How To Make Instagram Stories Longer?

How To Make Instagram Stories Longer

Are you wondering how to make Instagram stories last longer?

Originally, Instagram was a photo-sharing app, but as the demand for video content has risen, the platform has evolved to enable video content. Instagram stories have a duration of 15 seconds. It might be frustrating when you want to share a video longer than these time constraints.

Do you also want to make Instagram stories longer than their time limit? Here are the simple methods to make Your Instagram stories longer. Let’s get started.

To Make Instagram Stories Longer:
1. Upload Your Videos Directly To Instagram Stories
2. Make Instagram Stories Longer By Using Multiple Clips
3. Live On IG

What Is Instagram Stories?

Although Snapchat was the first to offer a story feature, it is now available on almost every social network, including Facebook and Instagram. Stories allow you to post videos and photos to your friends and followers in a 24-hour reel. But they disappear after that period.

There are no restrictions on how many you can share. Each Story can last up to 15 seconds. On Instagram, you can view someone’s story by clicking on the red circle around their profile photo at the top of the home page. Swipe down to leave a story.

How To Share An Instagram Story?

Follow these simple and easy steps to add a photo or video to your story.

Step 1: Open Instagram

First, open Instagram and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Click On The “+” Icon

First, tap the “+” icon in the upper left corner and choose Story from the dropdown menu. Or you can swipe left to right to open Story.

Step 3: Select Photo Or Video

Choose photos or videos from your phone’s library or gallery.

Step 4: Click On Text, Squiggly Line, Or Stickers Icon

Next, to draw or add text or a sticker, click the letters, squiggly line, or stickers symbol. Finally, you can remove stickers or text by dragging and dropping it on the trash/bin icon.

Step 5: Select “>” Icon

Tap on the “>” icon, then select Your Story

Step 6: Tap On Share

Select Share, and now your story will be posted.

You can save your IG story to your camera as well. For example, click the arrow pointing down at the top of the page after taking a photo or video to save it. You may also view your Ig Story and save “video” to save the video or “save story” to save the whole story.

To learn more, read the article “How To Post Story On Instagram From PC [All Possible Methods].”

How To Make Longer Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories videos are just 15 seconds long. You can, however, upload up to four stories at once with a maximum length of 60 seconds each. Instagram will split your video into 15-second chunks if it exceeds the time restriction. You can use a third-party tool to trim your videos before sharing them, allowing you to make lengthier Instagram stories.

Here are some amazing methods to make longer Instagram Stories.

Method 1: Upload Your Videos Directly To Instagram Stories

You can make your Instagram stories longer by posting them directly to the app. Although Instagram only allows 15 seconds long videos for each story, you can share up to four stories at once, with a maximum length of 60 seconds.

When you want to share videos to stories, but they are longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will automatically break the first minute of your video into four 15 seconds segments. And the rest of the video gets cut off.

This method will work for you as long as your video is less than a minute long. And because you’ve started with a single video clip, the sequence of the clip will remain even if it’s divided into sections.

Method 2: Make Instagram Stories Longer By Using Multiple Clips

Even that, Instagram will split the first minute into 4 x 15-second segments, like in method 1, but anything after 60 seconds will be discarded. So, you have to trim your video manually to create longer videos for your Instagram story. This method lets you post segments longer than the 60-second story limit.

Many third-party apps will cut your video into 15-second or shorter segments for you. Some will even guarantee the video quality resolution for you.

Let’s see some of the best and easiest ways to make Instagram Stories longer.

CutStory (iOS and Iphone)

CutStory is an excellent iOS app that allows you to select a video clip of any length and turn it to 15 seconds or any other length to make Instagram stories longer. However, without a CutStory pro subscription, it has a watermark, and you can’t access all premium features.

Some of the features of CutStory are:

  1. You can select a template or stencil for a video or photo collage
  2. Text and stickers can be
  3. You can split long videos into separate clips of any length
  4. Clips are exported in chronological order, so you know which order to post them in
  5. Videos are exported without compression
  6. You can add many soundtracks to your video
  7. Any video format is supported

Story Cutter (Android)

Story Cutter is an ideal tool for content creators who need to create longer videos for Stories on several social media platforms. For instance, it helps you create Instagram stories from your long videos. With this tool, you won’t have to worry about publishing longer videos to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook stories anymore.

You’ll need to follow the simple step: select the video, choose Instagram as the desired source, then click on Done. The app will begin cutting your long video into separate segments as required. You then can post those segments to make Instagram stories longer.

InShot (Android and iOS)

InShot is a user-friendly tool that simplifies and streamlines your video editing. Moreover, unlike many apps only available for one operating system, InShot is available for Android and iPhone. You also get a plethora of amazing features, like the ability to add stunning filters, text, GIFs, stickers, sound effects, transitions, and images to your videos.

With a few taps, you can add your video clip to the InShot app and make all necessary edits in a few minutes. And you’re ready to share it on your Instagram story. Also, you can export the video clip in the desired quality.

Built-In Video Editors

You may also use the video editor built into your phone to cut the video into 15-second segments. However, determining the precise times to cut the clip may be tricky, and you may miss parts during the splitting process.

If you choose this method, you must create a 1-minute video and then cut it into four (or more) 15-second (or fewer) parts that you can easily upload to Instagram one at a time.

Here’s how to post videos from your phone’s image gallery to Instagram Stories.

(Note: The third-party apps feature an Instagram button directly takes you to Instagram Stories)

  1. Select the “+” add icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Then, choose “Story” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the video you wish to post in your story.
  4. Tap the arrow icon “>” in the bottom right of the screen
  5. Select Your Story and then click on Share

You can use any of the methods to trim your lengthy videos. People will watch your video segments in the sequence you’ve put them in your Instagram story, regardless of the method you use to make the Instagram story longer.

Method 3: Live On IG

You can go live on Instagram stories and engage with your friends and followers in real-time. It takes just a few steps from the Instagram stories camera, and you can share live content. Instagram live videos can last up to four hours.

Going live on Instagram is simple — swipe left to right from the feed to open the camera, then choose “Live” and hit the “Start Live Video” button to begin sharing.

Tips For Instagram Stories

There is no one way to create an Instagram Story video. However, you can spice up your IG content in different ways. Here are some tips for exploring which works best for you.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to spend lots of money on high-priced video equipment. Videos captured on your smartphone also work perfectly. In addition, you can make your content feels more spontaneous and less like marketing with videos of a smartphone than with high-production video.

Make Use Of Instagram Add-ons

There are many ways to customize your Instagram Story videos. You can use hashtags, emojis, polls, and text to spice things up. These make your videos stand out and more interesting. In addition, they correspond to how Instagram users interact with the Stories placement.

Make Your Best Story Videos Into Highlights

Instagram Story videos are only available for 24 hours. However, you may make your Story videos into highlights that remain on your page permanently. This is an excellent approach to highlight your greatest Story content.

Optimize Your Video Format

The videos on Instagram Stories are always vertical. As a result, your friends or followers will view your stories on your phone. So, when developing content, ensure it’s also vertical. If it isn’t, Instagram transforms it to the Story format automatically. On the other hand, vertical videos developed for the platform enjoy better engagement than non-native videos.

Re-share Story Posts In Which You’ve Been Tagged

You can re-share another user’s Instagram post to your Story if you’re tagged. This is an excellent approach to feature satisfied customers promoting your brand. And convey your passion to the rest of your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions: Create Instagram Stories Longer

Here are the answers to any queries you may have about Instagram stories.

How Can I Add A Instagram Stories Highlight?

You can save stories on your IG profile that can be viewed for more than 24 hours. This is beneficial if you have a promotion or anything special you want people to see. You must turn on the Instagram Stories Archive feature before sharing a highlight.

To do this: Launch the Instagram app > Swipe right > Click on the setting icon> Select Story> Choose Save story to archive.

Now, you have turned on your Instagram stories archive feature. Then, go to your profile, and below your bio section, tap on + New to add your new highlights. You can choose from your stories from achieve folder to add to your highlight stories.

If you want to learn more about how to add Instagram highlights without posting a story on Instagram, keep reading.

Do Instagram Stories Post To Facebook Automatically?

Instagram users can have their Instagram Stories posts automatically shared with their Facebook Stories. When an Instagram user activates this feature, each post they upload to their Instagram Stories will also be shared to their Facebook Stories.

To do so, follow these steps:

Swipe left to right, and then it opens Instagram Stories > Tap on the settings at the top left corner > Select Story > Scroll down, then tap on Share your story to Facebook.

Can You Change The Length Of Your Instagram Story?

No, you cannot set the length of your Instagram story; it cannot be longer or less than 24 hours. You should remove the story yourself if you wish to erase it sooner. Also, if you’re interested in the story you’ve shared and want to save it, add it to Highlight.

Can I Add A Link To My Video?

When you make a post, you may always include a “Link in Bio” and send people to your YouTube channel, website, or any other place where your video is uploaded. However, due to their spam-blocking technology, Instagram does not enable users to add links to their posts directly.


Instagram is popular as it provides a great platform for taking and sharing photographs and videos with your friends and followers. However, if you want to publish a video longer than one minute, Instagram’s time constraints can be inconvenient.

So, in this article, we’ve presented different methods to make your Instagram stories longer. You can choose any one of them that works best for you.

Want to learn more? You can go to Instagram Tips to learn everything you need to know.

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