How To See Your Most Famous Follower On TikTok?

Have you ever wondered who your most famous follower on TikTok is? You most likely have. Since there are a lot of famous people on TikTok, people likely wonder who their most famous follower on TikTok is. Bur even if you wonder, how to see your most famous follower on TikTok?

Well, there is no specific way you can sort out the follower list and see who your most famous follower is on TikTok. If famous refers to the most-watched video, there are tools to find someone’s most viewed video. But if famous refers to someone with the most followers, you need to check their profile manually to see the followers count. Some people also consider blue-tick profiles as famous on TikTok. In this case, also, you have to check the profile of each of your followers individually to see if they have a blue tick.

Because there is no specific definition of ‘Famous’, it is hard to tell who is famous on a list.
So, let’s see all their variables and examine them in detail. This article will also provide some possible solutions to see your most famous follower on TikTok. Please follow this article until the end to understand more about the topic.

What Are Followers And Following In TikTok?

First of all, the User Interface of the TikTok app is quite different than any other social media app we were used to. It makes it hard to navigate around for someone who is not much familiar with apps and social media.

Being said that, it is also not a hard app to operate. The app is quite easy to use once you get familiar with it. You can get every setting and manage option from the profile section of the app itself.

And To see your followers on TikTok, you can go to the same profile page. The profile page gives you the main metrics of Following, Followers, and Likes upfront. These are the main metrics you want to check for your account.

Followings are simply the list of people whom you are following on the platform. If you want to check who are the people you are following, you can simply tap on the followings and it will list them.

The Followers are the ones who follow you on TikTok. Here, if you tap on it, you will see two types of followers i.e. Followers and friends. Followers are the ones who follow you and Friends are the ones who follow you and you also follow them back.

So, if anyone follows you and you too follow them back, TikTok will categorize them as friends. The separation is to give you the ability to interact more with friends. You can send DMs to friends and see their videos available for friends.

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How To See Your Followers In TikTok?

If You are new to the platform and do not understand how the app operates. The following steps will help you to see your followers on TikTok.

Step 1: Open TikTok App

Step 1 Open TikTok App

Open the TikTok app on your device. Log into your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go To Profile Section

Step 2 Go To Profile Section

Next, go to the profile section of TikTok by clicking the profile button on the bottom right corner. The older version of the app has a ‘Me’ button instead of Profile.

Step 3: Click On The Followers

Step 3 Click On The Followers | See Your Most Famous Follower On TikTok

Once you are on the profile page, you will see your username, profile picture, bio, latest videos, and other information. Click the Followers button to get the list of your followers.

There, you have the list of your followers. But some of them are your friends i.e. who follow you and you follow them back. Though this is publicly available by default, you can also turn it off to avoid seeing this list by anyone who is not your friend.

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How To See Your Most Famous Follower On TikTok?

As already stated, you have to manually sort the TikTok accounts to find the most famous follower on TikTok. This also depends on how you are measuring ‘Famous’. You can use the blue tick as a metric to tell someone is famous, the follower count, or the most viewed video.

So let’s look at these metrics individually and explain each one in detail.

How To See If Someone Is Verified On TikTok?

This is an easy one, if someone is verified in TikTok, TikTok will put a blue tick after their username. You can see it every time you come across the user.

Or if you want to make sure, you can visit their profile and see if there is a blue tick in the username or not.

And if you are wondering how can this show if someone is famous? Yes, it does because TikTok itself verifies the users before giving these to users.

Although there are no proper requirements placed by TikTok to acquire the mark, it is known that TikTok sees the growth metric of the account and analyzes its authenticity before giving these marks.

So it is safe to say if you have someone with the blue tick on your followers’ list, that person is your most famous follower on TikTok.

But what if there are several people with blue tick marks? This is another dilemma. So let’s see another metric that can help solve this problem.

How To See Your Most Followed Follower On TikTok?

This metric is to use the number of followers on the account to determine if the account is famous or not. So even if you have many people with a blue tick, you can see their followers count to determine who is more famous.

You can visit all the people with a blue tick and list their followers count on a spreadsheet. After that, sort the data from highest to lowest on a spreadsheet. This will give you the person with the highest followers on the top. That is the most famous person on your follower list.

But you may say that it may not be the correct metric to use in this context and that most of the followers may be inactive and have no value as followers. This is a real issue as TikTok has a high user turnover.

This issue can be solved using another metric i.e. by seeing their most viewed video. A famous person must have a high number of views on their videos.

How To See Other People’s Most Viewed Videos?

To see anyone’s most viewed video, you need to be able to sort their video according to views.

How Can You Sort Someone’s Most Viewed Video?

There are various tools available to sort TikTok videos on a profile. The most commonly used tool is ‘Sort By TikTok’ which is a chrome extension that can be used in computer browsers of chrome.

Follow the below steps to download and sort videos of all the users with a blue tick.

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser

Step 1 Open Chrome Browser

Open the chrome browser on your personal computer. If you do not have chrome, install it from their official website.

Step 2: Search For ‘Sort For TikTok’

Step 2 Search For Sort For TikTok

On the search bar, search for ‘Sort for TikTok’. The search result will return the result, the first result from the chrome store is the page we want to visit.

Step 3: Go To Chrome Store

Step 3 Go To Chrome Store

Click the link and it will redirect you to the chrome store where you will find the extension page.

Step 4: Download The Extension

Step 4 Download The Extension

From the extension page, click ‘Add Extension’ and it will download the extension.

Step 5: Make Sure It Is Activated

Step 5 Make Sure It Is Activated

After downloading, look in the top-right corner of the search bar and you will find it there, if not click the extension button to reveal all the extensions. You will find the extension there.

Step 6: Open TikTok Web App

Step 6 Open TikTok Web App

Now open the TikTok web app by visiting TikTok on another tab of chrome. Login to your account if you haven’t already.

Step 7: Go To The Account

Step 7 Go To The Account

Now if everything is ready, visit the blue tick account whose videos you want to sort for most viewed videos. Make sure you are on their profile page and it lists all their videos there.

Step 8: Click The ‘Sort For TikTok’ Extension

Step 8 Click The Sort For TikTok Extension | See Your Most Famous Follower On TikTok

On the profile page, click the extension we installed earlier. You will find it in the same place, the top-right corner of the search bar.

Step 9: Click Start

Step 9 Click Start | See Your Most Famous Follower On TikTok

Click start to start the sorting process. The extension will start sorting out the videos in order from most viewed to the least viewed videos.

With these steps, you will be able to see an account’s most viewed video. Though this tool only lets you sort according to the views, there is a high chance that the same video is the most-liked and shared.

Finally, the account which has the highest number of views can be said as the most famous follower on your TikTok.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet. Follow these questions and their answers to understand more about TikTok.

How Many Followers On TikTok Until You Are famous?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on your niche and the engagement of your existing followers. But keeping all aside, a 100,000 follower mark can be easily said as famous if the engagement of the followers is high.

How Much Money Do You Get For 1 Million Views On TikTok?

If you have rolled into the TikTok creator fund then TikTok will give you approximately $50 per million views. There are still other methods you can earn such as gifts and brand partnerships. If you have these, the payout can be significantly more.

How Does TikTok Pay You?

TikTok pays you to your registered PayPal account. The TikTok earnings can be cashed out using the same.

What Happens If You Get 1 Million Views On TikTok?

TikTok will pay you approximately $50 for 1 million views but only if you have rolled onto the TikTok creator fund. But if you haven’t rolled onto the fund, you may not get anything for the views you got.


Therefore, to see your famous follower on TikTok, you can use three metrics and sort your followers based on those metrics. Bluetick followers, followers with the highest followers, and followers with the highest number of video views.

These metrics can be used to determine if someone is famous or not. But in the end, you have to manually sort the followers on these metrics since there are no automated tools to do this.