How To Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

How To Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Are you also one among the many who want to know how to reactivate your Twitter account and get it back after deactivating it? Since Twitter has millions of users, there is a 30-day waiting period before a deactivated account can be activated again. So Today, I will teach you how to reactivate your Twitter account.

Well, to reactivate your Twitter account first you need to go on the login page, enter your email and passwords of your deactivated account, and tap on login. Then you need will get a notice on a new page that asks you to accept the reactivation. Tap on the reactivation and your Twitter account will reactivate.

To reactivate your Twitter account, 30 days must hold passed since the deletion of the profile is to be recovered. For more, read the full article given below on how to reactivate your Twitter account.

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How To Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Twitter is a popular social media platform where people can share their opinions with others around the world. Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. Apart from posting views and opinions, people can also direct a Tweet to a specific person using replies and mentions. Twitter’s reply feature also helps people to make communication easier with others.

Only accounts that were deactivated no longer than 30 days ago on Twitter can be reinstated. Your Twitter account’s assigned username and email address will remain associated with it for 30 days after you deactivate the account.

Here are the steps for you to reactivate Your Twitter Account.

Step 1: Open The Twitter App

The first step you need to do is to open the Twitter app on your device. This method is applicable to both android and iOS users.

Step 2: Login To Your Account

The second you need to do is to log in to your account using your email and password.

Step 3:Tap On The Profile Icon

The next step you need to follow is to tap on the profile icon on the screen.

Step 4: Tap On “Add An Existing Account”

Then, on the new popup, tap on “Add an existing account” to open the login page. Be sure that have not passed the 30 days of delay.

Step 5: Enter Your Details

Now that you have another login page, enter your email address and tap the “Next button.

Step 6: Accept The Twitter Notice To Reactivate Your Twitter

In this step, you will get the date of your deactivation and the expiry date of your account. Tap on the “Yes, Reactivate” to reactivate your Twitter account.

Step 7: Check Your Account Overall

After reactivating your Twitter account, you can have a look at tweets you missed, direct messages, and other kinds of stuff. Take an overall look at your account.

Step 8: Start Browsing And Tweet On Twitter Again

Now that you successfully reactivate your Twitter account, you start to browse and tweet or retweet on your account. Don’t worry about the data, according to Twitter it may take from 24 to 48 hours to get all your data back. Here is a little help for you on how to search for someone’s tweet on Twitter.

What Happens When You Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Any Direct Messages you sent will reappear in your inbox and the inboxes of your contacts when you restart your Twitter account. People can send you private messages right instantly, and if you wish to do the same, you can do so as well. Additionally, you’ll be listed on other people’s following lists and in search results. When you first reactivate your account, you could find that it first states that you have no followers and that you are not following anyone.

As a Twitter user, one can deactivate their account whenever they want and reactivate it again. For some reason, if you have deactivated your Twitter account and want to activate it again there are a few procedures to follow. If you have deactivated your account, and it’s been less than 30 days, these steps can’t help you to reactivate your Twitter account. But don’t worry, you don’t have to manually follow everyone again. If you click on a list of accounts that either follow you or the other way around, it will appear. Within 24 hours, the actual figure for both should once again be available.

All of your posts and any stuff you’ve liked will once again be shown on your profile. You can check how many retweets, likes, and mentions you’ve gotten in addition to the total number of both. You’ll start to see content from the accounts you follow again on your home feed. They can see you as usual and you can start communicating with them right away.

Why Can’t You Reactivate A Twitter Account?

Here are a few potential causes of difficulties you may be having when attempting to reactivate your account, as well as what you may do in certain situations.

Exceeds The Reactivation Period Of Your Account

Even if they contact Twitter support, Twitter users who canceled their accounts more than 30 days ago cannot reactivate them. You might be able to register with the same email address, but you won’t be able to access your previous account or any of its information.

You Are Using The Official Twitter App

Account reactivation is not enabled when using Twitter on mobile devices, according to Twitter’s help website. This implies that using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to reactivate your Twitter account is not possible. You must sign in to Twitter on whether to reactivate your account.

Your Account Is Hacked

You can ask Twitter to reset your password if you’re having trouble logging in and believe that your account may have been compromised. If that doesn’t work, you can request a quest to speak with Twitter Support. If you decide to go with the latter, choose the “Hacked account” option from the list that appears.

Account Reactivation Is Disabled

You should be aware that this is a temporary problem if you see the notice “account reactivation is disabled.” To see whether you can reactivate your account, you can try logging in again later. You should check this Restore account help page to see if you can fix the problem yourself or report it to the support team if you’re having trouble getting passed the 30-day window for account reactivation.

What Are The Problems That Can Arise While Reactivating Your Twitter Account?

The procedure of reactivating an account is simple. However, it could not always be the same. You could occasionally run into problems when recovering your account. The following solutions can assist you in such circumstances!

If you find that your Twitter profile is not the same as it was, for instance, you will be directed to your home feed when you restore your Twitter profile. You might also find that you have fewer followers, likes, tweets, etc. than you did previously. The primary cause of this is that it takes roughly 72 hours for a Twitter account to fully recover to its previous state.

After reactivating your Twitter profile, if you’ve detected the same modifications, don’t freak out! Your account will return to normal in a short while. This is typical.

You Have Crossed More Than 30 Days

Before your account is permanently deleted, Twitter provides you with 30 days to reactivate it. If you change your mind during this time, you may easily recover your profile. However, you will permanently lose access to your account if you don’t reactivate it within 30 days.

Again, you can use the contact form to get in touch with Twitter support if during this period Twitter doesn’t display the option to revive your account.

You Forgot Your Username Or Password

Due to the necessity of signing in and reactivating your Twitter account, this is a frequent issue. It’s the same procedure as if you were just trying to enter your profile. At this email, you must submit a password reset request.

Your Account Is Under Compromisation

If you believe that your account is maliciously hacked and deactivated against your will, Twitter will help you get it back. To do so, click on the help link for hacking or under compromisation accounts and follow the process you see on the page.

How Long Can You Reactivate Your Old Twitter Account?

As long as it’s within 30 days of your Twitter account being deactivated, Twitter will allow you to resume using your old account following reactivation. Only when you revive your Twitter profile within 30 days of deactivation will your account information be maintained.

You will no longer be able to reactivate your account if you attempt to do so after it has been deactivated for 30 days. Right now, your only choice is to create a new Twitter account, which you may do by clicking here.

However, there is a deadline for deactivating your account. After you cancel your account on Twitter, your information will be hidden for 30 days. After 30 days, your account will be placed on the deletion list.

Can You Reactivate A Deleted Twitter Account?

Unable to retrieve a deleted Twitter account? No problem! Twitter still provides you the option to do this because they are aware that you might change your mind given all the things you have previously posted and how sentimental you may feel when you reflect on them.

Additionally, you wouldn’t want to lose all of your supporters. When you don’t want to go through the procedure of retrieving your deleted Twitter account, really possible to create a new one.

The truth is that recovering a deleted Twitter account takes significantly less time than creating a new one. Therefore, if you want to spice up matters for the future, it would be advisable to simply recover your previous one and update the majority of the stuff stated there.

How To Reactivate Your Deleted Twitter Account?

Well, it’s quite easy to reactivate your deleted Twitter account as it does not require any rocket science. Here is the step-by-step process for you to reactivate your deleted Twitter account.

Step 1: Open Twitter On Your Device

Well, the first thing you need to do is to open the Twitter app on the device you are using.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

Then the second step you need to follow is to login into your Twitter account using your email or phone number and password.

Step 3: Wait For Twitter Announcement

After you input the correct data, Twitter will tell you when you deleted or deactivated your Twitter account and how much time you have left before reactivating it.

Step 4: Click On The “Reactivate”

When you decide to reactivate your Twitter account then all you need to do is press the “Reactivate” and your account will reactivate. Of course, it’s gonna take some time for your old posts to come back.

Why Can’t You Reactivate A Deleted Twitter Account?

It’s conceivable that you broke one or more Twitter policies, in which case you can’t reactivate the deleted account. If that occurs, your only option would be to create a new one. You will be prompted for your password during the window of time when you can reactivate your account, and you won’t be able to do so if you can’t recall it.

Twitter will let you know when you deleted or deactivated your account when you have the choice to reactivate it. Additionally, the social networking site will inform you that after a month, you won’t be able to reactivate the account.

As a result, if you wait too long to take action on your deleted Twitter account, you won’t be able to do so.

How To Deactivate Your Twitter Account?

It is possible to temporarily cancel your Twitter account for any reason. Remember that your account is not being deleted by doing this. However, the procedure is the same when you delete your account.

The ability to temporarily deactivate an account is often not offered by social networking networks. That is a very kind thing about Twitter. They should be aware of the difficulties that Twitter users are having, and they should have come up with a solution.

Twitter informs you of a few things before you deactivate your account should you choose to do so. You don’t need to delete your account to change your username or email address. From the Account Settings, you can make changes to them.

Here are the steps for you you to delete your Twitter account.

Step 1: Open Twitter

The first step you need to do is to open the Twitter app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Tap On the “More” Button

Now the second step is to tap on the “More” button on the profile page to reach the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select Settings And Privacy

The next step you need to follow is to select Settings and Privacy from the menu.

Step 4:Tap On “Deactivate Your Account”

The further steps you need to follow are to go to the bottom of the account section and click on Deactivate your account.

Step 5: Hit On The Deactivate

You will see a paragraph of information, read it carefully, and tap on the Deactivate.

Step 6: Confirm On “Deactivate Account”

The final step is to enter your account password to confirm and tap on the “Deactivate account” button.

You do not need to be concerned about it because canceling your account does not delete it. Your username, tweets, lists, and followers won’t be visible on the web, Android, or iOS after you cancel your account. You won’t lose them if you decide to reactivate your account.

There is a time limit for canceling your account, though. Twitter will conceal your information for 30 days after you deactivate your account. Your account will be added to the deletion list after 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on the reactivation of your Twitter account.

Can You Reactivate Your Twitter Account?

Yes, you can reactivate your Twitter account. The problem is that Twitter only permits account reactivation within 30 days of deactivation. Your account is completely wiped after 30 days, so if you deactivate it for longer than that, you won’t be able to get it back.

If I Reactivate A Deleted Twitter Account, Will My Tweets Be Recovered?

When you reactivate your deleted Twitter account, your tweets and likes will return, believe it or not. However, it can take several minutes or even days for the erased tweets to reappear. Because of this, it’s crucial to have patience because everything will quickly return to normal.

Do You Lose All Your Followers When You Reactivate Your Twitter?

No, when you restart Twitter, you don’t lose all of your followers. Your account will be set to “read-only” mode if you haven’t used Twitter for more than six months. This implies that although you are unable to tweet, your followers can still largely view your profile. You must sign in to Twitter and follow the instructions to revive your account.

How To Reactivate My Twitter Account Again?

Click the “Forgot your password?” link if your user has forgotten his password. You can find your login name once you get to the “Sign in” page. Well, you can use the email address connected to your account to look for your login name if you’ve lost it. You can ask to have your account deactivated and reinstated if you’ve forgotten both your login name and your password.

What Does It Mean When It Says Account Reactivation Is Currently Unavailable?

You can try again later; this is only temporary. You can ask a support representative to assist you in reactivating your account if it has been close to 30 days since it was deactivated. Wait for Twitter to reactivate your account after sending the email. Your account will not recover for about 4 weeks. The moment your account is fully activated, Twitter will send you an email to let you know. By logging into the account on the Twitter website, you can now access it.

How To Restore Your Twitter Account Under Suspension?

If your account is under suspension because of spam, abusive content, or the risk of hacking, you can still reactivate it.

You can unsuspend your Twitter account and restore it by regularly contacting Twitter. You need to appeal to Twitter to unsuspend your account.


How to reactivate your Twitter account; if you haven’t recently used your Twitter account. Perhaps it’s time to go back. The social networking business recently made some adjustments that make setting up and maintaining an account simpler than before.

Greater text size and more user-friendly buttons in the new design make it easier to read on mobile devices. And an overall cleaner UI. Regardless of whether you require assistance creating a new account.

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