How To Add Fake Location Filters On Snapchat? [Updated 2023]

You can find every age user on Snapchat. From kids and teenagers to adults, users use Snapchat because of its unique features. Among different unique features, adding fake location filters or your current location filter is a kind of fun and useful feature on Snapchat.

Still, the Snapchat Geolocation filter is not considered the best geolocation. You can easily understand and use fake locations on your filter to have fun with your friends by following the steps below:
1. Open Setting
2. Find Application Management
3. Click On Phantom
4. Configure The Settings
5. Open Snapchat
6. Go To Location
7. Dismiss Your Spoof Location
8. Change Your Location
9. Choose Your New Place
10. Close Your Location Settings

Don’t worry if you don’t understand geolocation or get confused about then, and I will mention different methods to add fake location filters on Snapchat. I will guide you and present you with the easy steps in this article.

How To Fake Your Location On Snapchat?

Before you run to Snapchat and try changing your location filter, to add fake location filters on Snapchat, you will need to install a new app called ‘Phantom.’ You can also install other apps that help you fake your location.

To download ‘Phantom’ in your device, you must first install a third-party app called ‘TweakBox.’

Here you go; now you can fake your location filter and have fun with your friends. Follow the step-by-step procedure shown below only after you successfully install Phantom on your device.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app of your device.

Step 2: Find Application Management

Under Settings, find Application Management, and open it.

Step 3: Click On Phantom

Tap the ‘Phantom‘ app from the app manager.

Step 4: Configure The Settings

Now, configure the settings of Phantom as you want.

Step 5: Open Snapchat

After you configure the settings. Now open the Snapchat app.

Step 6: Go To Location

After that, go to the location settings.

Step 7: Dismiss Your Spoof Location

And dismiss your Spoof Location.

Step 8: Change Your Location

Now, change your location. Choose any location from the Map.

Step 9: Choose Your New Place

When you choose your new place, keep pressing on the location until the map disappears.

Step 10: Close Your Location Settings

Finally, you can close the location settings and add fake location filters on Snapchat.

There you go now you can choose any location by yourself as you want. And start sharing your new snaps and filters using fake locations. With this technique, you can also use any geolocation filters just by changing your location.

But take a couple of minutes before you switch your location because if you change your location within a second, then you will have a problem with geolocation filters. You can also close and restart Snapchat if you can’t wait for a minute to change your location.

[Note: Don’t forget to update your Phantom app; otherwise, you may have a problem with the app. The app keeps updating in a short time.]

What Are The Benefits Of Using Fake Location Filters?

For many users, location is not a part of the fun of enjoying a fake location. Many people use Snapchat for personal and business use, so they love to be real. And some user uses fake location because they have to, because of facing some problems on Snapchat.

But those who want to trick their friend by using a fake location then can try this procedure to use a fake location.

Some of the benefits of using a fake location are

  • You can try a different location and create a suitable snap.
  • You can protect your privacy.
  • You can try different filters available according to the location.
  • Trick your friends and relatives.

I have a suggestion for those who want to hide their location just because they are facing problems with their privacy. Then they can try alternative ways to protect the location.

Rather than changing your location and adding a fake location, you can also hide your location from Snapchat. How? – follow the steps shown below.

Disadvantages of Using Fake Location on Snapchat

Every alternative app has some issues and disadvantages. Similarly, using a third party is against the app policies, until the app authorizes it. And the process mentioned above is jailbreaking your phone, this may cause a problem. Let’s look at some disadvantages of using a third-party app.

  • Your phone software may misbehave.
  • Using a fake location is considered a fake/fraud account itself. Your account will not be regarded as a real account.
  • People may misuse fake locations, which may lead to fraud and sometimes even crime.
  • After you jailbreak your device, your device warranty will not work.

How To Change Location Settings On Snapchat?

Have you ever wanted to change your location on Snapchat but didn’t know how? Well, today is your lucky day! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to change your location settings on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open Snapchat

To begin, open the Snapchat application on your device.

Step 2: Click On Snapchat Bitmpji

From the top left corner, tap on your Snapchat Bitmoji.

Step 3: Go To Snap Map

Now that you’ve got everything set up, go down to Snap Map.

Step 4: Tap On Sharing Location

After that, select “Sharing location >.”

Step 5: Customize Your Location Settings

You will find the option to customize your location settings under My location in the Settings menu.

The process is now completed!

There you have it! Now you know how to change your location settings on Snapchat. Happy Snapping!

How To Hide Your Snapchat Location?

Suppose, if you are using a fake location in your snaps just because you are fading up with your friends or don’t want to share your location with your friends and relatives. Then, you can hide your Snapchat location.

You can hide your Snapchat location using two methods.

Turn Off Your Device Location (Method 1)

Ghost Mode is a great way to keep your location private on Snapchat, but it can be a little tricky to activate if you’re not familiar with the app. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat and login if necessary.

Step 2: Click On The Bitmoji Icon

Then, tap on the Bitmoji icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Search Snap Map

Scroll down to “Snap Map” and tap on Sharing Location.

Step 4: Look For Ghost Mode

Under “My Location,” you will see Ghost Mode.

Step 5: Activate Ghost Mode

Tap on the toggle button to activate Ghost Mode.


Now your location will remain private even if someone else is looking at your Snap Map.

[Note: Method 1 will disable your location from other apps as well. If you don’t want to do so, you can use the Snapchat In-built feature called ‘Ghost Mode.‘]

Hide Snapchat Location Using Ghost Mode (Method 2)

If you’re concerned about privacy, you may want to disable Snapchat’s “Sharing Location” feature. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat app and log in if necessary.

Step 2: Click On The Ghost Icon

Tap the ghost icon in the top-left corner.

Step 3: Go To Settings

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner to access your settings.

Step 4: Tap On Sharing Location

Scroll down and tap “Sharing Location.”

Tap “None” to disable location sharing. That’s all there is to it! Now your Snapchats will no longer include your location.

Go to the link to know: How to Enable and Disable Ghost Mode?

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Location Request On Snapchat?

To cancel location requests on Snapchat, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Snapchat App.
  2. Tap On Your Profile Bitmoji.
  3. Tap On Setting Gear Icon.
  4. Tap On See My Location.
  5. Disable Location Request, and
  6. Refresh Snapchat App.

What Are Camera Roll Pictures?

Camera Roll pictures are photos from the mobile camera saved in the gallery. They are simply the pictures that are available in your photo gallery.

How Many Filters Can We Use On A Single Snap?

Previously, Snapchat allowed its users to use only one filter per snap, but now, it has changed with the introduction of the “remix” feature. You can apply multiple filters in a single snapshot with the remix feature.

Why Don’t I Have All Of The Snapchat Filters?

If you can’t find enough filters on Snapchat, make sure you go to Snapchat settings. Inside settings, under the “Additional Services” category, tap on “ Manage Preferences.” Next, check if “Filters” is enabled with a checkmark. If not, enable it. If you don’t see those options, that means your Snapchat filters are already enabled by default.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your device.


In Conclusion

In this article, I have guided you on all essential topics like Fake your location, Alternative to using the third-party app, Hide your location, and Pros/Cons of using the third-party app.

Before following any steps to the title, you should know about the benefits and disadvantages of using fake locations and third-party apps because we care for you and your device, third-party apps might put your device at risk.

So at your own risk, now you can add fake location filters and have fun with it.

If you face any difficulties or problems while adding a fake location on Snapchat, please feel free to comment on us in our comment section below, we will be happy to solve your problems.

You can also visit our official website, Online Help Guide if you have any other problems related to Snapchat.
Thank You.