How To Reverse A Video On Tiktok

In a world full of opportunities, there is no scarcity of contrasting social media app trends on the internet. One of the many platforms among this is the most hyped app named “TikTok.”The app has been a channel for users to create content and share adventures alongside making generous income. A feature trending on Titkok is to reverse videos; and users wonder how to reverse a video on Tiktok.

There are many appearances that one may use to create excellent content and gratifications. From making short clips to lip-syncing and dancing, we can do anything using this app for entertainment purposes. One of the nearly new trends that tiktok users are fascinated about is to reverse the video. If you want to switch videos and make exciting content with the right tools, this article is for you.

Utilizing TikTok Features For Creating Content

Over the last few years, creating TikTok reels became so famous that some renowned companies have approached to capitalize on the trend. As a result, there are numerous features to create eye-catching content to increase followers and promote products in this app.

The most used feature that this app provides us users is the ample selection of songs and filters. There is also a preference to directly add videos from the phone and reaction videos to make content more creative. The films we make on TikTok can be edited, reversed, and cropped according to one’s wishes. Now that we know about the app’s features and effects let’s talk about the reverse effect.

How To Reverse A Video On TikTok

Let me answer all of your questions by saying that we can use different techniques and apps to reverse a clip. In today’s generation, everything is possible. Everything is mentioned below with simple steps to clear your doubts, from changing your TikTok video using social media platforms to online tools.

How To Reverse A Video On Tiktok: iPhone And Android

Reversing a Tik Tok video on iPhone or Android is the same. Though there are different applications used in these phones, reversing a particular clip is the same:

  1. Open the Tik Tok app in your required mobile technologies, i.e., on iPhone or Android.
  2. Choose a TikTok video from the media, or you can directly record a small clip from the TikTok app itself.
  3. Tap and long-press the record button in the middle of the screen to start recording.
  4. Click on the red “tick” mark symbol after you finish recording.
  5. Then choose the effects button, indicated as a “clock symbol.”
  6. There on your screen, you would notice two buttons- Filter effects and Time effects. Next, go to the time effects button and select “reverse.”
  7. Finally, you will see a short preview of the new reversed video on your mobile screen. On the top right corner, you would notice a “save” button. Click on Save.

How To Reverse A Video On Tiktok:  Using Instagram

Being a very enthusiastic Instagram user, I believe not all mobile applications support the reverse effect on Instagram. However, some countries and regions do have the reverse impact on Instagram stories. So to make any video to play in reverse, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the app and click on the Instagram Stories camera by swiping left. There you will notice a variety of options that Instagram has provided. Moreover, these options include- Create, Boomerang, Layout, Multi-capture, Level, Hands-free, Reverse.
  2. Next, tap on the Reverse button and start recording yourself with a video. It works when you choose to record any video in rewind or reverse mode before taking a video.

How To Reverse A Video On Tiktok: Using Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia chatting app flourished by Snap Inc. This app grants you to take pictures, videos and edit them with your only requirements and desires. What’s more, you may ask. But this app also helps you to reverse TikTok videos in a much more excellent way. To reverse a video:

  1. Install Snapchat on your device and open it.
  2. Open your camera roll by sliding upwards.
  3. Select your required tape or any short clip that you want to reverse.
  4. Once you have recorded or uploaded your required video, keep sliding right through your phone until you end up seeing a “three arrow” filter.
  5. Click on the filter to reverse your video. You can now either save or download your file.

How To Reverse A Video On Tiktok: Using An Online Tool

The methods to reverse a Tiktok video are there using online tools as well. Different methods that users can apply are in the steps below.

  1. Open your web browser and enter the URL “” The link will take you to the page, where you will see a navigation bar on the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Tools button. Then, on the search option, type reverse, and under the reverse button, upload your file.
  3. Finally, download the Tik Tok video that you want to reverse from your gallery.
  4. After some time, you can see the footage previewed on your screen, so you are ready to click on the create button.

How To Reverse Audio On Tiktok

Till now, we have learned how to reverse the video in Tik Tok. But do you know we can reverse the audio as well? Tik Tok has not built any of the features that include changing the audio, but with the help of third-party tools, anyone can rewind the audio. There are many third-party tools and applications on the internet. I regard the Kapwing tool, which is available worldwide.

How To Reverse Someone Else’s Videos On Tiktok

Did you know we can also reverse someone else’s Tik Tok videos? If you don’t know about this, here are a few steps that will help you change other users’ Tik Tok videos.

  1. As usual, open your Tik Tok app from the device you are using. Play the video you want to reverse and long press on the video to get a pop-up.
  2. Next, click on the save video and go back to the Tik Tok home page.
  3. Tap on the add button, located in the center, and add the video you saved earlier.
  4. Click on the effect button, time, and reverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions by users regarding the Tiktok application and video reversal are below.

What Is Reverse Tiktok

Getting directly to the point, reverse TikTok means making a short video and playing it backward. The fashion of reversing the video on TikTok was once trendy among audiences. There are various processes to use while reversing a video, though it is from TikTok itself or other online websites.

Where Is The Reversing Effect?

When opening the TikTok app from the phone, you will notice a clock-shaped icon. This icon is on the bottom side, inside the “effect” option of the app layout. . You can reverse any videos using this icon.

Why Is TikTok Banned?

TikTok has created vast employment opportunities globally, but there are still some countries like India and Pakistan that have banned the app. It disclosed that the Indian government had banned the popular app due to border clashes with China. Furthermore, it revealed that not only has the country banned TikTok but other 223 Chinese apps. Similarly, Pakistan also banned the app stating “indecent” and “immoral” in 2020.

Why Is The Reversing Effect Trending

There are various effects that TikTok has created over the past years. Reversing is one of the effects that got introduced by the team on their new update. People have been using this effect, and controversies have hit the pitch, making the impact go more viral. There are catchy videos where TikTok users have reversed a word, and thenceforth, the effect has been trending as everyone has been dueting the same video.

What Does Burgundy Sauce Say Backward Mean On Tiktok

One of the influential videos on TikTok is where people say “Burgundy Sauce” and ask us to hear it with a reversed effect. Given the definition, saying burgundy sauce backward sounds like a racial slur. To listen to it say back, you have to reverse the video from Snapchat or other online tools. So it’s best not to fall for that crap.


Here in the article, you can find the step-by-step procedure to reverse TikTok video using popular social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Also, not missing the third-party applications like Kapwing Tool, etc. We expect that every step we have written is helpful, straightforward, and easy to understand. So now you can reverse your TikTok clips and initiate uncommon and exclusive videos to share on the app; all the best.

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