs and Whimsical Woes
  49. The Pathetic Party
  50. Smile, It’s All Pain
  51. Laughable Lamentations
  52. The Sorrowful Selfie Saga
  53. Sobbing and Snapping
  54. The Irony of Tears
  55. Woe Is Me, LOL
  56. Melancholic Mischief
  57. Weeping Words and Witty Snaps
  58. Dark Humor Diaries
  59. The Crying Comic
  60. Tragic Tales with a Twist
  61. Hilarity in Heartache
  62. Wiping Tears, Posting Cheers
  63. The Laugh Riot of Loneliness
  64. The Wretched Wit
  65. Sadness in Snapshots
  66. Smile through the Sadness
  67. Jokes from the Depths of Despair
  68. Moping and Meme-ing
  69. The Sob Story Show
  70. Tears and Titters
  71. Comedy Amidst the Chaos
  72. Diary of a Disheartened Diva
  73. Laughs in a Raincloud
  74. Pity Party Chronicles
  75. Melodramatic Moments and Mayhem
  76. Hilarious Tears and Tragic Laughter
  77. The Jester’s Journey of Tears
  78. Smiling at the Sorrow
  79. Snaps of Self-Deprecation
  80. Comic Catastrophes
  81. Amusing Agony
  82. The Witty Wail
  83. Laughing Alone, Snapping Together

Offensive & Controversial Private Snapchat Story Names

There is no way you will live your life without offending anyone.

Although you need to make sure you’re not saying, doing, or writing anything offensive toward marginalized groups.

Offensive Private Snapchat Story Names

So keeping that in mind, here are some mildly offensive names that should be fine between your friends.

  1. Cracktivites
  2. Satans Place
  3. Y/N and Buttheads
  4. rAwRsome
  5. In Hoes We Trust
  6. Parental Advisory
  7. For The Streets
  8. Poodle Bikini
  9. What Dora Didn’t Explore
  10. Life Of The Unswallowed
  11. Sh!tshow
  12. Adol₤ DRIPler
  13. Rude To Dudes
  14. Who’s that B!tch?
  15. The Ted Bundy Rejects
  16. Dr.Phils waitlist
  17. Explicit Chronicles
  18. Sinful Secrets
  19. Taboo Tales
  20. Forbidden Fantasies
  21. Wicked Whispers
  22. Guilty Pleasures
  23. Dirty Desires
  24. Scandalous Snaps
  25. Insane Intimacy
  26. Savage Confessions
  27. Unhinged Minds
  28. Twisted Temptations
  29. X-Rated Exposé
  30. Sensual Scandals
  31. Provocative Pursuits
  32. Kinky Chronicles
  33. Shameless Stories
  34. Lustful Legends
  35. Controversial Chronicles
  36. Uncensored Craziness
  37. Immoral Indulgences
  38. Sinister Secrets
  39. Naughty Narratives
  40. Raunchy Revelations
  41. Vixen Vibes
  42. Thrill Seekers
  43. Salacious Stories
  44. Seductive Sins
  45. Unfiltered Experiences
  46. Racy Rendezvous
  47. Censored Chaos
  48. Tantalizing Temptations
  49. Devilish Delights
  50. Intense Intrigues
  51. Delirious Deeds
  52. Provocative Passions
  53. Seductive Stares
  54. Scandalous Showcase
  55. Bold and Brazen
  56. Temptation Unleashed
  57. Raw and Uncut
  58. Fierce Fetishes
  59. Exposed Secrets
  60. Sinful Snippets
  61. Fiery Fetishes
  62. Uninhibited Desires
  63. Twisted Tales
  64. Provoking Passions
  65. Forbidden Fling
  66. Shameful Snapshots
  67. Insatiable Instincts
  68. Scandalous Seductions
  69. Dark Desires
  70. Wild Whispers
  71. Immoral Impulses
  72. Sensational Stories
  73. Delicate Decadence
  74. Kinky Chronicles
  75. Naughty Notions
  76. Sultry Secrets
  77. Exposed Escapades
  78. Twisted Temptations
  79. Brazen Betrayals
  80. Sordid Sagas
  81. Intimate Intrigues
  82. Tainted Tales
  83. Unleashed Urges
  84. Forbidden Fascinations
  85. Provocative Playgrounds
  86. X-Rated Revelations
  87. Shameless Shenanigans
  88. Delirious Discoveries
  89. Scandalous Showdowns
  90. Sinful Snapshots
  91. Wicked Whispers
  92. Tempting Taboos
  93. Racy Recollections
  94. Unfiltered Urges
  95. Controversial Confessions
  96. Sultry Snapshots
  97. Untamed Tales
  98. Dark Delights
  99. Insatiable Indulgence
  100. Obscene Odyssey
  101. Vicious Vices
  102. Sensuous Secrets
  103. Forbidden Flirtations
  104. Kinky Chronicles
  105. Naughty Nightmares
  106. Scandalous Sensations
  107. Wild Whispers
  108. Twisted Taboos
  109. Raunchy Revelations
  110. Provocative Passions
  111. Sinful Showcase
  112. Insatiable Infatuation
  113. Delightfully Depraved
  114. Shameless Sinners
  115. Intoxicating Intrigues
  116. Uncensored Obsessions

Fruity Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

Are you in the closet?

While the world has gradually started to accept people with different sexualities, it still hasn’t become normal.

Fruity Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

So if you want to make a private story exploring your sexuality while supporting others, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Allies Only
  2. Guys And Gays
  3. What A Drag
  4. Queers and Beers
  5. Hair up Knees down
  6. You Could Never
  7. ❌lusives
  8. No Straights Allowed
  9. 🌈 Pride Palette
  10. Blossoming Journeys
  11. Exquisite Ecstasy
  12. Passion Playground
  13. Sweet Nectar
  14. 🌺 Blossoming Desires
  15. Juicy Rainbows
  16. 🍓 Berrylicious Adventures
  17. 🌈 Shades of Love
  18. Fragrant Passions
  19. Tantalizing Tastes
  20. Vibrant Voyages
  21. Tender Temptations
  22. 🍑 Peachy Dreams
  23. Petals and Pleasures
  24. 🍇 Grapevine Stories
  25. Savor the Spectrum
  26. Fruitful Fantasies

Zodiac Private Snapchat Story Names

Are you into Spirutaily and Zodiacs? While many don’t believe in zodiacs, it is still a very interesting subject to explore.

And since Snapchat shows your zodiac signs on your profile if you have entered your birthday.

Zodiac Private Snapchat Story Names

You can make a private group with the same zodiac signs.

So if you are making a private group with your astrology believers, try these names.

  1. 12 Types Of Snaps
  2. Snapchat Zodiac Stories
  3. Coolest Predictions
  4. The Goat
  5. Crabby Pants
  6. Angels Of Hands
  7. Swagittarius
  8. (Your zodiac sign) Tingz
  9. Cli-Taurus
  10. Holy Hacks
  11. Celestial Chronicles
  12. Cosmic Whispers
  13. Stellar Insights
  14. Zodiac Secrets
  15. Lunar Light
  16. Aries Adventures
  17. Taurus Tales
  18. Gemini’s Gossips
  19. Cancer Chronicles
  20. Leo’s Lair
  21. Virgo’s Vision
  22. Libra’s Lounge
  23. Scorpio Secrets
  24. Sagittarius Stories
  25. Capricorn Chronicles
  26. Aquarius Amplitudes
  27. Pisces Perceptions
  28. Starry Visions
  29. Astrology Unveiled
  30. Zodiac Wanderlust
  31. Moonlit Musings
  32. Astral Journeys
  33. Cosmic Revelations
  34. Zodiac Illuminations
  35. Celestial Dreamscape
  36. Moonlit Wanderings
  37. Starry Encounters
  38. Astral Reflections
  39. Zodiac Rhythms
  40. Stellar Odyssey
  41. Zodiac Revelations
  42. Lunar Insights
  43. Astrological Whispers
  44. Cosmic Kaleidoscope
  45. Zodiac Serenades
  46. Celestial Medley
  47. Moonbeam Chronicles

Good Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

Not everything has to be funny, offensive, and witty.

Sometimes all you want is to show the good things in life.

Good Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

It can be hard to always look at the brighter things in life, so if you are making a private story to show the pretty things in your life.

Here are some ideas for good private story names.

  1. No drama, please
  2. Best things in life are free
  3. It takes courage to love
  4. You are uniquely special
  5. No filter needed here!
  6. My life in photos & videos!
  7. “Me” time with myself!
  8. The magic of me!
  9. Leave it all behind for a while
  10. Happy, healthy, and loved
  11. This is my happy place!
  12. It’s all smiles now
  13. The story of ME!
  14. For me and you only. Private story
  15. Good vibes only
  16. Happiness isn’t always easy
  17. Just be happy, baby!
  18. This world needs more love
  19. A day in the sun
  20. Life is good, don’t you think?
  21. Beyond the Lens
  22. Candid Chronicles
  23. Behind Closed Doors
  24. Embracing Happiness
  25. Inner Circle Chronicles
  26. Exclusive Moments
  27. Unfiltered Journey
  28. Living Authentically
  29. Tales of Triumph
  30. Personal Paradigm
  31. My Secret Sanctuary
  32. Captured Memories
  33. The Real Me
  34. A Glimpse Within
  35. Chronicles of Joy
  36. Unveiling My World
  37. Radiating Positivity
  38. My Happy Haven
  39. Life Untangled
  40. Whispered Whims
  41. Shades of Me
  42. Discovering Bliss
  43. Serenity Chronicles
  44. A Canvas of Life
  45. Unveiled Reflections
  46. Living Freely
  47. Blissful Retreat
  48. Journey to Authenticity
  49. Portraits of Serenity
  50. The Essence of Me
  51. Tranquil Tidings
  52. Unfolding Adventures
  53. Chronicles of Contentment
  54. Expressions Unveiled
  55. Inner Peace Exposed
  56. The Joyful Journey
  57. Tranquil Tales
  58. Radiance Revealed
  59. Authentic Moments
  60. Serendipitous Stories
  61. Unveiling Happiness
  62. Reflections of a Dreamer
  63. Blissful Escapes
  64. Whispers of Joy
  65. Discovering Self
  66. Embracing Life’s Gifts
  67. Chronicles of Gratitude
  68. Unraveled Experiences
  69. Serene Sojourns
  70. Moments Unfiltered
  71. The Real Deal
  72. Captivating Chapters
  73. Living Vibrantly
  74. Journeys of the Heart
  75. Genuine Chronicles
  76. Blissful Secrets
  77. Unveiled Beauty
  78. Untold Stories
  79. Radiant Revelations
  80. The Path to Joy
  81. Tranquil Treasures
  82. Expressions Unscripted
  83. Illuminating Experiences
  84. Whispers of Wisdom
  85. Unfolding Bliss
  86. Chronicles of Love
  87. Quest for Happiness
  88. Authentic Escapades
  89. Serene Snapshots
  90. Unveiled Delights
  91. Reflections of Joy
  92. Embracing the Journey
  93. Chronicles of Freedom
  94. Unfiltered Bliss
  95. Blissful Whispers
  96. Discovering Magic
  97. Serenity Unveiled
  98. Moments of Clarity
  99. Radiant Realities
  100. Unveiled Chapters
  101. Tranquil Tidbits
  102. Expressions Unchained
  103. Journeys to Happiness
  104. Genuine Delights
  105. Blissful Reveals
  106. Whispers of Adventure
  107. Unraveled Serenity
  108. Stories Unfiltered
  109. The Real Me Unveiled
  110. Captivating Journeys
  111. Living Fearlessly
  112. Pathways to Joy
  113. Authentic Whispers
  114. Serene Chronicles
  115. Unveiled Emotions
  116. Reflections of Freedom
  117. Embracing the Now
  118. Chronicles of Bliss
  119. Unfiltered Escapes
  120. Blissful Reflections

Cute Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

Are you into the Kawaii aesthetic? Maybe you like all things cute well, who doesn’t?

Cute Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

But not all appreciate the cuter things in life, so if you make a private story to share the cutest things.

Try these name ideas.

  1. Prada Bae
  2. Love so matcha
  3. Lucky charms
  4. No rain, no flowers
  5. Simple, not basic
  6. U wish
  7. Angel energy
  8. Don’t tell my therapist
  9. Your Daily dose of me
  10. Rise and Shine
  11. <3 of Gold
  12. XoXo
  13. Yours Truly
  14. This is My Happy Place
  15. Page 1 of 365
  16. Sneek n Peek
  17. I need vitamin u
  18. Oh Snap, It’s Me!
  19. Sweet Serendipity
  20. Dreamy Delights
  21. Honey Glow
  22. Poppin’ Positivity
  23. Sugar Rush Chronicles
  24. Blush Hour
  25. Whispered Wonders
  26. Sparkling Secrets
  27. Darling Diaries
  28. Bubbly Babe
  29. Flirty Fables
  30. Slay All Day
  31. Enchanting Escapades
  32. Radiant Revelations
  33. Stellar Stories
  34. Bubblegum Bliss
  35. Sweet Escape
  36. Playful Paradise
  37. Moonlight Memoirs
  38. Alluring Adventures
  39. Fierce and Fabulous
  40. Sugar Plum Chronicles
  41. Cozy Confessions
  42. Giggles and Grins
  43. Charming Chronicles
  44. Lovely Luminosity
  45. Sunshine Sparkles
  46. Swoon-Worthy Snapshots
  47. Cheeky Charms
  48. Fancy Free
  49. Whimsical Whispers
  50. Tantalizing Tales
  51. Unicorn Dreams
  52. Honeybee Chronicles
  53. Flirty Feels
  54. Dreamcatcher Diaries
  55. Enigmatic Encounters
  56. Angelic Amore
  57. Cupcake Chronicles
  58. Glittery Galore
  59. Cuddle Confessions
  60. Starry-Eyed Stories
  61. Flirty Flutter
  62. Pixie Dust Diaries
  63. Secret Smile Society
  64. Chasing Rainbows
  65. Snuggles and Kisses
  66. Luscious Laughter
  67. Enchanted Euphoria
  68. Darling Daydreams
  69. Whispers of Wonder
  70. Candy Coated Confessions
  71. Glimmering Gazes
  72. Caramel Kisses
  73. Captivating Chronicles
  74. Lovebug Letters
  75. Delightful Daydreams
  76. Heartthrob Haven
  77. Sassy Serenade
  78. Midnight Magic
  79. Sun-Kissed Snapshots
  80. Wonderland Whispers
  81. Sprinkle of Sparkle
  82. Flirty Fizz
  83. Dreamy Delights
  84. Whisked Away
  85. Sugar Plum Soiree
  86. Enchanted Elixirs
  87. Honeyed Hugs
  88. Playful Pizzazz
  89. Lovely Larks
  90. Cozy Cuddles
  91. Glimmering Giggles
  92. Berry Blush
  93. Swoon-Sational Stories
  94. Cupid’s Corner
  95. Whimsical Whispers
  96. Tantalizing Tidbits
  97. Kisses and Whispers
  98. Lush and Luminous
  99. Honeybee Haven
  100. Flirty Fancies
  101. Dreamcatcher Chronicles
  102. Angelic Allure
  103. Candyland Confessions
  104. Glittery Glamour
  105. Snuggle Sessions
  106. Blissful Banter
  107. Charming Captions
  108. Radiant Rendezvous
  109. Sweetheart Stories
  110. Bubbly Breeze
  111. Whispers of Bliss
  112. Cotton Candy Kisses
  113. Delightful Dalliances
  114. Hearts and Hugs
  115. Enchanting Escapades
  116. Sunlit Smiles
  117. Lovestruck Letters
  118. Sparkling Stardust

Freaky Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

Snapchat is very famous for sharing your “pictures.”

And we highly recommend you not share any risky images.

Freaky Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

But at the end of the day, it’s your Snapchat profile, and a warning from an article about funny names for Snapchat private stories won’t change your mind.

So here are some freaky Snapchat private story names.

  1. See Through Pics
  2. No, No Regrets
  3. Queens Of Lust
  4. Under Your Spell
  5. Your New Bf/Gf (Is Me)
  6. My Chamber of Secrets e
  7. 4 ur eyes only d
  8. Just Did It
  9. Eating a$$ like groceries
  10. Santa’s Naughty List
  11. Bible Study
  12. Naughty Secret Lover
  13. The Great Kiss(Es)
  14. I Know, I Post
  15. My Shoes Without the S
  16. Barbie with more than 1 Ken
  17. Left on Red so giving head

Christmas Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

It’s that special time of the year.

Christmas brings a different wave of energy to our surroundings.

Christmas Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

So if you want to make a private story just for Christmas and the people you are celebrating with, here are some private story names for Christmas.

  1. Holidaze
  2. Dear Santa,
  3. Christmas celebrates me
  4. Wake me up, when spring is here
  5. Winter Wonderland
  6. Hot Chocolate weather
  7. Holiday Magic
  8. Let it snow
  9. Ho ho ho
  10. Make it reindeer
  11. Up To Snow Good
  12. That One Elf
  13. 50 Shades of Sleigh
  14. My Mistlehoes
  15. My shelved elves
  16. Merry L!tmas U Filthy Animals
  17. You’re snowFAKE
  18. Life with a ho ho ho🤶🏻✨
  19. Christmas chronicles
  20. The North Pole

Gym Snapchat Private Story Names

Recording your gym journey is very necessary while starting your fitness journey.

So having a group of guys and gals to be with you on your fitness journey is special since they hype you up and increase your motivation.

Gym Snapchat Private Snapchat Story Names

Thus creating a close-knit community of gym bros.

Here are several private story ideas for your spotter, gym buddies, and workout mates.

  1. Osama Bin Liftin
  2. 21 Pump Street
  3. Dead Lift Without The Lift
  4. Small Calves Big Dreams
  5. Lifting Maxes Evading Taxes
  6. Tren-Setter
  7. Plates before Dates
  8. Shreddedventures
  9. workout because we didn’t work out
  10. new year same gear
  11. anabolics anonymous
  12. Registered flex offender🥶💪🏻
  13. Revenge of the Lift
  14. Onlygains
  15. all pain no gains
  16. This is the whey
  17. The swoley bible
  18. Pump palace
  19. in god we hip thrust
  20. Caffeine fueled therapy
  21. Squat low standards high 😈
  22. Holy Quads

LGBTQ+ Private Snapchat Story Names

Can’t think straight with all of your Snapchat friends?

Then I got you a great private Snapchat Story name.

LGBTQ+ Private Snapchat Story Names

Here are some of the spicy LGBTQ+ Snapchat private story names:

  1. LGBT Cuties
  2. im rolling with the lgbtqia+
  3. The Bisexual Chat
  4. 50 Shades of Gay
  5. Bishrecksual
  6. L,G,B,T,Q,I,A im gay
  7. Gay for You
  8. I’m a PANcake
  9. Bi Myself
  10. Byslexic
  11. what dora didn’t explore
  12. I’m bi so I didn’t lie
  13. Bipolar Express
  14. The Girls & Gays
  15. my *BI*conic life
  16. Queer Vibes Only
  17. Pride and Snapchat
  18. LGBTQ+ Lens
  19. Out and About
  20. The Rainbow Connection
  21. Gaymers Unite
  22. Fabulous and Flawless
  23. Snap It Gay
  24. Homo Heroes
  25. The Gay Agenda
  26. Glitter and Rainbows
  27. Slayin’ the Gay
  28. Snap, Queer, and Fab
  29. Pride Parade Diaries
  30. Rainbow Rebels
  31. Snap It Up, Buttercup
  32. Love is Love Stories
  33. Shantay, You Stay
  34. All the Gay Feels
  35. Fierce and Flirty
  36. #GayLife
  37. SnapQueer
  38. Beyond Binary
  39. Camp and Sassy
  40. Queerantine Chronicles
  41. Dancing Queens
  42. Snap Pride
  43. Unapologetically Gay
  44. Flirty and Fabulous
  45. Proud and Extra
  46. The Queer Collective
  47. SnapFab
  48. Rainbow Warriors
  49. Glitz and Glam
  50. Queer and Proud
  51. Snap Gaytastic
  52. The Gay Gazette
  53. Rainbow Revolution
  54. Love Wins Chronicles
  55. Glamorously Gay
  56. SnapQueer Diaries
  57. Queer and Fierce
  58. Gaytastic Stories
  59. The Rainbow Diaries
  60. Snap It Loud and Proud
  61. Born This Gay
  62. Glitter and Pride
  63. Rainbow Rebels
  64. The Gay Grapevine
  65. Fierce and Flawless
  66. SnapFabulous
  67. Queer Quips
  68. Out and Proud Stories
  69. Prideful and Powerful
  70. Snapping Rainbows
  71. Gaytastic Adventures
  72. The Queer Chronicles
  73. Flirty and Fierce
  74. Glitter and Queer
  75. Snap It Bold and Brave
  76. Queer and Loving It
  77. Rainbow Rendezvous
  78. The Gay Gazette
  79. Snapping with Pride
  80. Fabulously Flirty
  81. Bold and Beautiful
  82. Snap Prideful
  83. The Queer Revolution
  84. Glitz and Glam
  85. Snap Gaydar
  86. Rainbow Royalty
  87. Fearless and Fierce
  88. Queer and Extra
  89. Snap It Out Loud
  90. Gaytastic Gazette
  91. The Pride Diaries
  92. Glitter and Sparkle
  93. Unapologetically Queer
  94. SnapFab Diaries
  95. Rainbow Warriors
  96. Love Wins Chronicles
  97. Glamorously Gay
  98. SnapQueer Stories
  99. Queer and Fierce
  100. Gaytastic Moments
  101. The Rainbow Journals
  102. Snap It Loud and Proud
  103. Born This Gay
  104. Glitter and Pride
  105. Rainbow Rebels
  106. The Gay Grapevine
  107. Fierce and Flawless
  108. SnapFabulous
  109. Queer Quips
  110. Out and Proud Stories
  111. Prideful and Powerful
  112. Snapping Rainbows
  113. Gaytastic Adventures
  114. The Queer Chronicles
  115. Flirty and Fierce

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions about Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can People See What You Name Your Private Story On Snapchat?

Snapchat users cannot see your private story unless you have added them to your private list.

Additionally, users will not be able to see your private story name on their story list.

Only the users you have added to your private story list can see its name.

Can Others See Who’s On Your Private Story?

Your private story will only consist of Snapchat users that you have personally added.

Therefore, anyone who is not on your Snapchat private story list will not know about your private story.

Since it will not appear among their “My Stories.”

Why Do You Need A Good Snapchat Private Stories Name?

You should make a good private Snapchat story name as it will increase the interaction among your friends and make your Snapchat story stand out.

You need to be more funny and clever to make yourself stand out from the many stories.

So, try to use funny private story names on Snapchat.


To summarize, Snapchat is a fun app that allows you to share moments of your life. However, you cannot share every moment with all your Snapchat friends.

So private stories are fun ways to not only increase your connection with your friends but give them a surprise by showing you their trust.

It is always a pleasure to know that someone has added you to their private story.

We hope to have given you ideas about what to name your Snapchat private stories.

And let us know if we have missed any in our comment section.

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