How To Make Spotify Blend [Easy Steps]

How To Make Spotify Blend

Spotify is a popular app for streaming audio and enjoying different media types. The company strives to enhance user satisfaction by improving the app’s features. Spotify Blend allows two users to collaborate to create personalized playlists based on their music preferences. Here’s a guide on how to create a Spotify Blend playlist.

Open the Spotify app and navigate to the “Made For You” section to create a Spotify Blend playlist. Look for the option to create a Blend playlist and select it. Invite the user you want to collaborate on the blend. Once you’ve completed these steps, Spotify will generate the playlist for you and the person you invite to participate.

Explore the collaborative magic of Spotify blend. Team up with another user to make personalized playlists based on shared music playlists daily, offering a special listening experience. Follow simple steps to create your Spotify blend playlist and enjoy a musical adventure together.

What Is Spotify Blend

Spotify Blend is a feature introduced in March 2017. It enables users to make playlists that combine songs and albums from their library along with tracks from Spotify’s collection. This feature provides users with increased freedom in playlist creation, allowing them to include both their preferred songs and albums and discover new music they might be interested in.

Spotify Blend offers a convenient way to expand playlist options and flexibility. It is particularly useful for those seeking fresh music, leveraging Spotify’s vast catalog while incorporating personal favorites.

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How To Make Spotify Blend Playlist

Now that you know the ins and outs of a Spotify blend playlist, you can look into how to make a Spotify blend playlist.

You can create your own Spotify Blend playlist by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch Spotify In Your Device

Open the Spotify app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Step 2: Tap On “Search”

You’ll see several tabs at the bottom of the app’s interface. Tap on the “Search” tab, usually represented by a magnifying glass icon. This will take you to the search section of Spotify.

Step 3: Go To “Made For You”

In the search section, you’ll find different categories. Look for the “Made For You” hub tailored to your music preferences. Tap on it to access personalized playlists and recommendations.

Step 4: Choose The “Create A Blend” Option

Within the “Made For You” hub, scroll down until you find the “Create a Blend” option. It is represented by a square icon with a “+” symbol. This option allows you to create your Spotify Blend playlist.

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How Does A Spotify Blend Work?

When you use Spotify Blend, your playlist will update daily based on your listening habits and those of the other person involved.

The blend playlist is available to both users, and Spotify’s algorithm will modify it each day based on the music you stream. This means that users have no direct control over the playlist and can discover new songs based on their listening preferences and other users’ choices.

Spotify Blend playlists can only be created using the mobile app, and you can share them with the user you wish to blend with.

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Why Make A Spotify Blend Playlist?

There are several reasons why making a Spotify Blend playlist can be beneficial. You may want to combine your favorite songs from various artists to create an enjoyable mix.

Alternatively, you can curate a themed playlist encompassing different genres or decades. Regardless of your motive, blending different songs can be an enjoyable experience and open doors to discovering new music you may not have encountered otherwise.

However, it’s important to note that the Spotify Blend feature on mobile devices is currently limited to two users. Only you and another user you choose to share the playlist with can listen to it.

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How To Share Spotify Blend With Others?

Sharing a Spotify Blend playlist with other users is a key feature of the service. Once you have created your Spotify Blend playlist, you may want to know how to invite others to join or join someone else’s Spotify Blend playlist. Here are the steps to invite a user to your playlist or join another person’s Spotify Blend playlist:

Step 1: Invite Friend

After following the steps above to create your Spotify Blend playlist, you can share it. When you create the blend, an “Invite” option will appear on the screen. To invite a friend, link them through any messaging app or platform.

Step 2: Join Invite

When you receive an invitation to join a Spotify Blend playlist, tap on the link provided. This will allow you to join the playlist and become part of the blend. Once users have added each other, the blend playlist will be generated based on their streaming habits and music preferences.

Once both users are added to the blend playlist, an auto-generated playlist of up to 50 songs will be created.

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How To Leave Spotify Blend?

If you no longer want to listen to a Spotify blend playlist you were invited to, you can easily leave it by following these steps:

Step 1: Go To Spotify

Open the Spotify app on your device.

Step 2: Open Search Bar

Locate the search bar at the top of the app’s interface. A magnifying glass icon usually represents it. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 3: Go To “Made For You”

On the search screen, you will see various sections and categories. Look for the “Made For You” section on the right side. Tap on it to access personalized playlists and recommendations.

Step 4:Access Blend Playlist

Within the “Made For You” section, scroll down until you find the Blend playlist you were invited to. It may have been shared with you by another user.

Step 5: Click On The Three Dots Icon

Once you locate the Blend playlist, you will see an icon with three dots on the right side. Tap on this icon to open a menu with more options.

Step 6: Leave Blend

From the menu that appears, select the option to “Leave Blend.” This action will remove you from the playlist, and it will no longer be visible in your Spotify library.

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Difference Between Spotify Blend And Spotify Playlist

The difference between Spotify Blend and a Spotify Playlist can be explained as follows:

1. Functionality:

  • Spotify Blend: Spotify Blend combines multiple playlists to create a personalized and collaborative mix of music. It merges songs from different playlists to create a unique listening experience.
  • Spotify Playlist: A Spotify Playlist is a collection of songs organized based on a specific theme, mood, or personal preference. It allows users to create and curate their personalized collections of music.

2. Collaboration:

  • Spotify Blend: The Blend feature is a collaborative feature where you can share your music taste with another user. Combining their respective playlists enables both users to contribute to the blend.
  • Spotify Playlist: While you can share a Spotify Playlist with others, it doesn’t have the same collaborative aspect as the Blend feature. Collaborative playlists can be created by enabling the collaboration feature, allowing multiple users to add songs to the playlist.

3. Customization:

  • Spotify Blend: The Blend feature offers a high level of customization as it combines songs from different playlists based on the preferences of both users. It creates a personalized blend that reflects the collective music taste.
  • Spotify Playlist: Spotify playlists also allow customization but are limited to the individual user’s preferences. Users can curate playlists based on their music preferences, creating a personalized collection of songs.

4. Purpose:

  • Spotify Blend: The Blend feature aims to merge playlists and create a unique listening experience that combines the musical preferences of multiple users. It aims to foster collaboration and shared enjoyment of music.
  • Spotify Playlist: Spotify playlists organize and save favorite songs, create specific moods, or share personal music collections. They are more focused on individual preferences and creating a curated selection of tracks.

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How Many Users Can You Add To Spotify Blend?

Spotify Blend is a special feature for two users to work together and make a unique mix of songs and playlists that match their tastes. They can combine their music preferences and create a personalized blend. The goal of the Blend feature is to help both users enjoy music together and discover new songs as a team.

Only those two people can access and use the playlist to keep the blend personal and fitting for the two users. This way, Spotify ensures that the blend reflects their choices. By focusing on just two users, the music platform offers a more personal and tailored experience where both actively contribute to the blend and create a mix that matches their shared musical interests.

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Can You Edit Or Modify Your Blend Playlist?

Yes, you can modify or change your blend playlist. It’s easy to customize your music collection to match your preferences.

To make changes to your blend playlist, follow these simple steps. First, open your music player or streaming platform and find the blend playlist. Once on the playlist, you can add or remove songs to create your desired mix. If you want to add songs, search your music library or search for specific tracks and click “Add” or “Add to Playlist” next to the songs you want. Likewise, to remove songs, find the track in the playlist and click “Remove” or “Delete.”

This way, you can create a blended playlist with your favorite songs and enjoy a personalized music experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic; and they are as follows:

Is Spotify Blend Free?

Spotify Blend is a free feature accessible to all Spotify users worldwide, regardless of whether they have a free account or a premium subscription.

Why Can’t I Blend On Spotify?

If you cannot access the Spotify Blend feature on your app, the feature was initially introduced as a beta version. However, it should now be available for all users on the Spotify app. Updating your Spotify app to the latest version is recommended if you do not see the feature on your app. This should ensure that you have access to the Blend feature.

Why Is Spotify Blend Not Working?

If you’re facing issues with Spotify Blend not functioning properly, try clearing the app cache or reinstalling it if necessary. A common reason for its lack of effectiveness is when users within the Blend need to listen to new music regularly. The feature relies on data from users’ music preferences beyond the Blend itself to gather engaging playlists.

Why Is Spotify Blend Not Updating?

When Spotify Blend doesn’t update daily, it usually indicates that users within the app are not actively exploring or listening to new music. Listening to music outside of the Blend playlist is important to ensure regular updates. This allows the Blend algorithm to gather data on users’ music preferences and create playlists based on their musical interests and ventures.


Hence, the Spotify Blend feature enhances your experience on Spotify by creating personalized playlists based on your music preferences. Simply follow the steps provided to set up and enjoy the Blend feature. If you ever cancel or turn off the feature, you can easily do so in the Spotify settings.

Accept the power of Spotify Blend to discover new music and enjoy playlists tailored to your unique taste. Start exploring and enjoying a more personalized musical journey on Spotify!

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