What Are The Different Payment Methods For Spotify 

Spotify is a free app that can be used on your mobile device, desktop, or even tablet. It is easily accessible for users from wherever they are. Moreover, you can get this free version easily by going to the app store or google play store on your device if the app is available in your region. However, there are further services that are available on the Spotify app from the paid premium version. If you are a premium Spotify user, then you may be curious about the various methods that can be applied to pay for the services. So, what are the different payment methods for Spotify? Here is a guide on it.

There are a number of different payment methods for Spotify including the following. You can use credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, Gift cards, pay by mobile app, or pay as you go too. Each of these options varies depending on the country or region you are in and also the payment plan that you choose.

What Are The Different Payment Plans For Spotify

There are two major Spotify payment plans for the Spotify app. One is the Spotify free plan and the next is the Spotify premium payment plan. Within the Spotify premium plan, you have multiple options including premium individual, premium student, premium duo, premium family, and premium trials. Each Spotify premium payment plan has a different benefit that you can get out of it.

Features Of Spotify Free

When you use the free version of the Spotify app, you get over 50 million songs to listen from on the Spotify app. There are podcasts and audiobooks and you can travel abroad with your music feature for up to 14 days. Next, you can pick and play any track on your mobile that is available on select playlists on the Spotify free plan. And finally, you can download the podcasts to listen to when offline from the Spotify free version.

Benefits Of Spotify Premium Individual

The price of the Spotify premium individual varies according to the country you are in. The benefits include all the Spotify premium benefits such as over 50 million songs, podcasts, audiobooks and travel abroad with music. You also get to pick and play any track on your mobile and you get to listen to music ad-free. Moreover, you get to download the music and podcasts from the app.

Benefits For Spotify Premium Student

With all the benefits of Spotify premium, a Spotify premium student user also get 50% off premium for up to 4 years. This has to be renewed every 12 months up to 3 times in the span of usage. The Spotify premium student feature also comes with access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Showtime at no extra cost charged.

Features Of Spotify Premium Duo Plan

In the Spotify premium duo plan, two people that live together each get their own Premium account for a discounted price. This plan includes all the benefits of a normal Spotify premium plan as listed above for Spotify premium individuals. You can see the method to upgrade your Spotify plan to Spotify duo.

Benefits Of Spotify Premium Family Plan

When you use a Spotify premium family plan, 6 people living together can each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price. With the Premium family plan comes Spotify kids too which is an app packed with soundtracks, tracks to sing along to, and playlists that are focused on kids. Moreover, you have the option to keep an explicit filter from which you can manage the kinds of content that your kid can watch from the app too.

Benefits Of Premium Trials On Spotify

If you have never been a part of any of the premium plans then you can still try the Spotify trial option too. However, you need to confirm your country or region and process payments if you want to keep up the Premium even after the trial ends.

What Are Different Payment Methods For Spotify

So now that we are aware of the various plans that are available for using Spotify premium, then you can also look into the different payment options and methods for Spotify. The payment methods for Spotify may vary depending on whichever Spotify premium plan you choose, so check out the possible payment methods for each plan below.

Note: The payment method for Spotify will vary depending on whichever country and region you are in.

Payment methods for Spotify premium include:

  • Credit and debit card
  • Prepaid card
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Pay by mobile
  • Pay as you go

Since not all of these payment methods are available in all regions, you can check the payment method available in your region. This has been elaborated on in the section below.

How To Check Which Payment Method Is Available In Your Region For Spotify

The process to check which payment methods is available in your region for Spotify is quite simple. You just need to go to a link on the Spotify premium page through your browser and then check the details. For this, follow the link here that leads to the Spotify premium payment link. You need to follow through with the steps till checkout. You can check the various payment details, however, you will not be charged until you add in your info and then checkout. So, make sure you do not add in any of the information and just check on the link provided.

How To Pay Spotify If You Do Not Have Credit Card

If you do not have a credit card, then it is not an issue. As mentioned previously, there are more than one methods to pay for the Spotify premium plan. If you are a premium subscriber and are changing your subscription plan, then look at the section below for the details on it. If you are not a premium subscriber and want a new plan, then you can pay for Spotify with a Prepaid card, PayPal, gift cards, pay by mobile, and also pay as you go.

How To Manage Premium Payments On Spotify App

So, now that you are aware of the various payment methods and options that are available on Spotify, you can also check out the different payment options for Spotify premium and how this checks out to manage the payment from the section below.

Manage Payment For Spotify Family Or Duo Plan When You Have Spotify Premium

The Spotify family plan payment is managed by the person who signed up for the plan. Anyone who is invited to the Spotify family plan never bears any responsibility for the payment of the plan. So, however many people are invited to join the family plan, the person who signed up for the plan is the only one who is charged any amount. You can also check out the different plans for Spotify duo.

Note: The payment for the Spotify family premium plan is not possible from your phone, or with any other company.

If you already have a premium plan, then your payment method will change automatically. You do not have to cancel any of the previous payment plans to switch to the Spotify family plan.

  • For Spotify family plan managers: There will be a change in the premium payment plan date. The date gets shifted earlier since there is a difference in the payment rate.

If you are a Spotify premium or Spotify family plan subscriber then, you can track all this on your account page, under Your Plan.

Change Your Spotify Payment Methods And Payment Plan

There are various ways in which you can both change your Spotify payment methods and payment plan and also view the various updates within the Spotify premium plan. We have listed the possible ways in which you can update your payment and view receipts.

If you want to update or change your payment details then,

Step 1: Log In To Your Account Page

To log in to your Spotify account page, go to the link to your login page.

Step 2: Go To Your Plan

On your Spotify account page, you can go to Your Plan option.

Step 3: Click Update

Then, next to the payment method, tap on the update option.

Step 4: Enter New Payment Method

Next, you can enter a new payment method that is available in your region for your Spotify premium plan.

Note: If your Spotify payment is tied up to your phone or internet provider, then you need to plan this with your partner company. Moreover, you cannot make changes to your Spotify payment updates from either your phone or if you are tied up with the partner company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on the different payment options for Spotify.

Is Pay By Mobile Safe On Spotify

Paying from your mobile phone is actually very safe. You need a message confirming your payment so you need to physically access your mobile phones and then confirm the payment. So, you can be assured that this payment method is quite safe and convenient.

Do You Have To Pay Spotify Every Month

Yes, you get charged on the date that you subscribe to your Spotify account. It is either on the same date or a date close to when you first subscribe. You get to view your new payment date at any point in time by accessing your online account.

Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime

No, Spotify is not free with Amazon Prime. You will get a bundle on Amazon that includes Amazon music. However, you should not mistake this with the Spotify premium account with this.


In conclusion, there are different payment options for Spotify that you can check for your region. If the payment method is possible in your region, then it can be quite easy for you to use it. So, check this out and then use the possible payment method for your Spotify premium account.