How To Monetize TikTok Videos On YouTube

How to monetize Tiktok videos on Youtube

Are you a content creator on Tiktok? Do you know you can monetize Tiktok videos on YouTube too? Users generally think you cannot monetize Tiktok content on YouTube. This is said so because you make the content in another app that is Tiktok. It is true that YouTube does not allow content made in another app to monetize directly. Still, there are many ways to work around this problem. Being the largest video platform on the planet, Youtube has stated its use policy clearly on its website.

Many channels monetize TikTok and other videos on youtube using the ‘Fair Use’ policy of the respective country they live in. The fair use policy is almost the same in most countries, with minor differences. Make sure you also understand your resident country’s copyright and fair use law. In this article, the common policies worldwide are the basis to provide you with solutions.

Fair Use Policy When Monetizing Tiktok Videos On YouTube

A fair use policy is the ability of content creators to use other creators’ content for fair uses such as commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting. This usage also depends on your country, so make sure you understand the fair use law of the country you are residing in.

But first, it is important to understand what type of videos are allowed to be monetized on YouTube. YouTube generally favors content created by creators themselves and gives way to monetizing other videos under conditions.

If you are a content creator on Tiktok, there are ways you can use the same content on YouTube and monetize it.

Even if you do not create any content, then there are also ways you can monetize other content creators’ Tiktok videos on YouTube, with their consent, of course.

The following ways can be used to monetize Tiktok videos of yours or other content creators on YouTube.

Why TikTok Videos Don’t Get Monetized On YouTube?

TikTok videos are a major source of entertainment on YouTube. There are a few things you should keep in mind before uploading your TikTok video on YouTube regarding licensing, copyright policies, and monetizing.

Posting Videos Compiled from TikTok to YouTube

You can download TikTok videos and compile them into a single video. You can upload them on youtube. But, in order to monetize it on YouTube, you should do a voice-over. It will help you avoid the copyright strike and you will be able to enable the monetization option.

Content Having Songs From Other Artists

We make TikTok videos in the trending music section available on TikTok, which isn’t our original creation. These videos, when uploaded on YouTube without modification or licensing, are against YouTube’s policy. This will cause late monetization or no monetization at all.

Promotion Of Other People’s Content

Promotion of other people’s content means posting other people’s TikTok videos on your account so that they may gain more followers on TikTok. It’s OK to show their account on the video, but uploading their content, even if you have the proper licensing, isn’t legit according to YouTube.

Monetizing TikTok Videos On Youtube

There are multiple ways in which you can go about with monetizing your content in YouTube. With the use of fair use policy in mind, we consider all the possible ways that you can go about with this aspect. So, below are the possible ways and the various ins and outs regarding the ways to monetize Tiktok videos on YouTube.

Adding Extra Value To Your TikTok Videos

To be considered fair use, the TikTok videos need to be added with extra value to monetize them on youtube. The extra value can be in the form of commentary or editing.

By adding this extra value, you show that this video is being used for fair use and is not being monetized directly, which violates copyright laws. The following are ways you can monetize your TikTok videos by adding extra value and are considered fair use.


Reaction channels are very popular on YouTube nowadays. The reaction channels use videos from platforms such as TikTok and Reddit and provide an extra layer of value to the content in reactions.

These channels also compile the content of a similar type in one video and are easier for audiences to filter the contents. This trend is popular in the creator economy and is also a popular way to monetize TikTok videos on youtube.

You can take your TikTok videos and react to the content of the video while also gathering your audience. These reactions videos are effective if you attract a certain niche audience.


Commentary is a way to comment on the videos and provide your point of view on them. Creators provide commentary in various types of videos and present their points of view to their audiences. This is a great way to interact with your audience and build connections.

The extra layer of comment presented on any commentary videos will be an extra value and considered fairly used. You can provide commentary on your TikTok videos or others’ videos and monetize the TikTok videos on youtube.

Compiling And Listing Videos

You must have seen different compilation videos on different topics. These compilation videos are often created to add an extra value of ranking the content or activities on the video.

These compiling and listing of videos in some order is also considered fair use of the content and is allowed to monetize. This can sometimes be tricky, but you can monetize it on youtube with enough value added to the content.


Editing is another way to add an extra layer of value to the content. Great editing with a point to make such as meme, comedy, informative or educational is considered an extra value and comes under fair use.

You must have seen meme compilation videos on youtube. These creators use this same method of monetizing videos on youtube.

Creating Video Outside Tiktok

If you create your videos, then creating videos outside the TikTok app will be the best way to make sure you can monetize your content in more ways. It allows you to have the original raw copy of the video without the TikTok watermark. This video then can be edited and uploaded into different platforms such as TikTok and youtube. The video is then considered original by both platforms and can be monetized.

There are many video editing apps for both mobile devices and computers which can be used in creating videos. These apps are handy and come with recent features to allow you to create great videos.

You can optimize your video according to the platform you are creating video for and add elements to increase the watch-time and entertainment value for the videos. If you are creating videos independent of any platform, you can find more and more opportunities to monetize the videos outside of the usual platform-controlled revenue stream.

Use Of Third-Party Creators

The use of third-party creators for your YouTube channel is also a widely used tactic for monetization on YouTube. You can host content of other creators and increase your audience while also telling YouTube to forward the income of the video to the original creators.

Third-party creators can create content for you to post on your YouTube channel. Tiktok is filled with small content creators who have not yet monetized videos on YouTube or do not have enough contents to get monetized on YouTube.

You can reach out to those people and host their content on your channel with minor editing without worrying about the copyright claim.

The ad revenue of the videos is given to the original creators by YouTube and then can be shared with you by those creators.

Use Of Third-Party Sponsors

The third-party sponsor can also be a great way to monetize TikTok videos on YouTube. You can advertise their product or services on your videos, and in return, they can sponsor your videos directly.

You can reach out to brands with a similar audience and ask them to sponsor your video in exchange for in-video promotion of their brand. This usually is the best way to monetize outside of the platform. For example, different fashion and accessories brands are eager to partner with creators and channels on YouTube to promote their brand.

Affiliate Marketing Partnership Programs

Affiliate marketing is also a popular way to monetize your TikTok videos on YouTube. You can gather an audience on your channel by using TikTok videos and providing links to buy any product or services from the link to the audience. Many affiliate partner programs provide this platform. Any purchase made by your audience will result in you getting a certain percentage commission.

Many eCommerce service providers have this partnership program, including Amazon. You can monetize those TikTok videos through this method.

Direct Sales

Direct sales is a way to sell products or services directly to your audiences without any third party involved. These type of sales often includes merchandise sales, customized gift, or any new products that cater to the audiences of your channel.

Direct sales are one of the most efficient and high return streams of income that you can use to generate income with videos on youtube. You can influence the audience and ask them to buy your products or services directly from you. This cuts any middlemen in between and also makes the cost of the product and services you offer, cheaper which increases the likelihood of the audience buying from you even higher.

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What To Do If You Cannot Monetize TikTok Videos In YouTube?

Youtube policies and guidelines are difficult to meet just by uploading TikTok videos. Many accounts get disapproved or take plenty of time to get approved.

In such a case, you can connect your audience from TikTok to YouTube and start growing your YouTube channel even without the monetization.

Connect TikTok Account To YouTube Channel

Connecting TikTok Account to YouTube is making your YouTube videos accessible to your TikTok followers. This will help you if you have a larger audience on TikTok who are likely to be your future audience on YouTube, so connecting your TikTok account will set a bridge between both platforms, which will help gain mutual growth in both platforms. You can follow the steps given below for a complete guide:

Step 1: Open TikTok

Search for the TikTok app on your phone and open it.

Step 2: Log In

You must create an account or log in to an existing account to get started. You can log in through your Facebook or Google as well.

Step 3: Go To Your Profile

Search for the Profile option on the extreme bottom right corner of your For-You page. Select the profile option and you will go to the next page.

Step 4: Select Edit Profile

You will see an ‘Edit Profile’ option on the middle of the screen with a white background. Click on that button to change the details of your account.

Step 5: Click on ‘Add Youtube To Your Profile’

You can see the information related to your profile on this page. Choose the ‘Add Youtube to your profile’

Step 6: Choose An Account

You must choose an account that is connected to your account. If any Gmail account doesn’t show up, you can click on use another account.

Step 7: Sign In

Enter your email address and password subsequently. If you want to add another account, click on the ‘use another account’ button, enter the email and password to that account, and hit next until you see the ‘TikTok wants To Access Your Google Account’ information.

Step 8: Give Permission To Access Your Account

Next, read the information on the screen and press allow once you accept the terms and conditions.

Step 9: YouTube Is Added Successfully

Finally, you can see the YouTube account’s name on the YouTube column on your profile page. Any visitor on your profile who clicks on the YouTube icon on your profile will now be able to visit your YouTube.

Tik Tok Monetization Versus YouTube Monetization

There are certain differences between YouTube monetization and TikTok monetization. Content creators on both platforms should meet certain criteria before they generate revenues from their videos.

Criteria To Monetize Your Video On TikTok

You must be 18 years old with 10,000 followers and must have 100,000 views. You must meet these criteria in the last 30 days to apply for the TikTok creators fund. Once you meet the requirements, you can start earning money.

In addition, TikTok live has another option to earn money. You can go live once you have 1,000 followers and start earning money from gifts you receive.

Criteria To Monetize Your Video On YouTube

Your channel must have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 followers to apply for Google Ad Sense verification. Once your channel meets all the youtube community guidelines, you will be qualified to display ads on your videos.

The revenue is based on the number of ads displayed.

Withdraw Money From TikTok

Withdrawing money from TikTok can be a tedious process for any new or existing users on the platform. You may be confused about whether or not you can withdraw money from Tik Tok. Then few rules that you need to know to withdraw money from TikTok are mentioned below:

Minimum Withdrawl Limit Is $100

Your content must earn at least $100 to withdraw the amount. Once you reach the $100 goal, you can request to withdraw it. Else, you must be consistent with the content and your live-stream schedules before you can pass the $100 barrier.

You Must Have A PayPal Account Connected

You must have a PayPal account connected to withdrawal. If you don’t have a PayPal account. You can download it from your Play Store or App Store and complete the initial registration process before you link it with TikTok.

Maximum Daily Withdrawl Limit Is $1000

Your maximum daily limit for withdrawal is $1000. If you have more than $1000, for instance, then you must wait for two days to withdraw the money in two different installments.

People on the internet generally raise the following questions related to monetization. It will be helpful if you go through some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions on how to monetize Tiktok videos on YouTube are below.

Do Compilation Channels Make Money?

Yes, Compilation videos do make money under fair use. Given the compilation is done with the intent of criticism, parody, news, or education. Most social media and video platforms provide fair usage ability to use other creators’ videos for any criticism, parody, news, or education.

You need to add the videos to audiences’ additional values before uploading.

Can I Monetize Tiktok Videos On Facebook?

Monetizing TikTok videos on Facebook is almost the same as with YouTube. The videos need to be under fair use and must add any extra value.

Facebook has been targeting the TikTok users to create their content on Facebook by making it easier to monetize. So monetization of TikTok videos on Facebook is easy as of late.

Can You Monetize Compilation Videos On Youtube?

Compilation videos need to adhere to the fair use policy of youtube, which means adding an extra layer of information or creation on already existing videos. It also helps avoid any copyright claims from the original creator of the video.

How Much TikTok Pays Per View?

The Tiktok creator fund is from where the Tiktok creators earn. This fund is tightly controlled, and the rules governing this fund are not as clear as with other platforms. But TikTok does pay up to 2 cents per 1000 views from the creator’s fund to the creators of TikTok videos, as reported by different creators.


This article covered the different ways how you to monetize TikTok videos on youtube. You read how to monetize Tiktok videos and the basis to do it. The article also described the fair use policy, which can create content from other creators’ videos.

The different ways in this article are also subject to the copyright laws of your resident country. Therefore, please review the copyright laws before using others’ videos.

The FAQs also shed light on some frequently asked questions similar to this topic.

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