How to Tweet and Retweet on Twitter? [Updated 2022]

How to Tweet and Retweet on Twitter

09Twitter is an online update social networking service and very popular for microblogging, where millions of people communicate with their thoughts and words by tweets. To tweet and retweet, you need a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, then you can check our article How to create and set up a Twitter account. And if you already have an account but new on Twitter and don’t know about Twitter and tweets, then in this article. I will guide you on what is Tweet and How to tweet and retweet on Twitter.

What is the Meaning of Tweets on Twitter?

Like you post on Facebook, you tweet on Twitter. A tweet is simply a post that you post on Twitter, which is a very popular microblog and social network service. A tweet may contain text, photos, videos, links, and even GIFs. Twitter only allows you to tweet 280 characters if you are tweeting a text message, concept on short and sweet chirp sound baby bird makes.

Different Types of Tweet on Twitter.

The Different Types of Tweets you can tweet on Twitter can be a daily tweet, photos, video, link, mention, retweet, and location tweet, know go through the explanation below;

  • Daily tweet: daily tweet means the thought and words you like to share just by using plain text, nothing else.
  • Photo tweet: in a photo tweet, you can upload images up to four, which will show as a tweet. You can also tag your friends and users in your picture.
  • Video tweet: you can use 30 seconds of video to a tweet by editing the video and tweet it with a message.  
  • Link tweet: when you compose a tweet, you can insert a link in the tweet. The Twitter card may show a small snippet of the information, link that you provide.
  • Mention tweet: if you have any relevant information or message for a specific user. Then you can mention the user in your tweet by @mention. Use @ sign and username of the user you want to mention (@username).
  • Retweet: You can retweet the post, which means reposting the tweet of another user. To retweet, click the double arrow (retweet button) under your user tweet and share it, and don’t forget to mention them (Give credit).
  • Location tweet: when you tweet anything, Twitter automatically detects your location and displays it in your tweet. You can also edit the location by searching for a specific position you are in and even turn it off.
  • Poll tweet: in a poll tweet, you can create a poll by asking a question and add the choice to select a user from your tweet. To get a suggestion or to get the best result answer, you can use the Poll tweet. To use a poll tweet, when you compose a tweet, go to the option and select poll tweet and ask questions and mention choice in your survey.

[Note: Both the web version and mobile version have the same steps to tweet and retweet the tweet.]

How To Tweet on Twitter?

  1. Go to Twitter and log in to your account using your username and password.
  2. Type what you want to tweet into the compose text field at the top of your Home timeline. Or click the Tweet button from the navigation bar.
  3. After that, you will be able to type text, add images, and videos with a link, and mentioning users.
  4. Now, after you are done, click on the Tweet button to post your tweet in your profile.
    type tweet - tweet on Twitter

You can also tweet via text message (SMS). Connect your phone with your Twitter account then, send your tweets as a text to your appropriate Twitter shortcode the same way you send other text.  

How To Retweet on Twitter?

You can repost your friend or user tweet and share it in your profile you follow. You can also retweet by commenting on their tweets.

How to Share Tweet?

  1. If you are scrolling a tweet in your profile and you find some exciting tweet, and you want to retweet then.
  2. Click on the Retweet button (two square arrow icon).
    two arrow - Tweet and Retweet on Twitter
  3. After that, click on the retweet button and share the post, don’t forget to give post credit.
    Retweet - Tweet and Retweet on Twitter

Now, after you retweet and share the tweet, the tweet will be shared as public to your follower as a retweet.

How To Undo a Re-tweet?

  1. Find out the retweet you want to undo from a tweet.
  2. After that you will see a green highlight on the retweet, then you have Retweeted the post.
    Green icon
  3. Now click on the Retweet button.
    undo - undo retweet
  4. Now your retweet will be removed from your friend tweet.

After you undo a retweet, it will be removed from another timeline. If someone has saved the cached, then they may still see your post once on their mobile.

How To Quote Tweet Post On Twitter?

How To Retweet with a Comment?

  1. Choosetweet of your friend you want to retweet, hover your mouse, and select tweet.
  2. After that, click on the Retweet button.
  3. After that, choose Retweet with a comment.
  4. Now type your comment you want to write as a retweet or include a photo, video.
  5. Finally, click o the Retweet button to share your comment as a retweet.
    type your comment - Tweet and Retweet on Twitter

Now retweets will be share in your friend tweet; all people can see what you have retweet in your friend tweet.


If you are new on Twitter then now you know what is Tweet and how to tweet and retweet by sharing & repost the tweet of your friend. If you have any questions regarding this article then you can leave us a comment, in the comment section box below. We will answer your question and try to make your doubts clear. You can also contact us or visit our official website Onlinehelpguide.

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