How To Change Phone Number On Telegram [Updated 2023]

How to Change Phone Number on Telegram 2021 [Android, IOS, Desktop]

When creating a Telegram account, I used my mobile number during signup. At that time, sharing my personal number on Telegram was not a big deal because I was excited to promote my business through the Telegram channel. But later on, I thought providing your number, which you use daily, was not a good idea. So, if you are also thinking the same as I do or want to change a phone number on Telegram for some reason, then this is how I can replace the number.

To change your phone number on Telegram, follow the steps below:
1. Open your Telegram
2. Tap on three horizontal lines
3. Tap on the Settings option
4. Under the Info section
5. Tap on your phone number
6. Select on Change Number option
7. Set your new mobile number
8. Insert a verification code
9. Tap on the tick mark

Replacing the Telegram number is as simple as downloading the Telegram app on your device.

Are you curious whether it will affect your existing data, contact, and chat messages?

Do you want to know what will happen to your account when you change your Telegram mobile number?

Don’t worry! Read the whole article and find your answers.

How To Change Your Phone Number on Telegram?

Telegram provides many exciting features such as cloud storage, secret chat, voice message, video call, live location, locating new people nearby, and more.

This is why it stands out in the market of instant messaging.

Another best thing about Telegram is its option to change the phone number.

You can replace your Telegram phone number without deleting your Telegram account, which sounds interesting.

This helps you to secure your personal number because sometimes your mobile number is used for marketing purposes, which you are even aware of.

Plus, nobody can disturb you by calling on your number.

You know some people have a habit of muddling you personally even though you talk with them through chat messages.

In such a case, you may even choose to block the users on Telegram.

So, how can you change the Telegram mobile number within 2 minutes? What are the things you must have for this process?

Note: It’s better for you to use the official Telegram app to replace phone numbers rather than the APK version of Telegram (which you downloaded from a third party). Sometimes, you may get into trouble with the APK version while removing your number. Other than this, your current phone number (which you have used on Telegram) must have active on your device. This is because; you need to use a verification code to successfully add a new number on Telegram.

To change your phone number on Telegram, we have these three methods for you:

  • Change Phone Number On Telegram On Android
  • Change Phone Number On Telegram On iPhone
  • Change Phone Number On Telegram On PC
  • Change Phone Number On Telegram On Mac

Change Phone Number On Telegram On Android

After downloading Telegram on your device, follow the following process to change the phone number in Telegram on Android.

Step 1: Open Telegram App

Once you have installed the Telegram app on your device, use the login credentials to login into your account.

If you have already installed an app, move to the second step.

Step 2: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines

Next, tap on three horizontal lines located in the screen’s upper left corner.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

Tap on the Settings option from the label. This will take you to the setting/customization section of the Telegram app.

Step 4: Select Your Number

Now tap on your number, which is under your Telegram display name.

Step 5: Tap On Change Number

Next, tap on the change number to add a new phone number.

After that, it will ask you one more time whether you want to make changes or not.

So, tap on the Ok button to continue the further process.

Step 6: Set New Mobile Number

Now select the country where your phone number is registered.

After that, type your new number, which you want to replace with the existing one.

Step 7: Enter the Verification Code

After following the above steps, you will receive a verification code on your device where a SIM is inserted.

So make sure your new phone number is reachable.

Next, copy the code and paste it into the phone verification field in Telegram.

Step 8: Tap On Tick Mark

Finally, tap on the tick mark from the upper right corner once all the above steps are completed.

Now, your old Telegram number has been replaced with a new one.

Enjoy surfing with your Telegram just like before—no changes at all, just the same account as before.

Change Phone Number On Telegram On iPhone

To change the Telegram phone number on IOS,

Step 1: Open Telegram App

If you have downloaded and installed a Telegram app on your IOS device, then open the app.

Open Telegram App

Step 2: Tap On Settings

Next, tap on the settings gear icon located at the screen’s bottom right corner.

Step 3: Select the Edit icon

Select the Edit option from the top right corner.

Select the Edit option from top right corner

Step 4: Tap On the Change Phone Number

Now scroll down and locate a Change Phone number section.

Once you find it, then tap on it for further process.

Tap On the Change Phone Number

Step 4: Select Change Number

After following the above step, tap on the change number option to add your new phone number on Telegram.

Next, before moving to the next step, it will ask you one more time if you accept the terms and like to continue or not.

Select Change Number

So, there, you have to tap on the Ok button.

Step 5: Type New Phone Number

Select the country where your phone is registered and enter your new number.

Type New Phone Number

Make sure you provide a valid number to receive verification on your device.

Step 6: Enter the Verification Code

Once you receive a verification code from Telegram regarding the new number’s changes, copy a code and paste it into a required field on Telegram.

Step 7: Tap On the Next Button

Finally, tap the Next button to save the changes from the upper right corner.

So, say to change a phone number on Telegram.

Change Phone Number On Telegram On PC

If you use the Telegram desktop app for every day chatting purposes instead of an app, then you can also change your phone number with a few simple steps.

However, in the case of the Telegram web, you can’t change your phone number.

You can only view your number, but there is no option to change it.

So, you have to move back to the desktop version of Telegram.

Now, to change the phone number on the Telegram desktop simply,

Step 1: Open Telegram Desktop App

Run your computer, and after that, open the Telegram desktop app.

Simply double-click on the icon to open it.

Step 2: Click On Three Horizontal Line

Now click on three horizontal from the upper left corner of the home screen.

Click On Three Horizontal Line

Step 3: Click On Settings

From the label, select settings to open the entire settings of the Telegram desktop app.

Click On Settings

This is where you can make the customization of the Telegram you need.

Step 4: Select Edit Profile

From the settings, click on Edit Profile to replace your existing number with a new one on Telegram.

Select Edit Profile

Step 5: Click On the Phone Number

Now you can click on the Phone number under your Telegram display name.

Click On the Phone Number

Step 6: Choose Change Number

Now you can see a section where you can change a phone number on the Telegram desktop.

So, click on the change number option for further steps.

Choose Change Number

Next, accept Telegram’s terms and conditions and click the OK button once ready.

Step 7: Provide a New Number

Type a new number in the required field and click on Submit button.

Provide a New Number

Now, Telegram will send a verification code to your provided phone number.

Step 8: Enter the Verification Code

Check your device and search for the verification code from Telegram.

Enter the Verification Code

Once you find it, type the code in the required and finally click the Submit button.

You have successfully replaced your old mobile number with a new one on the Telegram desktop app.

Change Phone Number On Telegram On Mac

To change your phone number on Telegram on Mac, you’ll have to do is:

Step 1: Open Telegram Desktop Version

First, open the desktop version of Telegram by double-pressing the Telegram icon.

Step 2: Select “Settings”

Then, to modify your account information, choose the “Settings” option.

Step 3: Click On Edit

Then, click on the “Edit” option.

Step 4: Tap On “Change Number”

Now tap on the “Change Number” option.

Step 5: Tap “Next”

Once the new window displays saying, “You can change your Telegram number here.

Your account and all your cloud data messages, media, contacts, etc., will be moved to the new number.”

Then tap “Next.”

Step 6: Hit “Ok”

After that, hit “Ok” to proceed.

Step 7: Choose The Country And Enter Your Phone Number

Then choose the country and enter your phone number.

Step 8: Tap “Send Code”

Tap “Send Code,” and Telegram will send you the verification code.

Step 9: Type The Verification Code

Then type the verification code in the required area.

Step 10: Hit “Submit”

Finally, hit “Submit.”

Thus, this is how you can change your phone number on Telegram on your Mac.

What Happens If You Change Number On Telegram?

Telegram users can easily change their account’s phone number if they want to add a new number.

When you change your Telegram mobile number, your account will remain the same, just like the previous one, without changing the number.

It will not affect your existing chat messages, videos, pictures, contacts, groups, or channels.

In addition, you can also see no changes on your Username, Bio, and profile picture.

This will basically transfer your previous cloud data to your new number.

Next, all your previous Telegram contacts (friends) will get your new updated number in their address book.

This means they can no longer contact you through your previous number.

What’s more, if you have previously blocked someone or someone blocked you in Telegram, it will also remain untouched. Basically, it will not affect your Telegram block list.

Moreover, if you have logged your Telegram account on multiple devices, such as the Telegram desktop app or Telegram web, it will automatically sync your new number.

So, you don’t have to do anything after changing a Telegram phone number.

Just sit down and leave the rest to Telegram.

Does Telegram Notify you When You Change Your Number?

Are you thinking about changing a new number on Telegram but worried your friends will know about it?

Then calm down!

Let me tell you one thing if you replace the Telegram phone number with a new one, then Telegram will not notify anybody about the changes.

It will remain up to you.

However, if you didn’t use a Telegram username, your friends can see your new number.

This is why your display name is important if you want to hide your phone number from others on Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the topic collected from the internet, and you might want to go through the answers if you also have queries as such.

Can You Use a Fake Number on Telegram?

No, you can’t use a fake number on Telegram because you have to confirm a verification code sent to your number to change your phone number on Telegram.

However, if your mobile number was not for confirmation but to secure your account, you can use a fake number.

Remember, still, and it’s not a good thing!

Can You Login Into Telegram Without a Phone Number?

You can’t log in to Telegram without registering your phone number.

You must provide a valid mobile number to access your Telegram successfully.

That’s to ensure you use your own correct account, not others like an unauthorized person.

How to Know If Someone Has Saved Your Number on Telegram?

No, you can’t know when someone saves your phone number on Telegram.

In fact, anyone can save your number on Telegram unless you use a username/display name.

So, provide a display name on Telegram and hide your phone number from being public.

Can You Use Two Telegram Account With the Same Number?

No, you can’t use multiple Telegram accounts with the same number.

However, if you use different phone numbers for separate accounts, you can add three accounts on Telegram simultaneously.

This way, you can switch between your accounts anytime within 1 minute from the side menu.

How to Know Someone’s Phone Number in Telegram When They Hide It?

If you want to know someone’s phone number on Telegram once they hide it, you can either directly ask that person for a number or request them to add you to an exception.

Other than this, if a person removes their username of Telegram, then you can see their phone number as a display name.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can change your phone number on Telegram if you don’t want to share your regular personal number with Telegram.

But remember to activate that number unless you successfully replace your old number.

That’s because you need to confirm a verification code from Telegram for a new number.

After this, you can close that number and start using your regular number.

If this article helped solve your query, let us know in the comment below.

Also, do ask other Telegram-related queries which are moving in your mind like a sea wave.

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