4 Methods To Unsuspend A Twitter Account

4 Methods To Unsuspend A Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the largest and growing social media platforms in the world. nowadays it is quite popular among celebrities and youngsters. almost every big celebrity and politicians are on Twitter sharing their thoughts. And sometimes their tweet can suspend their account. So many people wonder how to unsuspend a Twitter account.

To unsuspend a Twitter account, you need to appeal the suspension of your account. By contacting Twitter regularly, you will probably be able to unsuspend your account. In case, if your account is under suspension due to violations of the terms and services, you need to defend yourself to appeal to your account to unsuspend your Twitter account.

If you are trying to unsuspend a Twitter account but don’t know how to do so, you don’t need to worry a bit. In this article, today I will guide you on how to unsuspend a Twitter account. So without any delay, let’s read the article given below.

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How To Unsuspend A Twitter Account?

Being suspended from Twitter can definitely frighten you out, especially if you’ve been using it for years. These days, it’s popular to open a Twitter account and share your political, social, or economic ideas. For the most part, we immediately log onto Twitter and tweet anything that comes to mind. However, Twitter has rules and guidelines in place that you must abide by if you don’t want your account to be suspended.

You may be kicked off of Twitter for one tweet that doesn’t follow the rules, such as one that is abusive or spam. Additionally, creating a false profile or impersonating someone else can result in your suspension from Twitter. In addition, Twitter will suspend your account for security reasons if they discover that your account has been hacked or otherwise compromised.

Twitter always has a reason for suspending users’ accounts and in case it has happened mistakenly, there is an option to unsuspend the Twitter account as well.

Here are a few measures to unsuspend a Twitter account.

  • Unsuspend A Twitter Account When Twitter Is Suspended For Violating Rules
  • Unsuspend A Twitter Account When Twitter Account Is Suspended For Suspicious Activity
  • Unsuspend A Twitter Account When You Can Log In But Cannot Perform Any Actions like Tweeting, Commenting, etc.
  • Unsuspend A Twitter Account When You Have Not Violated Any Of Their Guidelines

Here’s how to search for someone’s tweet on Twitter.

How To Unsuspend A Twitter Account When Twitter Is Suspended For Violating Rules?

In this article. we have mentioned some situations where your account can get suspended. If you have violated any of the Twitter rules then you can get suspended.

Following are the steps that you have to take to unsuspend your Twitter account.

Step 1: Log In To Your Account

To begin with, you have to go to the Twitter log-in page and log in to your by entering your email address, phone number, or username.

When you try to log into your account, you will see a message that says “Suspended” which means that this account has been suspended. If you have received such a message then,

Step 2: Head To The Twitter Help Center

Since you can’t log in, head to the Twitter help center and do the following steps.

  1. The first thing to do is enter the device on which you are experiencing the issue with your Twitter account.
  2. The second step is to mention the issue you are facing with your account and briefly describe the case in the “Description of problem” section.
  3. In the final part, you need to enter your name, Twitter username, email, and phone number. Make sure that all the information you provide is associated with your Twitter account.

Step 3: Submit Your Appeal

Now you need to submit the appeal. After submitting your appeal, you will see a message stating that your request has been submitted to Twitter and they will contact you back within a few days. However, some cases may take longer to get a response from Twitter Support.

Step 4: Follow The Instructions Listed In The Mail

Once you receive the mail, you will find the steps and follow the instructions from the mail. You need to carefully follow the steps and on-screen instructions to unsuspend your Twitter account.

Reminder: Make sure that you check your mail on a daily and regular basis. If you find nothing in your inbox, then go through your spam and other folders.

How To Unsuspend A Twitter Account When Twitter Account Is Suspended For Suspicious Activity?

Activities like logging in to your account through a completely new location or numerous login fails can get your Twitter account suspended to prevent any hacking attack and breach of your personal data.

Here is the step-by-step process that will help you unsuspend a Twitter account.

Step 1: Try To Login To Your Account

The first step you need to do is try to log into your account. However if your account is suspended due to any suspicious activity, then you will see; “Your account has been locked. Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates the Twitter rules. To unlock your account, click on the button below and confirm that you are the valid account owner.”

Step 2: Click On Unlock My Account

To process ahead, you need to tap on the Unlock My Account button from the message.

Step 3: Fill In Your Phone Number

The next step is to fill in your phone number.

Step 4: Tap On Verify

Then, you need to click on the Verify button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 5: Receive The Massage Or A Call

After tapping on verify you will receive a message or a call from twitter through which you will get a confirmation code.

Step 6: Tap On The Submit Button

Once you get the code, enter it in the required field and click on the Submit button.

Step 7: Change Your Twitter Account Password

The final step is to change the password of your Twitter account, to protect it from any future attack. After setting the password, you will be able to log in to your Twitter account using the new password.

Note: you can also provide the email address that is linked to your Twitter account if you don’t want to give the phone number.

How To Unsuspend A Twitter Account When You Can Log In But Cannot Perform Any Actions like Tweeting, Commenting, etc.?

If you can log in to your Twitter account but cannot perform any actions like commenting, tweeting, retweeting or commenting, etc, then this is also a kind of suspension of your account. The Twitter suspension is here to restrict your activities.

Here are the steps for what you can do in this situation.

Step 1: Log In To Your Account

The first thing you need to do is open Twitter and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap On The Learn More Option

Once you open the app, there you will see that you are not able to take any action and a message will display while trying to do so. From that message, you have to tap on the “Learn More” option.

Step 3: Select File An Appeal

From the learn more option, you have to select File An Appeal.

Step 4: Fill In The Details

Now you will be directed to a form, where you have to fill the forms. You need to address where are you experiencing this issue- the device on which you are facing the problem. And also briefly describe the situation ar dealing with. You also need to fill in your full name, Twitter name, email address, and phone number which is optional.

Step 5: Click On The Submit

Once you are done filling in the information, click on the Submit button.

Be sure that the personal information you provide like name, email address, username, etc is correct and links to your Twitter account. Within a few days or hours of submitting the request, Twitter will reach out to you by email address or phone number, and they will provide you with details about what to do next.

How To Unsuspend A Twitter Account When You Have Not Violated Any Of Their Guidelines?

You can complain to Twitter if you believe that your account was suspended inadvertently or under a false idea. Twitter Support will investigate the situation and reevaluate your situation. You will regain access to your account if they do not discover anything that violates any rules and you are honest.

Here are the steps to file an appeal to unsuspend a Twitter account.

Step 1: Open The Twitter Login Page

Okay, the first thing you need to do is open the Twitter log-in page.

Step 2: Fill In You Log In Details

Now you need to fill in your Twitter username or email address or phone number, using which you created the account, enter the password, and log in.

Step 3: Open Another Browser

After your login process, you now need to open another browser window and go to the Twitter help Suspended Account Appeal Page.

Step 4: Fill In The Issues That You Are Experiencing

Now, there you will see a form, where you have to fill in the issues that you are experiencing and describe your problem in the detail. For example; your account is suspended by mistakes as you have not violated any of their policies, so you will state the same.

Step 5: Fill In Your Information

The final step you need to do is fill in your full name, phone number, and email address. And all the given information should be the same as used in your Twitter account that has been suspended.

What To Do If None Of The Above Methods Works Out?

If none of the above-mentioned methods works out then it’s high time to get rid of your old account and create a new account. However, there are still chances that your new account will also get suspended because Twitter will get to know that the same person has created the account, in some way or another.

To prevent the new account from getting a ban, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use Your Computer Web Browser

While creating a new account ditch your mobile phones. Instead, use your computer’s web browser. Twitter does not have control over web browsers.

Step 2: Use A VPN

Keep this in mind, when you are browsing Twitter on the web, turn your VPN on.

Step 3: Make Sure The Browser Is Safe

Make sure that the browser is secure, and clears all cookies and caches after every use. Google Chrome will not be a good choice as it tracks social media activity.

Step 4: Do A Factory Reset On The Device

If you wish to use your phone to access Twitter, you need to do a factory reset on the device. When you download the Twitter app on your mobile device, you should use a VPN on it.

Step 5: Disable Twitter Notification On Your Device

Nevertheless, turn off Twitter notifications on your phone. This is due to the fact that data is still being sent to your phone over your actual internet connection even if your phone’s VPN malfunctions or you forget to switch it on even when you’re not visiting Twitter. This implies that Twitter is aware of your real IP address.

Step 6: Log Out Of Twitter Every Time

Get the habit of logging out of Twitter after using it every time.

Step 7: Don’t Give Your Phone Number

The last but not least step is to not provide your phone number to Twitter.

And for the security of your account, you can also enable two-factor authentication on Twitter.

What Does It Mean When A Twitter Account Is Suspended?

There are several reasons why a Twitter account might be suspended, including suspicious behavior, breaking the rules, etc. And whether you will get your account back or not depends on how serious the breach was.

One type of account suspension is when you can get into your Twitter account, but you are unable to do anything. Another is when you can log in, but you receive an email informing you that your account has been suspended.

Numerous causes all led to the same important outcome, namely account suspension. Most Twitter users recently discovered that their accounts had been suspended; you must be aware of the recent suspension of Donald Trump’s Twitter account. As a result, Twitter frequently suspends accounts when it discovers something objectionable.

Why Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended?

Every website or service you use has set rules and conditions that the user must follow in order to continue utilizing its capabilities. Twitter is no different. Let’s face it: it’s not always fun to read the terms of service and privacy policies, and it may not seem like it’s worth your time. Instead of reading through the text, which is typically so small that it hurts your eyes, you could go down 10 chapters of your novel.

In order to prevent your Twitter account from being suspended and to save you time looking for ways to get it back, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make your work easier and less stressful.


Another issue that might result in suspension is spamming, and Twitter has established a clear policy on the subject. Therefore, sending suspicious links in direct messages to individuals or repeatedly publishing the same links to your website with the same language are both considered spam.

Spamming irritates people, and they can use it against you and rapport it. If Twitter gets a lot of reports against your account, they will suspect it. For how long? Depends on the severity of your sin!

Suspicious Activity

If Twitter detects questionable behavior, it may also suspend your account. Twitter may block this login attempt if a separate user is attempting to access your account from that location, and in doing so, it may suspend your account.

Over Engagement

If You have been dead on Twitter (not literally, but metaphorically) for days, and suddenly start engaging a lot, like following a lot of people sharing a lot of tweets in a day, posting a lot of content suddenly, can trigger Twitters alarm of something not right gong with this account, as it can bother other users, and your account can get locked.

Exploiting Privacy

One of the causes for Twitter account suspension is if you are leaking someone’s personal information. Such as their phone number, address, or even images that should not be uploaded otherwise.

Impersonating Someone Else

Representing someone else online is not at all appropriate, and if you are found to be doing it, your Twitter account will be suspended. Make sure you are not engaging in any of these acts to avoid having your Twitter account suspended for any of these reasons.

Abusive Tweets Or Behavior

Twitter has a regulation for almost any kind of threat or harassment you can imagine because of some bad users. This is essentially a no-bullying rule. People who break these guidelines are more likely to avoid having their accounts suspended. Even if you are joking, you cannot threaten to hurt an individual or a group of individuals.

The same rules apply to wishing or praying for the bad of others. Unwanted sexual advances are another type of abuse. You cannot ask for sex or send unwanted pornographic content as a DM or mention, and you cannot objectify people without their permission. Finally, you are not allowed to harass anyone or encourage others to do so.

Sharing Other People’s Private Information

If someone gives you their personal information, such as their bank account information or contact information, or address; you should keep that information to yourself only. If the person complains to Twitter and you have also shared the specified information publicly on Twitter, Twitter will have no choice but to suspend your account.

So, if you’ve done anything similar, you should be aware that’s why you can’t access your Twitter account on your phone.

How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last?

We have no way of knowing how long it will take you to get your account restored because it solely relies on the suspension type and the offense committed.

However, we can state that, in the event of a small breach of Twitter policies, the suspension often lasts for roughly 48 hours. That is the amount of time it takes Twitter to examine your account. The phone number you supplied, or any other piece of information you use for verification.

The Twitter suspension could continue longer, though, if the infraction is more serious than just spamming. For instance, you won’t have too much trouble if your account is set to read-only mode.

Since your account is typically regarded as “healthy,” the suspension will only be in effect for a maximum of 12 hours. How serious the violation still determines the length of time.

When Twitter requests an email address or phone number to confirm ownership, the account is suspended until the challenge. Such as giving the required information is successfully completed.

It is more possible that you will have to cope with a permanent suspension if your infraction of Twitter’s rules is more serious. This type of suspension is the severest and lasts the longest.

After you report the suspension, Twitter will investigate your account to see whether it was justified. The way Twitter responds to the appeal will determine whether or not your account will be fully restored and for how long the suspension will persist.

How Long Does It Take To Unsuspend The Twitter Account?

The type of suspension and the infraction committed are the only factors that affect the Twitter suspension. The longest period of a Twitter suspension is often 7 days, while the shortest is 12 hours. Twitter temporarily suspends an account in the event of a minor breach of any of its policies for about 48 hours.

This is the amount of time it takes Twitter to verify your account, the phone number you provided, and any other information you submitted. However, you are more likely to experience a permanent ban if you get yourself into a more serious breach of Twitter’s rules. This type of suspension is the most severe and persistent.

Does Twitter Deletes Suspended Accounts?

Twitter does not delete the suspended accounts. Suspended accounts are still visible on the list of Twitter users, but they cannot tweet, retweet, or like the content. Twitter does not delete the account under suspension.

Accounts under suspension are still able to send direct messages, reply to tweets, and follow

How Long Does Twitter Appeals Take?

Apparently, in most cases, it takes up to 48 hours for twitter support to review your appeal and respond to you back by email. However, if you request a password change for your account, Twitter support will respond to you very fast. Usually, the Twitter support replies back within nearly 5 minutes.

But in the case of suspensions, it depends upon the type of violation a user did while using Twitter. However, if you get the feeling that your account will still not get unsuspended after attempting to contact support multiple times, you can deactivate your Twitter account.

All you need to do is fill out the deactivation form of your suspended account. In addition to that, you can also request a copy of your Twitter data even if your account is suspended.

If you want to find someone on Twitter, read this article for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions On Twitter.

How To View Suspended Twitter Account?

You may view suspended Twitter accounts by entering their username in the search bar, where you will see the message “Account Suspended” on their profile.

How Will You Get To Kow That The Suspension Is Temporary And Not Temporary?

Well, Twitter will email you that your account is permanently suspended and the reason for the same also, in the email, you will get to know which terms you have broken and which of your activity has resulted in that.

Does Twitter Account Get Suspended Due To Age?

Twitter is only available to users who are 13 years old or older. And if you violate this policy, your account may be suspended. You may also be suspended if you created your account when you were not even 13 years old and are now 18 years old.

Can I Delete My Suspended Twitter Account?

No, you cannot delete a suspended Twitter account; you need to unsuspend it first in order to delete it.


When an account appears to have been compromised or is acting in violation of the Twitter Rules, the app has the authority to lock the account or temporarily restrict some features. By refraining from sending tweets or messages that appear to be spam or include prohibited content, you may ensure that you are not violating Twitter’s terms of service.

Hope you get an idea of how to unsuspend a Twitter account. Kindly let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries.

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