How To Make Spotify Blend [Easy Steps]

Spotify is an audio streaming application that also provides users with great media experience. Every update, Spotify looks to create a better user experience for all their users. Recently, Spotify came up with the Spotify blend feature that let’s two users create curated playlists that are based on their joint music preferences. Once two users are on the Spotify blend, the playlist changes daily with the curated music for the users to listen to. So, here is a guide on how to make Spotify blend.

To make a Spotify blend playlist, you need to access the Made For You hub on your Spotify. From there, just choose the option to create your Blend playlist and then send an invite to the user you want to create the blend with. Once you are done, Spotify will create the blend playlist for you and whoever you choose to share this feature with.

What Is Spotify Blend

Spotify Blend is a feature that was released in March of 2017. It allows users to create playlists with both songs and albums from their library, as well as from Spotify’s catalog. This gives users more flexibility when creating playlists, as they can include both their favorite songs and albums, as well as new music that they may want to check out.

Spotify Blend is a great way to give yourself more options and flexibility when creating playlists. It can be especially helpful if you’re looking for new music, as it allows you to take advantage of Spotify’s extensive catalog while using your own personal favorites as well.

Why Make A Spotify Blend Playlist

There are a few reasons why you might want to make your Spotify blend playlist. Maybe you want to combine your favorite songs from different artists into one great mix. Or maybe you want to create a themed playlist that spans different genres or decades. Whatever your reason, blending different songs together can be a lot of fun and can help you discover new music that you might not have otherwise heard.

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However, a point to be noted is that the Spotify blend is only limited to two users if you are on your mobile device. So, this means that only you and another user you choose to share the playlist with gets to listen to it.

How Does A Spotify Blend Work

Once you are on Spotify Blend, it means that the playlist will switch daily on the basis of what you are currently listening to and what the other person is also listening to on their side.

The blend playlist is accessible from both the users and the Spotify algorithm will change the playlist daily on the basis of what you stream. This means the users have no control over the playlist and can find new songs on account of what they listen to and what the other user listens to as well.

You can only make Spotify blend playlists from a mobile phone Spotify app and then share them with the user you want to create the blend with.

How To Make Spotify Blend Playlist

Now that you know the ins and outs of a Spotify blend playlist, you can look into how to make a Spotify blend playlist. Follow the steps below on your Spotify app to create a Spotify blend playlist.

Step 1: Launch Spotify In Your Device

First, tap on the Spotify app on your device to launch it. Once you are on Spotify, you can then follow the next step.

Step 2: Go To Made For You

Next, go to the Search tab that is on the top of your screen. From there, choose the Made For You hub that is on the screen where you search for songs.

Step 3: Choose The Create A Blend Option

Once you are on the made for you page, tap on the Create Blend option with the square and + icon and the playlist will be made for you to listen to.

Share Spotify Blend With Others

The sole purpose of a Spotify blend is to also share the playlist with other users. So, once you are done creating the Spotify blend playlist, you might be considering how to share this playlist with other users. Here are the steps to Invite a user to your Spotify blend playlist and to also join another person’s Spotify blend playlist.

Step 1: Invite Friend

Once you follow all the steps from the above mentioned section, your Spotify blend is ready to share. The Invite option will show on the screen the moment you create a blend. You can then add a user to your blend playlist by sending an invite in the form of a link through any other messaging app.

Sep 2: Join Invite

Once the user sends a request, the other side can Join the Spotify blend playlist. You need to tap the join option in the link to add yourself to the blend. Once both the users add one another, then the blend playlist will be created on the basis of what the two users stream and have listening taste.

Once two users add one another in a blend playlist, the playlist will auto generate a music of up to 50 songs playlist.

How To Leave Spotify Blend

If someone invited you on a Spotify blend and you do not want to listen to the playlist anymore then you also have the option to easily leave a Spotify blend. Here are the steps to leave a Spotify blend.

Step 1: Go To Spotify

First, go to the Spotify app by tapping on it.

Step 2: Open Search Bar

On the search bar, go to the options where you have multiple hubs on the screen.

Step 3: Go To Made For You

Once you are on the search screen, tap on the Made For You hub that is on the right section.

Step 4:Access Blend Playlist

From there, access the Blend Playlist that you share with another user.

Step 5: Click On Three Dots Icon

From the right side of the screen, tap on the three dots icon.

Step 6: Leave Blend

From the overflow menu that comes up, choose the option to Leave A Blend. Once you are out of the blend playlist, it will no longer appear in your Spotify.

Difference Between Spotify Blend And Spotify Playlist

A Spotify blend is when Spotify plays two or more Spotify playlists consecutively in order to mix them together, whereas a Spotify playlist is when Spotify plays one Spotify playlist after another.

Spotify blend is a more customized experience you can have with another user on Spotify whereas a normal Spotify playlist is of tracks and songs personalized to yourself.

Is Spotify Blend Free

Yes, Spotify blend is a free feature that is available to users globally whether they have a free app or a premium subscription on Spotify.

How Many Users Can You Add In Spotify Blend

The Spotify blend is for two users and is catered to creating a mix of the songs and playlists between two users. Since, this is a personalized playlist created taking the songs that two users listen to daily, it only lets two people access the playlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are below.

Why Can’t I Blend On Spotify

The Spotify blend feature on the app is first tested as a beta. Now that the feature is rolled out for all users on the Spotify app, it should work for your device as well. If the feature does not show on your app, then try updating your Spotify app to the latest version.

Spotify Blend Desktop

The Spotify blend feature is available on the Spotify mobile app for users looking to create a personalized playlist with another user.

Spotify Blend Not Working

If your Spotify blend is not working, then you can go to the app cache and clear it out. You can also re-install the app by removing it if it does not work properly. The most common reason can also be because the users on the blend are not listening to new music everyday. To create new and interesting playlists, it needs to get the data for the new music through the ones the users are already listening to outside of the Spotify blend.

Spotify Blend Not Updating

If the Spotify blend is not updating daily then that means the users on the app are not actively listening to or exploring for new music. You need to listen to music outside of the Spotify blend playlist. Only then, the Spotify blend algorithm will create a playlist based on the music ventures by the users on the playlist.


In conclusion, the Spotify blend is an interesting and fun feature to entertain a better user experience on Spotify. Go ahead and follow the steps to make Spotify blend and if at anytime you want to cancel the feature, then that is a possible option too.

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