Best Checklist On: How To Use Tiktok For Your Fitness Business

How to use Tiktok for your fitness business

Everyone seems to be on Tiktok these days, and the social media app has created quite a buzz. If you are a fitness professional looking to turn your business even busier, this may be your go-to. Tiktok has an audience, and it also has users that may be on their fitness journey. So, how can you use Tiktok fur your fitness business and help it grow? Here we have a full guide for you and a possible checklist before starting the process.

Are you trying to use Tiktok for your fitness business? Here is a tried and tested checklist of how you can get a kick start to promoting your fitness content. First, open a business profile in Tiktok and know your audience. Once you research all possible tools to help build your profile, set up your profile and add the necessary content. Then make use of all the features to create curated content, advertise and promote, check analytics and finally, engage with your audience to build a platform.

We have further elaborated in detail all the possible steps you can take when trying to use Tiktok for your fitness business. So, do not hesitate to learn more and get a kick start on your work.

Can You Use Tiktok To Promote Fitness Content?

The first and major question is this? Can you use Tiktok to promote fitness content? The answer to this is yes. However, the answer is not as straightforward as this for the audience in question. You need to understand that using Tiktok for your fitness business can have various downsides. However, if you are trying to showcase all your fitness regimes and various ways to stay fit on the app to promote a service or product, it can be well worth it.

So, let us get into what exactly the whole fitness side of Tiktok is and how it can be used to leverage advantage for your Tiktok profile.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Promote Fitness On Tiktok?

Before we get into the entire checklist that will help us understand the fitness business on Tiktok, here are some things to know beforehand. Moreover, these factors will differ according to the content you try to show in front of people. So, let us get into it.

Do Not Promote Ill Or Unwanted Fitness Practices

The first and most important rule to know before promoting your fitness business on Tiktok is that it can become dangerous. If you are not a professional or an expert, or even if you are one, you cannot personalize the fitness content to every single viewer you get. So, letting the viewers know how the fitness content you portray is partial to your own. Try not to promote content or products and services that are ill practices in the world of fitness. Once you keep that in mind, the rest should be a genuine and well-intended interaction in Tiktok.

Remember To Personalize Your Fitness Journey To Your Service Or Product

Another important point is to know what you are trying to promote for your fitness business. Are you creating content that is focused on a fitness journey or action? Or are you trying to sell a fitness service or product by showing how it can relate to fitness in general? This is important, so remember to personalize this goal by shifting the focus to your product or service when necessary. We will show how this can be done in the best way with the checklist coming further in the article.

Not Everyone Who Comes To Tiktok For Fitness Is Well Equipped

Another important point to remember is that not everyone using Tiktok is necessarily looking to get the best workout or fitness advice. This could be some pre-fitness journey questions or even searching that people may be doing. So, not everyone will be well equipped with all the necessary understanding or equipment for fitness. So, use this to your advantage and promote your products or service to show your audience that you are the best person they can go to for their fitness journey.

Make Your Fitness Content Easily Accessible To All

By creating accessibility among users; you get to create content that can get more views and engagement. And views, likes, and shares help promote anything on the Tiktok app. Moreover, accessibility creates the chance for you to show how your business can be the best choice for your viewer.

Create Value Of Content With Levels Of Accessibility To Fitness Content

The best part of making your content accessible to users is that you can then make your content exclusive. Create videos and make challenges where users get access to exclusive “possibly personalized” content once they fulfill certain criteria. With a sense of reward, users will participate in engaging with your content, and this will help boost the overall value of content in your Tiktok videos.

Know Your Audience And Engage With The Audience

One of the most important things you can do is to know your audience and engage with them audience. You can easily use Tiktok analytics and find out what audience is more engaged with your content. Once you figure that out, then engagement can be done with the help of comments, challenges, messages, and so on.

Shift Attention From Fitness To Product Or Service

If you are trying to create fitness content videos, this may be different. However, if you are trying to promote any fitnes product you produce or any fitness-related service you provide, then make sure the videos shift the focus to that product or service. Otherwise, you might get lost in one of the many fitness videos that users can easily find on the Tiktok app.

Leverage Available Tiktok Tools

The final thing you should know is to understand the platform itself. TikTok has a plethora of tools and various features to create engaging content. Research the available tools and be comfortable with using the app first. This way, you get to

Check List To Use Tiktok For Your Fitness Business.

So, now that we know the basics of the various things to keep in mind regarding using the Tiktok app to promote your fitness business let us go over the basic checklist. You can try this out while trying to promote fitness-related services or products on the Tiktok app.

  • Open A Business Tiktok Profile

The first and foremost thing you need to set up is your Tiktok profile. There are different options in Tiktok for accounts, including personal and business accounts. To promote a business, it is best to use a business profile. So, you can look into the requirements to make your profile into a business one and then change the category of your Tiktok profile.

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  • Check Audience For Content

The next thing you can do is check the audience for your content. The most important thing is to know what audience you are targeting your content to in the first place. As a fitness business promoter, you may target more health-conscious and health-focused individuals. So, knowing your audience before you start to work on your content is quite important.

  • Research On All Possible Useful Tools

In Tiktok, there are many features and effects that you can use to promote your business. These could include and are not limited to –

  1. Find the best hashtags from the Discovery tab in your Tiktok profile and use them in your captions to boost your content.
  2. Using the duet feature, creating and participating in challenges, and even using the react feature. You can stitch your videos, make the content fun and engaging, and add many visual and sound elements that can be creative.
  • Set Up Profile

Once that is done, you will need to set up your profile. Add your profile descriptions, bio, profile picture, and more. You can add information for the audience to contact you and links to your other fitness product and services to cross-promote your business. Remember that the profile you set up is not a personal one and is for

  • Add Content To Profile.

Once your profile is set up, you can start adding your content to your Tiktok profile. As a creator or a business professional trying to create traction for your content in the Tiktok app, you need to research the possible content that does well in your field. To refer to more fitness gurus on the app and people who already do well can be a good idea. However, make sure you do not copy and are focused on creating fresh, new, and fun content that people would want to engage with.

Some fitness creators that are influential on the Tiktok app are listed below. You could search about them and look into their Tiktok profiles for further inspiration.

Top 11 Fitness Content Creators On TIktok in 2022

Some of the top fitness content creators on Tiktok for 2022 are in the table below.

Demi Bagby 11.8 M Followers
Antonie Lokhorst 4.4 M Followers
Ulises 1.1 M Followers
Jennifer Tavernier 699.8 K Followers
Rebecca Louise 245.8 K Followers
Stevie Prince 239.1 K Followers
Eyal Booker 210.8 K Followers
Jesse James West 175.3 K Followers
Pernilla Soe 174.9 K Followers
Stefana Avara 168.1 K Followers
James Tollefson 147.3 K Followers


Tips To Make Tiktok Videos

Here are some quick tips that you can abide by when making content for your Tiktok profile that can be engaging.

  • Avoid logos in your Tiktok videos.
  • Use video editors to make the content even more engaging, and always remember to add text to the videos.
  • You can create your hashtags or add most of the famous hashtags from the Discover section on your Tiktok For You page. Remember to keep as many hashtags as you can to become discoverable.
  • You can either create long-form content videos or create short-form Tiktok content. We recommend you keep it short and engaging to grab the attention of your viewers.

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  • Make Use Of Duets, Reacts, Collaborate

Once you are done setting up the content for your profile, it is important to use the features and tools readily available on the Tiktok app. These include duets, reactions, and challenges. You can start your challenge and then use it to create more engagement and action-oriented content. These tools to enhance your content will also help boost the audience’s interest.

  • Advertise And Promote

Tiktok has a platform to advertise and promote your content. You can choose paid promotions or advertisements or turn your account into a business account and use its tools to boost your content.

Another way to promote Tiktok videos is through collaboration with various other well-known content creators. You can use these ways to market your content around what you are trying to portray or sell through your fitness Tiktok account.

  • Engage With Audience

One of the most important things you can do to garner attention in Tiktok is to engage with your audience. This includes and is not limited to constantly checking comments, sharing others’ content, replying to comments, and including feedback in your content. You can also engage with your audience by putting up various query-based content and encouraging comments in your posts.

  • Track Performance Of Content

At the end of the checklist is one of the most important tasks. Always keep track of the performance of your content. This is a necessity when comparing the contrast between what content works for your audience and want does not. For this, you can either keep your own personalized spreadsheets or check Tiktok analytics for further details. Once that is done, you can then move on to cater to the needs and demands of your audience.

How To Make Money On Tiktok For Your Fitness Business

Making money on Tiktok is possible and even possible for your fitness business. If you are just trying to promote your fitness content through the app and do not necessarily want to earn money, you can skip this part. But why not try and focus on all the possible earning platforms that you can create? So, for that, you can check out all how you can make money on Tiktok from the article here.

You can then curate each of these steps towards your fitness business and take it from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to use Tiktok for your fitness business are below.

How Do You Grow A Fitness Page On Tiktok?

If you want to grow a fitness page on Tiktok, you can use the checklist that we have provided you with. You can try out all the possible ways to use the Tiktok features to help grow your fitness business.


In conclusion, you can use Tiktok for your fitness business and help the fitness page to grow as well. Moreover, the best thing for you to remember is that using Tiktok to grow your page is to make the content original and what best represents your fitness page.

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