How To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok?

how to advertise/promote your business in tiktok

Are you a business owner? Or provide freelancing services to your clients? If yes then this article will help you in understanding how can you utilize the TikTok platform to build your business or services and give it better marketing. To Advertise/Promote your business in TikTok, you need to utilize the platform to its fullest extent.

Understanding TikTok and finding your audience on the platform and providing them with the content you produce can help you greatly in advertising/promoting your business in TikTok. In addition, you can also collaborate with other creators and influencers to gain traction and drive traffic to you. Organizing challenges to let the audience participate can help build engagement and involvement with your business content.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time in TikTok lately, you do know TikTok is the holy grail of viral content. From puppy videos to military exercises, every type of video can be found on the platform. Having a mostly young and adult audience, it is the very place you want to advertise your business and services.

So how can you advertise/promote your business in TikTok? Go through this article for a greater understanding of the concepts and tips for promoting on TikTok.

Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

Any place or platform with the ability to broaden your reach is a goldmine for businesses. And for business owners like you, the skill to utilize the platform is even more important.

TikTok is a platform where you can get your content across without difficulty if the content resonates with the audience. The more the audience engages with your content, the more likely it is that TikTok will promote your business.

To start promoting your business on TikTok, you need to have a basic framework upon which you can work on. Below are some of the tips that can be utilized to create a framework on how will you promote your business on the platform.

Learn About The Platform To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

It is vital to understand how TikTok works and the different features that are given to creators. Learn about the platform and its tools on how it functions. You also need to analyze and see other businesses like yours that have a presence on TikTok. Competitor analysis can help you formulate a plan for yourself and give you an idea of what type of content can you create for your audiences.

Find Your Audience To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

TikTok consists of users who are from different walks of life and belong to different professions. With such a diverse audience, you must have a way on how you will find the audiences whom you can convert to customers or clients. This is a fairly broad question and does have ample solutions.

Use of relevant hashtags and keywords on your content, use of sounds that are popular among the age group or type of customers you want to target, and collaboration with the influencers and creators whose audiences primarily consist of your probable customers can help you refine the audiences.

Create Your Content To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

Your content also needs to be carefully crafted. The videos you make needs to cater to the audiences you are targeting. For example, if you are trying to sell a beauty product, you need to create content that caters to adult female audiences that will be interested in buying your product and earn enough to spend it on your products.

In contrast, selling baby products needs a starkly different approach to creating content. Content created for this product needs to appeal to recent mothers and their families who tend to watch more infant-related content.

A clear definition of your product, its utility, and how it will solve the problem of customers needs to be illustrated in your content.

Collaborate With Influencers To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

Collaboration is the key to exposure. The more you collaborate with popular influencers and creators, the more it is likely to drive high traffic to your content. So, try approaching creators and influencers of your business sphere and collaborate with them.

Paid collaboration and promotion are always on the table if you are in a position to spend the amount of money.

Provide Offers And Discounts In TikTok

Offers and discounts attract buyers more than anything else. If you are having sales on your product, always remember to inform your audience about it. A direct message will go a long way in this condition. Create appealing offers and discount packages and make content based on that information. Use hashtags such as #sale, #offer, etc while uploading the contents you create.

Organize Different Challenges

Engagement is key to growth in social media. If you are successful in creating engagement, you are more likely to increase your sales and customer acquisition. TikTok will also promote your content on the ForYou page hence giving you more exposure.

The domino effect of engagement and promotion will result in more sales. Hashtags challenges are often used in TikTok to seek engagement from audiences. Try doing a hashtag challenge campaign and ask your audiences and followers to participate.

Run TikTok Ads To Advertise/Promote Your Business In TikTok

Paid ads on TikTok are always on the table. Paid ads can be created and targeted to the customer base of your business. You can use your offers and discounts to acquire customers from the platform. Though, paid ads may not bring you good conversion if you do not set them up correctly and targeted the right audiences. Do reach out to a professional digital marketer for this task for better results.

How To Promote/Boost Your Content On TikTok

If you want to make your content visible for more viewers by paid advertisement, TikTok does provide the feature. Content boosting can be done within the app itself. Or, you can also turn your Tiktok into a business profile.

To boost your existing content on TikTok to a broad audience, go through the following steps to start promoting/boosting your content.

Step 1:Open TikTok App

Open your TikTok app on your device. Login to your account if you haven’t.

Step 2: Go To Profile Section

Go to the profile section of TikTok by clicking on the profile button in the bottom-right corner.

Step 3: Click The Hamburger Icon

On the profile page, click the hamburger icon on the top-right corner.

Step 4: Select Creators Tool

Select Creators tool from the options.

Step 5: Tap Promote

Select Promote from there by clicking it.

Step 6: Select The Content

Next, you will see the list of content of your profile eligible for the promotion.

Step 6: Choose Your Goal

Choose the goal of your promotion. This goal can be selected among video views, website visits, and more followers. Select this option based on what type of result you want to achieve.

Step 7: Choose Audience

Next, choose the audience you want to target. The audiences need to be selected with proper research about your customers such as age group, location, and interests. You also need to set the budget for your promotion and its duration.

Step 8: Enter Payment Information

Next, you need to put payment information for the budget.

Step 9: Tap Start Promotion

After setting up all the parameters, tap Start Promotion to start the boosting.

Step 10: Wait For Approval

TikTok will now review the placed promotion and run it if it meets the criteria.

Boosting is a simplified version of the paid ad that can be managed by anyone if they are above 18 and have a valid payment method to pay for the ad. This however is relatively expensive for small businesses and may end up costing more for customer acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does It Cost To Promote On TikTok?

TikTok promotion starts from $10 CPM so it is relatively costly to promote on TikTok compared to Facebook and Instagram. TikTok does however returns more return on investment because of the high engagement on the platform. If you do not want to run paid ads, you can also promote TikTok organically with little effort.

Is TikTok Promotion Worth It?

The TikTok promotion has relatively high returns compared to other social media platforms. So, if you set up your TikTok ad correctly and target the right audience, the TikTok promotion is worth it.

What Happens When You Promote Your TikTok?

If you promote your TikTok, then you will get featured on other people’s FYP regardless of whether they follow you or not. It will result in more exposure and an increase in sales. TikTok offers many other options to achieve your promotional goals. You can make use of the TikTok boost feature or ad manager to create your advertisement campaigns.

What Are TikTok Promotion Requirements?

TikTok requires you to be above the age of 18 to start promoting your content on the platform. You also need to have a valid payment method to pay for the ad expenses. The content you are promoting needs to be approved by TikTok before it is shown to other people. Therefore, You may want to read and understand the advertising policy of TikTok before you start promoting your content on the platform.


Therefore, to advertise/promote your business in TikTok, you can take either the organic route or paid route. Organic route refers to slowly and steadily building your content and audiences which can be converted to customers. Paid route refers to paying TikTok for showing an advertisement to people you target as an audience.

Organically building your audiences may take time and effort however it builds up a brand with real audiences and does not cost direct money. If you want to have a sustainable business presence in TikTok, the organic route presents a better opportunity.

Paid advertising can be done by promoting your existing content to a broader audience on the platform. Please read the advertising policies before you start promoting your content on the platform.

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