How to Hide Snapchat Birthday Notification 2022 [Android and IOS]

Snapchat is a great social media platform to connect with your friends as well as other family members, no matter how far they live. If we go even more forward, it is more than just a texting platform. Users can send pictures, video, send gifs, play with cameos, as well as different filters, and more. Normally, it can be used for multiple purposes for fun.

When you first signup on Snapchat, you have to provide a username, password, phone number, email along with the date of birth. When it comes to the birthday, Snapchat will send a notification to all your friends and also place a cake emoji beside your username. So this way, your Snapchat friends will know today is your birthday.

Let me ask you one question, “Do you like to share your birthday with everyone and get wishes or want to keep it a secret?”. If you like to see the “Happy Birthday” notification on Snapchat, then you are good to go but if not, then learn here how to hide Snapchat birthday notification on Android and IOS in this article.

The most simple way to hide Snapchat birthday notification is to disable the birthday party option. This way your Snapchat friend will not know about your birthday.

Now, let’s see how you will turn off a birthday party on Snapchat so that you won’t see a cake emoji beside your name.

Okay, let’s get started!

Does Snapchat Send Birthday Notification?

The simple answer, yes. By default, Snapchat does send birthday notifications to all your Snapchat friends. They can see a birthday cake emoji beside your name and will also receive a notification. However, if you make your birthday private, then Snapchat will prevent your birthday from others.

How to Hide Snapchat Birthday Notification?

When you have a birthday, then Snapchat will send you a private birthday snap. Don’t worry; it’s only for you; other Snapchatter will never receive it. But, if you always want to get private birthday snaps only, then you are in the right article.

To hide Snapchat Birthday notification on Android and IOS, just follow these few simple steps down below.

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Now, head to your profile icon or simply tap on your avatar from the upper left corner of the screen.
    hide birthday
  3. Next, tap on the Setting gear icon from the upper right corner. This is where you can manage all your Snapchat account.
  4. Under My Account section, tap on the Birthday option.
    snapchat birthday
  5. After that, you will find a Birthday party option. This is the reason you will see a birthday cake emoji next to your name on your birthday. It is also responsible for sending a birthday notification to all your Snapchat friends.
  6. So, here you will have to turn off or uncheck the Birthday party option.
    hide birthday on snapchat

Now you have successfully hide birthday on Snapchat with these above few steps. From now on, no one will ever know or receive any notification about your birthday. Moreover, they will not even see a cake emoji. Feeling relief?

What Does the Birthday Cake on Snapchat Mean?

As I already mentioned above, a birthday cake on Snapchat means it’s your birthday. If you see a cake emoji not in your name but in your friend’s name then it’s their birthday. So basically, cake emoji on Snapchat represents a person’s birthday.

However, sometimes it could be incorrect because your friends can use a fake date of birth on Snapchat. Therefore, if you are also using one then move to the below-mentioned steps to hide it from other Snapchat friends.

Why Isn’t Snapchat Showing Birthday?

When you have a birthday on Snapchat, then everyone will know about it unless you keep it private. But few users reported that Snapchat isn’t showing birthdays.

One of the reasons behind this is the incorrect date of birth. If you pick the wrong date of birth, then you won’t get any birthday notification from Snapchat. So first, recheck your birthday date whether it’s correct or not. You can follow this path’s profile/avatar icon> Settings icon> Birthday.

However, if your date of birth is correct, then it might be because of an outdated version of Snapchat. Sometimes, using the old version can malfunction the app and its features. So keep up with the latest version of Snapchat.

At last, if the version is not the case, then uninstall Snapchat and download it from the app store.

Snapchat (Android version)

Snapchat (IOS version)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Hide Your Birthday on Snapchat?

The short answer, yes. You can hide your birthday on Snapchat whenever you want if you don’t want to receive any birthday wishes.

Can You See Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat?

Yes, you can see someone’s birthday on Snapchat but only if they are on your friend list. You will see a little cake emoji beside their username.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Birthday on Snapchat?

You can change your birthday on Snapchat as much you want until you reach your limit.

Why Can’t You See Your Friend’s Zodiac Sign on Snapchat?

If your Friend’s profile doesn’t have a birthdate then you can’t see their zodiac sign on Snapchat.

Does Snapchat Show Your Birthday?

If you set your birthdate to default then yes, Snapchat will show your birthday. You will see a little cake icon next to your display username.


Nothing more frustrating than to get birthday wishes when you don’t like such things, isn’t it? So help with the above following steps to hide Snapchat birthday notification within few minutes.

This is the only way to make your birthday private on Snapchat. So follow the process and get rid of it forever.